Hi there ladies and germs,

I just wanted to give you all a little heads up on what’s to come. I will be posting chapter 5 to ReStealing Twilight’s Swan today. Now that I’ve finished The Shield of Anarchy, I will be working on A Webcatchers Dream, Whistling Dixon, Love Me Till It Hurts, and ReStealing Twilight’s Swan. Please do not ask me to post a schedule and all that jazz. My life is pretty cray cray at the moment and I’m doing the best I can to post in a timely matter. I tend to write whatever the muse calls for, rather than forcing it. As to why at times I merely take a break and work on something else until it returns.

Something’s to look forward to in the future…

Set You Free – Harry Potter/OC  (This will NOT be a crossover)

A Girl Named Jack – An original I’m working on

Daddy’s Girl – Dean/Bella (SPN/Twilight crossover)

Those are it for now. I have others planned as well but those will be later on..


Your favorite clown – Harley

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