Update: A Crow In Search Of A Swan

Chapter 13



For those that were following me on Fanfiction.net and those that follow me on Harley’s Thoughts and Facebook….

I wanted to let you all know that my aunt just had her very last treatment. She is now cancer free and a survivor!!! Thank you, for all the prayers, positive vibes, and the love in general. It truly meant a lot. At this very moment my cup runneth over and I couldn’t feel more blessed.



Total Drama Island!!!

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo… Looks like me, myself, and I…

Oh and Mrs. Kittyinaz, Mommy4Thomas, and possibly Bertie Bott. Are (or could be) running behind thanks to FB drama and being sick (colds, flu, you name it). Some big. Some little. In fact I was in the middle of a chapter to Gamma Love when another incident occurred. Some of you even witnessed my “bitch” side today lol. I’m not one to point the finger or call out names. But I want to apologize to my readers. Goes to figure when I set a schedule lol. If I didn’t have such amazing friends/readers on that account, I’d delete it. But I can’t do that… You guys are just too amazing. Much love and respect. And so many of you had my back during all this mess. So many I can’t even name them all. Thank you! I truly mean it! Xox’s to you all!

I could be as late as Monday/Tuesday for the other two. I will try for Sunday to get at least the one chapter up (A Crow In Search of A Swan. I just need time to go through and edit it.