Dear Readers,

Dear readers,

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with wonderful food and time with your friends and family. I know we did.

Because of the holidays, I will be running behind on updating Galway Girls. I should be getting it posted by the end of the weekend.

Also, I would like to remind everyone that a simple like or review can go a long way. Writers go above and beyond in getting those chapters out and often enough spend hours, if not days on that one particular chapter. So a simple ‘like’ or a small review helps feed us. This goes for ALL writers, not just me. There seems to be a rise in this amongst the fanfiction/original world. This often enough can lead to writers giving up on that particular story or writing in itself altogether. I’ve had more than a handful of friends stop writing, over lack of appreciation for the work we’ve done. Yes, we write for ourselves just as much but don’t have to share with anyone. We do it out of the kindness of our hearts. We are inviting you into our world and our thoughts. All we ask in return is for a little acknowledgment. Now that being said, I’m sure I will get a little hell in people saying “Oh, Harley is begging for reviews.” I’ve had this said before, and that’s fine, it’s whatever. I’m used to that kind of shit honestly. You should see some of the messages I get in my private or guest reviews. People have no filter and say whatever comes to mind, forgetting I am human, with a family, and real life beyond the writer world. I’m not begging. I’m merely addressing a major issue in the fanfiction/original world. People BEG for updates, BEG for sequels, or prequels even. That seems to be the norm and okay. But it makes us writers assholes or needy if we even mention wanting likes or reviews. That’s not something I understand and never will.

I would like to add how this should go the same in respects to banners, videos, etc… They too deserve some love and acknowledgment. Those banners can take HOURS and don’t even get me started on how long it takes to make a video.

Anyone that shares their creativity (whether it be writing, art, sewing, banners, videos, crocheting) with you should be shown some sort of appreciation. Why? Because it takes a lot of BALLS to share those things with the public. You want to talk about anxiety and fear… Oh hell, I’ve had some big-time anxiety over specific chapters, certain oc’s I introduce, or the way I end the story altogether. I know I am NOT alone there. So please, give us a little of your time. That doesn’t seem like much to ask when we put hours, months, or even years into that one story.

Those that read this and still think me a beggar or what have you… That’s just sad because you don’t get the real message here and I haven’t the time or energy to focus on that kind of negativity.


Alright, after a long day I’m just now getting to my Stan Lee dedication as mentioned on my author FB page. I apologize for not doing so the day of as I’m sure some of you expected it. I wasn’t in the right place to do so, and I’ll explain why in the dedication. Give me a couple hours to get everything done, maybe longer on that chapter as it’s thirty pages long and it takes a bit.

Thank you,