Galway Readers:

I’ve (mostly) written the next couple chapters but going to break and reread the entire story before I edit and post anything else. My reason? Just for my own peace of mind. I want to do this story justice as it means a lot to me and this is a new experience for me as well. I have noticed a decline in response to the story itself, and naturally, that causes some anxiety and makes me question how I’m doing in recent updates. I write with all my heart and put my all into everything I post; as to my reason for taking a little break and rereading that way I feel better about it personally. It shouldn’t take me long. I do apologize to those looking forward to updates. It’s just a ME thing, even I have my moments of doubting myself and my abilities as a writer. Number one thing I need to remember is I write for myself just as much as anyone else. ❤

Love to all and thank you for your patience and understanding,