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Hello Everyone!!!

Bertie asked me to make a post to remind you guys to have your entries in by midnight tonight.  Thankfully, she is on AZ time, so you have some time to get them in!!!  I seriously cannot wait to see and read these stories!!!

As it is, I’m thrilled to be able to remind your guys.  It may sound so little, but I love contests like this, and I know the sentences had MamaKittyinaz telling me to stop reading, and Mr. Kittyinaz loving them and we discussing them.  I have heard hints of what is coming, and even Mr. Kittyinaz is waiting for these stories!  (rare!)

So get them in, and we will hear back from Bertie soon for more information.

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Due to a health scare, I’m currently facing surgery. I will return to my writing ASAP. At the moment I must face RL. Thank you for your patience.

NEW INFO: Surgery to be November 5th. Once again thank you for your patience! My fans know I WILL BE BACK! I will NOT BE QUITTING! No worries there!

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Thank you!


Hi Everyone,

This isn’t a post about a story.  It’s not really an update to my plagiarism throwdown either.

But it’s something really important that affects all of us in the fan fiction community.  When this whole thing went down with my work being stolen, I was totally adrift.  Everyone had an opinion about my rights and what I was able to do or not do, and I can tell you right now that 95% of those people–though well-intentioned–were way off base.

It really frightened me that, as creators, none of us seemed to know how to protect ourselves, should someone come along, read our stories, like what they see, and simply take it, tweak, slap it between two covers and sell it for their own gain.  Lots of people voiced that I’m not a real author since I’m “infringing” on the AB and CH copyrights.  Several said that, sure…

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Fanfiction by Bertie Bott

I scared you, didn’t I???

Updates for BOTH stories to be up during the weekend, but I wanted to remind everyone about the Halloween writing contest. Just 8 days left to submit and I’m looking forward to being too scared to get a drink of water in the middle of the night! Please share this post to help spread the word and for those of you who have already submitted, go ahead and use the banner below to tease your readers – it’s fun, trust me 😉

Happy haunting!

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Disclaimer notice

The stories/images/videos/gifs found on this site-

I do not own any of the familiar characters or familiar quotes that are said. I am not making money off this stuff and no infringement is intended. I claim rights to my plots and OC characters.

Twilight is owned by Stephanie Meyer

DC Universe is owned by  Warner Bros, Entertainment.

Marvel Universe is owned by Marvel Studios and Paramount Pictures

Vampire Diaries is owned by owned by L.J. Smith as well as CW and company

Teen Wolf is owned by MTV productions.

I also do not own Metallica, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, H.I.M, Avenged Sevenfold, and any other bands mentioned in my stories or blogs.

Thank you for your time-

Dedication To Robin Williams

I flew to Neverland with Peter Pan in Hook.

I got into mischief with Mrs. Doubtfire.

I survived a game of Jumanji.

I had a queer time in the Birdcage.

I too wished for Genie’s freedom in Aladdin.

I grew with Jack.

I shared my spinach with Popeye.

I had a crazy adventure in RV.

I woke with Good Morning, Vietnam.

I learned a lot through Bicentennial Man.

I climbed the tables in Dead Poet’s Society.

I went psycho as well in One Hour Photo.

I used my brain In Good Will Hunting.

I chose the path of helping others through becoming a CNA because of Patch Adams.

I was annoyed by Flubber. (Sorry Robin…)

I never was the Man Of The Year. (But you sure as hell were!)

I got eccentric with Mork and Mindy.

I went to hell and back in What Dreams May Come… and I’ll do it all over again and again.

Amongst too many other wonderful talents to name.

Much love and respect to someone who made me laugh and cry. Someone I admired greatly and I’m so sad to know you’re no longer with us. This however is not goodbye. I will see you on the other side my friend. Until then Nanu Nanu, O Captain, My Captain!


Welcome to my new WordPress page. A few of you may know me from That’s where I first started writing fanfiction stories. Only do to the rules and a bad experience with plagiarism/stalker like situations with a certain member and constantly being reported and having my stories deleted; I’ve decided to move. I will no longer post to

I would like to thank my readers/fans from the fanfiction site however. It means a lot that you would follow me here and continue reading my stories.

You can also follow me at… There you will get update notices and know when I’m about to work on a new story!

As some of you already know. I absolutely love crossover stories. That is a majority of what I write. If you scroll down you will see many pictures/gifs of the crossovers I’ve already done or are currently working on. I found that once I started I couldn’t stop. Crossovers especially comic book related are what I am known for.


Take caution! When reading my material you should expect language, violence, SEX (Lemons), alcohol usage, on rare occasion’s drug usage and abuse. Two things you’ll never have to concern yourself with, when reading my material. Rape and Cheating! Rape maybe insinuated but never be in detail. It’s not something I take lightly and is a touchy subject. I will NOT be diving deeply into that. Cheating, now when I say that, I mean my MAIN couples will never cheat on the other. I do not mean cheating will never take place. It may very well, only not between the couple my story is targeted on. Also there might be same sex pairings depending on the story or possible (threesomes). I will put a warning on the stories containing such a pairing or event. I’ve not written any currently, but it could very well be in the future.

Bella is my main heroine and keep in mind my Bella is Emmy Rossum, depending on the story and pairing.

And finally:


Deadpool: Ok I’m getting reeeeeeaaaallly freaking agitated now!

Author: (sighing exasperatedly) What is it now Deadpool?

Deadpool: I should have tapped that by now!

Author: And what is it you’re referring to now?

Deadpool: OH come on do I have to spell it out for you? I mean you are the author after all!

Author:(irritated… looking up from what she’s already working on) This had better be important I got a lot of work to do.

Deadpool: Fine, you’re kind of bitchy you know that?!

Author: Dually noted!

Deadpool: I’m just saying isn’t it moooorrrreee than obvious; that I should have hooked up with Bella, in the Fire and Brimstone story.

Author:(Rolling of eyes) Haven’t we discussed this very issue before? Bella isn’t going to cheat!

Deadpool: I’m not saying cheat. I’m merely saying she should realize I’m the better option. I mean seriously! You’ve already hooked her up with freaking Nightcrawler (King of Blue Man Group), Spiderman(He’s sooo gay), that idiot Farmboy that loves flannel! (Superdouche!), and now that patriotic idiot Captain Underpants?!…

Author: First of all Nightcrawler is not even in the Blue Man Group. I don’t even think he can sing. Spiderman is the furthest thing from gay; you’d come closer than he would, The Farmboy you’re referring to; could rip you in half like a phonebook and his name is Superman! And the patriot you speak of is America’s hero; watch your back or you may find yourself, with an angry mob of Captain America fans. (Evil grin) You seem to have forgotten one…

Deadpool: (Looks around the room. He flips through the TV channels now.) Nope pretty sure that’s it.

Author: Nope I’m currently working on that story right now. His name is staring me right in the face.

Deadpool: Haven’t a clue what you’re referring to.

Author: I tell you what… I’m going to hook you up with Bella…

Deadpool: (Perking up. He turns off the TV) Really?!

Author: (Mischievious grin) Yes, but there’s one condition.

Deadpool: And what might that be.

Author: You have to kill someone!

Deadpool: (Happily rubbing hands together) Now that’s a girl after my own heart. I’d love to! WHO?!

Author: The Wolverine…


Author: That’s right… As soon as you can kill The Wolverine. I will write a Deadpool/Bella story! You will finally get to tap that.

Deadpool: BITCH!

Author: Once again touché!

Deadpool: (Shoots off the chair. He rushes to the door in a hissy fit.) You cruel VILE…

Author: Watch it… I’ll write you right out of any story I do next!

Deadpool: You wouldn’t!

Author: Try me! I’ll write you right out of existence! Hell, I might have EMBER KILL YOU OFF!

Deadpool: YOU SUCK!

Author: And you swallow!

Deadpool: Damn… I love you! Call me sometime, baby! But seriously… When do I get the hookup? (He peeks through the door; on the way out)

Author: I already stipulated the circumstances.

Deadpool: FINE!!! (Slams door and takes off on an electric red and black scooter)

Deadpool argument part II

Author: What is it now Wade?

Deadpool: (Sighs)

Author: Come on now… what is it?

Deadpool: I miss Stella

Author: (Rearing back in wonder and stops typing) What do you mean you miss Stella?

Deadpool: She up and left me and filed for divorce. She doesn’t even remember who I am!

Author: No she didn’t!  See! (Shows him the ending to Stealing Twilight’s Swan again)

Deadpool: (Shaking his head) No, I’m telling you look!

Author: (Narrows eyes at the divorce paper in hand)

Deadpool: (Wiping eyes, yes with the mask still on)  I miss the bewbs! And Ryyyaaannnn keeps pissing himself and…

Author: (Sighing) This is written in crayon. I can clearly tell this is your doing!

Deadpool: IS NOT!

Author: IS TOO!

Deadpool: NOT!


Deadpool: I have feelings you know!

Author: (lifting eyes towards him with full on agitation) Wade hun, the only feelings you have, are below the belt. Knock it off ! I’m busy. Can you not see the 12 unfinished stories, I’m currently working on! I already did yours! Now shut up and eat your damn chimichanga!

Deadpool: (Kicks at desk and folds arms about his chest. Continues to sigh.)

Author: (Gritting teeth) WOULD YOU STOP THAT!

Deadpool: Stop what?

Author: That annoying sighing bullshit! I CAN’T F’THINK.

Deadpool: Pffft who needs that. (Takes what she’s currently working on and rips it in half)


Deadpool: Say it, don’t spray it! (Lowers head and sulks. He heads outside and hops on his scooter)

Author: (Sighs and pinches bridge of nose.  Starts on her current story. Only to look at her screen… You stupid, stupid, son of a bitch ass MERC! Grabs pen and begins writing notes for Stealing Twilight’s Swan part II)

 I’m sure, I’ll mix it up more and come up with other idea’s, but that’s about it for now. Why Bella in some of these? Because, I’d love nothing more, than to see Edward Cullen, get his ass handed to him by some of these guys. Whilst, I enjoy me a bowl of popcorn and have me a nice cold beer. Insert maniacal laughter here.