Alright, there will be SEVEN chapters to Playing With Fire. It will be completed once I get that seventh and final chapter edited and posted. Once again, remember that means seven chapters (about twenty or so pages each) to edit. That will take sometime. I will post each chapter as I go. Once I finish, I will introduce my new story and wrap up Altered Paths as it’s coming to an end as well. Whistling Dixon will be next on my list of unfinished works to be finished.

Thanks for your patience,




Heads up!

I am currently three chapters into finishing Playing With Fire, none in which have been edited. I estimate at least a couple more chapters, so maybe five in all. I wish to finish these chapters, as I’m just about done with the story itself. It will take be a bit, but I do plan on editing and posting the chapters as I go, once I finish.

I will be working on finishing Altered Paths next, as well as an upcoming surprise.

Thank you for your patience,



Just a heads up on the upcoming schedule:

I will be finishing (and posting as I go) Playing With Fire then Altered Paths, as both stories are just about finished. It’s easier if I focus on just the one for now. I can get it done faster, rather than switching back and forth. Once I finish those, I will pick from one of my unfinished works. I’m thinking Whistling Dixon, as I’ve been eager to get back to that one. I realize this might upset some of you and for that I do apologize. I have to follow my muse however and do what it desires.

I am also eager to get to my original works here soon. Some of those works will feature some of our favorites like Charlie Hunnam, Tommy Flanagan, Norman Reedus, and Tyler Hoechlin just to name a few. These works will be of various genres such as comic book related (of my own universe and making), action, drama, mystery, romance, you name it. Typically, how I write my stories now, only much more thorough. Any romance I do write is always action packed, so keep that in mind. I don’t do  plain ole lovey dovey stuff lol. Not my forte. I’ve hopes of one day selling my works on Amazon or taking things to a little more professional level. I realize I have a long ways to go and it’s probably wishful thinking, but it never hurts to try and see what comes of it.

I feel the need to be straight with you all. There are a couple unfinished works, I no longer have the heart to complete. I know that’s going against my word and for that I greatly apologize. I meant it at the time I said it and I hope you all realize that. But shit happens and you never plan for things to go south. Those stories were intended for someone dear to me and like I said shit happens. I do not wish to go into detail, so please respect my wishes and leave it be. Those things tend to happen and it just reminds me of a quote from one of my favorite movies “Nothing Last Forever” and in some cases, that’s most certainly true. It’s heartbreaking, but it is what it is. But I can also live with “It Can’t Rain All The Time”. That’s a better one to live by 😉 . I will let everyone know what those particular stories are later on. I haven’t the heart to do that at this very moment. I just felt the need to give the heads up. I realize I might lose some readers over this but it wouldn’t be fair of me to keep you guys hanging. For those that stick around and give me a shot, thank you. I know waiting can be irritating as hell. I never do it intentionally. My mind is usually all over the place and I can admit that.

Last but not least, I have an upcoming surprise later on for a good friend of mine. She’s been my rock and I cannot thank her enough. She’s what got me through this tough year and I’d be lost without her. You know who you are and thank you once again. ❤

Love from your crazy clown,


P.S – I wish everyone a blissful New Year. I know a lot of us went through hardships and were tested many times. But if you’re sitting here reading this, that means you made it, and you’ll keep on truckin’. I’m right there with ya! We got this! Let’s make 2018 our bitch!