This was an entry story for Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Spook Fest. This story got second place!

Prompt: On Halloween a group of people get trapped in a haunted asylum…

Fandoms: Twilight/Supernatural

Genre: Supernatural/Horror/Romance

Pairing: Bella/Dean

Rating: Mature


Eternal Glory!

Thank you so much everyone. I got second place with Dean-o! Woo Hoo! ❤ Congrats to Jenndude5 and to By What You See You In The Shadows and all other contestants. 🙂

Fanfiction by Bertie Bott

Each and every contest you all never fail to amaze me… I’m so pleased to announce that this year’s Spook Fest received the most votes/participation than any other contest I’ve held. You all blew them out of the water! I checked results every day, amazed by the back and forth of places as one story would move up only to move back down a moment later. Saying it each and every contest doesn’t make it any less true: it was an even closer race than I could dream and some places were determined by 2 or even 1 vote. If a story didn’t place this year the odds are it missed it by just a small handful of votes…

With all that in mind, it is my sincere pleasure to announce this year’s Spook Fest winners!

Porcelain NAME 1STSanitarium NAME 2NDUntil it Rests in Peace NAME 3RDCongratulations to you all! Jenndude5, feel free to contact me any time for you…

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Vote, Vote, Vote!

Better vote for your favorite while you can!!!

Fanfiction by Bertie Bott

Just three days left to cast your votes and boy, are you guys really gonna make it a, ‘last minute, every vote’ counts contest! Top four places are constantly changing and I’m loving it.

Thanks for all the comments/reviews you’re leaving on the entries… I know all of the authors are enjoying them.

Keep it going, you fantastic people you!

cat filing nails*Halloween cat wants more votes or it will start cutting people 😛



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They’re Herrrrrre…

It’s that time again! Please show your support by voting on your favorite story! Thank you everyone!

Fanfiction by Bertie Bott

That’s right! The submission period for Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Spook Fest has officially ended and the stories are up and voting is now live!

A huge thank you to everyone who participated. I loved ALL of your stories and I’m honored to share them with others. Remember to grab your participation banner to let your readers know you’ve submitted and voting is open. Good luck to you all!

Bertie Bott's Spook Fest  Participation 2015_edited-1As ever, happy reading to you, my lovelies. Please don’t forget to leave reviews for the stories – I guarantee the writers are reading them even though they can’t respond until after voting closes 😉

Good luck getting to sleep without a nightmare… I know I’ll be having some trouble…!


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