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Getting back in the groove… We recently lost a loved one so we’ve been taking the time to mourn and deal with that. I hadn’t had the heart or chance to write as of late. Due to that and having my heart shattered along the way, by someone I thought to be a good friend. I was wrong, lesson learned. I will take extra precaution when it comes to trust lol. I am back home now. I want to take this week though to focus on my writing. Meaning I will not be actually posting until Friday or Saturday night. But at least this way there should be three or four stories updated by then, possibly a new one to come. If not that one will be posting next week. Someone asked about a schedule for my updates. I’ve been considering it. Will let you know. My only concern with that is disappointing you guys and being called a liar if I can’t always update on that particular day. I’m a busy mother of two kids and life can get hectic. So Will Think On It! 😉

Here’s a snippet/teaser of Chasing Images(chapter 20 UNEDITED BTW)… I hope will hold you guys until I can get caught up. So freaking behind ugh.

Journal of Bruce Alan Wayne:


                “Perhaps you should keep a journal young master Wayne.” He says. But what would I write about? “Everything…” He says with a shrug. So here I am in my father’s office, writing in some journal given to me by the butler aka Alfred Pennyworth. Only now he’s my guardian, he’s all I have left. I’m nine years old today. My parents Martha and Thomas Wayne were murdered a few months ago. Only it still feels as though it were yesterday. I see it all the time, even in my dreams now. Everything I do… Their deaths haunt me.

                It was mother’s birthday and father wanted to take her out. Dad said mother’s eyes lit up when they drove past the theatre and she saw what was playing. So he decided to surprise her. I picked out the pearls father had gotten her that day as well. The very pearls, the men were after. They took mother’s pearls and father’s wallet, before I could even blink “bang, bang!” My mother’s screams will forever haunt me and the vision of their lifeless bodies at my feet. Guilt… I remember feeling guilt. Not only that I couldn’t save them, but that I hadn’t died along with them. It was only moments before this took place that my father embarrassed me.

“You should tell your mother that you love her. It is her birthday after all.”

“Ugh, father…” I remember saying. I didn’t want to say it! I didn’t want anyone to hear me saying such things to my parents. What if one of my classmates heard me?!

“There is nothing wrong with a boy telling his parents that he loves them Bruce.”

“Father…” I groaned.

“Now Bruce, tell me that you love me.” “Father please…” “Very well, I shall say it. I love you, son.”

                I sighed.

“I love you too.” I muttered under my breath.

                He laughed and patted me on the back.

“There you go, son. Now go tell your mother that you love her.”

                I remember how I didn’t want to! How dare my father embarrass me in such a way?! He nudged me towards her and I groaned and whined on. Just as I was to say the words, we were robbed at gunpoint. They shot my parents and laughed in my face.

“Nothing personal kid, it’s a man eat man world. We all gotta make a living somehow.” Said the one that shot my parents, there were three of them. But it was him that fired the gun that killed them both.

Bella rubbed her eyes, leaning back in thought. She couldn’t fathom that he was only nine when he wrote this. It didn’t read like the writing of a nine year old boy. That and her own memories were coming to play, she couldn’t help but to think of the similarities. She thought back to Jonathon Crane, now that she had a name to go with her parents’ murders. She closed her eyes for a moment as the flashes of her father shooting her mother and himself directly after hit.

Bella continued to read but froze once she got to another sentence, one that had her swallowing back a lump, within the back of her throat.

No matter how long it takes. I will find out who killed my parents! Justice will be served. I promise father, I will not rest until these thugs have paid!


Bella covered her mouth, rather stunned. A wave of sadness hit her.

“Nine years old…” She whispered to herself, feeling ill.

He was just a boy and already he felt this responsibility and he has ever since. And she also understood why he had such an issue with expressing his feelings. Something as simple as saying I love you felt like a literal death sentence to Bruce. Those words had him believing that person could be ripped away from him at any given moment. She went back to reading and he continued on about his parents. How his father loved to give him a hard time and would teasingly pick on him often. His mother was very nurturing and always smiling. He even spoke of Alfred and how he wouldn’t let Bruce push him around. He even admitted to trying a few times. This however made Bruce respect Alfred more than he had already. In some ways it sounded to Bella as though Bruce were testing Alfred. She smiled, thinking on how not much had changed in that area. Bruce had gone to a private school all his life. He was also one of the smartest students in his class. But also the oddest, he made that clear in his journal. He often enough felt misunderstood. He was picked on and constantly told how “weird” he was. Bruce didn’t act like normal kids his age, even more so once his parents murder took place. He became so focused on making certain justice was served on their behalf. He forgot that he was just a child himself. He didn’t talk or think like one, that’s for certain. When he wasn’t focused on his parents, he was focused on making the world a better place. Starting with the smallest things such as charity, thus started at a very young age. He’d made clear to Alfred that the orphanages in town had whatever they needed. And on Christmas… The orphanages in Gotham had one hell of a celebration. Thanks to Bruce, which was ironic, considering to Bruce, Christmas was the loneliest time of the year, the one where he missed his parents most.

He spoke often of the children he’d witnessed living on the streets. Just how many criminals truly roamed about Gotham as if they owned the place, how cops would walk right past them and ignore whatever they were doing. That Gotham had become the city of darkness and crime. Bruce was a very intuitive boy. It seemed as though nothing got passed him. He saw everything for what it was. He spoke of drug addicts, prostitutes, thieves, etc… But that was another thing Bella took notice of. Not once did he actually criticize them or deem himself more worthy than they were. If anything he sympathized and wished he knew how to help those less fortunate. So many times he spoke on how they needed a second chance or someone to reach out to them, to love them, and be there for them. That often enough these were the loneliest people on earth. No matter how many surrounded these individuals they were still “alone”, which was the way he felt often enough, all he had was Alfred. And though he was thankful for him and made that known. There were times he mentioned how he just had one person, one friend, someone-anyone that understood him. That often enough, he even felt as though Alfred didn’t truly get him. They often enough clashed. Alfred never truly understood Bruce’s obsession not so much about finding his parents murders, no. But this need to fix everything, everything around him. At such a young age Bruce Wayne was already putting the weight of the world on his shoulders. By the time he hit middle school. He felt this overwhelming desire to make Gotham City a better place. That and he already had the responsibly of watching over his father’s company. That in itself was no easy task. So many of them were ready to take everything right out from under his nose. They went out their way to take advantage of him, or try… He turned to Alfred often as his advisor on this. They all saw him as nothing more than a child. A spoiled brat even… One that needed to be pushed aside and never to be taken seriously, after all, he hadn’t any business helping to run the company. But he kept the same conviction he had about his parents’ murder and finding the one responsible. He used that same principle when it came to his father’s company and keeping the Wayne legacy alive and he wanted to do his father proud. Alfred was more than willing to help the young master with this.

                Bella continued on and came to the part about Bruce falling into the cave…


                Today wasn’t a good day… I fell. I fell hard… I scrapped both my knees and ripped my new slacks Alfred had gotten. They still sting and I rubbed the area of my palms and wrists raw as well. It was dark, cold, and I could hear water trickling from a distance. But that wasn’t what frightened me the most. It was the high pitched cries and swarming. Whatever it was covered my entire body. I could feel something constantly hitting against my body over and over. Like I were being slapped and scratched. It wasn’t terribly painful but it was terrifying nevertheless. The fear of the unknown, I couldn’t see anything and I was doing my best to protect myself by shielding my face as I was being attacked. Or so I thought I was being attacked. I called out praying that someone would hear me. I came to my feet and began to feel around as I continued to shield my face. I gasped out as a beam of light shined amongst the area I was in. My jaw dropped in realization that I was in a cave inhabited by bats. That and I were standing right at the edge of a deathly plunge.


                I heard Alfred calling to me as he was lowered into the cave. He had a flashlight in his hand and I finally saw what it was I feared more that the deathly plunge before me. They were bats. Thousands of them! They were everywhere! Alfred reached out to me. “Come now… You’re alright.”


Bella jumped and gasped out as something hit the window. She took in a breath of relief, seeing it was just Orion. He was begging for attention.

“Crazy cat.”

She shut the journal and came to her feet. She couldn’t help herself. She opened the patio door to the bedroom, allowing Orion inside. First thing he does is jump on the bed.

“Ugh, you know he hates that.”

Orion meowed out and planted himself right on Bruce’s pillow. She giggled to herself.

“I guess what he doesn’t know won’t…” “Won’t…” She winces hearing him as he was directly behind her now.

She clears her throat.

“Off the bed, Orion!”

“Hmmm…” He hums as he makes his way over. Orion shot Bruce a look as if to say I’m not moving!

She bites her lower lip stifling another giggle. Bruce picks Orion up and sits on the edge of the bed, petting him.

“So what’s this about what I won’t know…”   She shrugs. “Why do you think that necessarily pertains to you?”

He nods.

“If not me, then who…?”

“Alfred… perhaps?”

He nods again and places Orion on the floor. Orion goes to jump on the bed again. Bruce points upon him.


Orion bats his tail about as if challenging him and meows out.

“Not happening… I won’t fall for your pathetic begging.”

Bella dies in laughter as Orion jumps back into his lap and starts to get comfy. Bruce sighs.

“This is your fault. You spoil him.”

“Awe, but he loves you!”


She sits beside Bruce and pets Orion.

“I sort of love you too, you know.”

Bruce raises his brows on this.

“Do you now?”  She makes an inch mark with her fingers and he chuckles.

“That’s about what I figured.” Bruce clears his throat and looks towards the desk in the room, seeing his journal.

“See you’ve been doing some light reading.”

She nods.

“Such the boring life you’ve had. I can barely stay awake.”

“That bad, huh?”

She nods again, with a hint of a smirk. He lowers Orion back down and pulls her into his lap.

He kisses along her neck and plants his hands along her ass.

“I thought you might like to know that our wedding invitations came in today.” “Already?”

He nodded and lay her down on the bed. He pinned her wrists down and locked lips with hers. He sighs as Orion jumps back on the bed. He and the cat eye one another as if having some sort of staring contest. Bella laughs.

“Damn cat is mocking me.”

Bruce rolls on off the bed and scoops Orion up. He places him back outside and locks the patio door. The bedroom phone rings and Bella rolls over, answering it.


“There seems to be some sort of disturbance at Arkham Asylum.”

“What sort of disturbance?”

Bruce narrows his eyes Bella’s way.

“The escapee sort.””   She takes in a breath. “Who?” “Marcus Crane.”   Bella froze at his words. She hopped up from the bed.

“You’re kidding me.”

“I’m afraid not madam. It seems the entire cell in which he resided in was destroyed.” “Is there footage?” “I can look that up.” “Find out whatever you can. We’re on our way.”


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Changed things up a bit. After receiving a few messages and talking amongst others. I will be in attempts to get these done. And in no particular order (unless listed otherwise). I don’t want people’s hopes to be given up or to be called a liar. I have to go with whatever my muse is that day. Not listing Cast Iron Hearts as I’m almost done with it. Got a couple more chapters to go! Lunar Deity (To be finished soon!) Gamma Love (Updates to come soon) Chasing Images (Updates to come soon) Passing of The Torch (on temp hold) Iron Men and Thunder Gods (Updates coming soon) A Crow in Search of A Swan (Updates to come soon) Things to come. Once I get caught up. (Not in any particular order. Unless listed otherwise) A Webcatcher’s Dream- Bella/Peter Parker (To be up sooner than I thought. After calibrating ideas with some good friends of mine. The decision to go ahead and get this up and going was made. Cast Iron Hearts is to be FINISHED FIRST however. I wish to have at least one story knocked out, before starting this one. I know I’m a dirty little liar. Ugh. But this one came unexpected and that’s how it hits at times.) I am not following the Spiderman movies btw. So I chose my own Peter Parker/Spiderman. Dylan O’ Brien…Emma Roberts as Bella in this folks. Lindsay Lohan is MJ (for obvious reasons). And we got Dianna Argon as Gwen Stacy. COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FROM MY OTHER SPIDEY STORY!!! Here’s a snippet of the banner…

Touched By An Angel – Bella/Dean pairing (Second to come) Original Love, In The Big Easy – Elijah/Bella (Sequel to An Original Family Christmas) Love Thy Enemy- Young Magneto/Bella Restealing Twilight’s Swan – Sequel to my Deadpool/Bella pairing Whistling Dixon, Walking With The Dead – Daryl/Bella Pairing I’m also doing an awesome request for a reader named Ty.  Bella/Loki Two stories have been deleted on this list until further notice. I might just nix them both and send the more personal one to my loved one. Down the road… Bella/Gambit, Bella/Star Lord, Bella/Hellboy, Bella/Blade Thank you! Love, Harley P.S – Smallville City Limits is on hiatus (temp) until I get it beta’d that is soon to come. It needs a lot of work. But I will be continuing this story soon.

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Alright before I start any other requests or new stories… I will be in attempts at getting these done first. And in no particular order. I don’t want people’s hopes to be given up or to be called a liar. I have to go with whatever my muse is that day. Not listing Cast Iron Hearts as I’m almost done with it. Got a couple more chapters to go!

Lunar Deity

Gamma Love

Chasing Images

Passing of The Torch

Iron Men and Thunder Gods

A Crow in Search of A Swan

P.S – Smallville is on hiatus (temp) until I get it beta’d that is soon to come. It needs a lot of work. But I will be continuing this story soon.

Things to come. Once I get caught up. (Not in any particular order)

Touched By An Angel – Bella/Dean pairing

A Webcatcher’s Dream- Bella/Peter Parker

Original Love, In The Big Easy – Elijah/Bella (Sequel to An Original Family Christmas)

Love Thy Enemy- Young Magneto/Bella

The Protector – Charlie Swan/ Bella Dwyer (Charlie is NOT her biological father in this pairing. Phil Dwyer is. This story is also by a personal request. One that means a lot to me.)

ReStealing Twilight’s Swan – Sequel to my Deadpool/Bella pairing

For those looking forward to Twilight Interrupted…with Jason Momoa as the OC. (FB page) I will not be rushing to do that now. It also was a request. But due to personal conflict with the person I was writing it for. I no longer have the drive. But I’m not doing away with it. I will come back to it. I just found myself in a personal funk. But I will now be writing this for myself and my readers when that time comes.