Attention readers:

The Highlander has now been added to Stories To Go! Thank you 4padfoot for all your hard work!!! My hero!

Due to the holidays my updates will be running a tad late. But they are coming Altered Paths, Playing With Fire, and A Webcatcher’s Dream to be up this week sometime.

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Playing With Fire Readers:

Please note that Dominque is NOT the actual Dom from the Fast and Furious. He is an original character of mine, such as Zack and Dizzy. The ONLY Fast and Furious character was Han. I’m very sorry for the confusion. Perhaps I should’ve gone with a different name but the actor reminded me of a Dominque and didn’t consider Vin’s character when making that decision. My apologies.

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That was my Dom.

Heads up!

Alright, I’m about to post chapters three and four to Altered Paths. I hope to get a chapter or two of Playing With Fire up this weekend as well, if not Monday night at the latest. I will be working on A Webcatcher’s Dream as well ,which should be up within the next coming weekend (fingers crossed).
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