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Harley here, just a friendly reminder to give us writers a ‘like’ from time to time. I’m not the type to hold chapters ransom for a certain amount of reviews. I don’t quite agree with the writers that do this to be honest. Reviews are awesome, but I do not demand them – knowing a few of you simply do not have the time, aren’t sure what to say, or flat out shy. And there is certainly nothing wrong with that. So here’s the deal if you enjoyed the chapter/story we would like to know. Give us a simple ‘like” let us know you enjoyed the story enough to continue. By continue – I mean updating ASAP, as I plan on finishing all my works. It’s about making time and waiting for those muses to call to me.  And yes, as I’ve stated before I do write for myself just as much as you wonderful peeps. Now I have received many likes on my FB posts and cannot thank you enough. And I’ve truly enjoyed all the comments and delightful conversations with those posts. Truly, it makes my day! The only problem is due to that – there has been in decline on the actual WP in which the story was actually posted. That makes it hard to keep up with what story people are truly digging at the moment. I personally feel better knowing if you guys dig it, or not, by seeing those likes. Just one little click is all us writers need. Please note I am speaking for not only myself, but all fandom writers. It helps just letting us know… Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you all understand where I am coming from on this and do not think I’m unappreciative. That’s most certainly not the issue.



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