An Original Family Christmas

A Christmas Short…

Bella finds herself on the run. And from the very family that had sworn to always protect her. What happens when she finds herself in New Orleans rather than Phoenix?

This story is rated MA for mature audiences only. This will contain language, sex, violence, death, and dark times…

Chapter 1: A Bloody Gentleman

I’m still alive!

Due to it being December I’ve a lot of personal responsibilities. Like shopping, decorating, setting up family time and events. Also my daughters both have activities going on in school. The main one as of late for my oldest is band. And I must attend to these things first. However, I have a Christmas present to my readers or at least to fans of The Originals. That will be up before the holidays! I’m sorry guys. I feel like I’m letting you down, by not being able to post as much as of late. But I’m hoping to get caught up once things slow down around here. Hopefully, when the girls are out for Christmas break.

Here is the order in which I will be finishing stories at least I hope… So please be patient while I attempt to knock these out first. So I can begin updating and finishing my others…

1. Fusion Dance

2. Cast of Iron Hearts

3. Lunar Deity

For now will let you know on up coming ones later…

As for Smallville… I’ve been getting some messages on that… I currently have a beta looking that one over. I will not list her name at the moment, due to me not wanting any pressure put on her. She’s very busy as it is. Once that is done, I will be starting it again.

Thank you,

xox Harley