Heads up:

A couple of you seemed lost. I just wanted to let you know that I posted THREE chapters to The Highlander 20,21, and 22. So make certain you pay attention to what you’re reading.

Also, I will be editing more chapters throughout the week and plan on posting them again next weekend. Should be another 3 (if not more) chapters. During which, I am working on my other coming and unfinished projects off and on so I can start posting those as well.

Thanks for your patience!



I will be editing ALL week long and plan on posting by this coming weekend, if not sooner. Had another weekend of a sick kiddo and one with a hurt back. So yes, I’m behind. But no fear it’s all a-coming… 12 chapters ready to be edited and posted. Once I get those out of the way, I will be going back to Days Past Future Lost and Original Love In The Big Easy. And as a thank you for your patience… I will be posting the very FIRST chapter to Playing With Fire – my newest SOA story (Bella/Jax pairing), when I post the last chapter to The Highlander which should be chapter 32.

I’m alive… ;)

Alright, I’m just about done with The Highlander two more chapters to write. Once I finish those I will edit and start posting the 12 I’ve completed. Then I will get back to Original Love In The Big Easy and Days Past Future Lost. I will be starting the Bella/Jax Playing With Fire right after The Highlander a personal thank you to a good friend. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be able to write right now. She really came through for me.

I apologize for being behind but the family keeps passing the sickness around and it seems as if no one can stay well lately. Hopefully, we get a break soon.


Attention: Readers

I am currently working on finishing The Highlander. The muse is strong and I prefer to keep writing until I get to the end then edit and post the chapters as I go. I’m at 45 pages already and can’t seem to stop so it’s best for me to keep with it. After this story… I will be starting my Bella/Jax – Playing With Fire for a special friend of mine. I owe this woman BIG TIME.

Original Love and Days Past Future Lost will continue to be updated after. I will switch between the two since I did not make my Christmas deadline due to having Pneumonia in both lungs and it took me quite sometime to get my health back. At the moment, I’m dealing with a sick child as well so bear with me. Family and health come first.

When I get back to a normal schedule, I will be focusing on updating these three stories and working on them.

For those wondering what’s next once I’ve knocked some of these out. (Please consider it’s whatever the muses allow as it can’t be forced)

Bella/Dean Title – Daddy’s Girl
Bella/young Xavier  Title – A Wrinkle In Time
Please know that after these I CANNOT accept anymore requests, as I MUST focus on my older unfinished works. I must be fair to all my readers and well myself, lol. Thank you for your understanding.

Old works I will be getting to first:

A Webcatcher’s Dream
Love Me Till It Hurts
Chasing Images

Once I get these underway… I will choose three more of my old works to get to as that’s working for me at the moment.

For those asking about Deadpool sequel it is coming. Just had a muse struggle and it was giving me HELL, such as the Harry Potter one. I will not leave my works unfinished. I just need patience in getting my muses back.