Important Newsflash:

Hello ladies and gents,

Just a bit of a heads up on what to expect:

From this time until at least June 10th I will be super busy. With not only a ‘top secret’ project but I’m going to see a very good friend of mine and we are attending the Phoenix Comic Con. It will be my first con experience ever, as well as meeting my Lil Devil aka Bertie Bott for the first time after nearly three years of being like bffs! So yeah, I’m pretty stoked. And it couldn’t come at a better time. We’ve recently lost someone in the family as to why I was a lot later in posting my ‘surprise’ for the lovely Bertie Bott. And I’ve yet to get it all edited and posted. RL life kicked me in the nonexistent balls so to speak around the month of April and it’s just now letting up a bit. I only hope it stays that way. To top off all the RL drama, I get back home to find a very ugly review to my SOA story. One in which I was nominated for… Now I just want to make it clear that this was more of a personal attack than an actual review based on the story itself. As to the reason it irked me on another level and more than usual. They even went as far as to admit that they were pretty much stalking me on Facebook. I was told that being nominated was a joke and that my story wasn’t award worthy etc… Which I know happens that’s just part of the life of a fanfiction writer or any writer for that matter. But the timing just hit me wrong considering the current situation and this isn’t the first time I’ve received a rather threatening message or review due to being nominated. And even the toughest of us take offense to being told our hard work is shit and not worthy. I don’t understand the attacks considering this is only my second year of being nominated in these particular awards. I find it in bad taste considering you’re not only cutting down someone’s hard work but their readers – the ones that nominated you in the first place. Too much drama for my liking – As I never once said… I wanted to write so I can get reviews and be nominated for possible awards. I started writing because it helped me deal with RL and was and still is an escape for me. And though these people may think they won by the personal attacks, they have not. As I will continue to write not only fanfiction but some originals I have coming up.

As I’ve stated already Lucille Ball (and Chain) was a birthday gift and I will continue posting it as the story itself is finished. I just have a lot of editing to do so am going chapter by chapter and posting as I go.

The secret project is for a contest piece. So will be working on that next, during which I will not be posting.

I will return to A Webcatcher’s Dream, ReStealing Twilight’s Swan, and Whistling Dixon around June 10th. Sorry for the long wait but please understand that I have a lot going on at the moment and I will return to my usual schedule around that time.

Thank you for your time and (hopefully) understanding.


Your fav clown

As to the ones hoping to knock me down…

Jokes on you…

Bring it, I got my Harley bat covered in barbed wire and I might just name her Lucille II! And the last thing you’ll see is ‘good night’ when I’m done.  *kisses*