Chapter 10 What I Want

Chapter 10 – What I Want

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Carlisle adjusted his Volturi robe and went on to fix Bella’s dress, before entering the city of Volterra. He kept a firm hold as she was still out and had been the entire trip to Italy. That was the way he preferred it.

“It won’t be long now.” He whispered as they made their way through the actual gates leading to the palace itself.

He was doing his best to take it slow and be extra cautious. Carlisle wondered why the guards hadn’t confronted them yet. They were usually swarming around the city itself and very protective of the palace. He expected to be drilled, first thing about where he’d been. He knew Aro would be seeking out some sort of punishment for his sudden disappearance, even more so considering how he took off with the one thing Aro wanted most. This had the cold one looking to his future queen in thought. Sure, he was somewhat nervous as to what was to come. But he hadn’t any doubt that he could take Aro and the others on. He’d held on to this secret for so long, mainly because he didn’t want anything to do with the Volturi. He thought it best if he kept that tidbit of information to himself. He felt the need to keep that element of surprise, just in case.

Carlisle knew today would be that day. He could picture it now. Aro would finally see what he was truly capable of and he’d plead for his life. Carlisle of course wouldn’t give into that plea. He’d use Aro as an example of what’s to come if the others stood against him. By the end of the night, he’d have the other kings removed, along with Alice. There’d be ONE throne, HIS. And he’d have his queen sitting in his lap, where she belonged. Carlisle never saw this day coming. He was content with the way things were when he had the Olympic Coven. A coven he’d grown to love, like family. But they betrayed him and now he had to rebuild. But he knew just by looking at Bella, that even if things had worked out. She would’ve been in the back of his mind, always. She would’ve been married to his son and sharing his bed, while he was with Esme and thinking about her instead. He shook his head in thought. Everything happens for a reason. Maybe it was God’s will… bringing Bella into his life, right where she belonged. This was the last thought he had before approaching the palace itself…

Alice recoiled at the image before her as it was just like the vision she had. The one in which Aro had witnessed himself when he came into contact with her.

“Somethin’ wrong?” Jasper taunted as he was kicked back on Aro’s throne.

Alice shook her head no and Jasper smiled. The rest of the Volturi was looking to one another as if lost on what to do next. Jasper was smoking a cigarette and had his legs crossed as they were draped over the arm rest. The bottom of his boots was caked in blood. Jasper cleared his throat and gestured towards the pile of bodies (of the human and cold one variety) and blood smeared across the floor.

“Clean this up. My girl will be arriving soon. I want everything spotless.”

Alice sneered at this and Jasper cranked his head her direction.

“You got a problem, darlin’?”

“No.” She said with a sneer.

“Good. Then grab a mop and help.”

“You can’t be serious.”

“Do I look like I’m joking?” He challenged.

Alice didn’t comment and Jasper looked to his boots.

“Actually, my boots could use a good scrubbin’. You can do that instead.”

“I’m not cleaning your boots.” Alice declared and the others looked to her wide eyed.

“Alice…” Caius whispered in warning.

“I’m your wife not your slave.” But even as she said this her voice trembled and she wouldn’t look him in the eye.

Jasper cocked a brow on this. He said nothing as he came to his feet. Caius and the others recoiled as Jasper had that certain fiery hue in his eyes. He strutted on over and backed Alice into a corner. She let out a bit of a yelp as he snatched her by the throat and pivoted around so that she was facing the others.

“Look around and tell me what you see Alice.”

Alice closed her eyes as Jasper pushed forth his empathy and the others dropped to their knees. Each of them felt this overwhelming need to please him. And his own target of influence? Bella. That feeling is what he pushed onto the Volturi. It wasn’t hard for him to think about the ways he wanted to please her, not so much in the sexual standpoint. No. But just in general. He couldn’t wait for her to walk through those doors, just so he could give her his all. And that is what the Volturi was feeling at this very moment when it came to Jasper. Normally, he used his empathy to seek out what others were feeling but he was no stranger to pushing forth his own feelings, in order to get his own agenda across.

“Jasper…” She pleaded as he lifted her up off the ground.

She wrapped her hands around his wrists and Jasper gritted his teeth as he gave her a little shake.

“Answer the question.”

When she wouldn’t answer he threw her across the palace. Jasper disappeared but was quick to reappear and he had one of the chains the Volturi used for the children of the moon. He sent it flying towards Alice, like that of a lasso and Alice let out a surprised gasp as that chain wrapped around her throat. He gave it a tug and her neck started to crack. Alice looked to Jasper in a panic and Jasper sent her a cruel wink as he forced the cold one to her knees. He held onto that chain and walked on over. He yanked on the chain and brought her against him. He looked down as he had her head pressed up against his hip.

“You’re not my wife, you never were. You’re nothing.”

Alice held on for dear life as he dragged her back towards the throne. Once he got there, he plopped back down and forced her onto the other side of the arm rest. He kicked back once and pointed towards his boots. Alice swallowed her pride and got to scrubbing. The rest of the Volturi followed suit and did as Jasper requested.

Jasper however was growing rather impatient. He kept looking towards the throne room doors, hoping his mate would enter the room, any minute now. He knew she was on the way as he’d picked up on this every now and then. He only hoped that she and Carlisle arrived, before Aro figured out that they were already on their way. Aro himself was on the way to the island. Jasper needed to put Carlisle in his place, first. Then he’d deal with Aro and the others. He knew he’d have a bit of a struggle with Aro and Jane. That wasn’t something he was looking forward to. Jasper ordered the guards to remove the other thrones, leaving just the one. He wanted to get that message across. As of now, there were no more kings. Jasper was the official sheriff around these parts and that’s just how he’d introduce himself. He was taking over and cleaning this shit up. As he watched the Volturi slave away he thought about Bella. He thought back to the first time he laid eyes on her.

Jasper shook his head on this particular memory. It was one of the most awkward, yet most memorable moments in his life. Those deep brown eyes pierced through his very soul, to this day. And the first time he saw her smile, he thought he had died and gone to heaven. He didn’t care how sappy it sounded; it truly was love at first sight. Jasper drew back a breath as her scent hit and he assumed it was by memory. It wasn’t until he heard an all too familiar voice that he realized it wasn’t…

“What is this…?!”

“You’re late…” He said with that southern drawl of his.

Jasper sat up but narrowed his eyes as Bella was passed out in Carlisle’s arms.

“And I believe that one… belongs to me.”

“What is this?!” Carlisle demanded once again.

Alice went to say something and Jasper gave that chain a good yank.

“Finish.” He ordered and Alice went back to scrubbing Jasper’s boots.

“What have you done to my mate?”

Jasper’s lip curled as she looked just like a Cullen. Fancy dress, heels, and that ridiculous blonde hair but it was her frail state that had him so troubled. He knew Carlisle had been starving her, just not to this degree. Jasper whistled out and one of the guards was quick to make their way over. He bowed before Jasper. Carlisle sneered at this and Jasper ignored it.

“Bring me something mouthwatering. My mate needs nourishment.”

The guard nodded and dashed off.

“She will not be partaking of any human.” Carlisle made clear and got a tighter hold.

“Why isn’t she waking?” Jasper growled and Carlisle let out a sigh of mere annoyance.

“Carlisle…” Jasper warned as he came to his feet.

He wrapped the chain he had Alice in around the throne itself. He looked to her afterward.

“Stay.” He ordered and Alice nodded.

Jasper started towards Carlisle and Carlisle took a few steps back. Jasper stopped in his tracks and tilted his head, in a challenging matter.

“Are you really going to play this game? Look around you…”

Carlisle shook his head as the Volturi looked to Jasper like he was a god.

“Where are Aro and the others?”

“Golf meet?” Jasper smarted with a shrug.

Carlisle rolled his eyes. Jasper took another step towards them and Carlisle held out a hand.

“That’s close enough. Bella stays with me.”

Yeah… that’s not going to work.” Jasper uttered with a bit of a smirk.

Carlisle swallowed back as Jasper waved Caius and a few of the guards over.

“Jasper…” Carlisle warned.

“Sorry Carlisle but there’s a new sheriff in town.”

Carlisle let out this rather sinister-like laugh and shook his head.

“Is that what you really think?” He challenged and Jasper narrowed his eyes.

The guard brought forth Bella’s potential meal and Carlisle snarled back on this.

“I believe I made myself perfectly clear.” Carlisle said as Jasper and the guards had him surrounded.

“That you did. But so did I. You see Carlisle, only one of us is walking away from this and I don’t need Alice’s vision bullshit to tell me how this is going to end. So hand my mate over.”

Carlisle looked to Bella then back to Jasper.

“I can’t do that. I’d much rather she die than to hand her over to you.”

“Most men would say the opposite…” Jasper uttered in disbelief.

“With you… she might as well be dead.”

Jasper shook his head as Carlisle meant every word. That’s how much he detested Jasper. He’d rather watch Bella die than to hand her over to him. Bella opened her eyes and a small whimper escaped her.

“Jasper…?” She called with a look of absolute shock.

Jasper gave a simple nod and Carlisle narrowed his eyes on this. Bella smiled and reached out to Jasper. It was then that Carlisle realized he’d been played. He let out a miserable laugh.

“A queen bows before her king.” Carlisle darkly uttered.

Jasper hollered out as Bella let out this agonizing cry. Carlisle dropped his hold and Bella was brought to her knees. Carlisle had gone as far as to send his pheromones throughout the entire room. He didn’t need words. Not when he put forth everything he had. His gift was so strong; he could get into their heads and let it known what he wanted.

“CARLISLE!” Jasper warned and went to react only to find that the Volturi had switched their loyalties to that of Carlisle.

It took six of them to hold Jasper back as he fought to get to his mate. The humans themselves were hit and they went on to release whatever prisoners Jasper had.

“You may stand.” Carlisle said and Bella came to her feet.

“Look at what you’ve done. This was a side of me I never wanted you to see. But you leave me no choice.”

Bella gasped back as Carlisle’s eyes turned red, like that of the Volturi’s. But how? He wasn’t one to feed from humans.


And that was the real secret… The one Bella had been sensing; the real reason as to Carlisle being so powerful.

But how was that even possible? That would make him older than Christ himself and Elizabeth Mason was his first attempt at spreading his venom. Nothing about that made sense.

“You have got to be kidding!” Jasper growled as he could sense that Carlisle was actually telling the truth.

“She did warn you…” Carlisle uttered with a cocky grin of his own.

“Seems as if Bella has a little gift of her own, a couple in fact. Don’t you?”

Bella swallowed back on this and Carlisle backhanded her.

“You put on quite an act… If you can put on that great of an act… Why should I keep you around? You’re no better than my children or wife for that matter. You’ll abandon me, just as they did! It’s just a matter of time. I have no use for you now. Believe me this pains me more than you’ll never know.”

Carlisle had actual tears streaming down his face. Bella placed a hand over her heart and Carlisle nodded.

“If you only knew… I’ve waited for so long. But you were just another disappointment.”

“Let’s see if it’s truly possible to die of a broken heart.” He menacingly uttered and Bella cried out in anguish.


“What has to be done.”

“YOU’LL DO NO SUCH THING!” Jasper roared in such a way that it even sent Bella chills.

“That shield… is MY doing, always has been.” Jasper revealed and this had Bella and Carlisle blown away.

“That’s right. I thought it was her doing. We all did, even she. But it wasn’t until recent that I learned it was me. You see something happened when Bella first walked into that cafeteria. Her scent wasn’t the only thing that knocked me for a loop. There was this strange connection, this odd need to keep her safe, even from that of my own “siblings”. There was this pull and I felt like a part of me left my very person. That was the moment Edward revealed he couldn’t read her. I thought it rather strange, as did the rest of us, but I hadn’t a clue it was my doing. It’s like I knew… even then. She was mine, mine to look after. I was married, yet I knew it was my personal job to look after this human. I loved her from day one. Something I never knew to be possible. I used to mock the ones that claimed love at first sight. But I didn’t know I loved her. I just went with my gut and did what I felt was needed. I kept that shield up, even when I was away. It strong enough to let her have control. That’s how I always knew when she was in danger or when Edward was trying to read her. For two years I kept that shield up.  For two years I found ways of connecting with her, just so I knew she was safe. Laurent and Victoria were out there. They were a danger to Bella and the chief, yet when things got to be too much Edward wanted to leave Forks. The only reason you didn’t know about that was because I put my foot down and used my empathy, in order to make Edward stay. And even though it pained me to do so, I used my empathy in order to convince him NOT to break up with her! At the time she was in love with him and I couldn’t bear the idea of Edward ripping her heart out.”

“Jasper…” Bella cried.

Carlisle reared back on this and Jasper gave a simple nod.

“That’s right. He was going to leave. He wanted all of us to, all because she was getting a little out of hand and he found it harder to control her. When that happened, he was convinced that not being able to read her would only cause trouble. He needed to know what she was thinking and feeling and I WOULDN’T LET HIM! So the little bastard wanted to call it quits and hightail it out of there, leaving the Swans at Laurent and Victoria’s mercy. You and Edward… You’re so much alike, it’s sickening. I myself have been at fault for counting on my empathy in order to read Bella. But never have I used it in order to take advantage of her, or any other woman. What you and Edward did… using your pheromones and gifts, in order to ease your way in, or as a matter of ‘convincing’ that makes you both no good rapists in my book. I don’t care if you use them in order to get the woman in the mood and feeling good. If she’s not willing, without those things then she isn’t willing period. You called Edward a disgrace for what he pulled and went on about how ashamed you were. But you’re not any better. No. You’re so much worse. You think the world owes you something because of the life you’ve been dealt and you truly believe your gift of persuasion to be something of God’s will. But it was nothing more than Satan’s himself. Only he would use those gifts to get what he wanted out of others. And if what you say is true… Then maybe you truly are the son of Satan himself.”

“Are you done?” Carlisle questioned in such a way.

Jasper gritted his teeth as his eyes, nose, and mouth started bleeding. It took everything within him to keep his mate protected as Carlisle fought against that shield.


Carlisle scooped her up as she went into this catatonic state.

“NOOOO!!!!” Jasper shouted as Carlisle managed to break through.

How was that possible?! No one could break through when Jasper had all his focus on her! How could Carlisle?! Carlisle laid her down in the center of the throne room. He welcomed himself to Aro’s throne and made a simple wave towards the Volturi itself. He wanted nothing more than to make Jasper suffer and he knew making Bella suffer was the key. Only Jasper’s suffering became his own as he sentenced the love of their lives to death. He knew she’d never say those words, not of her own free will. And he knew she wouldn’t stay by his side. He’d much rather her die than to go through that heartache, all over again. Not her. Not his precious Swan. He’d rather she up and vanish than to hurt him like that.”

“End him but after he watches her die.”

The Volturi looked somewhat confused as they looked Jasper then back to Carlisle. Both had their gifts going full throttle. Jasper had his empathy going and up against Carlisle’s persuasion. The Volturi had never looked so lost. As of now they had two kings, but they were fighting amongst one another and their gifts matched the other.

Carlisle focused on Bella and what he wanted her to see exactly. He started with Angela then Jacob and the pack, to Emmett and Esme, Peter and Charlotte, her parents, and he saved Jasper for last. Each death was more horrific than the last and Jasper was by far the most gruesome of them all. Jasper’s entire body jolted back when his death hit her. Bella let out this earth shattering cry and Jasper was so in tune with her that it had him falling to his knees. But the look on Jasper’s face had Carlisle troubled. Why was he so chill? Bella was about to take her last breath, never to rise again. That’s how influential Carlisle’s gift was. He could take someone’s life, by simply making them believe they needed to die. He’d done this before and it frightened him so much that he vowed never to use it again. Only Bella had broken his heart, more than anyone, and he decided that was worth breaking his own vow. He wanted to hurt her, the way he was hurting. But Jasper remained on his knees and he had this unusual presence about him. One Carlisle couldn’t get a read on. Carlisle came to a stand and Bella shot up with a gasp. Jasper gathered this demonic grin and he casually turned Carlisle’s direction.

“You’re fucked.” Jasper uttered as his and Bella’s eyes had that fire in them.

Bella locked eyes with her mate and he gave a simple nod.

“Go for it darlin’.”

Bella nodded in response and shrieked out. The entire room aside from Jasper covered their ears. Jasper aided Bella by pushing his empathy forth and like that day with James, they became one. This right here was what Marcus was referring to. Together… they were a forced to be reckoned with. Bella and Jasper had fused their powers. They’d done this before but without their knowledge. Bella had taken from his empathy in order to make Alice suffer with the pain she had caused Jasper and her father.

Carlisle gritted his teeth and pulled at his hair.

“BELLA!” He shouted.

“STOP THIS!” He ordered as he came to all fours.

Bella came to a crawl and she stared Carlisle down. She went on to feed him everything he made everyone else endure. She started with Edward and Esme then worked her way up. Every lie, every betrayal, every bit of torment he ever caused was unleashed and Carlisle was feeling it ten times fold. Carlisle begged for mercy but the more he pleaded, the more Jasper fed her.

“MAKE HIM SUFFER!” Jasper thundered.

Tears of blood streamed down her face as she continued. Bella’s eyes rolled into the back of her head and still she fought in order to make Carlisle pay.

“ENOUGH!” Jasper shouted as she started to seizure.

“NO! I’M NOT FINISHED!” She shouted as she hadn’t got to hers or Jasper’s pain.

“I SAID ENOUGH!” Jasper put that voice of authority to use.

Like she said… They were nowhere near finished but if they continued, it only cause Bella more harm. She hadn’t fed and everything she made Carlisle endure, she herself withstood. Jasper knew this as he too was feeling it. She couldn’t take anymore. Jasper used his empathy to put Bella to sleep. He looked to the woman the guard had brought him.

“You will offer your services. Your servitude will not be in vain, I assure you.”

The woman nodded as Jasper handed Bella over. The woman smiled and carried Bella out of the room. Jasper looked to Caius and the others as he gained control once again.

“Lock him away. I’ll deal with him later.”

Caius and the others grabbed Carlisle then dragged him out of the throne room. Carlisle was so distraught over what Bella and Jasper had done, he couldn’t move. Jasper nodded amongst himself and headed into the room where the woman took Bella. When he entered there was a slew of Volturi “groupies” fussing over his mate. They went on to clean her up and was fixing her hair. There wasn’t an ounce of guilt on his end, as these women knew what the Volturi stood for and how cruel they were. Yet, they were willing to follow in their footsteps and all in hopes of bedding  or marrying one of the kings. Their life’s propose was to serve. When Jasper took over they too offered their serves, just as they had the kings. Most men would’ve been tempted. But that wasn’t Jasper’s cup of tea. No. He only had eyes for Bella and had for quite sometime. The mere idea of fucking anyone else made him ill. That’s not to say he didn’t enjoy them fussing over his girl. In fact, he pulled up a chair and watched as they took care of her every need. Not so much in the sexual sense but he had them worshipping her. And when she woke… she would feed to her heart’s content.

Jasper lifted his eyes as he heard one of the groupies moan. He rested his head along his knuckles and simply watched as his mate was finally awake and feeding. This girl was unleashed and going at these women like a buffet. But the women felt no fear and took pleasure in offering their very lives to Bella. Something about that had Jasper bucking off the chair he was sitting in. She had blood running down the sides of her mouth and her eyes locked with his as she sensed him. He cleared his throat thinking she’d be angry with him on his choice of food. But he took no part in the feeding and let her have all the fun. Even if it aroused him, he respected her all the same. He wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. That included participating in a buffet of beautiful women. Besides, this was more about giving Bella the substance she needed. The way she went about it was just a bonus for him.

“They’re all I had…” He did his best to hint, hoping she didn’t think him a fucking pig.

Bella nodded in understanding and came to her feet. She looked to the bodies surrounding her.

“No innocents…” He uttered as he could sense her concern.

“Jasper…” She called behind a quivery lip.

Jasper wiggled his index finger and Bella made her over. Jasper pulled her into his lap and eagerly kissed her. Bella let out a small gasp as he plunged his fangs into her neck afterward. He wouldn’t partake of the other women considering what they stood for. But he’d take of his mate. He knew she could handle it, seeing as how she drained all five of them, making her sixth in all. Bella became startled however as his entire body lit up, like that of his eyes.

“Jasper?!” She said with alarm.

“How?” She asked as it wasn’t burning her or the clothes he was wearing.

“I haven’t a clue.”

“Is it an illusion? Or is it the same with our eyes?”

“I think it’s a little of both. Seems to come and go, depending on my mood.”

“And what is your mood now?” She taunted and Jasper chuckled.

“I think we both know the answer to that one.”

Jasper cocked a brow as Bella moved about him suggestively.

“Bella darlin’, we don’t have to do that…” He started to say but her lips were quick to shut him up.

He was taken back as he didn’t expect that here, considering. But he could sense her desperation, she wanted to forget, even if temporarily. She couldn’t care less about the bodies surrounding them. This made a first for Jasper, making actual love to a woman, whilst surrounded in her prey. He didn’t count the times he and Maria did this very thing. This was different and he could feel it. Sure, there was the bloodlust and the excitement in watching his mate have her fun. But there was so much more behind it. This was something they both needed. Jasper tore through his jeans as she kissed him. He got her positioned and had her hips in a firm hold as he rocked her about him.

“Nice and slow…” He murmured as he wanted to take his time and worship every part of her.

“Got you some clothes laid out. I know they’re not your style, it’s just until we can get you somethin’ else.” Jasper said as she stepped out of the shower and was drying off.

Bella made her way into the room and let out a sigh of relief. It was a pair of jeans and a pretty red sweater. Jasper looked on with concern as he picked up on something but wasn’t sure what it was.

“I can find you somethin’ else darlin’. I just went with whatever I could find, in your size. There’s plenty to choose from.”

“No. This is perfect.”

Jasper tilted his head as he picked up on the memories. She was thinking back to Carlisle and how he used to dress her. This had the major curling his lip in disgust. He dressed her like that of a fucking child, even treated her as one. How sick can you get? Bella’s hands trembled as she went on to get dressed. But once she finished, she staggered back, like she’d been hit and Jasper was quick to brace her against him.


“I never knew he had it in him…” She whispered with a look of downright horror.

Jasper froze as he picked up on her memory back in the woods. He saw how Carlisle ripped her dress and was about to have his way. It went from there, to him blaming her, and punishing her by sentencing her to starvation.

“Couldn’t keep his hands to himself.” She uttered in revulsion.

“And to think… there was a time I thought he was the perfect father figure.” She added and Jasper recoiled on her behalf.

“Yeah well, I think he took that father figure bullshit a little TOO far.” He said as to Carlisle’s damn near pedophile fantasies.

“I think he thought you the perfect age because he could have a little bit of both.” Jasper admitted and Bella nodded in agreement.

“I thought the same myself. It’s a wonder he didn’t try and turn me at sixteen…”

“You’re serious…” He muttered in disbelief.

“That’s why he erased my memories. He wanted me to be that girl… The one he met when he first came to Forks.”

“But he was stalking you, way before then.”

“Yeah well, sixteen seemed to be the magic number.”

“I suppose I can’t talk. I loved you even then.”

“That’s the difference… You and I were mates and never knew. You didn’t see me as a child. Carlisle did and even admitted to this. He wanted that sixteen year old girl back. He said this while erasing my memories.”

“You remember what he said?!”

Bella nodded and closed her eyes.

“I remember everything.”

“Show me.”


“Bella, I want you to show me everything that son of a bitch did. I need to know just how much he should suffer.”

“How do I show you?”

“By thinking about it. It’s crazy. I know… But I can see certain things when you think about them. It’s like I was right there when it happened.”

“Like when I see things about you?”

“In a way… I think that in itself is just the bond we have. This is deeper, I’m not sure if I can even explain it. It’s been happening ever since I turned you. That’s how I knew you were at Isle Esme, which is pretty fucked up if you think about it.”

Bella recoiled in thought.


“Edward’s there.”


Bella sighed and went on to tell him about Edward and his attempt to save her and how drastically wrong everything went. She let him know that Carlisle had him locked away, in the very room she was kept in. Jasper nodded and looked to be in thought.

“So do you believe him?”

“Yes I do. Edward seemed pretty shaken up.”

Jasper drew back a breath on this.

“Bella, he hurt you in ways…”

“Trust me I know. But he was this whole other person or vampire even. Jasper, Edward meant every word he said. He was there to help me. I know it’s crazy but I can feel these things. I just know. Just like how I knew that Carlisle was hiding something. I wish I could describe it. But I can’t.”

“If you say Edward meant what he said then I believe you. That’s not to say he won’t be punished for what he did.”

“I took his dick… What else is there?”

“Bella, I can’t allow him to live after what he did. Carlisle’s influence or not, he tried to rape and kill you! That’s not something I can forgive or let slide. That there hadn’t anything to do with Carlisle’s influence. That was all Edward. If I hadn’t showed up when I did, he would’ve had his way with you.”

Jasper grew silent as Bella finished getting ready.

“Something wrong?” She asked taking notice.

“Not at all… Just nice to have my girl back, tight jeans and all.”

Bella smiled but glanced into the mirror once again.

“Just give me sometime before I get back into any dresses.”

“Bella darlin’, if you never wore another dress again I’d be just fine. You could dress like a fucking nun and it wouldn’t make any difference to me. I might like you in those snug jeans of yours. But that’s not what gets my motor going. It’s what’s under those jeans…” He uttered with a playful wink.

Bella regarded herself in the mirror and yet again another memory hit.  Jasper gritted his teeth as it was Carlisle, yet again. He was kissing all along her neck and looking at her through a mirror. She was back in one of those childish dresses.

“Show me…” Jasper pleaded and Bella recoiled.

“I need to know. Show me.”

Bella closed her eyes and Jasper kept quiet as everything played out. It started with her waking up on Isle Esme and went on from there. By the time she finished showing him what all took place, her hands were balled up into fists. Her fangs made their appearance as well as that fire in her eyes. Bella grabbed a nearby lamp and threw it at the mirror. She let out a frustrated cry afterward.

“IT WON’T STOP. I’M A FUCKING VAMPIRE BUT HE ME MADE ME FEEL…” Bella trailed off on her own words and recoiled.

“Like you were powerless…” He uttered in resentment.

Jasper knew that feeling all too well. He grabbed ahold of her and held her. The major narrowed his eyes however and ran his fingers through her blonde locks.  This had him thinking back to his transformation and he cleared his throat in thought. The vampire moved his neck towards his lover’s lips. “Bite down sweetness.” He whispered in such a way. Bella hadn’t a clue where he was going with this but he continued in his encouraging and she gave in. Jasper let out a deep moan and pulled at her hair. He’d forgotten just how much of a turn on that was.

“Keep going.” He murmured as that heady feeling hit.

Jasper raised his brows as it was just as he assumed. Her blonde locks were turning darker and her hair returned to its original state. He couldn’t believe it. Sure, he himself had gone through it but actually seeing it, right before his very eyes was something else. Jasper closed his eyes and breathed her in. He had his girl back. Now he just needed to focus on helping her through whatever Carlisle made her endure. Then again, both had been through some shit and they needed one another, in order to overcome it.

“Look…” He whispered as he brought her before the mirror.

Bella’s jaw dropped and Jasper chuckled.

“Back to yourself, gorgeous.”

Bella managed to smile but combed her fingers through her hair in shock.


“Just something about our blood. I haven’t a clue how it works. But it does.”

Jasper wrapped his arms around her waist and regarded their reflection through the mirror.

“We’re one smoking hot couple. You know that?” He uttered and Bella snorted.

“Come on, look at us.” Jasper said and pecked her on the cheek.

He’d do whatever he could to help her move on and forget. If that meant making her laugh then so be it. But truth of the matter? He loved seeing them together. He felt that way even before they were “official”. He’d seen pictures of them side by side throughout the last couple years and he went out his way to sneak a few of them and hid them from the wife. Just something about those pictures meant the world to Jasper. He never told Bella but he had a shoebox full of them. Like that of Emmett, Jasper could see the difference in pictures with him verses the ones with Edward. Something about that melted his very soul. At the time, those pictures were all he had. Jasper was so lost in the moment; he hadn’t realized that his hands were up her shirt, not until she giggled out his name. He looked into the mirror and chuckled.

“Mind of their own… can’t be helped.”

“Thank you.”

Jasper narrowed his eyes on this.


“If you hadn’t brought me back…” She hinted and Jasper recoiled in thought.

He knew he needed to tell her about Alice but now wasn’t the time. He knew Aro and the others were on their way back. A lot of planning went into this, three days’ worth to be exact.

“Make yourself at home darlin’. I’ve got a few things to take care of.”

Before Bella could even comment on this, Jasper took off.

“Umm… okay.” She murmured with a shrug.

A few hours later…

“Jasper?” Bella called as she searched throughout the palace.

She hadn’t realized just how massive this place was. Bella entered the throne room and called to him once again. She let out a frustrated sigh however as he never replied. Bella spun back around and was facing the throne itself.

“My apologies, my lady.” She heard and Bella smiled as Jasper bowed before her.


He held out a hand and the newborn made her way over. He took her hand and kissed it, before handing her a single red and black rose. Then he sat her down at the throne.

“Enjoy the show…” He said and Bella looked to him in question as he took off, yet again.

Bella froze as Aro, Jane, Alec, and a few guards entered the room. Aro raised his brows as he regarded Bella at the throne. Jane and Alec looked to one another in question.

“A big red bow would’ve sufficed. You didn’t have to go all out for little ole me.” Aro mocked.

Aro licked his lips as Bella leaned back and crossed her legs. Aro started towards her but jumped as something came crashing through the ceiling of the palace. It was Carlisle. He was bound in chains and left dangling about the room. Aro tilted his head as Carlisle was swaying two and fro, right before him. The king looked to the ceiling and gestured for Alec and one of the guards to go have a look. Jane’s focus however went to Bella. Bella laughed though as a guitar started playing and a keg was sent rolling into the throne room. Dear Penis By Rodney Carrington started only Jasper Whitlock himself was singing it.

Dear penis, I don’t think I like you anymore

You used to watch me shave, now all you do is stare at the floor

Ohhhh dear penis, I don’t like you anymore

Used to be you and me, a paper towel and a dirty magazine

That’s all we needed to get by

Now it seems things have changed, I think that you’re the one to blame

Dear penis I don’t like you anymore

Bella heard a horse braying as it came running out of the kitchen. It stopped and looked right at her. Aro let out a slew of Italian profanities as Jasper continued singing.

He sings, dear Aro, I don’t think I like you anymore

Cause when you get to drinkin’, you put me places I’ve never been before

Dear Aro, I don’t like you anymore

Why can’t we just get a grip on our man to hand relationship

Come to terms truly how we feel

If we put our heads together we could just stay home forever

Dear penis, I think I like you after all

Oh hey Aro, while you’re shavin’, shave my balls

Bella whistled out and the horse trotted on over. She petted the top of its head and giggled as it begged for more attention.

“Only you Cowboy…” She whispered amongst herself but with a wide grin.

Carlisle struggled within the chains and was looking to Bella with desperation. His skin was cracking all over and the more he struggled, the worse it got. Aro was just an inch away from Bella when something wrapped around one of his ankles. His body was jerked back and he was being dragged, at great force. Bella lifted her eyes and they met with Jasper’s. He was in full cowboy gear – hat, spurs, guns, and he’d a whip in hand. Bella had never been so turned on. He picked up on this and sent her a flirtatious wink, before tipping his hat to her.

Aro started to rise, only to have Jasper take that whip to him over and over again. He was moving so fast and precise that chunks of Aro were breaking off and the whip itself was enveloped in actual flames. Aro cried out at one point as Jasper managed to take one of his hands. The king pleaded for truce and forgiveness. Jasper gritted his teeth however as Jane was in attempts to get into his head. He had that shield up and it was protecting him and Bella. That in itself took some focus as he still had his empathy going, in order to keep Caius and the others on track. Bella came to her feet, sensing Jasper’s struggle. She walked on over and Jasper gathered what she was going for. They nodded amongst one another and worked together in reversing Jane’s gift. Jane dropped down and let out this agonizing cry.

“Sucks, doesn’t it?!” Bella uttered as to Jane being on the receiving end of her gift.

Bella wasted no time in snapping Jane’s neck. She sent it rolling Alec’s direction and Alec panicked and started to run, only to have Jasper appear before him. Bella’s jaw dropped as Jasper grabbed Alec and slammed him up against his knee and with such force that the cold one literally broke in half. Jasper dashed on over, scooped Bella up, and sat her back down on the throne.

“Thought I told you to enjoy…” He said with a sexy little smirk.

Bella was blown away as this made the first in seeing the “god of war” Peter and Char gushed about. Jasper chuckled at her reaction and took off yet again. Even as a vampire Bella couldn’t keep up with Jasper. He truly was unleashed. He had that whip of his going and he was zipping throughout various areas of the palace taking out one Volturi member after another. He eventually dropped that empathy of his and put an end to everyone, once and for all. When finished… He took that whip across the ground and sent a fiery blaze towards the bodies. Bella couldn’t fathom what she was seeing. The bodies went up in flames and Jasper acted as if it were nothing. All that remained was Aro, Carlisle, and Alice. Jasper had Alice locked away, as he was keeping his word on that one. Jasper took off running and leaped onto the chain that Carlisle was wrapped in. Jasper started singing Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus, only with a country spin to it. Bella snorted as he was using Carlisle to swing throughout the palace. Parts of Carlisle were landing amongst the throne room floor. Jasper dug his spurs in various parts of Carlisle’s body and was tightening those chains. Jasper reminded Bella of Emmett as he continued singing and was having a field day with this. The chain eventually snapped and Jasper dragged Carlisle out of the room.

“KEEP AN EYE ON HIM!” Jasper hollered and Bella’s eyes locked with Aro’s.

She sent him a demonic grin and Aro nervously swallowed.

“Are we late to the party?”

“Fraid so…” Bella said but hopped to her feet and hugged the daylights out of Peter, Char, and Lee.

Charlotte laughed in response.

“Isabella?”  Bella heard in an all too familiar voice.

Bella froze and Jasper was struck stupid as well as he’d reentered the room. He and Marcus locked eyes on this.

“I’ll explain everything later. Right now… we need to prepare.”

“For?” Jasper questioned.

“The other covens are on their way. You might’ve gained control of the palace itself. But these covens… that’s another story.”

Jasper let out a chuckle of mere amusement.

“How long we talkin’?”

“Couple days, at the most.”

Jasper regarded Aro in thought.

“They believe in the Volturi’s purpose. They will fight, to the death in order to…” Marcus started to say but was interrupted.

“There is no Volturi.” Jasper made clear and Marcus reared back on this.

“The only vampire law around here is ME. Therefore, they will have to answer to me.”

Marcus staggered back as Jasper went on to reveal the fiery hue along his body.

“The legend…” Marcus uttered as he thought back to the legend of the sun god.

“You’re him…”

Jasper narrowed his eyes in wonder. Marcus took it upon himself to reach out and touch the flames, only to find they weren’t hot to the touch. He nodded as it was just as it was written on the walls of those caves. The man of fire… Only he was no man. He was the sun god. The leader of the Aztec vampires and now he ruled over them all.

Aro shook his head as this was far worse than that of Alice’s vision. How could this happen?! And how did Jasper take over in the first place? As if reading his mind, Jasper snapped his head that direction. Jasper strutted on over and nodded upon Aro, challengingly.

“Well go on… Get a good read.”

Aro swallowed back on this. Everyone looked over as Jasper placed his hands along the apples of Aro’s cheeks and revealed how everything went after Alice broke her word to Aro.

“Jasper…” Alice whimpered as she looked to the bodies.

“What’ve you done?” Jasper didn’t comment as he used the back of his hand to wipe the blood off his mouth.

                Alice was backed into a corner and watching in horror as Jasper fed. There wasn’t a single human tech left standing. And by the time the others caught wind of what was happening, Jasper was at his fullest strength. He ended each of them, within a matter of seconds. Jasper stepped out of that lab like he owned the place and at that very moment, he did.  

Aro’s had this dumbfounded expression and observed in downright shock.

Jasper entered the throne room in flames and Alice followed behind, like that of an indentured servant. Caius and the others were so taken back by what they saw. They let that fear get the best of them. Caius practically handed Jasper the throne himself. Once Jasper pushed that empathy forth, he had complete control. 

                Jasper sent Aro a cruel smile after this played out. Aro had no words and was beside himself.

Bella however was in her own world at the moment. Her eyes never left her mother’s.

“Mom…” She called with a broken heart.

“What happened?”

Renee recoiled once she gathered what Bella must’ve been thinking.

“No sweetheart, this was my decision.”

Bella staggered back on this.

“Why… I mean why would you?” Bella looked to Marcus accusingly.

Then she pointed upon him with gritted teeth.


Everyone’s attention was on them now. Marcus sighed.

“I told you to stay away from my mother!” Bella said and was shaking all over.

“How could you do this?! She hasn’t any idea what she’s getting herself into! This isn’t something she can take back!”

“Bella…” Renee called in her motherly voice.

“That’s enough. He gave me a choice and I chose you.”

“She means what she says.” Jasper reassured.

Bella closed her eyes on this.

“That’s right sweetheart. If I had known… I would’ve made that decision a lot sooner.”

Bella opened her eyes and Renee waved her over.

“Come here…”

Bella made her way over and just as soon as she was within reach, Renee hugged her daughter close. The way Marcus and Renee were looking to one another had Bella rearing back in disbelief.

“Nooo…” She grumbled, with a bit of a hiss, and Jasper resisted the urge to laugh.


Renee narrowed her eyes on this.

“Well yeah… What’s wrong with Marcus?”


“Isabella Marie Swan where did you learn to talk like that?!”

Jasper cleared his throat on this and Emmett died of laughter.

“Douchebag?” Marcus murmured and this had the others rolling in laughter.

“Whitlock…” Bella corrected and the room grew eerily silent.

“What?” Renee questioned.

“Bella Marie Whitlock. You know I hated being called Isabella.”

“You’re married?!”

Bella would’ve been blushing if she was human and Jasper smiled as he sensed this.

“In a way…” Bella murmured under her breath.

Wait… what?! You got married and you didn’t even…”

“MOM!” Bella scolded and Renee had this wounded look about her.

“First you fake your death then you go and get married?! ANNND you didn’t even invite me to the wedding?!”

Bella looked to Jasper in a panic as her mother started crying.

“Mom… It wasn’t like that. Jasper and I…”

“Aren’t the ceremony type.” Marcus said and with a smile their direction.

The old king wrapped his arm around Renee.

“Calm down darling. There was no wedding, just a mutual understanding.”

“I don’t understand.”

Bella drew back the deepest of breaths. She never realized just how much that would’ve hurt her mother. Then again, she was supposed to be dead and never dreamed of being in this situation to begin with.

“I never wanted the fancy wedding and dress…” Bella looked to Jasper in thought and Charlotte smiled in complete understanding, as she and Bella had that in common.

“I just wanted him…”

Bella nodded Jasper’s direction.

“Mom, this is my mate and husband Jasper Whitlock.”

Jasper couldn’t hide the shock as he wasn’t expecting the husband part of that.

“Told you…” Charlotte muttered towards Jasper.

Jasper chuckled in response.

“If he’s ready for all that…” Bella said and Jasper had this shit eating grin about him.

“Darlin’, all I can say to that is it’s about damn time.”

Renee clamped a hand over her mouth as Jasper kissed her daughter. She couldn’t help but to find that kiss much more genuine then that of Edward when she first met him.

“Well he’s certainly more handsome than that last boy you dated!”  Renee teased.

“Right?!” Bella said in agreement and Jasper laughed.

Jasper leaned into Bella’s ear.

“Go on… Be with your mother.”

Bella took his hand before he went to walk away.

“Thank you.”

“For?” He questioned with curiosity.

“Not giving up and always being there.”

“The honor is all mine darlin’. I’ll always be there and giving up was never an option.” He said with fullest sincerity.

Jasper grabbed Aro and dragged him on out of the throne room. Bella wondered where he was keeping everyone.

“Marcus told me what you did. I can’t believe I didn’t recognize you. My own daughter…” Renee hinted and Bella forced a smile.

“Thank you.” Renee said and kissed her forehead.

“I thought you were a stranger but your words meant the world to me. I should’ve known it was you.”

Bella got a little choked up and Renee wiped her bloody tears with her thumbs.

“None of that now. You deserve to be happy. I’m just thankful to know you’re alive and well. I will always be there for you. That’s why it was so easy to make this decision. It’s what I wanted.”

“Mom…” Bella uttered as she burst into tears.

Bella and her mother were still talking when Emmett and Jacob entered the room. Renee looked on with concern as Bella came to her feet and just stood there looking to the boys.

“Bella…” Her mother called with concern.

“Why are you here?” Bella questioned rather accusingly and Jacob sighed as that was directed at him.

Bella went on to hug Emmett but kept her distance when it came to Jacob.

“Think we can talk?” Jacob said and was looking around the room with confusion. He thought they were entering a war zone but everyone seemed to be at peace and was shooting the shit, while drinking from a fucking keg? And what was with the horse?!

“I have nothing to say to you. You shouldn’t be here.” Bella coldly responded and Emmett sighed on Jacob’s behalf.

“Give him a chance.”

“A chance to what? Put the moves on me again?! I’ve had enough of that thank you very much.”

Emmett pulled Bella to the side.

“If he lays a hand on you… I’ll deal with him myself.”

“Emmett…” Bella groaned.

“I’m the one that brought him here. We were expecting a war…”

Emmett muttered under his breath and gestured towards everyone else.

“Jasper took matters into his own hands.”

“I can see that.” Emmett replied with a grin.

“But it’s far from over. The other covens are on their way and Marcus mentioned something about some legend and Aztec vampires?”

“Never a dull day… right?” Emmett smarted and Bella managed to laugh.

“You got that right.”

“Just hear what he has to say. If you want him gone after that. I’ll escort him back myself.”

“You don’t have to do that. I can handle Jacob.”

“You sure?”

Bella looked to Jacob in thought.

“I could always handle him, even in my human days. But I chose not to deal with him, big difference.”


“Umm, isn’t that your mom?!” Emmett questioned and Bella looked the direction in which he was pointing.

Bella let out a miserable groan as Renee was sitting in Marcus’s lap and they were being awfully lovey dovey.

“Yeah… long story.”

“That’s sooo weird.”

“Right? It’s like super gross!”

Emmett had a good laugh at this.

“She seems happy though.” He admitted with a shrug.

Bella looked over once again and sighed.

“Yeah she does. Just seems strange to me, that’s all. But if she’s happy…”

“I think it’s only “super gross” to you because you were used to Charlie and Phil…” Emmett whispered and Bella frowned.

“Yeah well, Phil turned out to be a dick and a half and mom and dad just never clicked.”

“Maybe Marcus is the one.”

“We’ll see.”

“Do you think he saw something?” Emmett interestedly questioned.

“You mean like his gift?”


“Who knows…” Bella murmured with a shrug.

“You really aren’t happy with the idea.”

Bella lowered her head in shame and Emmett placed a hand along her shoulder.

“Hey, it’s me. You can talk to me.” He reminded.

“What if she ends up regretting her decision? What if Marcus is just another Phil in her life and she has to spend the rest of her…”

Emmett placed a single finger along Bella’s lips.

“Alright, slow down. If her decision has anything to do with you, she won’t regret it, even if your mother and Marcus don’t work out.”

“I hope so.”

“I know so.” Emmett gave her a big ole bear hug then patted her on the back.

“Now go on. Give the mutt hell.”

Bella snorted on this and waved Jacob over. He followed her into one of the other rooms. Jacob pulled the door too and there was a moment of uncomfortable silence.

“So you’re not dead…” He murmured and Bella nodded.

“Well technically I am…” She taunted and Jacob smiled.

“Only you, Bella. I should’ve known.”

Bella narrowed her eyes as Jacob had that gloomy presence about him.

“Come on, Jake. What was I supposed to say? We hadn’t talked in how long? And the last conversation we had ended with me punching you across the face.”

Jacob nodded and looked to be in thought.

“So you’d rather me think you had died?”

Bella recoiled on this.

“Do you remember how you pushed me away?”

“Bella…” He groaned.

“Don’t. You were my best friend. Yet you hid the truth from me as well.”

“Yeah well, I didn’t go and fake my death.”

“No. You acted as if you had died altogether. If I wouldn’t have kept pushing… You would’ve kept me at arm’s length.”

Bella shook her head in thought.

“And I pushed you away when I couldn’t accept the truth.”

Bella nodded in agreement.

“You couldn’t be my friend. You had to keep pushing that envelope.”

“I’m sorry. What I did… was wrong.”

“Seems to be a thing…”

“What’s that?”

“Men not taking no for an answer.”

Jacob tilted his head on this.

“What happened to you Bella?” He already knew but wanted to hear it from Bella’s mouth.

“Hey…” He called with concern as Bella looked to be on the verge of tears.

“I thought you were all about Edward…” he softly put.

“Not for the past year or so.”

“But…” Jacob started to say and Bella lifted her head.

“Jesus…” Jacob murmured as he looked to the blood streaming down her face.

Bella was quick to wipe her face with the back of her hand, causing it to smear. Jacob swallowed back and handed a tissue over.

“Thanks…” She mumbled and Jacob nodded as she wiped her face.

Bella told him the truth about Jasper and how she started having feelings for him over a year ago. She went on to tell her story from there and Jacob nodded amongst himself as it was just as Emmett had said.

“So you and the cowboy…” He muttered under his breath.

“That certainly sounds like you.” He said but with a grin.

Bella regarded Jacob in surprise.

“Come on, Bella. You always had a thing for the bad boys and you know it. Jasper makes a lot more sense. Edward was a little too…”


“Well I was going to say lame.”

Bella snorted on this.

“So Carlisle… talk about gross.”


“I’m sorry. I can’t even imagine what that must’ve been like. I know you put a lot of faith into the Cullens. Getting betrayed like that…”

Wait… Aren’t you going to yell at me and tell me how fucking stupid I am?”

Jacob sighed and Bella nodded.

“I said and did a lot of stupid shit back in the day. I’m sorry Bella. You didn’t deserve it. I was angry and took it out on you. But I was never mad at you. I was mad at myself. I knew I was ruining a good thing but I couldn’t stop myself. All I could think about was how much I wanted you.”


“I’m not going there alright. Just being honest, it’s what you deserve. I know things will never be the same between us and I hate that. But it’s no more than I deserve.”

Bella wasn’t sure what to say to that since she actually agreed. She couldn’t help but to hold some resentment, considering how she once thought the world of Jacob and he pretty much slammed the door in her face and told her to fuck off. It hurt to this day. If anything, he and Edward gave her that push she needed, even if she hadn’t realized it. Jasper was always there, even when they weren’t. She could always turn to him.

“So these other covens… sounds like some crazy shit’s about to go down.”

Bella nodded.

“Jacob, you don’t have to stick around. I understand. Things change, people change, and we move on.”

“True. But that doesn’t mean I stopped fighting in your corner, Bella.”

Bella’s eyes met with his and Jacob sighed.

“You smell terrible.”

“Gee thanks!”

Jacob laughed and shook his head.

“But I gotta say the whole cowgirl thing… it works. You look good Bella. Real good. But even better… you seem happy, with him I mean. That’s all that matters. If he makes you happy then I’m happy for you.”

“You’re so full of shit.”

“You’re right I am. I fucking hate the bastard.”

Bella died of laughter and Jacob shook his head but with a grin.

“Now that’s the Jake I know.”

“But it’s also the Jake that pushed you away.”


Another moment of uncomfortable silence hit. This felt odd considering how the two used to be damn near inseparable and could talk up a storm.

“I hate this…” Jacob admitted.

“Me too.”

“Look, you should know that Seth and Leah are waiting outside.”


“Yeah… Seth wasn’t about to stay behind and Leah wasn’t letting him leave without her.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Come on, Bella. Sam and Paul were the only ones that ever had a problem.”

“Now that’s some bullshit if I ever heard it.”

“Hell, you even sound like him!”

“Thank you!” Bella said with pride and Jacob laughed.

“You’re something else, you know that?!”

“So I’ve been told!”

“Leah doesn’t hate you Bella.”

“She could’ve fooled me.”

“That’s a conversation for the two of you. I’m not about to dive into all that.”

“Fair enough. But I’m surprised Sam even let you guys…”

“We left the pack, Bella.”


“You were more important, even Leah agreed.”

Bella’s mouth flew open on this.

“Don’t look at me like that! We thought you died, Bella. Of course we told Sam to fuck off and took the first plane out!”

Bella hadn’t any words as she just stood there and gawked at Jacob.

“No regrets. Alright?”

Bella nodded but that didn’t hide the look of concern.

“Hey, you know how I felt about the pack before I even became one of them. It’s better this way. Besides, as long as you and your idiot friends stay out of Washington we have nothing to worry about right?!”

“Funny…” Bella said and Jacob laughed.

“Just stay in Texas and we’ll be fine. Now get your ass over here and give me a hug, at least. I won’t pull anything, I promise.”

Just as soon as Jacob left the room, Bella went in search of Carlisle. It felt strange walking amongst the Volturi palace. She couldn’t believe that Jasper gained control and just by his use of empathy alone. This had her thinking back to when he had her believing that she had died, so he could fool Edward. He was so powerful and seeing him in action, only confirmed why they called him the god of war. Bella found herself wondering what Jasper was like when he first met Peter and Char. She thought about this as she made her way into the basement. Bella headed this way thinking this would be about where a prison would be held. Bella walked on down the long corridor connected to the basement itself. There was a set of stairs leading even further down. Bella stopped at the top of them.

“Okay, this is how horror movies usually begin.” She uttered before making her way down.

She thought of the irony of her words however, considering she herself was a thing of horrors now, and her mother as well to top it all off. That felt so bizarre… Renee Dwyer as a vampire and ending up with one of the old Volturi kings? Then again, Jasper Whitlock being her mate always seemed like a fairy tale in itself. Bella wrinkled her nose once the smell hit. She continued on down knowing she must’ve been getting warm.

Bella came across the cells and nodded amongst herself. There were just a couple cold ones locked away. Bella knew this must’ve been Jasper’s doing as they were in Volturi robes. The cells they were in were of the same material as the room Carlisle had her locked away in, back at the island. Bella stopped once she came across an all too familiar face. The newborn pivoted around and tilted her head upon the cold one. Bella laughed as Aro was in the cell right beside him. Jasper had Carlisle’s mouth covered with one of the devices from the labs. This way he couldn’t spread those pheromones of his. Both Carlisle and Aro were chained to the wall itself.

“Well I guess it’s safe to say that Jasper changed his name to Karma.” Bella taunted and leaned against the cell behind her and took in the whole picture.

She couldn’t stop laughing. The two of them looked so miserable.


“That’s right… get mad. Give it your all. COME AT ME, YOU SON OF A BITCH!”

Bella marched on over and wrapped her hands around the bars.

“What’s it like…? Having all that power stripped away? What’s it like knowing you’re going to starve and the last thing you’ll ever see is that fucking cell?!”

“What’d he do to you?” Aro asked and Bella sent him a look of utter hell.

“Oh do shut up, you fucking prima donna!”

Aro raised his brows on this and Bella’s attention went back to Carlisle.

“I’ll be here when you take your last breath and I’ll be here to watch you burn. I hate you Carlisle, I’ll always hate you. But those aren’t the words you hoped to hear, right?”

Bella gritted her teeth as she thought back to everything.

“You wanted me to confess my undying love and become your next descendant. You robbed me and Jasper of that child, because you wanted to play god.”

Jasper was making his way down the stairs when he heard this. He came to an immediate halt.

“Jasper hasn’t a clue what you did. Not to that degree. He wanted what Edward wanted. You said you had to decide what to do with what you were given.”

Carlisle lifted his eyes on this and Bella nodded.

“I remembered… But whereas Jasper succeeded in doing that very thing… You and Edward failed, epically. You see… Jasper didn’t spend every day and night bitching about things he couldn’t control. No. In fact, he spent two years in personal suffering. He could’ve used his empathy to take the same route you did. That persuasion… works in resemblance to Jasper’s gift. He could’ve played the victim, just as you and Edward did. He could’ve gotten mad and decided to take matters into his own hands, but no. He sucked it up and dealt with it, like a man. He waited until he knew the time was right and then he acted. He didn’t go out his way to hurt anyone or seduce his way into my life. He could’ve, easily. And I’m certain he was even tempted, anyone would be. The only thing I envy is not seeing what that child might’ve been like. You got to see something Jasper and I will never see. And that child was never yours to begin with.”

Jasper swallowed back and quietly made his way down. Bella had her forehead pressed up against the bars.

“I could show you…” Aro said and Bella and Jasper looked his direction.

“Through him… I could show you what Carlisle saw.”

“Nice try…” Bella scoffed.

Aro sighed on this.

“I don’t need to be freed in order to see. I just need to come into contact with Carlisle.”

“And what’s in it for you?”

“You’d be feeding my curiosity.” Aro said with fullest sincerity.

Bella looked to Carlisle then back to Aro.

“No. Not only do I not trust you. But I’m not so sure I want to see. Why torture myself like that?”

Jasper recoiled on her words. But he knew it hadn’t anything to do with actually wanting a child as much as the fact that it was theirs. Bella had that deer caught in headlights look as she sensed Jasper’s presence. She spun around and with that apologetic look to her. Jasper said nothing as he made his way over.

“Child?” He questioned as he wasn’t sure what else to say to that.

What he wouldn’t give to have that with Bella. But it was like she said Jasper knew they had to accept the truth and their life as it was. Neither of them would ever regret being with one another. They only wished they could have more. Unlike Edward, there were things about being a vampire that Jasper loved, even when he was just a cold one. But if he had a choice he’d much rather grow old with Bella. It’s like he once said… He’d love to have a couple of kids, raise them on that ranch of his, and introduce them to the rodeo life he so loved. He could even picture Peter and Char as the lovable aunt and uncle, with kids of their own. But that just wasn’t in the deck of cards. This was their life and they couldn’t let what never was to come hold them back.

Bella sadly nodded and Jasper nodded in response.

“How?!” He asked and Bella told him.

Jasper nodded after the reveal.

“You’re right. I think we should leave things as they are now.”

Jasper kissed her forehead then sent her about her way. He stayed behind and waited until she was long gone. Jasper unlocked the door to Aro’s cell and dragged him on out. Aro looked on in confusion.

“I don’t want to see. But if there ever comes a day where she does… This is the only way I can show her.”

Aro nodded in perfect understanding. Jasper felt this odd sense of remorse coming off of Aro. And it was targeted at Bella. Did he actually give a damn? Jasper thought amongst himself. He wondered what all was said before he came into the room. What could’ve Bella done to earn Aro’s respect? Jasper didn’t comment and gestured for Aro to get it over with, once they were within reach. Jasper kept his hold on Aro as Aro placed a single hand along Carlisle. He closed his eyes and Jasper could actually feel the internal struggle between the two cold ones as Carlisle was fighting Aro. He didn’t want him to see the child for whatever reason. It took Aro a little longer than expected but that child eventually entered the picture and Jasper was hit for one hell of a loop. He’d never seen anything so beautiful, other than Bella herself. The child he saw was a little girl and she looked just like Bella. Jasper swallowed back once the vision finished. Aro tilted his head as Jasper was an emotional mess. He did his best to play it off, as he placed Aro back into his cell. He checked everything over and was about to leave when Aro called to him.

“She reminds me of Didyme… “

Jasper came to a halt and slowly cranked his head Aro’s direction.

“The Belladonna has that same affect… Everyone wanted to be around Didyme. I loved my sister. But she wasn’t good for him… Marcus. He had such ambition. But she held him back.” Aro looked Carlisle’s direction and flinched.

“I was wrong. Every gift is unique and I took my sister’s for granted and broke mine and Marcus’s heart when I took her life.”

Jasper couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Was this Aro’s dying confession? Aro knew he wasn’t getting out of here and was doomed for. But there was this unusual sense of overwhelming sadness and Jasper felt that it hadn’t anything to do with him personally. No. Aro truly had his regrets. He was having a moment and like that of Edward, seeing the error of his ways. Only it was too late, for the both of them. Jasper had made up his mind. Empathy or not…  They were sure to meet their demise and at Jasper’s hands. Only the more Jasper thought on it… The more he realized that maybe Aro’s should be at Marcus’s instead. Jasper could only imagine just how long Marcus had been waiting.

Jasper cleared his throat in thought.

“I will make certain Marcus gets his revenge.” Jasper made clear and this seemed to please Aro.

Aro gave a simple nod and Jasper went about his way.

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17 thoughts on “Chapter 10 What I Want”

  1. You Did it again! another killer wicked Chapter. I was hoping all hell would break loose when they got to Volturi. and you made that happen in a perfectly evil like way. I was hoping bella would be able to do what she needed to do to break away and to realize who she truly belongs too. Jacob is al wild card along with Leah and Seth. I can’t believe who wicked Jasper truly is a sun god from the Aztec I sure as hell didn’t see that coming but that would have explain some of the things i had noticed in the other chapters. and how bella came back to herself when he started to reach out to her and help her. Jasper is going t send Carlisle to the seven pits of hell of not deep because of what he has stolen from him and bella. i’m glad Renee is still renee just a touch flighty but happy. And Marcus will get his revenge as will Bella and Jasper. I hope there is a way that the child can come across. This was so worth the way. I hope your muse is dancing and enjoying her life and she inspires you once more. Have a wonderful holiday with your family. until the next sneak peek or update. *bows

  2. That was SOOOOOO worth the wait. I loved that Jasper had the Volturi shit all cleaned and wrapped up before Carlisle got there. I can’t wait to see some Edward, Aro, Alice and esp Carlisle torture. Have a great Thanksgiving.

  3. God, I love this story!! You did it again hon. another wonderful update…I loved it and can’t wait to read more…thanks, huggs.

  4. I mean really … who wouldn’t choose vampirism? If I was 30 years younger (I was thinner then, had a lot less grey hair and wrinkles) I’d have jumped at the chance. Bella can’t make that decision for Renee.

    It’s not “romantic” watching your parents age, weaken, and die. It’s not “romantic” seeing your spouse age. Honestly, the only thing I can see that would be considered the least little bit “romantic” is if the spouses stay together and don’t hate each other. Eventually, one will die and the other will be left behind.

    Being closer to the end of my life than the beginning, I think about thos stuff.

    So I’m happy for Renee and Marcus. There’s a good chance for them to be happy with each other and it will last a good long time. Same for Bella and Jasper.

    Edward was a total fucking idiot to think it would be better for Bella to age. It’s not pretty.

    Now, Carlisle needs to suffer. Unlike Aro, he feels no pang of remorse.

    Alice needs to suffer. Just cuz I hate her.

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