Important message:

Dear readers, 

First off, I wish to apologize to my Galway Girl readers as it looks like I will be a week later or so in getting those chapters posted. An unexpected financial situation hit, and my family and I weren’t in the greatest financial shape, to begin with. I’ve been having some (multiple) health issues (which gets costly), and we had two loans to pay off to top all that off. For the first time ever, I had to turn to my friends, family, and readers that follow me on FB page for help. I gave them my PayPal and Zelle in order to do that.

My family had never done anything like that before, so it was very nerve-wracking for me. I was blown away by the response of those wanting to help. It’s thanks to them we are now down to one loan. I was able to get groceries to feed my kids and fill my car up with gas.

This naturally couldn’t hit at a worse time with Christmas just around the corner. Thankfully, (so far), it seems like my kids are very understanding to our situation and understand that Christmas may be super tight this year. We shall see when that day comes. I just wanted to explain to everyone why things are so off schedule and all over the place.  

Thank you for your time and understanding, 


P.S – I’m working on said chapter now. But give me a few days. I’m pretty rundown lately and haven’t as much energy as I used to have. It will be like that until my health improves.

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