Galway Girls update and personal news:

Hey guys, I’m going to post a couple chapters before I head off to bed. It’s currently 7:00 am (Texas time). I just wanted to get these two chapters up while I can. I have no clue when I will post again. A lot is going on in our family, and we’re taking it a day at a time. As most of you know my husband’s sister passed away not long ago, unexpectedly. This crushed our entire family and naturally, my husband’s father isn’t taking it so well, and it’s caused his health to decline. My husband has been pretty worried. They diagnosed him with sepsis on top of pneumonia and COPD he was originally in for. It’s been a trying few days, but we’re hoping for the best and hope to have him back home soon. I know he’s anxious to be home.

Thanks for your patience, time, and understanding.

As to those sending positive vibes, prayers, what have you – thank you. They are appreciated.



Chapter 47 – Break The Mirror

Chapter 48 – Awake and Alive

I would appreciate likes/comments/reviews or what have you on BOTH chapters please. It helps feed the muse.


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