I am attempting to rewrite the lost chapter to Altered Paths. Thanks to lost work however, the muse isn’t as strong. If I can get it going… I will work on that one FIRST. If I cannot… I will go back to Playing With Fire as it’s what’s calling to me at the moment. It would be easier as my vacation is creeping up on me and I haven’t a lot of time to write as of late. Once my vacation is over, I can get back to Altered Paths and A Webcatcher’s Dream. I do apologize for any inconvenience but I will not force these chapters. Doing that would be a waste of time as they would feel rushed and well.. suck. I prefer to take my time and do it right.

Thank you for your time,




2 thoughts on “NEWSFLASH!”

  1. Don’t you dare try to force something that isn’t there your muse is hiding on you. well then we will have to coax her out to make her inspire you to try to figure out the lost chapter for Altered Paths. I am sure when she comes out and i know she will the Chapter you post will be better than the one that took off on you. Take your time coax her let her run amuk because she will return to you. I know she will and then that chapter will come out in no time. Talk to you again soon!

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