Heads up!

I have been informed that a few of my likes/replies aren’t going through. It’s freezing on my end, so please do not think I am ignoring any of you. Not how I do things. WordPress simply acts up from time to time. I would take the time to thank each and every one of you that have reached out and let me know I have your support. I realize that a few of you are disappointed, and I do apologize. It means so much however that you would continue on with the journey and have put your trust in me.

On another note, please welcome Miss. TheDarkestFallingStar aka fallingstarsaroundme aka Star. *snorts* She has offered to join Robin and I in getting this site where it’s needed. She will be doing the buttons on the stories that don’t have them. Please be considerate and realize she is a busy woman as well and will get to them as she can.

My cup runneth over,





Alright, so it took a bit longer than expected but I was very sick yesterday and hadn’t the will to post anything. I’m still not 100% better but getting there.

I will start with why some stories have buttons, why others don’t, why some are halfway done etc.… First off the readers that have been following me for quite some time already know that I had my stories deleted a little over four years ago from fanfiction (Due to being reported). That was the sole purpose of opening my WordPress account. I had several remarkable ladies helping me out at the time, and it was NOT their responsibility to add buttons. They offered to help out of the kindness of their hearts as I hadn’t a clue how to even work WordPress at the time. I had over 23-25 stories that needed to be moved over, and I was still writing quite a bit at the time. That is a lot of work to go back and add buttons to each and every single chapter. That’s three buttons, three links, per page. Selfishly, I’d much rather write than to sit there for hours to days on end working on freaking buttons. I have had people get downright ugly about buttons and though I do understand how it makes reading easier. I myself have read quite a few stories on WordPress that didn’t have buttons, and I managed to survive without them. Ugly sounding, yes but this is a CONSTANT issue I get, and I only have one other admin now. We both have hectic lives, and buttons are the least of our concerns at the moment. This is how I see it… Do you want updates or buttons? Because I can only focus on one at a time. For those that write and have done buttons, you know how much of a pain it is to sit there and look for the chapter links to older stories, they’re damn near impossible to find, and it takes forever. If I ever get the time and take a break from writing, I will get to those buttons as well as redoing my WordPress. I have all these things planned, but they take time and patience which is hard when you’re juggling a family and other responsibilities. So as you can see, yes when I do finally get a couple of hours to myself out of the day, I’d rather write than to spend those couple hours hunting down links in order to link up chapter buttons.

As for the stories to go… I will let 4padfoot know what needs to be added etc.… However it will be at her discretion when she gets the time. This woman works her ass off and has a family as well. So I always tell her to take her time, and she will get to these things whenever she can. I do not know how to do the stories to go, and she’s my only lifeline when it comes to my site at the moment.

As to not taking any more requests… It was fun while it lasted, but there were a few issues with that. One, I got in way over my head as to why I ended up with unfinished works, lost muses, and bitterness on people that asked for these, only to end up ignoring them altogether. Yes, I had readers following those particular stories, but it hurts when someone reaches out to you and asks you to write them something, only to have them flat out ignore your hard work. I have had this issue with readers as well as what I considered close friends. It made me bitter, and I decided it best just to do my own thing and only take requests from those I trust with all my heart.

As to not using Bella on my latest story… I will continue my favorite unfinished works using Bella, but in all honesty, I’ve outgrown her and prefer to do OC’s as I am leading up to writing original work here soon. That does not mean I’m done with my unfinished works. It simply means there will be NO new stories featuring Bella. I am very sorry for that but like I said I’m moving on. It’s been four years, and I want to get somewhere eventually with my writing. The only way to do that is to take that much-needed leap. I know I’ll lose some readers and yeah that scares me a bit I won’t lie, but it happens. It’s been a dream of mine to move past fanfiction and become something bigger. Might be a long shot but it’s my dream to chase.

As to not keeping promises I made over FOUR YEARS AGO or so… I’ve received messages from those that have read my old Hello post. There were specific crossovers I promised, and I even mentioned how rape would be insinuated but not actually followed through, things of that nature. Dude, that I wrote that A LONG TIME AGO! I’ve simply grown as a writer and am branching out and taking more risks. I love a good challenge, and that’s all this is about. By no means do I mean to offend anyone! I’d forgotten half of what I wrote as I hadn’t read that in forever. I have since then adjusted this particular post and have plans to rewrite it altogether. I am human and simply cannot remember every little promise I’ve ever made, and it’s physically impossible to write every crossover I ever said I’d write.

Have I abandoned Altered Paths? No. The muse is still there, and I have the next chapter half written. I’m merely going with what the stronger muse is calling for at the moment, and it’s Galway Girls. I will get to Altered Paths soon as it’s almost finished.

Works I will NOT be finishing, and I don’t wish to explain why so please leave it be. I have my reasons so please respect that. I honestly had it in mind to finish these works when I first started as do all writers but shit happens:

Days Past Future Lost
ReStealing Twilight’s Swan
A Crow In Search of A Swan
Smallville City Limits

Works I will be finishing but not right away:

Whistling Dixon
Original Love In The Big Easy
Love Me Till It Hurts
Chasing Images
Set You Free
Crazy VS Mad Love
A Webcatcher’s Dream (Almost didn’t make the cut I’ll admit, for reasons. But this was a personal fav of mine, and I worked way too hard on this to let it go. So I will continue it once my heart is in it again.) And of course Galway Girls and Altered Paths is included in those.

So that’s that. If you wish to try and get me reported somehow and have my stories deleted like a few of you have threatened then let the games begin. I’ve got friends in high places, and we will find you. As to those saying oh well you’re going to lose a reader/fan or I’ll unfollow you etc.… Dude, go ahead! Why would I want the support of a whiny little shit? You might get away with being a spoiled brat at home, but not on my watch or my site even. Sorry, boutcha! But this momma don’t play games. Cry to your momma instead and do tell her I said hello!

This is probably one of my least favorite announcements I’ve ever written, but it was needed. I sincerely apologize to the readers that were looking forward to those particular stories and to the ones that will be upset on my choice for not using Bella in future works. But this is my decision and something I need to do for myself. If lose a few of you then I wish to thank you for what support you have given me. It meant a lot and thank you for a great four-year journey. I plan to be here for a lot longer, and I do hope some of you will take that leap of faith and join me on a new adventure and see what another four or so years brings. I will do my best to make it all worthwhile. I have a lot of amazing things planned.

Thank you for time, patience, and support,

(Please note my bitterness is not directed to all my readers. Only to the ones that were doing the harassing. I simply had enough, and wanted to get to the point! I can only keep my mouth shut for so long.)