Heads up!

Hey guys,

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted but things have been super crazy around here. I haven’t had time to breathe between getting our house ready to sell and getting ready for our vacation in a couple weeks. My heart broke however when I went to surprise you guys with a couple chapters to Playing With Fire and one to Altered Paths. I went to back them up on my flash drive only to realize AFTERWARD that I saved the wrong damn chapters. I reversed the saves and lost 7 pages of hard work I did yesterday and ALL of my Altered Paths chapter. All that remained was my Playing With Fire chapter 14 (which needs a once over before I actually post). So here’s the deal… I’m BACK to work on those other chapters and do apologize for being stupid. Trust me no one’s madder than I am at myself right now> It’s ironic that I did that so I could back my chapters up but didn’t realize which ones I was saving to what and fucked it up. I was so pissed with myself, I called it quits earlier than usual last night and went straight to bed. Let me get to Playing With Fire 15 since it’s a little fresher in my head and I’m hoping I can remember what all I added etc… Then I will rewrite (ugh) my Altered Paths chapter. Fellow writers know just how much this pisses you off when you pull something like that. For one thing, it’s damn near impossible to remember EVERYTHING you wrote so you’re having to start over in a way and then you’re fearful it won’t be anywhere near as good as what you originally had. I’m beyond livid with myself right now. I’m behind as it is and this just tops it off lol. (DEEEEP BREATH)

I will get these out to you ASAP,