Heads up!

I will be working on another chapter to Galway Girls as well as Altered Paths. With any hope I will post them (both) within the week if not this coming weekend, depending on how crazy RL gets. I apologize for the long wait on Altered Paths but had to follow my muse and now it’s back. Thank you for your time and patience.


A message regarding chapter warnings:

*eye roll*

When I write…

Keep in mind this is an SOA story. This chapter involves some dark and very violent times. Read at your own risk.

That’s what it means. I put the warning. It’s up to you on whether to read from there or not. Cleary, a few of you, haven’t seen Sons of Anarchy if you have a problem with my writing. That and you must be new.

In that case, an introduction is in order…


The name is Harley, and I write what I damn well please. If you choose to ignore the warnings that’s your problem, not mine. Get ugly with me, and I’ll get ugly right back. I don’t understand why so much of this is going on lately. Did I piss in someone’s fucking cheerios? If so I apologize I must’ve been drunk and evidently haven’t any recollection…

If you follow my author page on FB you’ve already seen this. I felt the need to get this message spread about.

For Joe and all my other readers:

I started off writing this to a reader of mine but the more I thought about it the more I felt like this should be something everyone reads. This way you’ll all understand. Please realize I never meant to disappoint or hurt anyone with my writing or decision to drop a few of my works. The review/comment is below… and it is followed by my response.

I’m not an angry person nor do I feel any need to be hateful or bitter, very immature way to deal with your emotions. I can’t deny my disappointment and sadness that we’ve come to the end of the road, I’ve been following you now for nearly 3 years since I was the tender age of 19 but while I respect your creative decision as a writer I can’t continue too follow you. I’m not sure how other people read books or fan fictions but when you find an amazing book or fan fic (and your work is amazingly written) you become emotional invested and I have become invested in most of the stories you won’t be continuing and in your fan fiction writing style and as someone who hates unfinished stories and not having closure (like literally unfinished things make me feel very stressed and anxious) I’m distancing myself so it’s no longer something that will be at the fore front of my mind, I wish you all the luck in world on your future endeavours and hope your dreams come true hope to pick up a book one day and become enthralled like I have with your other stories and then realise it was you who wrote it as a big fan of your writing style I believe you have the ability to be an amazing success. Goodbye Harley, it was a great ride xx Joe


First off, I’d like to thank you for the three years you’ve given me. Secondly, I’d like to apologize for any stress or anxiety I have caused that was never my intention. My stories are meant to entertain and take my readers away from the real world, giving us that much needed break. Unfortunately, I went through a rough couple years with those I held close to my heart and I put too much trust into these individuals, only to find out they weren’t who I thought they were. That led to my decision on dropping a few of those particular stories as those stories were intended for them. I was made to believe I had to keep quiet and bear the pain on my lonesome and I did that for sometime. But I grew tired of holding all the pain in and though I will never mention them by name, I will not play their cruel games anymore. I’m just too old and frankly I have enough drama in my life without adding to that high school mentality. That’s all it really came to in the end. The reason I’m being so up front with you? I feel like you and all my other readers deserve the truth. Putting all your trust into someone and only to have it ripped away cuts deeper than any knife ever could and it’s caused me a lot of anxiety and trust issues, which isn’t fair to the friends that stuck by me through the sunshine and the rain, because that’s what a REAL friend does. I find myself questioning everything I do. That leading to hiatuses on certain chapters to just flat-out not being in the mood to write them. I write with my heart and soul and put my all into each and every chapter I write. Unfortunately, that means I use a lot of real life situations and all that did was bring back the pain I was trying so hard to distance myself from. As I’ve stated once before I write to get away from the heartache and pain RL throws at us. It’s my only escape as I used to turn to smoking and drinking and that doesn’t help anyone, especially my family. I had to do what was best for everyone and find my own medicine and this is it. That is why I am distancing myself from certain stories and moving on as it is just too painful. When something hits me like that it takes away from the reason I turned to writing in the first place and it’s no longer the therapy I need, rather than just a nice swift kick to the gut with each and every word I write because those words bring back too many memories.

I want to thank Joe and everyone else for your support. I knew I’d lose a few of you and was prepared. But it’s ones like Joe that make me smile because even if the journey has come to an end for them. They still believe in me and we can part with our heads held high and no ill feelings. I won’t lie it hurt when I read this at first as to why it took me three days to even respond. But it only hurt because I knew I’d disappointed them and took it wrong (at first). I read this comment over and over before coming to a decision on how to respond. In the end, all I can really say is thank for the three years you’ve given me and for believing in me.

Harley – a great ride indeed.

I will continue writing… only Death itself could stop me. ❤ *hugs to all*



Chapter 8 to Galway Girls is now up. I will be posting chapter 9 and maybe 10 within the next week or so. A chapter to Altered Paths will be up afterward. I do apologize for the long wait on Altered Paths but had to go with the muse. Thank you for your time and patience. I would like to take a moment to thank everyone that’s reached out to me during these hectic times. It means a lot to me. Your reviews/comments and simple likes brighten my day and help in feeding my muse as well. You guys are awesome!