Hi there ladies and germs,

I just wanted to give you all a little heads up on what’s to come. I will be posting chapter 5 to ReStealing Twilight’s Swan today. Now that I’ve finished The Shield of Anarchy, I will be working on A Webcatchers Dream, Whistling Dixon, Love Me Till It Hurts, and ReStealing Twilight’s Swan. Please do not ask me to post a schedule and all that jazz. My life is pretty cray cray at the moment and I’m doing the best I can to post in a timely matter. I tend to write whatever the muse calls for, rather than forcing it. As to why at times I merely take a break and work on something else until it returns.

Something’s to look forward to in the future…

Set You Free – Harry Potter/OC  (This will NOT be a crossover)

A Girl Named Jack – An original I’m working on

Daddy’s Girl – Dean/Bella (SPN/Twilight crossover)

Those are it for now. I have others planned as well but those will be later on..


Your favorite clown – Harley


Hiya ladies and germs,

                Harley here, just giving you a heads up. You might notice a “change” in the Harley’s Thoughts address. It’s no longer, it is now Why you ask? Because I’ve taken over Joker’s territory and made him my bitch, that’s why. As always thanks for all your support and I hope you enjoy the new address. If any of you have any trouble getting to this site. Please let me know. I will link it to you. Hopefully, there will be no issues.

Thank you,


Thank you, Bertie Bott for the name, btw! That was her doing! 🙂