A message regarding chapter warnings:

*eye roll*

When I write…

Keep in mind this is an SOA story. This chapter involves some dark and very violent times. Read at your own risk.

That’s what it means. I put the warning. It’s up to you on whether to read from there or not. Cleary, a few of you, haven’t seen Sons of Anarchy if you have a problem with my writing. That and you must be new.

In that case, an introduction is in order…


The name is Harley, and I write what I damn well please. If you choose to ignore the warnings that’s your problem, not mine. Get ugly with me, and I’ll get ugly right back. I don’t understand why so much of this is going on lately. Did I piss in someone’s fucking cheerios? If so I apologize I must’ve been drunk and evidently haven’t any recollection…

If you follow my author page on FB you’ve already seen this. I felt the need to get this message spread about.

7 thoughts on “A message regarding chapter warnings:”

  1. *shakes heads at the idiots* they don’t know how they are messing with. but they will learn * gives harley my favorite bitey dog* I hope you and your muse have a ball. Until then *bows*

  2. I think my face turned into the heart eyes emoji while I was reading this. Truth time: I don’t read your SoA stories. Why? I don’t like SoA. Simple as that. I read the crossovers and Twi stuff I like and I politely leave the others alone. I don’t understand being offended after clear warnings and I don’t understand being angry over a free service, which is exactly what is provided here. Either praise her greatness or walk away if it does not suit you.

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