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Passing Of The Torch and Lunar Deity up next. They will be followed by A Webcatcher’s Dream. Please keep in mind after that, I will be taking a few days to work on an entry for Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Super Hero Fest Contest. Once I’m done with that, then I will return to my usual updating. Thank you for your patience and awesomeness.

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There is something I wish to address…

There were a few messages sent to me. Regarding how their nominations for me didn’t get put in. Thank you for the thought. But the reason they were not, was do to my stories not being on FF anymore. I only have the first few chapters to my older stories. And my newest stories up on that site. The rules state that you HAVE to have your stories on FF or you do not qualify. Then again you know how I feel about that site lol. But hey I got one nominated (A Crow In Search of a Swan) 😉 . So that’s pretty cool! But seriously, no worries. Just makes me feel all warm that you thought of me! ❤

Some pretty awesome writers (and personal fav’s of mine) such as Bertie Bott, Mommy4Thomas, BetterInTexas, Cuinawen and many other great ones made the cut!


First off I wanted to thank my amazing betas and my lovelies Mommy4Thomas and Bertie Bott. I appreciate all your hard work. And all the times you’ve been a sound board in which to turn to etc…

Secondly, I wanted to let my readers know that I’ve finished writing chapter six to A Webcatcher’s Dream. Once my beta is able to get to it I will post it. She has her own stories to get to as well. So let’s not rush her.

Thirdly, I will now be updating the following and will return to A Webcatcher’s Dream once I get my other’s caught up.

Iron Men and Thunder Gods to be first and hopefully completed very soon.

Chasing Images

Gamma Love

Lunar Deity

Passing Of The Torch

A Crow In Search of a Swan (which as been nominated for best crossover!)

Thanks for your support and patience!