Chapter 11 Shackles, Ropes, and Chains

Chapter 11 – Shackles, Ropes, and Chains

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“Aren’t you freezing?”

Seth and Leah looked over and Seth smiled.

“Bella!” He called and Bella smiled as he dashed on over and hugged her.

He pulled back with this gloomy presence. Bella sighed knowing why.

“I’m sorry. It was never my intention to hurt anyone.”

“I know.” Seth sadly murmured.

Bella roughed his hair up a bit and Seth sighed.

“I’m not a kid anymore, Bella.”

Bella laughed and nodded Leah’s direction.

“Come on in. It’s nice and warm and inside and there’s plenty of food in the kitchen. Jacob’s stuffing his face as we speak.”

“Food? In a vampire palace?” Leah scoffed and Bella nodded once again.

“They had to feed their human companions somehow…”

“You mean slaves.”

“Not arguing that one.”

“We’re good.” Leah uttered and Seth frowned.

“Leah…” Bella whispered in such a way.

Leah looked over and Bella signaled for Seth to give them a moment alone. He nodded in understanding and followed Emmett inside.

“What’s he?! Your bodyguard or something?”  Leah scoffed and Bella sort of laughed.

“You think I need one?”

“Knowing you…” Leah fired back with a grin.

“Fair enough.” Bella murmured as to her old klutzy self.

That’s all Leah knew. She hadn’t a clue what Bella was capable of now. Bella had half the mind to challenge Leah, but now wasn’t the time. She had other things to worry about. She’d prove herself to Leah eventually.

“Alright, just us girls. So spill it out… Why are you really here?!”

Leah raised her brows on how forward Bella was being.

“Oh come on… Like you’re really here for me. You’d much rather I rot in hell, admit it!”

Leah recoiled and to Bella’s great surprise, she staggered back as if Bella’s words had wounded her.

“Leah…” She softly called.

“You really are thickheaded, you know that?!”

Bella swallowed back as there were actual tears in Leah’s eyes.

“I went to your fucking funeral! You were “buried” beside your father. Do you have any idea what that did to my mother?! Just how fucking selfish are you?!”

Bella recoiled on Leah’s harsh words.

“I never knew you had it in you. Jacob warned us… But I’d seen how you were with your father. I told myself you wouldn’t… That you couldn’t… I pictured your death as some sort of heroic attempt in saving the chief’s life, but I was wrong, wasn’t I?! All of this… had to do with those fucking inbred vampires! And now you’re one of them! Granted you’re not a cold one. I’m not sure what you are. But I can smell it, you’re different.”

“You’re right… I’m not heroic, not even close. Charlie died because I failed him.” Bella said with tears streaming down her face.

Leah tilted her head and reached out, wiping one of the bloody drops off her face.

“What the…” She murmured whilst looking to the blood on her finger.

“I’d give anything to have my father back. And you’re right, I am selfish. I couldn’t push them away, and I paid the price.”

“And here you are, again. With another fucking Cullen, you never learn, do you?! What’s it going to take?!”

“Jasper isn’t a Cullen, he’s the furthest thing from one.”

“Walks like a duck, talks like a…” Bella clamped a hand over Leah’s mouth.

Don’t. Say what you want about me. But don’t you talk about Jasper. You don’t know shit about him.”

Leah knocked her hand away and was staring her down.

“Like I said… I’m sorry. I did what I did, because I hadn’t a choice. I lost my father, Leah. So you bet your fucking ass I faked my death, in order to keep everyone else safe. They would’ve come after my mother, Angela, and the pack! I did what I thought was best. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about my father and what I could’ve done differently. But that’s all in the past and all I can do is move on and learn from my mistakes.”

Leah thought back to her own father and sighed.

“Guess we’re more alike than I ever realized.”

Bella was struck stupid by this and Leah rolled her eyes.

“Don’t read so much into that!” She snapped and Bella resisted the urge to laugh.

“I won’t…”

“You’re different. I mean… You look and carry yourself different. It’s like you have more confidence or something. You dress better, that’s for certain.”

“Um thanks… I guess.”

“As to why I’m here… we’re family Bella.”

Bella regarded Leah in downright shock.

“At least we would’ve been…” Leah trailed off and closed her eyes.

“Mom took it pretty hard. Losing the chief… She wouldn’t admit it, but I think she had more of a connection with him than that of my own father. Not that I could blame her. Dad wasn’t the easiest man to get along with, but he had his reasons and like you… I failed him. It was my responsibility to keep him safe, but I was off in my own world. Hating everyone and everything… I let Sam and Emily get to me.”

Leah let out a miserable laugh.

“Jacob tells me that you and this Jasper guy have that same connection.”

“Leah…” Bella groaned afraid of what would spill out of that mouth next.

“Not where I’m going. If anything… It’s better than the glitter bomb you were dating. Weren’t you two engaged or something, in fucking high school, nevertheless?! Talk about fucking insane!”

“Thanks for that terrible reminder.”

Leah tilted her head as she was piecing everything together.

“I was right all along, wasn’t I?!”

Bella had this confused look about her and Leah sighed.

“The little shit was using that charm bullshit of his, wasn’t he?!”

The look on Bella’s face said it all and Leah gathered this shameful presence.

“I had a feeling… I should’ve said or done something, but Jacob was adamant that you were happy and in love. He didn’t want me interfering, he felt bad enough on how he handled things as it was. He said that we just needed to leave you be and let you live your life, which is a big deal coming from Jacob. He never did get over you. I’m not sure he ever will.”

Leah looked Bella up and down.

“I don’t get it. I mean I guess you’re hot but you’re annoying as FUCK!”

Bella busted out in laughter and Leah cocked a brow on this.

“I was being serious!”

“Oh I know. I guess that’s what makes it so funny. You go on about how we’re family and I guess we really are. You can’t stand my ass!”

Leah managed to laugh as well and both girls shared a moment of silent understanding.

“You’re not so bad Whitlock…”

Bella regarded Leah in surprise and Leah smiled.

“It suits you, better than Swan or Cullen ever did. And he’s right… You seem happy. I’m glad and I really mean that.”

“Are you by chance bipolar?” Bella teased.

“Actually yeah… pretty much.” She admitted with a shrug.

“Wait… for reals?!”

“Yep! Been that way for years.”

Huh…” Bella said as if that made everything perfectly clear.

Leah started towards the palace.

“Hold on…” Bella called and Leah craned her neck that direction.

“Thank you.”


“I think we both know.”

Leah nodded and strutted off.

“You do realize the other wife is still around, right?” Jasper murmured as he was sitting at Aro’s throne and with Bella in his lap.

Bella frowned in thought.

“You mean she’s here?!”

“Oh yeah, I think it’s time for that divorce. I figured I could lawyer up and take the bitch for everything she’s got.” He taunted with smirk.

“Besides, my new wife is younger, hotter, and smarter!” He muttered while kissing all along her neck and shoulders.

“Jasper…” She scolded behind a snort.

Jasper spun Bella around, so that she was facing him. He grew somewhat serious. He had this apologetic look to him as he caressed her cheek.

“Listen up sweetness, first off you need to know that I love and lust only for you. I need you to realize that before we pay Alice that visit.”

Bella picked up on how nervous and guilty Jasper was acting.

“Jasper?!” she questioned but he said nothing as he came to his feet and lead her to the area he had Alice in.

                Jasper gestured for Bella to step on in and she saw that Alice was in one of the tanks. Bella recoiled at the bodies of the various test subjects around them. Jasper cringed on her behalf. Even with him already witnessing this, Bella’s reaction hit him all over again. Jasper said nothing as he marched on over. His eyes locked with Alice’s and he pushed forth that empathy of his.

“Tell her.” He ordered and Alice shook her head in a panic.

“TELL HER!” He roared and Alice sucked back a breath, like she’d been holding it forever.

She was in literal sobs as she told Bella what she had done. Bella gave a simple nod afterward. Jasper swallowed back as the fury coming off his mate was incredible. Those eyes were set aflame, but none of it was directed at him. No. It was all on Alice. Jasper said nothing as Bella ripped the top off the tank and set Alice free. Jasper narrowed his eyes in wonder.

“Run…” Bella uttered in such a way and Alice looked to Bella in question.

“I SAID RUN!” Bella snapped and Alice took off.

Jasper went to question Bella on this but she had already taken off. It was then he realized… His new wife was hunting down the old wife. He chuckled in mere amusement.

Jasper was kicked back on the throne and waiting for Bella’s return, when something landed in his lap. He jumped once he saw what it was.

“Consider yourself divorced.”

Jasper looked to his departed wife’s head.

“Well shit… Til death do us part it is!” He said behind a chuckle.

He shoved the head out of his lap and pulled Bella into his instead.

“Did you burn the remains?” He questioned but in a seductive manner.

Bella nodded in response. He wasn’t sure why. But the way Bella handled that… had him all kinds of worked up. He could sense that possessive nature of hers. It was just like his when it came to her. Bella’s jaw dropped when he used his whip to send a fiery blaze towards Alice’s head. They watched as it turned to ashes.

“How are you doing that?!”

“It’s just something I can sense and it builds. It’s like having this enteral flame inside me. I know that sounds crazy but I can feel it within my core and if I focus enough, I can use it.”

“Does it hurt?”

“It’s a good kind of hurt. Just reminds me I’m still kickin’ and handin’ these fuckers their asses.”

Bella snorted in thought.

“So it’s just us…” He whispered hintingly as everyone else was doing their own thing.

He thought back to his promise to Aro and got this devilish grin about him.

“Whattya say? Wanna ride your cowboy?” He bucked off the throne a bit and moved her about him suggestively.

Bella crawled out of his lap and removed her clothes. Jasper pointed to the boots. “Put those back on.” Bella giggled in thought but did as requested. He tossed his hat over.

“That too.”

Bella put the hat on then looked around the room.

“Just us…” He reassured knowing she was concerned about her mother walking in.

He used his empathy to put her more at ease then wiggled that index finger of his.

“Come now, my lil morsel.”

Bella sat back in his lap and Jasper took a moment to appreciate the view. He ran his hands all along her body and shook his head in thought. If anyone told him that Bella would be sitting in his lap one day and in nothing but a pair of boots and a cowboy hat, he’d have thought they were fucking delusional. This right here was the ultimate in fantasies. He’d lost count of how many times he thought about fucking this girl. It took a sheer amount of focus, hiding those desires from his wife and Edward. He managed to do it, but it wasn’t easy, considering how often those thoughts hit. Now here she was… and even now he found it hard to believe. She was his and always would be. Jasper gritted his teeth as she moved about him. Damn girl was teasing him with that little lap dance of hers. A guttural moan escaped him as she arched back to better accept him.

“Fuck…” He uttered and got a firm hold.

Jasper was bucking off that throne and relentlessly moving those hips of hers. Jasper had her at the riding rhythm he wanted and Bella draped her arms around his neck. He kissed those succulent lips of hers and Bella softly moaned. The man was lost in that kiss and he couldn’t get enough of those little moans. But whenever she cried out his name, the man was gone. He had those hips in his hold once again and bucked like there was no tomorrow. When he came… He grunted out her name, just as he used to when he had that much needed alone time. Sure, he felt a twinge of guilt at the time, but now that he knew the truth?! Hell, he wanted Bella to know just how crazy he was and still is about her. He knew that would never change. He couldn’t help but to wonder if Bella had ever pleasured herself to the thoughts of him. The mere idea had him harder than ever. What he wouldn’t give to have walked in on that. His sweet Swan calling out his name, during her most intimate of moments. Bella took off his hat then placed it back on him. She went back to kissing him and Jasper went back to rocking her against him.

“Round two?” He murmured with a wide grin.

Peter and Char couldn’t believe what they were hearing. Jasper was telling them all about Aro’s little lab and how the test subjects reacted to his DNA.

“After what I witnessed… I’m lucky Bella didn’t go up in flames.” Jasper uttered with this look of absolute horror.

This had Peter and Charlotte regarding one another in thought. They went on to reveal what Marcus had said. They told him about the legend of the sun god and how he chooses who is worthy of being turned.

“Marcus said something about it being written in the caverns. The Aztecs they’re a rare breed and considered to be endangered, as to why they keep to themselves.”

“That would certainly explain things.” Jasper replied but still… he seemed a bit off.

Hey… she’s alright.” Peter assured with that affectious smile of his.

Jasper managed to smile as well and nodded.

“We won’t let anything happen to her.” Char reassured.

“Thank you. I mean it, you two really came through. I know how you feel about the Volturi and I also know I didn’t deserve your help.”

“Hey brother, the past is the past, where it belongs. We all have our moments. I’m just glad to have you back.”

“Likewise.” Char said before pecking Jasper on the cheek.

“Of all the places… I should’ve known I’d find you here.” Jasper witted as Bella was sitting in the archives of the Volturi.

She lifted her head and Jasper nodded her direction.

“Was curious…” She murmured with a shrug.

Jasper walked on over and sat beside her. Bella looked to him in sheer amazement as he had her necklace in hand and placed it around her neck. He adjusted her hair afterward and pecked her on the lips.

“How’d you…” She trailed off then looked to the necklace in thought.

“I thought Carlisle did away with it.”

“I have my ways.” His ways, as in torturing Carlisle, until he gave him the necklace. The asshole had it on him. Jasper couldn’t believe it was in one piece, after everything he’d done to Carlisle. That necklace should’ve been no more. Carlisle admitted that he was holding onto it, just in case. Jasper figured that meant against him, as in the reveal of Bella’s demise. He wouldn’t put it past the son of a bitch.

Jasper looked to the book Bella was reading.

“Find anything interesting?”

“A few things, nothing too spectacular.”

He nodded then picked up one of the other books.



“Did you know a Didyme?”

“Why do you ask?” He questioned with interest.

“Well from the looks of things they did a lot of the record keeping for the Volturi. But it’s strange…”

“What’s that?”

“The signature changed and it’s been that way for the past century or so.” Bella said as she put up the book she was reading and grabbed another.

She went on to show Jasper.

“See?! I can’t read this signature, but it isn’t Didyme’s. This one’s handwriting…” She trailed off and narrowed her eyes as she held the book up.

Jasper looked to the signature as well and sighed.

“Aro…” He said with a frown.


Bella looked to Jasper’s scars as he was flipping through the book he had. She reached over and ran her fingers along the ones on his neck.

“I remembered when I first saw these. I couldn’t take my eyes off them. It was hard to believe that anyone, even a vampire could survive such an ordeal.”  Bella swallowed back as she traced the scars on down his chest. She could actually picture it… All those vampires ripping into his throat and Jasper fighting them off. She always wondered just how many had tried to kill him. But after seeing the God of War in action, she knew it must’ve been the same number that died in the attempt. How could anyone be foolish enough to cross him?! The more she pondered on this, the more she realized just how ignorant the Cullens and the Volturi truly were. He had the scars to prove it. No one fucks with Jasper Whitlock.

Jasper cocked a brow as he was picking up on this. He put the book down then pulled her into his lap.

“I’m guessing you want to know about my time with the Volturi…” He whispered.

Bella nodded and Jasper drew back a hesitant breath.

“It wasn’t very long. Aro and I never saw eye to eye. I never wore the crest or the robes. Everyone was a little too eager and something about it… just didn’t sit right. I might’ve believed in their cause, but that was BEFORE I discovered the truth. I didn’t need my gift of empathy to see that the very ones governing us were nothing more than monsters themselves. Now do I believe there needs to be some sort of regulation when it comes to our kind and when I say our kind, I’m talkin’ all vampires. I’ve seen firsthand what rebellion can do and will be the first to say we need direction, but not the way Aro was going about it. We need a democracy Bella, not a dictatorship. I believe vampires should have just as much as say, as us Americans when it comes to who’s governing our country.”

Bella couldn’t help but to smile. That certainly sounded like the Jasper she knew. He knew firsthand what it felt like to be controlled. First it was Maria then it was Alice, and Carlisle. Aro had tried but was unsuccessful. Bella wrapped her arms around him and rested her head against his chest. Jasper held her in return and they just sat there for a while. There was no need for words. Their connection was strong enough to pick up on how the other was feeling.

“I don’t think you’re going to find what you’re looking for.” Jasper uttered after a few minutes passed.

Bella lifted her head and he gave a simple nod.

“If Aro took over the archives after Didyme, that means the last century was nothing more than a lie. Aro’s not about to write down any of his secrets.”

Bella let out a disappointed sigh.

“Bella, the other covens are on their way. I haven’t the proper time to train you, but I need to at least try and get you prepared. I can’t very well do that if you’re hiding out here. Besides, all this reading can’t be good for you.” He taunted with a smirk.

“Now you sound like Emmett!”

Jasper chuckled.

“As to your question… Didyme was Marcus’s wife and Aro’s younger sister.” Jasper thought back to Aro’s confession.

The bastard killed his own sister…  That certainly explained why Marcus was the way he was. For the longest time the king was numb. That’s all Jasper ever picked up on when it came to Marcus. It’s like he died, right along Didyme. But now? He was so different. Jasper wondered if this was the real Marcus. The one Aro essentially destroyed. There was something about Renee Dwyer. This had Jasper looking to his mate in thought. Something about her reminded him of Didyme. Bella regarded Jasper in question as he moved her from his lap and seated her back down. He said nothing as he looked throughout the archives.


“One sec darlin’…” He said and kept up the search.

After a couple minutes, he found what he was looking for. He waved Bella over and flipped through the pages. When Jasper got to the page he was looking for, Bella let out a small gasp and clamped a hand over her mouth.

“Right?!” He uttered and Bella snatched the book right out of his hand.

“No way…” She whispered once she got a better look.

“She looks just like her!”

Jasper nodded but was quick to clear his throat. He locked eyes with the old king and the king nodded as he made his way over. Bella snapped a look his direction and Marcus sighed.

“Do you believe in second chances, Mrs. Whitlock?” He questioned as he took the book from her hold.

Bella tilted her head in question and Marcus looked to the picture of Didyme.

“Have you told her?” Bella asked.

Marcus didn’t answer and Bella shook her head in disbelief.

“Marcus… You have to tell her. If she finds out…”

“I know. But you must understand… I’m not sure what to tell her exactly.”

Jasper regarded the old king in sheer amazement. Marcus nodded his direction as if he were reading his mind.

“It can’t be…” Jasper whispered in such a way.

Bella looked to both men in wonder.


“That’s what you meant by second chances…”

“What’s going on?” Bella probed once again.

“I do believe your mother is the reincarnation of my late wife.”

Bella let out a nervous laugh.

“Say what?!”

“Bella…” Jasper called with concern.

“I’m not a hundred percent certain. In fact, if I’m to be perfectly honest, I rather pushed Didyme out of my mind. So much so… I had forgotten her face and the sound of her voice.” Marcus’s voice trembled as he told Bella his story.

Bella reached out as Marcus looked as though he might pass out. He braced himself against the bookcase and Bella placed a hand along his shoulder.

“Marcus…” She whispered and his eyes locked with hers.

“Forgive me, child… You must believe this was never my intention. This certainly explains why I felt that pull when it came to your mother.” Marcus wondered why Elizabeth hadn’t said anything about the uncanny resemblance. He wished she would have. He could see how must’ve this looked now. The vampire’s hands were shaking and he was quick to put the book away.

“Please respect my decision, let me be the one to tell her, but not right away. We have to worry about the other covens. I cannot have your mother distracted. To do so…”

“I know.” Bella interrupted in understanding.

She couldn’t get over how shaken up Marcus was. The old king gave a simple nod before exiting the archives.

“This isn’t happening…” Bella staggered back and pinched her eyes shut.

“Could my mother really be the reincarnation of Marcus’s wife? Does that shit even exist?!” She questioned while looking to Jasper with desperation.

He wished he knew for certain. But he hadn’t a clue.

“I’m not sure how to answer that one. I’m sorry.” Jasper honestly replied.

Bella thought back to Marcus’s story.

“But they were in the same room and Aro didn’t mention anything about Didyme!”

“I doubt it even occurred to him. He was rather distracted.” Jasper reminded.

“How do you think he will react?”

“Haven’t a clue.”

Bella grabbed that particular book once again and went back to the section with Didyme’s picture. Behind that page was a group photo of the Volturi. The kings were standing beside their wives and Bella regarded Jasper in thought.

“How many wives did Aro have?!”

“Too many to name after Sulpicia.”

“And what happened to her?”

“No one knows for sure. She just came up missing, out of the blue. From my understandin’ it wasn’t long after Didyme’s departure.”

“So he collected wives, like some sort of sick hobby?”

Jasper nodded.

“Jesus…” Bella muttered.

Whereas Marcus and Caius had just the one, Aro had five standing beside him.

“You and Alice would’ve been added to those, if he had his way.” Jasper made clear and Bella grew nauseas in thought.

“Would’ve added him to the neutered list.”

“Goddamn, I love you.” He uttered in pride and Bella managed to laugh.

“That’s my girl.” Jasper grabbed the book then put it back on the shelf.

He wrapped his arms around her waist.

“I don’t want you worrying on this. Marcus’s feelings are genuine. You need to trust that he’s going to take care of this and let your mother know, when he’s ready.”

“I just don’t want her getting hurt again.”

Jasper brushed her hair back with his fingers then kissed her forehead.

“Something tells me that’s not going to happen.”

Bella tilted her head in question.

“Think about it… If your mother is the reincarnation of Didyme, Marcus will do everything within his power to keep her safe. I believe Marcus’s hint about second chances had more to do with himself than that of your mother. Marcus feels as if he failed Didyme, he’s not about to let that happen again.”

“So my mother was Aro’s younger sister, Marcus’s wife, and a queen.” Bella whispered in disbelief.

“Better?” Char questioned as Bella entered the throne room.


Jasper cocked a brow as she was back in her skin tight jeans, one of her little midriffs and boots, courtesy of Charlotte of course.

“Thank you.”

Charlotte went to comment only to have Renee beat her to the punch.

“Isabella Marie Swan, what are you wearing?!”

Bella froze in place and gradually spun around.

“Mom…” She whispered looking downright humiliated and rather pissed.

Not only did she call her out in front of God and everyone, but she three named her like a fucking child. The wrong name too! She was Bella Marie Whitlock! Her mother just couldn’t grasp that. Renee flinched once she realized what she’d done.

Right… old habit.” She uttered apologetically.

Her mother let out a nervous laugh once she realized all eyes were on her, even that of Marcus. He smiled but was shaking his head as if to scold her as well.

“You look good. Suits you.” Renee said with this guilt ridden appearance.

“Thanks.” Bella said while forcing a smile.

“Still new to all this, sweetheart.” Her mother hinted.

“You and me both. It’ll take sometime to get there, but we will.” Bella reassured.

“I won’t hover. I know you hate that. I suppose that’s why you and Charlie got along so well. He let you do your own thing and that’s what I need to do. I love you.”

“Love you too, mom.”

Renee gave her daughter’s hand a slight squeeze and started to walk away. But her knees buckled out from under her and Bella’s instincts kicked in. She caught her before she hit the ground.

“MOM?!” She frantically shouted and this gathered Marcus’s attention as he was talking to Demetri.

He appeared at their side and helped Bella get her mother situated. Bella was looking her mother over as Marcus had Renee braced against him now. Renee broke into uncontrollable sobs and was looking around the palace in a panic.


This had Marcus and Bella locking eyes.

“Waiting… might not be such a good idea now.” Bella protectively hissed and Marcus sighed in understanding.

“Tell her but keep her away from Aro.”

Marcus tilted his head and cut her a look.

“With all due respect… I believe I will be calling the shots when it comes to these matters.”

Bella snatched her mother out of his hold and handed her over to Char. She took everyone by surprise when she grabbed the old king by the collar of his shirt.

“I don’t give a FUCK who you were or what you are! That’s my mother’s life you’re playing with and if she truly is who we think she is. Then you had better man the fuck up and explain all this crazy shit to her! Don’t you make her suffer!”

Marcus smiled and Bella curled her lip in response. As for Jasper, he kept quiet, but he too was smiling. He couldn’t help it. That was his girl through and through. That’s how she was when it came to her father, Bella was very protective of her loved ones and it only made him love her more. Renee wanted to comment on everything that was being said, but the memories of her past had taken over and she was beyond frightened. Jasper was trying his hardest to ease those fears with his empathy but whatever she was seeing overshadowed his gift.

“Now isn’t the time for humor.”

“Oh, this hasn’t anything to do with humor.” Marcus said with utmost respect.

“Your mother is in good hands, I give you my word.” Marcus said with a hand along his dead heart.

Bella watched as Marcus wrapped his arm around her mother then headed out of the room.

“Easy…” Char whispered as Bella’s eyes were set aflame.

The newborn was pacing the area when her fangs had made their appearance. Bella was doing her best to shake it off, but nothing seemed to help.

“You’re hungry…” Char whispered and Bella shut her eyes.

“I’m fine.”

“Go… He’ll understand. You can train whenever you get back.”

“We don’t have time.”

Char tilted her head and held up a hand as Jasper was about to intervene. She kept her eyes on Bella’s.

“Why are you so angry?” Char softly questioned and Bella had this guilt ridden look about her.

Jasper swallowed back and merely observed. He could sense his mate and Charlotte was right. This girl was boiling.

“I don’t know…” She said as if in suffering.

“I do.”

“Do you now?!” Bella retorted and Char laughed response.

“Oh hunny, you need to get that shit sorted out.” The way she said this was rather mocking and that only added to Bella’s fury.

Bella drew back the deepest of breaths. She started to walk away and Char blocked her way.

“Let’s go.”

Bella narrowed her eyes on this.


“That’s right. You and me. Let’s sort this shit out.”

“Don’t be stupid! I haven’t any beef with you!”

“But you will.”

Jasper looked on with concern. He knew what Charlotte was going for. But he also knew what happened if either one of them was pushed too far. Charlotte and Bella going up against one another?! That was a scary ass thought. Peter shared that apprehensive look but Charlotte was letting them know she had this. They had to trust that Charlotte knew what she was doing. She gave Bella a bit of a shove and this had everyone’s attention. Emmett was looking to Jasper and mouthing the words “oh shit”. It was just a little push but that’s all it took. Bella was beyond livid now.

“You’re kidding me, right?!”

“Not even a little. Come at me.” Char taunted with a daunting smirk.


“Yes you will.” Char calmly replied.



She appeared before Bella once again and made another attempt at pushing her, only to have Bella dodge it. Char peered back rather impressed and Bella rolled her eyes.

“Knock it off!”

“Char…” Jasper whispered in warning as Bella was reaching a point that was beyond anything he’d ever felt.

“Come on babe…  Leave her alone.” Peter called once he saw the look on Jasper’s face.

Charlotte ignored their warning and swung at Bella.

“SHIT!” Peter and Emmett hollered as Bella was quick to return that blow and the girls ended up in a full on brawl.

Jasper staggered back in shock as the two were battling it out, like men. There was no hair pulling or clawing. No. They were decking the living shit out of one another and neither was letting up, anytime soon. There was a solid three minutes of this, before one finally managed to get the upperhand. Jasper grimaced as it was Char. She had Bella in a chokehold. But to his and Peter’s surprise, Bella started laughing, not just any laugh, it was crazed and she had that feral look in her eyes. Char looked to Jasper in question but that was a mistake as she let her guard down in doing so. Bella reversed that hold and brought Char to the ground.

“Fuck…” Jasper uttered as Bella had her boot to Char’s throat.

Both men were getting a little tight below the belt. Char dodged Bella’s fists and proof that she wasn’t holding back was all along the marble floor. It cracked with each hit she gave. Her knuckles were caked in blood and it was running down her hand and onto Char’s face.

“COME ON! HIT ME!” Char hollered and Bella gritted her teeth as she swung, yet again, only this time she didn’t miss.

Bella hit her hard enough that the entire right side of her face was shattered and part of her ear had split. Bella looked to be in another world as she hopped to her feet but with Char in her hold. She had a hand wrapped around her throat and Char held hers up as the guys were making their way over. Bella slammed her back against one of the walls and was staring her down.

“You’re okay…” Charlotte whispered in such a way.

The newborn loosened her grip and Char gave a simple nod.

“It’s okay to be angry and there’s nothing wrong with letting it out. I’m here, anytime. We all are.”

Jasper swallowed back on Charlotte’s words and Peter smiled.

As for Bella? She just stood there and blinked a couple times. The cracks along Char’s body started to heal.

“See?! No harm done, I’m fine.” Char assured.

Bella dropped her hold and took a couple steps back.

“Oh no you don’t… Don’t you fucking do that. I’m the one that pushed you and I’ll keep pushing you! You’re a Whitlock now, it’s what we do. You needed to vent and I needed the practice.”

Char signaled for everyone to leave them be. Jasper took the hint and made everyone leave, including himself.

“What they did… You hadn’t any control. The sooner you realize that, the better off you’ll be. The better off you and Jasper will be.”

Char grabbed ahold of her and hugged her. Bella lost all composure. Char said nothing as Bella let it all out.

“It’s gonna be alright, you’ll see. Just give it time. All of this will be nothing more than a distant memory. Jasper told me how close you and Alice used to be.”

Bella lifted her head on this and Char nodded.

“Alice tended to make everything about her, always did. I couldn’t stand the bitch. I never met anyone so fake and I never understood how someone like Jasper Whitlock could fall for someone like her. But it all makes sense now. Like you, he was a victim of the Cullens and their cruel game. But you’re not a victim anymore, if anything THEY’RE the victims. Their fate lies within yours and Jasper’s hands. Now I don’t know shit about fashion and I sure as fuck don’t do manicures. But I wouldn’t mind having a few drinks. I feel a ladies night coming along, real soon, a few of those actually.”

Bella smiled in response and Char gave a simple nod. She drew back a hesitant breath however.

“He rape you?”


Charlotte had this look of relief.

“But you feel like he did.”

Bella closed her eyes but nodded.

“I’ve been there… Peter and I went through something similar, nothing NEAR this crazy, but we had a close call. He helped me through it and I know Jasper will. We lucked out, you know. They might get on our nerves and have some hella tempers, but we couldn’t ask for anything better. As to everything else… It’s gonna be alright. Your mother and Marcus, and these covens we’re about to face. We got this. Now let’s get you something to eat, before you make a buffet out of innocent tourists.”

Bella frowned in thought and Charlotte laughed.

The boys reared back when their mates came back from hunting. They were laughing about something and Char had her arm wrapped around Bella’s shoulder.

“Like barbeque…” Char muttered under her breath.

“He did!”

“I believe you. Still, I’ve never had that happen.”

“Guy tasted like fucking barbeque.”

“We should’ve switched meals.” Char teased and Bella laughed in thought.

“Great… They’re acting like us.” Peter mumbled and Jasper chuckled.

“Thought that very thing. At each other’s throats one second, laughing the next, must be a Whitlock trait.”

“Think we could get them to fight again…?” Peter asked and Jasper cocked a brow on this.

“Oh come on that was hot and you know it.”

Jasper sighed but with a bit of a smirk.

“Like you didn’t get wood from that!’

“Got wood from what?” Char asked and Peter had this deer caught in headlights expression.

“Yeah… I’m gonna let you handle that one.” Jasper muttered and took his mate by the hand.

Peter looked to him in desperation as they left him alone with Charlotte.

“Where are we?!” Bella asked as Jasper led her to a hidden area of the palace.

This particular area was used for the kings’ sick entertainment. Caius was known for holding children of the moon, shifters, and rogue vampires prisoner. He’d have them going up against one another, in a fight to the death. Your prize? You got to live another day. Jasper explained where they were exactly and the story behind it. Bella recoiled in thought. This place was massive it resembled the Colosseum arena, only it wasn’t as big. The arena could seat about a thousand spectators and the cells themselves could hold over a hundred.

“I brought you here because it’s the perfect area for training. We have plenty of room and once you and I get a few things sorted out, I can get everyone else in here. I just hope we have enough time. I have to focus on you first, as the others are a little more knowledgeable. That’s not to say you can’t hold your own, I’ve seen it. But I won’t take any risks. I need you at your best.”

After seeing Bella in action, he could pinpoint her strengths and weaknesses now. Whereas Bella was one hell of a powerhouse, she lacked when it came to defense. That and she let her emotions get in the way. This was something he noticed when she was dealing with Edward and Alice. He had to get her in that battlefront frame of mind and out of that seek and destroy mindset. They were two different things entirely. Jasper needed her to think like a Whitlock, but that wasn’t going to be easy. She was the only one without actual military or combat experience. She hadn’t seen or been through what they had.

There was a sheer amount of covens making their way to Volterra and if they decided not to hear Jasper out and fought in the name of the Volturi. It would become a full on war. Lives would be lost. Jasper wasn’t backing down, not from this. He had to get his point across. The Volturi was truly gone. It no longer existed. As of now… he was running the show. All he wanted… was to be heard.

Bella bent down and picked up one of the chains they had used on the Children of the Moon. It was connected to the ground and Bella shook her head as she looked others along the ground.

“Jesus…” She whispered with a heavy heart.

Jasper swallowed back as she scoped out the rest of the area. There were massive cages, chains, and shock collars. Bella curled her lip as she picked up one of the collars.

“You can’t be serious!” She snapped with a look Jasper’s direction.

“The Kings hadn’t anything better to do with their time. Now you understand what I meant by monsters. I wouldn’t pledge myself to something like that.”

Bella had that pitfall feeling when she saw the smaller cages.

That was Caius…  When Aro found out, he put a stop to it. It was one of the few times where the kings got into it. Aro hadn’t a clue that Caius had been trapping and capturing their offspring. Aro had the children released and he and Caius got into physical altercation over it. It ended with Aro handing Caius his ass and as punishment, Caius was sentenced into one of those small cages. He spent a good week in that cage. The subject was never brought up again.”

“Aro punished another king?!”

Jasper nodded.

“There might’ve been three kings but Aro always had last say, no matter the situation.”

“Then what was the point of the other two?”


Jasper took her by the hand then spun her around. He brought her up against him, brushed her hair back then looked her in the eyes.

“You ready?”

“Depends…  Are we about to train or fuck?” She teased as to his playful demeanor.

“Hmmm…” He hummed while running his hands along her ass.

“Now darlin’, there’s always training while fucking but that’s not the kind of training you need right now. We’ll have plenty of time for that later on. And trust me when I say I got loads to teach.” He said with a wink and Bella laughed.

She was taken back as Jasper kissed her and took his time with that kiss. He put his forehead to hers afterward.

“You won’t like me after this… So I had better apologize now. I’m goin’ inta the Major frame of mind and I’m gonna be a little hard on ya. As of now you’re not my wife or mate, you’re one of my newborns, just as Peter and Char was. You’re about to get a taste of what they had.”

Bella nodded in understanding and Jasper narrowed his eyes as he got a good read on her.

“Aren’t you the least bit scared?” He uttered.

“I trust you.”

“Hm. You might be eating those words here soon.”

“I don’t want you to treat me any different. I want to be able to hold my own.”

“Bella darlin’, it’s not always about holding your own. I can’t count how many times I had to rely on Peter or Char for that matter. That’s the point of having a coven. Sometimes it takes a little teamwork to get shit done. There’s nothing with that. But I need you at the point where you can stand your ground, at least until one of us can get over there to help. That and you never know when you’ll be outnumbered. These covens… You haven’t a clue what we’re getting into. They have gifts of their own and they aren’t going to be too happy with me. You’re my mate and that just puts you in the line of fire. They might hurt you in order to get to me. We have to consider all possibilities and get you prepared, as best as we can.”

Jasper took off his jacket then tossed it into one of the seats. He leaped on down into the actual arena. He combed his hair back with his fingers and waved Bella over. She leaped on down as well and they circled one another.

“No holding back. I mean it, Bella. I need to see what you’re fully capable of. Don’t worry about hurting me. I want to see what I saw when you were dealing with Char. Only this time… get those emotions of yours in check. They’re all over the place. If you focus on the anger, it’ll blind you to everything else. It’ll dull your senses and you won’t be as sharp as to what’s going on around you. So all that shit with your mother and Marcus, everything with the Cullens, and your father’s death. I need you to leave that behind. Focus on what’s in front of you, only at this very moment, I’m your enemy, understood?”


“You’re conflicted…” He muttered with a frown.

“I’m sorry. It’s just hard to see you as my enemy.” She admitted and Jasper nodded in understanding.

“If it gets to be too much I have a backup plan. But for now… let’s just get this over with.”

Bella tilted her head on how he growled that last part. He wouldn’t admit it but Jasper was struggling with this as well. He just got her back and here they were facing off, just in order to get her prepared. He had no choice but to handle this himself. Bella needed to be trained, by the best. Jasper gave no warning whatsoever and dived after her. Bella let out a grunt as he knocked her to the ground. She was quick to dodge his blows. The major found himself rather impressed as she succeeded in rolling out from under him. She hopped back to her feet and he came after her again. Bella barely managed to step out of the line of fire. Jasper smiled amongst himself but spun back around. He grabbed her from behind and was dragging her back with his arm around her neck. Bella flung her head back and jabbed her elbow into his gut, as hard as she could. Jasper let out a painful grunt and dropped his hold. Bella cringed once she saw the damage to his lip and nose. She went to comment, only to have Jasper slam her up against a wall. He shook his head in a scolding manner.

“Emotions… Turn that shit off, Bella. Quit worrying about me!” But as he said this he felt like a goddamn hypocrite. It took all will not to react himself. He knew she’d heal and be fine, but he felt like downright abusive. Vampire or not… He didn’t like the idea of hurting his girl. He wasn’t used to these feelings. He never felt so conflicted. Here he was telling her to turn it off, when he couldn’t. He loosened his grip and closed his eyes for a brief moment.

“You gotta help me out here…” When he opened his eyes and they locked with hers.

“We don’t have time for this shit, baby. Come on. Your emotions are fucking with mine.” He accused but deep down he knew that wasn’t exactly true. Jasper was frustrated because he found it hard to treat like one of his newborns. There was too much history and he’d seen this girl in pain, one too many times. Being the one behind it now, royally sucked! He let out a miserable laugh once he realized he called her baby. That was a big no-no. She was his newborn and he was her mentor, nothing more. He couldn’t afford to see this any other way. To do so could cost Bella her life.

“Alright, one more time.” He muttered before dropping his hold.

“Only you’re first this time.”

Bella sort of laughed.

“I have an odd request.”

“And that is?”

“Blindfold me.”

Jasper reared back and Bella nodded.

Please. Just do it.”

“How will you see?”

“We’re vampires…” She said as if to say duh.

Jasper chuckled.

“Alright. I can do that.”

Jasper seemingly vanished into thin air and it wasn’t long before he returned. He appeared behind her and put on the blindfold.

“You actually found one?!” She questioned in surprise.

The major didn’t comment, considering he took this from the Volturi’s pleasure room. The room was filled with sexy lingerie, and toys. In fact, that’s where Jasper found the whip he was using. Jasper chuckled in thought of Bella finding that room. Part of him hoped she would, just to see her reaction.

“Tighter…” She whispered and Jasper cocked a brow on this.

“You sure this isn’t leading to some sort of kink thing?” He teased and Bella laughed.

Jasper cleared his throat as he was getting aroused. What he wouldn’t give to try some of those things on Bella, much less see her in some of that lingerie.

“How’s that?”


Bella let out a breath of relief as she couldn’t see him now. She could hear every little step he took and was picking up on the vibrations of his body. Bella gave herself a couple minutes to adjust. She felt better knowing she didn’t have to look him in the eyes.

“I’m ready and no holding back.” She said with this whole different vibe.

Jasper tilted his head as she even appeared to be standing taller. Her emotions were intact and she was calmer than ever. Jasper didn’t comment and took stance before her. He couldn’t help but to chuckle as she damn near knocked him to the ground. He barely managed to get out of the way in time. Within seconds, she zipped back around. Jasper found it a true struggle, staying on his feet. He had his hands wrapped around her arms and kicked her feet out from under her. He took her to the ground but rolled his eyes as he had a hard on from hell. He shook his head as the two rolled about and was taking jabs at one another.

“Shit…” He uttered as he blocked her attempt at kneeing him in the crotch.

That would’ve hurt like a bitch. Jasper couldn’t believe how turned on he was. He was rather irate with himself. He just got on to her about how they needed to focus and push past their relationship. Yet here he was damn near humping her leg. There was just something about that blindfold. It brought out that dominate side of him and all he could think about is the things he wanted to do, while she was wearing that. Bella somehow reversed the hold he had on her and she was on top of him now. Jasper grimaced knowing she could feel it now. Dammit… he thought. Bella froze and took off the blindfold.

“Are you…”

He let out a miserable sigh and nodded.


“It’s the fucking blindfold. It’s messing with my head.”

She looked to the blindfold in misunderstanding.

“I don’t get it.” She said after placing it on him and looking to it in question. She took it off and still… she had that puzzled mien about her.

That just further proved how much of a tool Edward was. Two damn years and the girl hadn’t a real clue. Bella was too innocent for her own damn good and that only added to his situation. Just the mere idea of corrupting her… had him all kinds of worked up. He’d done his share already but he was far from done. He’d turn her into his little sex kitten. He’d have her begging for more.

“Jasper…” She whispered as he was throbbing below.

Jasper sighed then rolled her back over. He pinned one of her wrists down, took the blindfold from her hold then pocketed it.

“For later…” He muttered under his breath.

“Thought you were training her…” Peter taunted as he walked up on them.

Jasper cleared his throat and was quick to roll off her. He shot to his feet and helped Bella to hers.

“I remember those days.” Peter said with a wide grin.

“Char and I couldn’t spar for shit, always led to fucking, Hell, it still does!”

Peter sent Jasper a grin of utter mockery.

“But I didn’t think anyone could throw the god of war off his game!”

“Shut it.” Jasper warned and Peter laughed.

“Just delivering a message. Mutts say they’re ready.”

Bella looked to the boys in question.


Peter headed off and Jasper looked around the arena.

“Hope you’re ready.”


He whistled out and the doors to the arena opened. Leah, Seth, and Jacob stepped out in full on shifter form. Bella looked to Jasper and he gave a simple nod.

“Defense… That’s what I want you focusing on. Do not approach or attack, unless they attack you first!”

Before Bella could even get him to explain his reasoning…

“Run.” He said in such a way and Bella snapped her head back towards the shifters.

Her jaw dropped as the shifters were coming right for them. Jasper took her by the hand.

“Go goddammit!” He hollered as they ran throughout the arena.

Jasper dropped his hold and leaped towards one of the higher levels of the arena. Bella slid on under one of the seating sections and let out a bit of a surprised yelp as one of the shifters was ripping the chairs, right out of the ground. Bella rolled onto her back and just in time, she made a cross with her arms and blocked Leah’s attack. Her claws sliced right through her flesh and it burned like hell. Bella kicked her feet out and sent the shifter flying back. She took off running, yet again. She recoiled when she saw Jacob and Seth taking Jasper on. This made her nervous as she knew Jacob wouldn’t hold back. Then again, neither would Jasper. Seth? She wasn’t so sure about. Bella could feel Leah’s presence as she was directly behind her now. Bella dropped down and used one of the chairs as a shield.

“OH SHIT!” She shouted as Leah chomped her way through the chair, like it was nothing.

Bella socked her across the face as she took a snap at her.

“Sorry!” She called then took off once again.

She could’ve sworn Leah gave a wolf-like snicker. She would be enjoying this… Bella bitterly thought. Bella felt someone coming to her left and damn near screamed as it was Jacob. He was sailing right for her and she knew Leah wasn’t far away. Bella did the only thing she could think off. She leaped into the air and just in time, as this caused Jacob and Leah to crash into one another.

“Nice!” She heard Jasper holler and she smiled amongst herself.

They kept this up for another five minutes. She hadn’t realized that Jasper was kicked back and had been watching for the past three of those five minutes. He had all three shifters chasing her down and was observing as she handled the situation. It wasn’t until she passed by him that she came to a stop. He had his legs crossed and they were draped over the chair across from him.

“What the…” She muttered and Jasper flinched as Seth knocked her to the ground.

Seth opened his mouth and acted as if he was about to take a bite out of her. Leah and Jacob died of laughter however as he licked her cheek instead.

“Seth…” Bella groaned looking somewhat embarrassed.

Seth gave one of those wolf-like snickers before transforming and helping Bella to her feet.

“Not bad…” Leah said surprising Bella once again.

“Um thanks…”

“You alright?” She asked while pointing to the marks along Bella’s arms.

They were pretty deep and she was bleeding all over the place.

“Yeah. They’ll heal.”

“Sorry bout that.” Leah uttered but with this sarcastic air.

“Sure you are…” Bella taunted in return.

Jasper however was focused on Seth. He couldn’t help but to laugh amongst himself. Little shit still had it had for Bella. So did Jacob but Seth’s feelings were a little more on the innocent side. Jasper got the sense that it wasn’t just a crush. Seth rather looked up to Bella. There was this strange sense of admiration. Just the way the kid looked at her… it was written all over his face. Jacob snapped Seth a look however as if giving him warning.

“Knock it off…” Jacob warned and Jasper spoke up on this.

“You first…”

“I wasn’t talking to you.”

“I know you weren’t. But you were being an ass. Get over yourself.”

Jacob went to fire back on this and Leah stopped him.

“You promised.” She whispered in reminder.

Jacob looked to Bella in thought and sighed. Jasper went on to shake the shifters’ hands and thanked them for helping out. The shifters headed off and Jasper checked his mate over.

“C’mere…’ He murmured then gestured for Bella to feed off him.

Jasper closed his eyes when she bit down. He ran a soothing hand along her back.

“Thatta girl…” He said once she finished.

Her arms were fully healed now. Jasper licked the blood off her lips then hummed amongst himself.

“You did good darlin’, real good.”

“You sure about that?” She questioned as if unsure of herself.

“Yeah sweetness, you were kickass.” He said with a wink.

“Go run yourself a bath. Relax, while you can.”

“What about you?”

“I got a few things to take care of, before the other covens arrive.”

“Let me help.”

“I’m afraid this isn’t something you can help me with. I took over a kingdom and turning shit around. It’s gonna take some work.”

Bella nodded in understanding and ran a hand along his chest. Jasper cocked a brow as he was sensing something. What he wouldn’t give… but every second counted. Jasper lifted her chin then looked her in the eyes.

“I’ll more than make up for it, I promise. I’ll teach you all about that blindfold, just as soon as this bullshit’s over.”

Bella smiled and Jasper sent her about her way. That damn near killed him. He wanted nothing more than to join her. But knew he’d end up making a marathon of it. He had to push those thoughts aside, for now. Still, it was a nice change of pace, having someone that lusted for you, just as much as you lusted for them. He couldn’t get enough, as to why it pained him when he sensed her desires.

“Dammit…” Jasper groaned then looked towards his dick.

“We’re wrecking that, first chance we get!” He announced before getting down to business.

“Mom?” Bella called.

She’d just had her shower and was looking for her mother. No matter where she looked, she couldn’t find Marcus or Renee anywhere. No one had a clue where they were either. Bella grew somewhat apprehensive. Bella headed into the Volturi prison. She checked Carlisle and Aro over. Both were still intact and starving. Bella could see where Jasper had recently tortured them. Carlisle was missing a few fingers and his skin was cracked all over.

Bella made her way to Aro’s cell.

“Have you seen Marcus?” She couldn’t believe she was asking him.

But she’d grown desperate. She wanted to make certain her mother was okay. Aro gathered this curious expression.

“Why do you ask?”

“Just answer the question.”

“No I haven’t.”

Bella drew back a frustrated breath.

“Is he missing?”

Bella didn’t answer and looked back to Carlisle.

“Comfy?” She witted and Carlisle lifted his head.

He tried calling out to her but the device Jasper had him in muffled his words.

“Afraid I didn’t hear you…”

Bella exited the prison and she was on her way to her way to the throne room, when she heard someone arguing. Bella narrowed her eyes and froze halfway down the hall. She cranked her head the direction in which the arguing was coming from. Bella followed the voices and they lead her to the Volturi kitchen. Bella peeked into the room but was quick to duck out of sight. It was Marcus and her mother.

“He killed me, in cold blood!” Renee spat and Bella recoiled on her mother’s behalf.

She couldn’t imagine what she must be going through. How do you take that sort of news?!

“Didyme…” Marcus whispered, like he was in agony.

“Renee…” She corrected.

“It doesn’t matter the name you carry. You’ll always be my Didyme.”

Bella’s heart sank on this. He sounded so sincere, yet so sad.

“But I’ve had this whole other life! I mean there were the dreams and that feeling of déjà vu, but I didn’t remember any of it, until now! I can’t even fathom this, it’s too much! What will my daughter think?!”

“I think we should focus on you and what you’re going through at the moment.”

“No. I made that mistake once before and I lost her!”

“Renee my dear, you won’t lose her. She loves you.”

“I know she loves me. But I thought she died and if you want to get technical, she did!”

“But so did you…” Marcus reminded with a warm smile.


“Marcus…” Renee said behind a groan.

Bella swallowed back and stole another glance. Marcus had his arms wrapped around her mother and was loving on her.

“I gave you my word. We’ll face Aro, together, when the time is right. We mustn’t go against Mr. Whitlock’s wishes. He’s come a long way and we mustn’t interfere. To do so would erase everything he and your daughter have done. Please understand and quit fighting me on the matter.”

Bella ducked out of sight, yet again and leaned against the wall for a moment. She was trying her hardest to picture her mother as this Didyme. She wondered what her life was like, before Aro took her life. What was Didyme and Marcus’s relationship like? Bella had so many questions but was afraid it would only bring back horrible memories for her mother. She’d been through enough and that was the last thing she wanted, adding to her mother’s misery.


Bella opened her eyes and Emmett was making his way down the hall.

“You alright?”


“You sure?”

“Just a lot going on, that’s all.”

Emmett nodded in understanding.

“I think someone needs some fresh air.” He said while wrapping his arm around her and leading her outside the palace.

“I know we can’t go far, but figured you could use the break.”

They kicked back by the fountain and watched as the sun set.

“So you don’t sparkle and all that crazy shit, huh?!” Emmett randomly put and Bella snorted.

“Fraid not.”


Bella raised her brows on this.

“Come on Bella, who wants to be a vampire that fucking sparkles?! That shit’s humiliating.” He teased and Bella died of laughter.

“Oh Em, you really are something else.”

“Yeah but you love me.”

“Yeah I do, you big oaf.”

Emmett smiled but grew somewhat serious.

“I thought you’d hate me…” he whispered in such a way.

Bella looked over and cringed. He had this pitiful look about him.

“I could never hate you. Honestly… I wasn’t even mad at you, not really. I was mad at myself. If I had been more forthcoming with Jasper, a lot of this could’ve been prevented.”

“He should’ve been honest with you as well.”

Bella nodded in agreement.

“I loved them Emmett, both of them. I couldn’t hurt them like that…” Bella recoiled in memory.

“It was killing me. That last year with Edward, all I could think about was Jasper. But he was married and to one of my best friends. I thought the world of Alice and…” Bella trailed off as she was getting somewhat emotional.

“I know.” Emmett pulled her in for a hug then kissed the top of her head.

“That’s what I love about you. Always putting everyone else’s needs above your own. You’ve been like that since day one. But there comes a time where a little selfishness is needed. It wasn’t fair to you or Jasper. What they did…” Emmett drew back a breath on this.

“So fucked up, everything about this is. When does it end?”

“That’s what I’m starting to wonder. It’s been one hell of a domino effect. It isn’t just the covens we have to worry about. These Aztec vampires are searching for Jasper now.”

“But isn’t he like their god?”

“That’s so fucking trippy…” Bella muttered.

“Right?! So what’s it like… being mated to a god?!”

Bella shook her head but smiled.

“Pretty hot.” She replied with a shrug and Emmett died of laughter.

“Oh man, we really did corrupt you!”

“Sure did.”

“I couldn’t be happier!” Emmett said like that of a proud parent.

“I’m sorry about Rose…”

“I’m not.”

Bella looked to Emmett in shock.

“I had a choice to make… Life without my little sister or life without my wife. I know I made the right choice.”

Bella got a little teary eyed and Emmett was a bit choked up as well.

“None of that now. You’re gonna make my mascara run.” He teased and Bella gave a tearful laugh.

“I made myself perfectly clear!” Bella heard as she and Emmett entered the palace.

The newborn swallowed back as the voice belonged to Jasper. He was beyond livid and yelling at someone over the phone.

“I said I had a score to settle with your son. Nothing you say will change my mind. What’s done is done and if you have an issue, you can deal with me, personally. I’ll be waiting…” Jasper hung up and threw the phone across the room.

Bella knew that must’ve been Elizabeth Mason on the phone. She must’ve set Edward free. Bella went to say something on this but froze. Jasper cranked his head back.

“Bella?” He called with concern.

She could’ve sworn someone standing directly behind her. But that wasn’t possible as it was just the three of them. The others were off in the arena sparring. That’s what had Jasper so pissed. Elizabeth interrupted him, just to let him know that she had released her son. She was begging for some sort of truce, but Jasper wasn’t having it.

“What is it?” Emmett questioned.

“I thought someone was here…” Bella muttered feeling rather foolish.

Tried as she might, she couldn’t shake that feeling, like someone was watching her every move. She was so shaken up; Jasper had Emmett keep an eye on her as he checked all throughout the palace, inside, out. But he didn’t see or sense anything out of the ordinary.

“Nothing…” He said once he returned.

“Must’ve been my imagination…”

Jasper tilted his head as that wasn’t like Bella at all. Since when did she imagine such things? Maybe she was under too much stress. He let it go for now knowing they hadn’t much time. Emmett and Bella followed Jasper into the arena. Bella watched in amazement as shifters, children of the moon, and vampires were sparring against one another. Emmett chuckled at her reaction.

“Just one big supernatural circus!” He teased and went on to join in on the fun.

“Oh sure, the blood sucking Brady Bunch.” Bella witted and Emmett cocked a brow.

“Dude, you totally quoted the Frog Brothers!” He said in awe and Jasper laughed.

Jasper wrapped his arms around Bella’s waist. He had his head resting against her shoulder as they watched.

“Is that… Mom?!” She said as Renee and Marcus were amongst them as well.

“They’ve been at this for a while. Marcus is very protective. Watch…”

Bella couldn’t believe what she was seeing. If anyone so much as looked at her mother crossly, Marcus attacked. Bella could see where Marcus was giving her mother advice off and on. But he wouldn’t let anyone near her. They observed in silence. Jasper decided it was best if they went ahead and called it a day. Everyone needed their rest and the vampires needed to hunt. The covens would arrive any moment now. He hated being so short on time. His girl could really use the extra training.

But after everything her body and mind had been through, he couldn’t afford to take that risk. She needed as much rest as she could get. He could sense just how physically drained she felt, even with her body healing and all the times she’d fed. That’s why he kept offering his blood as well. Besides, the fact that it was a major turn on.

As for Jasper? He never felt more alive. He was on top of his game and ready for anything. He felt as though he were back in his war days. Aside from the army of newborns and all that mess Maria had him in, he missed this feeling. The Cullens kept that feral side of him at bay. Now that he was free to live and feed how he wished, he couldn’t imagine going back to that dull way of life. This had him breathing his mate in. That heady feeling hit and his eyes rolled into the back of his head. She had his mouth watering and he was getting riled up all over again. He couldn’t get over how different she made him feel. Thanks to Bella, he was himself again. He owed her the world. If she hadn’t entered his life, he could only imagine how things would’ve ended for him. Alice Brandon… Till death do them part and as a vampire that could’ve been for a VERY long time. He frowned in thought. But what had him even more appalled was the idea of watching Bella go through with that engagement. Making the same mistakes he made, when it came to Alice. The mere idea had him wanting to give Edward another beat down and then some. Edward wouldn’t have thought twice about making her go through with that wedding. That’s what angered Jasper the most. Edward knew Bella didn’t want that marriage, but that’s how he did things. When it came to Bella, Edward had a way of blackmailing her into whatever he wanted. “You want me to turn you?! Then you have to marry me first!” What in the flying fuck was that shit anyhow? Wasn’t being turned the bigger commitment?! Marriage was nothing but a fucking piece of paper and nowadays that was pretty much it, just a fucking piece of paper. The divorce rate skyrocketed as time went by and people were more likely to commit infidelity, like it was nothing. Jasper wanted more. He wanted her everything. He didn’t care how selfish that made him sound. He couldn’t control those feelings. But he also knew in order to get that… he had to give her his and that’s just what he was going to do. Jasper smiled as he thought back to Bella referring to him as her husband. That had the vampire on cloud nine.

Jasper drew back an annoyed breath. He was getting too riled up and he had a lot of work ahead of him still. He kissed her neck then dropped his hold. He whistled out and everyone stopped what they were doing. He suggested that they hunt and get some rest while they can. It wouldn’t be long now… No one argued against this and went their separate ways. None of them went too far however, just in case the other covens showed.

“Jasper…” Bella called and he craned his neck her direction.

“Maybe you should take a break yourself. Hunt.”

Jasper smiled then took her hands into his own.

“I will, just as soon as I have everything wrapped up here.”

“What else is there?”

“I’ve yet to pay Aro and Carlisle another visit and I’ve got somethings to set up, just in case of an attack.”

Bella nodded and looked to be in thought.

“What needs to be done with Aro and Carlisle?”

“The daily torture we vowed.”

“And the set up?”

“Much like that of what I did for Aro…” He hinted with a wink.

“Okay, why don’t I worry about Aro and Carlisle? You take a breather and hunt. I’ll help you set up when you get back.”

“Hmmm… Alright darlin’, got yourself a deal. Just watch your back with those two. Don’t let them fool you into anything.”

“Have some faith in me…”

“Oh I do, more than you’ll ever know.”

He smacked her on the ass then went about his way. Bella nodded amongst herself and started towards the prison.

Bella was at the entrance when she heard a man’s voice.


It wasn’t one she recognized and the way he said her name was damn near threatening. The newborn spun around then looked around the room. “Hello?” She called but saw no one. That feeling of being watched returned and Bella shook her head. Was she losing her ever-loving mind?! She did her best to shrug this off and headed on down the stairs. Bella made her way to the table her husband had set up. There were many torture devices to choose from. She skimmed through each of them and sent Aro and Carlisle a malicious grin.

“And where is your worst half today, Belladonna?”

Bella lifted her eyes on this.

“You really think he’s the worst half?!” She witted, while holding one of the shock collars.

Aro smiled and hummed amongst himself.

“A little too chipper considering…”

“Maybe I enjoy your company.”

“Even with the knowledge of what’s to come?” She asked while putting the collars around their necks.

She grabbed the remote and tested the collars out. The cold ones jumped and their bodies began to spasm. Bella leaned against Carlisle’s cell and merely observed as she put them through a series of electric currents. Bella wrinkled her nose as they started to smell and the area around their necks was starting to flake off into ashes. She let out a sigh of disappointment knowing she had to stop. She removed the collars but regarded Aro in sheer amazement as he started laughing.

“How I wish I would’ve chosen the right one.”

Bella gathered the meaning behind that and curled her lip in disgust.

“Oh no, you picked the right one. It takes a real nutcase to follow in your footsteps. Don’t let it go to your head. She was desperate and had nowhere else to go. The same goes for the others. You were fucked, from the very beginning and never even knew it.” Bella said before giving him a scornful slap across the cheek.

Aro was quick to holler out however as Bella took one of his fingers directly after. She stuffed it into his mouth then forced it down his throat.

“Thought you might be hungry. Choke on that for a bit.”

She stepped on out of the cell, grabbed the whip, and gave Aro his daily lashes. Once she finished she put everything away and locked his cell. She held on to that whip however as she made her way back to Carlisle’s cell. Aro looked on as Bella stripped Carlisle of all his clothing.

“Belladonna?” Aro questioned but with this amused air about him.

Bella ignored him and tossed the doctors clothes aside. Bella thought back to all the humiliation and all the times he touched her inappropriately. She winced as she thought back to when she first met Carlisle. He had her and everyone else fooled, even that of her father. Everyone thought the world of Carlisle Cullen. A low growl escaped her and Aro tilted his head as her eyes opened and that flame within was brighter than ever. She took that whip to every part of Carlisle’s body, over and over. Carlisle begged for mercy but she couldn’t hear it. Jasper had that device cemented onto his face and it wasn’t coming off, unless Jasper himself took it off. When finished, she made her way around and spit in his face.

“You will stay like that and you will die like that. Understood?!” She declared as she burned his clothes in a nearby barrel.

Bella locked his cell up as well and was just about to give them their last dose of torture for the day. Jasper always fed before he left and made them watch. He had a particular cell filled with humans that devoted their lives to the Volturi. These humans weren’t to be touched as there weren’t many left and Jasper wanted them there, just for the sole purpose of making them watch as he drained them dry.

Bella grabbed the key to that particular cell and was in attempts to unlock the door, when she was snatched out of thin air and violently thrown across the room. Bella let out a grunt as her body crashed through the table with all the torture devices. Before she could even get to her feet, she was given a swift kick to the ribs. Bella let out this gurgle-like gasp as she was choking on her own blood. The vampire was lifted up off the ground and by the throat. The newborn wrapped her hands around whomever it was wrists. She could feel them but couldn’t see them.

Aro cried for help and struggled in his chains. He did whatever he could think of to break free and help, but there was no breaking out of those restraints Jasper had him in. Aro couldn’t explain it, but seeing this newborn violently attacked like this, had him beyond livid. There was something about her, something that made him want to reach out to her. Bella was dragged into one of the other cells and like Aro and Carlisle; she was shackled and chained to the wall and floor.

“SOMEBODY HELP HER!” Aro hysterically shouted as the young vampire was stabbed repeatedly and in the most gruesome of ways.

They slit her throat last and Aro tilted his head as her attacker spoke.

 “Look at all that blood… amazing.”

Bella was locked away and left to bleed.

Jasper had just finished with his hunt, when he picked up on Bella’s distress. He could not only sense but feel the attack. Jasper wasted no time and rushed on back to the palace.

Aro snapped his head towards the stairs as someone was making their way down.

“BELLA!” The woman frantically shouted.

Aro couldn’t believe his eyes as the she was in attempts to break into the cell.

“MARCUS!” She screamed in terror.

Marcus appeared by her side and he too recoiled at the sight. He went on to help as they were searching for the key.

“Didyme…?” Aro heartbrokenly called.

Renee hadn’t heard him as she was desperate to get to her daughter. A puddle of blood had formed beneath and it was spreading about the prison. Their shoes were covered in Bella’s blood.


Before he even had the chance to remark about the missing key, they felt a gust of wind, the cell opened and Renee clamped a hand over her mouth as it was Jasper. He was quick to free Bella of the shackles and chains. Jasper used his teeth to rip through the flesh of his wrist and put it to Bella’s mouth. He recoiled at the sight of her throat being slit. The young vampire was covered in stab wounds. Marcus held Renee back, so she wouldn’t interfere with Bella’s healing process. He covered her face and buried it within his chest, so she wouldn’t see her daughter suffer.

“It can’t be…” Marcus heard Aro whisper.


Marcus cut Aro a look of absolute hell and Aro swallowed back on this.

“Is it really her?”

Marcus didn’t answer and turned his attention back to Bella.

“SHIT!” Jasper hollered as this was nothing more than a distraction.

“Marcus…” Jasper hinted as his senses were going ninety to nothing.

“On it.” Marcus took Renee then rushed on out.

The old king was quick to gather the others and let them know that one of the covens had made their way into the palace. Only they hadn’t a clue which. They didn’t know anyone with that particular gift and why was Bella the target?! Jasper suspected they might come after his girl but nothing like this! This was way too personal. Why was it so personal?! His hands shook as he did whatever he could to get her to heal.

“God dammit.” He muttered under his breath.

Jasper picked up on an all too familiar scent, one he hadn’t sensed in years. Before he could even get a word out on this, the Mexican coven appeared before him.

“She’s cute. Young and foolish but cute.”

“Maria…” he hissed but with a touch of shock.

What in the hell was Maria doing here? What interest would Maria have when it comes to anything to do with the Volturi?! Jasper tilted his head and got a better read on her. He rolled his eyes in disbelief. This hadn’t anything to do with the Volturi, but him.

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12 thoughts on “Chapter 11 Shackles, Ropes, and Chains”

  1. I was hoping for some smooth sailing for Jasper and Bella for a while. But no……. I wonder if one of Maria’s group hurt her or the Aztecs hurt her…. hmmm…….. I am glad that Alice is dead and burned. I wonder if Edward will get away without any punishment.
    Renee being Didyme will hopefully fuck with Aro’s head a lot. Carlisle still makes me sick though. Great action packed chapter. 🙂

  2. Wow. you have done it again thrown me for a loop and then yanked me right back. Renee being Didyme… that is a change that is truly rarely and well for once i am glad that Marcus doesn’t have to die in a story. and he has his mate back so he can help them in any way. as for Alice.. well that is the fast vampire divorce ever without any complaints lol. I was wondering if Maria was going to appear everything was going to smooth for the moment. especially since she was rescued from Carlisle and I am so glad she got her necklace back that jasper had given her. I see your muse inspired a hell of a chapter within you. I hope she does it again soon. This chapter is once again a masterpiece Update again soon. until then. Happy New Year to you and yours! *bows*

  3. Holy shit balls Harley! Here I am just laying I bed reading before I go to sleep, thinking this us just gonna be a calm chapter….NOPE. You are just such an amazing writer. I started reading your stories at the same time I started reading Bertie Botts and Cuinawen. Urgh, just keep writing, we understand that you gave a busy life, but when you take the time to update and share, it means so much ❤.
    Ps: Do you know what happened to Bertie and Cuinawen?

    1. Thank you ❤ . That truly means a lot. As to Bertie and Cuinawen. I imagine Bertie's just busy in general, so it makes it hard for her to write/update anything lately. Cuinawen has been quite ill off and on and hasn't been able to write as of late.

  4. AMAZEBALLS!!!!!! Poor Jasper and Bell can’t seem to get a breather but at least the smuts always burning hot!🔥 Hopefully there will be a Little Whitlock somehow on the way! 😘 Keep up the great work!!!!! 💞

  5. Nice of the Quileutes to show up. Now all Jacob has to do is keep his thoughts to himself. Buried deep. Seth may have a crush on Bella, but that’s kind of a hero worship thing.

    Renee and Marcus should get along fine.

    I figured Bella would get in trouble down in the dungeon, but thought it would be from Aro.

    A vampire that can be invisible! Maria lucked out there. Guess she doesn’t like Bella being in her way of getting Jasper back.

    Jasper’s just going to have to kick her ass.

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