Attention: Readers

I am currently working on finishing The Highlander. The muse is strong and I prefer to keep writing until I get to the end then edit and post the chapters as I go. I’m at 45 pages already and can’t seem to stop so it’s best for me to keep with it. After this story… I will be starting my Bella/Jax – Playing With Fire for a special friend of mine. I owe this woman BIG TIME.

Original Love and Days Past Future Lost will continue to be updated after. I will switch between the two since I did not make my Christmas deadline due to having Pneumonia in both lungs and it took me quite sometime to get my health back. At the moment, I’m dealing with a sick child as well so bear with me. Family and health come first.

When I get back to a normal schedule, I will be focusing on updating these three stories and working on them.

For those wondering what’s next once I’ve knocked some of these out. (Please consider it’s whatever the muses allow as it can’t be forced)

Bella/Dean Title – Daddy’s Girl
Bella/young Xavier  Title – A Wrinkle In Time
Please know that after these I CANNOT accept anymore requests, as I MUST focus on my older unfinished works. I must be fair to all my readers and well myself, lol. Thank you for your understanding.

Old works I will be getting to first:

A Webcatcher’s Dream
Love Me Till It Hurts
Chasing Images

Once I get these underway… I will choose three more of my old works to get to as that’s working for me at the moment.

For those asking about Deadpool sequel it is coming. Just had a muse struggle and it was giving me HELL, such as the Harry Potter one. I will not leave my works unfinished. I just need patience in getting my muses back.

7 thoughts on “Attention: Readers”

  1. Do whatever you gotta do, Harley 😉 Faithfull readers will stick around, I’d rather you not force yourself to wright something that doesn’t feel right. The future works you mentioned sound promising. I got excited reading about them even though you only gave out parring and/or title.
    So take care of yourself and good luck with the little one 🙂

  2. thanks for the heads up of what is going on love your stories with bella in the SOA world but do enjoy all that you write. will be here looking forward to reading what ever comes first. hope you and your family stay well and that the new year treats you kind 🙂

  3. thanxs for the info!
    Take your muses time!
    i can wait…if i have to lol, for my stories.
    you are one of my favorite authors and one of the best for finishing your stories so i know they will get done.
    your heath is the most important thing.
    Bless you and hope your year is full of great things

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