Thought of the day:

Thought of the day:

It’s funny I get picked on from time to time about taking my writing so seriously.

“You’re writing fanfiction. It’s not a job, so quit acting like it. It’s a hobby.”


I hear that shit allllll the fucking time. Yeah, it isn’t a job. But I’m hoping it’ll lead to one! So don’t be a dick.

For some, yes. That might be the case. But there are some of us that want more in the future and take their writing seriously. That’s why I keep in touch with my readers and why I’m so adamant about updating whenever I can. To me, fanfiction is a step towards that goal. A dream come true for me. Now I’ll never be JK Rowling or Stan Lee. *snorts* I wish but I can be me and the best at what I do. I actually had someone (that I once considered a best friend) laugh at me when I told them I wanted to be a writer (beyond fanfiction that is). I felt like that was somewhat hypocritical considering their history with fanfiction themselves. They not only laughed at me but went on to cut down other fanfiction writers and readers. But I won’t dive into all that mess.

Why is that such a laughable idea? Haven’t there been others that succeeded off fanfiction and made it into their own?

I suppose what I’m saying is don’t be so quick to shoot down other’s dreams. Those dreams are theirs, and you haven’t the right to crush those dreams and act as if your way of life is so much better. We all deserve a chance to make something of ourselves, whether it be big or small. I won’t let anyone tell me how to do things or make me feel insignificant or ashamed of the way I live my life.

I can only hope that no matter what your dreams are. You will never let anyone convince you that you cannot achieve those. Don’t let anyone tear you down and make you feel as though you’re less of a person because you’re simply doing what you love.

Love ya,


P.S – Galway Readers, I’m on chapter 34 of rereading and editing. Slowly but surely.

Galway News and Reader News:

I’m at chapter 25 out of 44 chapters (rereading and editing that is). I’m getting there, slowly but surely. Keep in mind I haven’t written any of the following chapters yet but have over eight pages of notes (so far). I’m only giving you guys the heads up since I said I wouldn’t post until I finished the story in its entirety. This way there is no more drama on where the story is going. Sad, I have to take that route, but it is what it is. Because of this, I can say it will be a few weeks if not a month before those chapters are up. Please forgive me and be patient. I will keep you all up to date as I progress.

I know this isn’t fair to the loyal readers that have always been there and have done nothing but support me. Those are the ones that deserve a real apology as they are used to getting updates more frequently and it’s sad when a group of people have to ruin it for everyone else. I feel like a teacher having to keep the good kids behind after the bell rings because of the bad kids’ behavior lol. Just isn’t right!

Also, Robin has control of my account now, and she will be the one responding from now on. She yanked control out from under me 😉 . Nah, she did that so I could enjoy writing and be myself again. I’d be lost without this woman so don’t you dare disrespect her. To do that will be crossing a major line and you wouldn’t like me once I’m finished with you.

My fanfiction account is where I’m attacked the most. People can get on there and sign in as a guest or leave shitty reviews on stories that haven’t anything to do with the story they leave a review for. For example… They will leave a review on another SOA story I have up, but it won’t have anything to do with that particular story. They are attacking what I have on this WordPress instead. Sad, they are too cowardly to leave anything here and have to go that route, but it is what it is.

I will have news once this story is over however and I sincerely hope each of you will stick around and give me a chance on what’s to come in the near future. It would mean a lot to me, and I will need your support more than ever as I will be all nerves. But it’s time to take that leap and see what I can accomplish. With your guys’ support I know I can do anything. Some of you have been there, from the very beginning, and you will never know what that means to me.

So thank you, from the depths of my heart,


Hey guys,

Alright, so I’m taking some me time. But during this, I will be rereading and working on Galway Girls. I am editing some mistakes as I go as well. I want to do the ending justice, and the best way to do that is to start from the beginning and go from there.

As to recent events…

I’m not sure what to say other than these are characters I’ve created. That doesn’t mean I agree with their viewpoints. I like to write about legit shit. Things we face every day. That doesn’t make me a racist, a rapist, or a murderer! If that were the case a lot of writers would be sick-ass crazy fucks. I lost five readers. Three in which I know why as they personally informed me. One because they were afraid I was going to kill a certain character off and couldn’t bear it. The other two because I myself was “racist” on a scene I wrote between two characters. I’m not sure about the others; maybe they’re just tired of the drama all this has caused. Do you know how many movies and books have this shit in it? Does that mean every single writer and actor involved are those things too? I’m only pointing this out because it’s so obvious that the scene I wrote was just a racist scene rather than I myself being racist. I have apologized even when I felt I wasn’t in the wrong. I’m at a loss as to what else I can do. I don’t grovel, and I’m not about to. I’m a person with feelings and have been given major anxiety over this as I’ve never been told I was an actual racist before. I was told a long time ago that someone felt something was racist in my Deadpool story, but once we talked it over, they admitted it was just the situation in the story and not me – the writer. I wasn’t able to do that this time.

I’m going to keep writing the way I write. I’m sorry if that offends anyone. But I haven’t changed how I do things. I’ve always written stuff that’s true to the heart, and I don’t see why it’s a problem all of a sudden. I’m not changing who I am or what I write. Nor will I walk on eggshells to please others. I have apologized but explained the situation and related scene. That’s all I can do. But I won’t stop being me and will not break my back to please everyone. This is who I am. These are the stories I write. I’ve been doing this for a little over four years. Why should I have to change anything now?

I’m only taking a step back because this has caused major anxiety and for those that know me… You know that’s a big deal. I haven’t felt like this in a long time, and I know it’s time for a break when you have a literal panic attack over things your readers message you about. But I will be writing all of Galway Girls then posting as a whole to prevent any more drama. Sad that this is one of my favorite stories because of how much it means to me. Yet ironically, it’s caused the most drama with my readers. It remains my favorite, however, and I will not back down. I love you guys. But I have to be me and do things my way. Like Frankie said – I did it MY way.

Please understand that,


These are the ones I write for!!!

When you’re having the worst fucking day, you can imagine and find this! I know I’m two years late in response as I didn’t see this until recently. I had no idea you even wrote this. But these are the ones I write for. The ones that truly get me and appreciate my work. I know not everything I write will be everyone’s cup of tea. I can respect that. I read through ALL my reviews, messages, and what have you. I’m so sorry I didn’t see this blog until now. Thank you, Emma.

January 2, 2016 by Emma Nicole
Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel
Well, since I’m fairly new at writing my own stuff/blog I wanted to start with something simple.
I have been reading books on WordPress for a couple months and I have become so interested and intrigued with one particular author. Her name on WordPress, AO3, and is Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel.
I absolutely love her stories! She’s such a creative writer. She has such a big imagination, she uses that imagination and puts it into her books. Her books are written to perfection and have a good amount of humor, romance, drama, horror, sex, gore, and mature content.
She bases her books off of two or more fandoms. Her main character is someone most people should know at least by name. *drum roll* Ms. Isabella Marie Swan from the fandom of The Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer. I have read the books and seen the movies but I always felt as if Bella was treated more as a child or dainty house wife from her supposed soul mate/boyfriend. He, also know as Edward Cullen, treated her as if he was her father. He never wanted to turn her, never wanted to have sex with her, and never even wanted the child at first.
Could you imagine the humiliation he caused that sweet girl every time he rejected her attempts to lose her virginity? Or the fact that she had gone through most of her pregnancy with him constantly trying to kill THEIR OWN child? Or even when he left her alone to fend from an evil red headed vampire who wanted revenge? He had to be logical, think about it. This red headed vampire wanted to kill a girl for something that she had no part in, he left her and HER FATHER alone. She suffers from months of depression and fear of Victoria while her father worries for her and has ZERO knowledge about the supernatural. He broke her heart and left her crying in the middle of the woods. What sick person does that? He doesn’t have the decency to take her home, he ignored her for days, and when he thinks she’s dead he wants to die himself. I’m not hating on the Bellward ship and the Twiheart fans, but it should be thought about.
Harleen writes about a stronger Isabella Swan, a girl who goes through the toughest shit in her life but manages to survive and find/make her own happy ending. Yet in these books she doesn’t have it easy, things just don’t happen with a snap of her fingers, she works for them. She fights for them. She proves that she’s worth it. She’s a strong woman.
The pairings and romantic couples in the books are odd, mind blowing, and perfect. She writes about Bella and a strikingly handsome yet older Chemistry teacher, a smart billionaire playboy boss while Bella is his personal (wink, wink) assistant, Bella and an older yet sexy alpha male, Bella and a hot archer, Bella and other teens from different fandoms finding love while there is wild moments and wild sex. There are jealous ex boyfriends and girlfriends, evil villains who would stop at nothing to get what they want, personal and relationship problems. She doesn’t ever make them the perfect couple who never fight or yell or argue. She makes the relationship realistic and something you can compare to. Nothing is ever sunshine and rainbows and unicorns.
She has different fandoms, from books to comics to movies to tv shows. She has it all. It goes to Teen Wolf on MTV to DC and Marvel, to Sons Of Anarchy. She has a gigantic amount of imagine and creativity. And she places it all in her books.
So go along and check it out. If you read her books like and comment on it. Tell her that you read this blog and went to see what her stories and blogs were about. I promise that you won’t regret it. You’ll either like the books of you’ll hate it. I most definitely like the books. My personal favorite is her Bella/Deadpool story called “Stealing Twilight’s Swan”. Check it out and tell her what you think. Share it, like it, love it, hate it, do what you want. There is so much creativity. If you have a recommendation of a site, or book, or fanfiction, or even a blog let me know.
This is it for my first post, thank you to anyone who will read it and listen.
~~~~~~~ Emma In Wonderland ~~~~~~~ **********January 2, 2016**********


The scene I got called out on:

This was the scene I MYSELF was called racist over. If anything, I was trying to show how racist the uncle was being and the sheriff was putting him in his fucking place. So yeah… I’m confused. These are characters in a story!!!


The sheriff raised her brows when her deputies forced Camden Lawless into the chair across from her. They had him cuffed and were keeping an extra eye on him as he was giving everyone literal hell.

“Camden Daniel Lawless…” The sheriff uttered while looking his file over.

“American but Irish raised. Interesting…”

“Leave us.” The sheriff ordered and the deputies looked to her with concern.

They had nothing but trouble with this man. Camden smiled once he saw their reaction.

“I think they’re concerned for your wellbeing.” The man smarted.

“They should be concerned about yours.” The sheriff made clear, and Camden gave a rather dark chuckle.

“Black pride and all, huh?”

This had the sheriff rearing back in response.

“You know… that black woman sass.”

“You really went there, didn’t you?”

“I sure did.” Camden unapologetically put.

“Hmm…” the sheriff waved her deputies out of the room then smiled once the door was shut.

“I have a feeling you think you’re getting out of this.”

“What’s there to get out of?”

“Mr. Lawless, we have video evidence of what took place in that hospital. As well as numerous witnesses.”

“Video?” The man questioned, and the sheriff nodded.

“No, you don’t. You’re only saying that shit because you want to see me panic. Well, sister, you got nothing on me other than trying to protect my little niece. I knew those boys were trouble and that’s the only reason I’m here. I heard Aislinn was in connections with some motorcycle gang and about to marry their VP. Girl deserves better.”

“First off, I’m not your sister. Let’s just get that straight. Secondly, is that so?”

“That it is.”

“So, you weren’t here to kill your nieces?”

The man gathered this “stunned” countenance, and the sheriff rolled her eyes.

“Save that for the judge. We black folk don’t fall for you white boys’ deliverance ways. I heard you squealing pig a mile away!”

“Deliverance?” Camden sneered.

“That’s right. Only I hear incest is more your thing…”

Camden tilted his head on this, and the sheriff nodded.

“I hear you liked your little nieces a little too much. Are you a pedophile, Mr. Lawless? Do I need to get ahold of someone back home and have them check your history? Or do you go all out and invite little girls into your home and groom them?”

The man shot up at this, and the sheriff was quick to slam his face into her desk. She shoved her gun into his kidney then leaned into his ear.

“You claim to know us black folk, yet you had no idea this was coming. You should know better than to piss off a black woman Mr. Lawless. We’re some mad ass bitches, and we’re just waiting for the opportunity to knock someone’s teeth out. Only for you, I’ll make an exception… I’ll take my gun and cram it up that tight white ass of yours and pull the trigger. There’s a special place in hell for men like you. Jesus loves his children, and he don’t take kindly to anyone fucking them. And don’t even get me started on the incest, you sick-ass kidfucker. I have footage of you and your men shooting at not only SAMCRO but the faculty. I also have footage of your boys wheeling your youngest niece out of a room and Mr. Trager stopping it. I’ve evidence off someone’s cellphone of the incident involving your older niece. You know… the one you shoved out the window?! Face it… You might’ve spent all these years being patient. But you got sloppy, and it got the best of you today. You should’ve kept with the patience and came up with another plan. I know all about the oil and I know everything else leading up to that and so on. Trust me. You’re severely FUCKED! So, sit the hell down and listen to what I have to say, you literal definition of white trash!”


Taking a break <3

So here’s the deal…

I’m going to step back for a bit. I will keep working on the story (Galway Girls). I am rereading it today, so I can do the ending justice as it’s getting close. When you get messages like that and watch your followers and readers drop like flies, you know it’s time for a break.

I’m at a loss for words right now and honestly broken.

It might be best to finish the story out in its entirety then post. That way I can actually finish it without the attacks. But I know I’m obviously in the wrong when it’s more than one reader. So I will actually apologize. Not sure what I did or how I came off as racist. But yeah, something like that I will apologize for.

I’m sorry.

I’m out for now, but I’ll be back,


About Galway Girls…

(This is posted to my author FB page to. So if you’ve already read it disregard. Thank you!)

Good grief, look guys. I can’t tell you what’s going to happen to Happy in Galway Girls. I’d be giving too much away if I did. All I can say is to keep reading and find out. I’ve stressed time and time again that this is a SONS OF ANARCHY story and shit will happen.

Also, I have no idea where the FUCK that came from but I am NOT racist! How in the hell did you get that from the sheriff’s conversation with Camden?!

I’ve been down with some crud today, and that was the FIRST thing I woke up to was readers telling me they are done because of those two reasons.

Do other fanfic writers get picked on this much or am I just being a sensitive bitch today? I swear it gets worse before it gets better.

Just keep reading that’s all I can say… Give the story a chance before you fucking lose your shit and blow up at me. It’s one thing to say, please don’t kill Happy off or flat out asking me if I’m racist instead of accusing me of it. I swear a couple of you are nothing but trolls.

Honestly, who complains THAT much to one specific writer? I don’t hear of this as much from other writers. Not to the point of being damn near bullied over it. I am all for you getting emotionally invested. PLEASE DO! That’s what my stories are for. But it’s something else when you go and give me literal hell and act as if I’m a damn robot just spilling chapters out. This is the shit right here that makes me want to throw the towel in and be done. If writing didn’t keep me sane I’d be fucking tempted. I feel like shit and maybe that’s part of why I’m so pissy waking up to this shit!