A reader informed me that I left out the Deadpool sequel, which is to come very soon! Sorry Folks!

Scheduling News…

Here’s the deal. My life is too chaotic to actually have set days for schedules. So this is the best I can do. Expect updates to be at least every Saturday or Sunday at the latest. I will be using the rest of the week to write as much as possible and worry about posting on the weekends. That makes life easier for me, so I don’t feel so rushed to update every single day lol. But can give you guys something to look forward too. You can expect 2-3 updates a week if not more, depending on my week and muses. Currently working on Gamma Love and A Crow In Search of A Swan.

I hope to get to Passing of the Torch and Iron Men and Thunder Gods… (yes) I know it’s been awhile on that one but needed my muse back. I wish to finish that one and Lunar Deity soon.

New ones to come once I’m caught up –

A Webcatcher’s Dream – Peter Parker/Bella pairing feat. Iron Man and Black Widow amongst other surprises.

Touched by An Angel – Bella/Dean pairing with (Daddy Cas) Lol, you’ll see 😉

Whistling Dixon, Walking With The Dead – Bella/Daryl also feat Charlie as also main character! He and Bella lead the group in this story!

ReStealing Twilight’s Swan – Bella/Deadpool

Those three for now… Gambit and (Request by Ty) In the works for later on.

Two story ideas were deleted for now do to conflict. Not in the mood for drama. The more personal story will be posted elsewhere.