I just wanted to let you guys know that I am writing but it’s for a contest piece. I hope to be done within the following week or so. Once that is done I will be getting back to my unfinished works and I have a new story coming. That will be dedicated to my husband of 15 years. It will be a Harry/OC and it will be my first noncrossover. So I hope you guys enjoy. Here is the list of stories I plan on getting to this summer. In no specific order…

A Webcatcher’s Dream

ReStealing Twilight’s Swan

Whistling Dixon

Chasing Images

Set You Free – My new Harry/OC pairing story. I have posted the teaser banner with this newsflash.

Once I finish these I will get back to my other works. I have to pick a select at the moment as it makes it easier to keep up with. Thank you for your time, understanding, and support.

Love your fav clown,