For Harleen

❤ awwww Why didn't I see this until now wth? I LOVE IT! Thank you, sweets!



After everything thats happened lately thought i’d make something to cheer up Harleen!!

Iron Men and Thunder Gods by Dr Harleen Frances Quinzel

How does Tony Stark handle the news of finding out he’s a father? How does he feel about Renee keeping it a secret after all these years and having Charlie Swan believe Bella to be his? And how will he take it when a certain thunder god has eyes for his little angel with horns?


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6 thoughts on “For Harleen”

  1. Hey! I love the cover for this fic, especially since it’s one of my favorites. I’m so glad that everything went ok with your surgery and it sucks that you had to come back to this mess ( btw i don’t know if you noticed but two more of your stories are back on i guess that’s good news! Even if you gave up on that website.) anyway i hope you’re doing fine, and if you’re looking to take your mind off evrything well , i don’t know if you’ve watched it yet (my guess is you have) but In the case you haven’t i really recommend watching Agents Of Shield, i’ve been watching it lately and i love it, so i thought you might like it too. Well i’ll stop rambling now, i LOVE your writing and i hope everything gets better soon!! 🙂

    1. Wow, I hadn’t any idea until I read this. Wonder how long they’ve been up. This is so freaking ridiculous lol. They deleted my hardwork so yeah sorry I dont’ feel comfortable starting all over again with them. The only way I would is if they give me all my stories back. Just just a measly two lol. And Yes I have been watching Agents of SHIELD and Gotham! Amazing shows! Thank you so much for your support it truly means a lot!

  2. I haven’t watched Gotham yet but i really want to!! I guess i’ll start watching it during christmas break. And yeah i get that you wouldn’t want to start all over, but who knows maybe they’ll give you your stories back little by little; hopefully they will and you can get all your hard work and well earned reviews and followers back! Knock on wood i guess , it would be a nice christmas miracle 🙂 🙂

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