Galway Readers:

I’ve (mostly) written the next couple chapters but going to break and reread the entire story before I edit and post anything else. My reason? Just for my own peace of mind. I want to do this story justice as it means a lot to me and this is a new experience for me as well. I have noticed a decline in response to the story itself, and naturally, that causes some anxiety and makes me question how I’m doing in recent updates. I write with all my heart and put my all into everything I post; as to my reason for taking a little break and rereading that way I feel better about it personally. It shouldn’t take me long. I do apologize to those looking forward to updates. It’s just a ME thing, even I have my moments of doubting myself and my abilities as a writer. Number one thing I need to remember is I write for myself just as much as anyone else. ❤

Love to all and thank you for your patience and understanding,




5 thoughts on “Galway Readers:”

  1. Always said family and yourself first. take as long as you need. if you aren’t feeling it then time for a much needed writing break. we will be here when you are up to writing again. feel better soon hon. Until then *bows*

    (lets bitey dogs go play)

  2. I’m such a terrible fan! I’m often too lazy to write a review about updates but I’m loving the direction you’re heading! In between your updates, I’ve been rereading my completed favorites. I know Ali & Riona are Irish but I keep hearing their voices in a Scottish brogue like Chibs. Keep up the good work! Don’t second guess yourself too much (because I know you’ll do a little bit of that anyway – only to be sure it’s quality work)!!!

  3. Don’t doubt yourself, your an amazing writer! I’ve been reading all of your stories since Sex, lies, and wolverine and I love what you’ve done with Bella, but I couldn’t be more happy than I am with galways girls, I love that you’ve made your own characters to be the main focus, and the direction your taking the story, keep up the great work ❣️

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