Dear readers:

First of all Galway readers, I apologize for the long wait on “the chapter”. I know you’ve been looking forward to it and wondering what all’s going to happen and how the boys are going to wrap everything up. Just note, I’ve spent hours and hours on this particular chapter, considering the story is coming to an end. This is NOT the last chapter, but we are getting close. It’s because of that I am taking my time and being very picky. I have a lot written, but I keep editing and rewriting certain scenes and going over and over it. I want to do this story justice.

Another reason for the long wait (other than my pickiness), is due to my car being vandalized and has left it undrivable for the time being. My deductible is too high for the insurance to cover, and the car has way too many problems to even consider fixing now. I’m looking for a used truck with LOW payments for the time being, and that’s consumed a lot of my time.

It’s disappointing to know that someone else can damage YOUR property and you end up paying for it. No, we don’t know who did it. I wish we did! This has caused a lot of stress in our family as we’re paying on a loan as it is. That loan went to a new water heater (after ours went kaput), fixing our washer (that stopped spinning), and a list of other things that just piled up. We’ve depleted our funds, and I’m sure many of you know what that’s like. It is very stressful, and the whole family suffers from it. I can’t take my girls swimming, to their friends’ houses, and my older daughter was looking for a part-time job and can no longer do that until we find another dependable vehicle. This has sucked the fun right out of summer for my girls. I’m hoping things turn up and get better soon. But for now, just understand if things take me a bit longer than usual. I will get this story finished! Just RL is kicking us pretty hard right now, and I must see to that first.  

Thank you for your time and understanding,







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