Harley here. Sorry guys. I’m still under the weather and the issues as of late seem to be adding up. I’m hoping to get another chapter or two up for Set You Free. Then I will have to make time to edit my contest piece for Bertie Bott’s Superhero Contest. Once that is over I will be focusing on my unfinished works. I made a list earlier in the summer… That still stands. Thank you for your patience.

As to questions on the Harry Potter story… I can’t reveal much at the moment. Just know there will be more flashbacks and all will be revealed soon. Thanks for reading. I will try and get another chapter out tonight (two if we’re lucky). But been kind of nauseas so will have to see how that goes.

And please understand that I cannot take all birthday requests etc… I have been known to that for those closest to me but it’s impossible to take all requests. I do have one more dedication planned and I had hoped to have it up for her birthday but know I simply can’t, as I do not have the time. But I am sending her a little something so she knows it’s on it’s way ❤