Thank you!

My cup runneth over. You guys are awesome thank you! Thank you so much for voting! And I wish to congratulate all my friends as well  Bertie Bott, Mommy4Thomas, Meridian, 4Padfoot, The Darkest Falling Star,  Arabella Whitlock, and Kittyinaz! It was an honor to be in such great company. You ladies are true talent!


I will be finishing Gamma Love and About Italy. You know what that means… New stories coming up soon! And since the Walking Dead is calling to me so strongly. I’ve decided to write Whistling Dixon first. This will be a Bella/Daryl pairing. And instead of Rick and Carl leading the group it will be Charlie and Bella. Every thing else is a surprise from there. Restealing Twilight’s Swan is already in the works as well and my very first Original – A Girl Named Jack will be coming up this summer also.

I will spend this week working on my new story and trying to get caught up on a few updates and ones to send my betas. Please remember it takes a few days for my betas to get to my stories as they too are writers and have children as well. Therefore I will not be posting until the weekend sometime. Sorry folks, but with the kids home and all makes it harder to get them rolling on out. So I figure why not go about it with just writing when I can and worry about posting on the weekend. Instead of feeling rushed and trying to juggle housework, errands, kiddos, and posting updates oh myyyy. lol. But they are coming… and this summer ought to be fun with the new stories and finishing up some others! Hope you all enjoy!


Your favorite clown

P.S – Thank you so much for the nominations and votes as well. You guys rock my world. Seriously THANK YOU!!! And congrats to those that made it as well. Good luck!