Could I have a moment of your time?

Dear readers and what have you,

I would like to take a moment to address an ongoing issue. I’m all for getting messages about suggestions or things my readers would like to see. I can be open-minded. At times however the story is already set in stone as it’s been prewritten and I’m merely editing and adding things here and there as I go. However, I do have a problem with people that get downright rude or bossy. People that throw little hissy fits when they don’t get their way. First, it was because I wasn’t using Bella. I’ve been using Bella for THREE years folks. It was a great adventure, but as I’ve said before, I’m leaning towards making this an actual career. I can’t do that writing Bella fanfiction. I have to take that leap and step towards original work. Galway Girls is an excellent lead towards that. What I don’t get are the people that cut it down before they even give it a chance. Riona and Aislinn are fucking badasses too! It doesn’t have to be Bella to make it a good story. I mean honestly, do you buy books hoping for Bella Swan to be the main lead? I think not. Life needs variety. I need variety. I love my characters and haven’t any regrets. My female leads will always be strong, even if it’s a lead-up, they usually always get there. Give it a chance before you go and dump on me with nasty messages about new stories, returning to unfinished works, and telling me how you won’t read something because it isn’t Bella.

You don’t have to read anything I write. That is fine. But sending me messages letting me know (rudely) that you won’t read my latest story because I shot myself in the foot since I didn’t use freaking Bella. I get so many PRIVATE messages about this, I want to vomit. It’s one thing to put it nicely and make suggestions. It’s something else entirely to threaten and come off sounding like a goddamn bully. I’m a grown woman with a husband and kids. I don’t have the time or energy to deal with that kind of negativity or drama. This is a FREE service. Either give the new story a chance and see what my new girls are like. Or suck it up and move onto something else until I’m updating my unfinished works. I will let you know when I am getting to those. I know I am behind on Altered Paths as of late and I do plan on getting to that. But as you already know, I have to go with the muse and see where it takes me. I will not force something because my heart wouldn’t be in it and the chapters wouldn’t be worth anyone’s time if I don’t put my all into them. I think people forget that writers aren’t robots standing behind a desk 24/7. We are people with lives of our own, feelings, and it takes a lot of work to get just one single chapter put out. I spend hours upon hours working on one chapter. I share my stories with others because I want to offer you the same joy and time away from the real world. That’s what my stories do for me. That’s why I write instead of smoking or drinking when I’m stressed or having an episode of depression. It truly is the therapy I need and tend to use most. So when there are a handful of people trying to take that away from me; I get defensive and will not apologize for that. That’s like taking someone’s heaven and shitting on it and telling them to deal because it should be YOUR way or the highway.I write for myself just as much as I do for any of you.

There is one more thing that bothers me, and I’ve kept my trap shut for YEARS on this issue. Why are the ones doing the negative messages and harassing the same ones that NEVER leave a single review?! They go into my fanfiction account or FB and privately message me to complain but when they say they like a story, not a single like or review. It’s like they ONLY use the system to bring people down and be jerks about things. I’m all for getting constructive criticism. At times it can sting a little, but it’s better when the person trying to help and not being an absolute dick. I’ve had readers that leave reviews or give me likes that can message me and say hey just a suggestion, or it might help if… Eight times out of ten I take that person’s advice and will thank them for it. I don’t always and can admit that if it doesn’t fit the story or if I simply don’t have the means of going the direction they want. Sometimes it can be about my spelling, punctuation, or grammar. I can admit to not being the greatest with those things. I am doing what I can to fix it and am self-taught in that department. Just keep in mind that not everyone has the education others have. That doesn’t mean you have the right to tell them they shouldn’t be writing at all. That’s just shitty and makes you an asshole. Don’t crush other people’s dreams just because you’re anal about grammar, punctuation, and spelling. I don’t say this for myself but fellow writers who have been harassed and went as far as to quit even because people couldn’t lay off.

That’s how much these messages can affect someone. And I know it’s easy for people to say ignore them etc. I have been for a long time. But even I have bad days to where it becomes TOO much, and I feel like throwing the towel in and being done because I don’t feel very appreciated. World’s smallest violin is playing, I know. But I have feelings too. I have drama outside of the fandom worlds. I have a husband and kids and other family I look out for. All it takes is a single feather to have all that come tumbling down, and you could be the one that adds that feather, whether you mean to or not. Just keep that in mind.

I know if I ever become professional I will have to deal with these things, even more so than I do now. I think what irks me right now is I do this out of the kindness of my heart and because I want to. No one is paying me or any other fanfic writer for their services. All we ask for is a simple like or review in return. That’s it. I don’t think that much to ask. Now if I were getting paid that would be different. That would give people more of a reason to be picky and send you messages regarding certain things because they are investing in you. That I can understand. But even at that… There is never a reason to be ugly, rude or a bully. We’re better than that, all of us. So if any of you feel like you need to send ANYONE a nasty message, take a moment to reflect on how that would come off and how it would make you feel if it were the other way around. You go to make your kids lunch for the day and check your email and your whole day is ruined from there. People might laugh and say why let it get to you? Well, if it was just the one I could shrug it off. But I have been getting these a lot more since I made the decision to move forward and not use Bella with future works. When they come in handfuls, and you find yourself getting those kinds of messages OVER reviews and or likes. That’s enough to make anyone question themselves and what they’re doing with their lives.

For two days I’ve had to talk myself out of quitting. And for those that truly know me, that is a HUGE deal because I always said nothing and no one could knock me down like that. Well, it happened. It’s been a long time since I felt this way, but I did. To those sending these messages, I’m sure you’re rolling your eyes, sighing, laughing, calling me a whiny bitch, etc.… But you don’t get the domino effect this could cause. I quit writing, and people that count on me are let down too. Like me, they turn to my writing for an escape. So I’m not the only one that would be left in a depression or have something I loved taken away from me. I don’t think myself weak for writing this. No. I believe you are weak that you have to resort to something like that in order to get your point across. When I say “you’re” I’m talking to the ones sending these messages. Only a weak minded person would attack someone they don’t know. You have to be weak because a stronger person would be able to think up a way to word those things differently and reach out rather than put down.

Readers, please show your appreciation to ALL WRITERS YOU FOLLOW! It takes just a minute or two out of your time to leave that like or a review. Make that writer’s day because you never know when they could be having the most horrible of days or getting the shittiest of messages. That ONE review could be that rescue they need. That one LIKE could be the smile they wanted. And if you feel the need to point out something constructive, do so with class. Number one rule in life should be don’t be a DICK! If you’re going to be a dick move on. Don’t read something you don’t want to read. There is no need in sending private messages and being ugly. That’s a very douchy thing to do.

Now, I’m going to get back to my writing. I will post notices on when I’m updating my other works, including Altered Paths. I know you guys are waiting and I do apologize. I’m doing my best. But I do thank you immensely for being patient and not sending me threatening or bullying-like messages. Thank you for being a decent person that knows life just gets in the way at times, and I’m human.


Love to all from your fav clown,