A Call to Arms

It’s an amazing feeling having friends like these. ❤

Fanfiction by Bertie Bott

lord-of-the-rings-best-quotes-48So ironic that I am actually making a call to arms after having a chapter titled exactly that…

This post is regarding a very sad and shameful state of affairs. You’ll recall that in September I was a victim of plagiarism, along with Kittyinaz, Cuinawen and Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel (Harley). After a whole childish and tangled mess, including abusive pm’s and nasty messages about me and Harley left on her profile page, the thief (BellaEric27) removed the stories to be re-worked. The ladies and I were, not happy exactly, but satisfied. Content to move forward.

BellaEric27, however, was not.

Even with us ignoring her slandering of us in other groups on facebook… ignoring the distasteful notes STILL up on her profile page… BellaEric27 decided to verbally attack Harley through fanfiction.net pm’s. Of the 7 messages received, all on the same day, two are accounts she has listed on her…

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3 thoughts on “A Call to Arms”

  1. you know i am in the same boat as you. all my stories were deleted..heck even my account was removed. i had no warning what so ever. you were there for me when i was frustrated and pissed that i lost a my stories that I wrote and my stories that i was reading from.i still only managed to find half. so i am here for you.

  2. I must say I love your stories & its a real shame that some of your stories were deleted I hope you keep writing as I’ll always be there reading them

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