I’m back.

Alright guys, I’m back to editing chapter 34 of Galway Girls. I should have it posted in a day or two. I’ve started chapter 35 as well I hope to have that one posted this coming weekend. Annnd I may or may not have a new story coming up soon. A muse fed to me by the hubby himself and I know 4padfoot is all for this as well as she’s been my ear. I will give a small teaser in the near future. Please note I will be starting original work here soon as well.




Just a heads up!

I wanted to let you guys know that WordPress isn’t allowing me to like or respond to comments on my older stories for some reason. If I can figure it out I will go back and get to those. Please note I ALWAYS look through my comments/reviews and likes as they are muchly appreciate and help in feeding the muse. So thank you everyone!

I am about to finish editing chapter 33 to Galway Girls. It should be up in a few hours.

I will be getting to 34 after I get back from visiting a friend (who’s basically family). As I’ve stated before family comes first and she needs me with her at the moment.

Love to all and thank you for your time, patience, and understanding.


Galway Girl Readers:

I just wanted to give you guys the heads up. I am running later than usual on my posting schedule but for a good reason. I’m currently on CHAPTER 35 meaning the muse has taken over and to the point where it will not let me break, not even to edit. So I am going with it and will post as soon is it will allow. The story is taking off, and I love the direction it’s going. I hope you guys will too. Sorry for the wait but I’ll make it worth the while.