Chapter 12 – The Uprising

Chapter 12 – The Uprising

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“It’s been how long…?” Jasper growled as he held his mate.

“Too long,” Maria replied with a devilish grin.

“Oh come now… Don’t be so moody, you know I hate that.”

“What do you want?”

“Well, I heard about you overthrowing the Volturi had had to see it for myself. I always knew you had it in you. Congrats!”

“Piss off Maria and take your pathetic coven with you!”

“That pathetic coven just handed your girl her ass. You should’ve seen her. I mean honestly… she’s the pathetic one. I thought Alice Brandon was something. But I do believe you went down a few pegs with this one. Such a shame. She’s got the looks but not the brains. You were better off with me, and you know it. We made quite the team, you and me.”

“Oh Maria darlin’, you haven’t a fucking clue. Alice is dead. I’m afraid you’re in for a very rude awakening. “

Maria laughed as if amused.

“Jasper?” Bella weakly muttered as she came to.

Jasper ignored Maria’s presence and went on to check his mate over. Maria tilted her head and merely observed as Jasper was very attentive and loving.

“What happened?” The newborn questioned.

She hadn’t taken notice of Maria. Jasper let out a frustrated sigh as he brushed Bella’s hair back.

“Let’s just say another dreaded ex has entered the picture.”

Bella narrowed her eyes in question.

“What are you talking about?”

Jasper turned her head Maria’s direction, and Maria smiled then waved.

“Hello there.” She cheerfully greeted.

“Bella this is Maria. Maria, Bella.”

Bella sat up on this, and she gawked at Maria in disbelief.

“What in the HELL is she doing here?!” Bella hissed.

“That’s what I’d like to know.”

“I believe I made myself perfectly clear.” Maria declared, and Jasper shook his head.

“So it was her? Is she the one that attacked me?!” Bella said through gritted teeth.

“You really are adorable, but I’m afraid I can’t take the credit for that one… That was my treasured Johnathon.”


Bella curled her lip as the cold one made his appearance. His likeness was uncanny to Jasper’s. This had Bella doing a double take and Jasper himself couldn’t believe what he was seeing. They had the same hair, eyes, and shave.

“Don’t be so dramatic; I wanted to see what you were capable of. I knew you’d be just fine. See?! You’re healing already. Though I must admit, you have me rather curious. You’re different, both of you. How?!”

Neither of them answered as Jasper helped Bella to her feet.

“That certainly explains things. Look at you! Quit coddling her; she’s fine. Aren’t you sweetheart?!”

Jasper ignored this and treated his mate however he pleased. He wasn’t about to listen to the likes of fucking Maria. She was as cold as they came. Though her feelings for Jasper were genuine, she hadn’t any issue in using him to her advantage.

“Maybe I should take her under my wing instead. You know… Show her how things are really done. Since when are you soft on anyone? Whatever this is… she’s clearly a newborn. She needs discipline.”

“I’ll decide what she needs.”

Johnathon sent Jasper a cocky grin. Jasper let out a bit of a growl as he used his empathy to get a good read on this Johnathon of Maria’s. He was looking Bella up and down and clearly aroused. Maria herself let out a hiss and Johnathon sighed.

“You told me to watch her every move. Not my fault that I took a liking to what I saw…” The vampire cruelly hinted.

Jasper’s eyes went wild knowing damn well what that meant. If Johnathon had been watching Bella’s every move, that meant he’d been there while she undressed and showered… As if being violated by Carlisle wasn’t enough. Jasper wanted to rip this vampire a new one but kept that protective hold instead. He found it a struggle as she too wanted a piece of him. Maria and Johnathon laughed in mockery.

“I’LL FUCKING KILL YOU!” Bella thundered, and Johnathon sent her a wink.

“Come on kitten, show me those claws.” He challenged.

Jasper tilted his head as he was eyeing Johnathon down. He leaned into Bella’s ear.

“Blindfold.” The major hinted and Bella peered back.

“Don’t need to see him…” Jasper reminded as he kissed along her shoulder.

He sent Johnathon a bit of a smirk afterward.

“It’s been a pleasure, but we’re low on time, and we’ve other business to tend to. Bella darlin’, please take out the trash.”

Bella smiled in response, and before Maria and Johnathon could as much as blink, Bella was gone. She appeared behind Johnathon and tapped him on the shoulder. He pulled that vanishing act of his and Bella closed her eyes. Jasper zipped on over and grabbed ahold of Maria. She let out a painful grunt as he held her in place. Peter and Charlotte entered the prison and were quick to deal with the other two coven members.

“Watch and learn…” He uttered.

“Jasper…” Maria hissed but wondered how he was overpowering her. Since when?!

Maria watched in horror as this was Bella unleashed. Jasper was using his empathy to give her that much-needed boost. Bella was starving and weaker this time around. But Jasper was using his empathy to feed her his energy. Everything else… was all Bella. The major hadn’t any doubt that she could take this motherfucker on. Aro and Carlisle observed as well, and Aro found himself in sheer amazement. He’d just witnessed this newborn’s brutal attack, yet here she was going head to head with the second in command of the Mexican coven. Bella kept her eyes closed and was using her senses to pick up on his every move. Sure, he managed to get a few good hits in, ones that had Jasper wondering if this was such a good idea after all. Not that he didn’t have faith in his mate, but he couldn’t stand it when she got hurt like that. He couldn’t help it; Jasper was very protective. It took all will, not to intervene. He needed Maria to know that Bella was a force to be reckoned with.

Jasper grimaced when Johnathon pinned his mate to the ground. The cold one swung at her and Bella dodged his blows. Johnathon’s fist went through the prison grounds, and he jerked it back out and took another swing. Bella lost all composure however as he made a sexual remark and ripped her blouse open. A good amount of that anger was coming off of Jasper. What irked him even more… was sensing Maria’s arousal as well. The bitch was getting off to watching his girl being manhandled. Bella reversed that pin and took her knee to Johnathon’s crotch.  The cold one cried out in agony and Jasper grimaced as he heard what sounded to be a branch snapping in half.  Jasper recoiled as Bella’s eyes were set aflame but with a bloody show streaming down her face. Jasper felt like a piece of shit. After everything, she’d been through with Carlisle… He should’ve taken on this perverted asshole himself.

“NO!” Maria shouted as Jasper was quick to lock her away, just as Johnathon had done to Bella.

Jasper snatched the invisible vampire right out of Bella’s hold. He drove him through one of the prison walls and hit him in the sternum, striking him with the heel of his palm.

“SHOW YOURSELF!” Jasper ordered as his entire body was set ablaze.

Bella had seen this before when they made love, but it took her by surprise all the same. There wasn’t a part of Jasper that wasn’t on fire. His clothes turned to ash, and he was in the buff now. Johnathon cried out as he gave into Jasper’s orders. Parts of the cold one were flaking off into ashes. His marble-like skin was beginning to melt, and Jasper let out a low growl.

“Perhaps a proper introduction is in order.” Jasper kept the cold one in his hold but spun around facing the Maria and the rest of her coven. Jasper leaned into the cold one’s ear “I’m Major Whitlock, God of War.” This made a first for Jasper. Everyone else referred to him as the God of War but the vampire was pushed past that brink, and he was done when it came to Maria and her coven.

“NOOOO!” Maria cried as Johnathon’s body was suddenly engulfed in flames.

“Maria…” The cold one cried and was reaching out to her.

“Maria… Why didn’t you tell us?!” One of her coven asked.

“KNEEL!” Jasper ordered.

The Mexican coven looked on in terror as parts of Johnathon liquefied and was oozing out of Jasper’s hold. This magma-like substance formed around Jasper and Johnathon.

“Jasper…” Bella softly called as it was starting to spread.

Bella shoved Peter and Char out of harm’s way. The Mexican coven dropped down and kneeled before Jasper.

“MARIA!” Jasper warned, and Maria reluctantly took a knee as well.

“Jasper…” Bella called once again as she inched her way over.

Jasper had Johnathon by the throat and lifted up off the ground. Bella let out a bit of a whimper as the magma-like substance melted the soles of her shoes and burned the bottom of her feet. Jasper snapped a look that direction and magma started to cool, and that blaze began to fade. Bella gave a simple nod as she made her way over and placed a hand along his cheek.

Jasper leaned into the palm of her hand and closed his eyes.

“Tame it down cowboy…” Bella whispered, and Jasper nodded.

Bella couldn’t believe her eyes as smoke was rising off his body and he returned to his normal state. The newborn was taken back as Jasper dropped what was left of Johnathon and scooped her up off the ground.

“Keep them kneeling…” Jasper said with a nod Peter and Char’s direction.

Jasper took off with Bella in his hold.

“Ho-ly fucking shit!” Peter howled, and Char just stood there in a daze.

“Jasper’s fucking Pyro!” Peter added with a chuckle but kicked at the back of the one of the Mexican coven’s heads.

“He said kneel, asshole.”

Jasper ripped the rest of her clothes off then shoved her onto one of the Volturi beds. The man was ignited with a hunger he couldn’t tame as all he could think about was fucking his mate. Whatever this was, he couldn’t turn it off no matter how hard he tried. The major crawled on over and placed his neck along her lips suggestively. Bella bit down as she complied without thought and Jasper let out a growl of pleasure. Jasper wished that blindfolded hadn’t turned to ash, along with the rest of his clothes. The things he could’ve done with that… The vampire gave into that wild and reckless urgency and began to thrust.

“Goddamn…” Jasper uttered as he had her climaxing in waves.

That greedy mouth of his took possession as he licked any remaining blood off her lips and feverishly kissed her.

Fuck… What is this?!” Jasper growled as he’d already came, but his dick just wasn’t having it.

He was nowhere near done. Bella gasped out as his body lit up all over again. Jasper froze and looked on with concern.

“That’s amazing…” She said as she ran her fingers along the flames.

“It’s like it knows…” Jasper hinted as to the god side of him recognizing Bella as his mate.

Jasper let out a grunt as he went back to thrusting. Bella’s jaw dropped as the sheets caught fire and the bed itself. Jasper gritted his teeth as he could sense how much this was turning her on. The sprinklers to the fire alarm were set off and that only added to the moment. By the time they finished they were soaking wet and covered in soot. Jasper took a moment to look around the room and shook his head afterward.

“Now that was hot…” He witted with his forehead to hers, and Bella died of laughter.

Jasper cleared his throat as he dropped that empathy of his.

“Jasper?” She softly called as her eyes came to a close.

The major nodded amongst himself. His empathy was the only thing keeping her going, and he knew that.

“Forgive me sweetness, but I need you to rest. I’ll call for you when I’m ready.” He whispered before pecking her on the lips and covering her body in the ashes surrounding them.

Peter gave Jasper a mere nod when he entered the prison fully clothed.

“So what were you doing…?” Peter taunted with a smirk.

“Wouldn’t you like to know…” Jasper mocked in return while eyeing Maria down.

Jasper walked on over and stopped at her cell door. Maria was shackled and chained just as Johnathon had done to Bella. The major opened the cell and stepped inside. He made a tsk-like sound as he approached her.

“Oh Maria, and I thought you were smart.”

Maria squirmed about, and Jasper gave her a little slap on the cheek.

“You should’ve kept your nose clean and stayed out of my business.”

“You killed him…” Maria sadly murmured, and Jasper tilted his head as he looked to the ashes that used to be Johnathon.

“He attacked my mate… with your orders. Sooo technically YOU killed him. You of all vampires should know better than to fuck with me.”

Peter smiled and nudged his mate as Char was keeping an eye on the other imprisoned coven.

“He’s back…” Peter whispered with a wide grin.

“Right?!” Char proudly murmured in return.

“I’m guessing he wasn’t very old…” Jasper hinted as to Johnathon’s careless and childish ways.

“You should’ve trained him better… He was nowhere near prepared, not for the likes of me.”

Jasper drew back a breath then locked eyes with Maria.

“What was that about anyhow?”

When Maria wouldn’t answer Jasper wrapped his hand around her throat.

“Answer the question.”

“I thought it would remind you…”

“Remind me of what?” He snarled.

“Of us… and everything we accomplished, everything we shared.”

“There never was an us. It was YOU and YOUR army!”

“An army that YOU created and trained.” Maria fired back.

Jasper sighed.

“We didn’t accomplish a damn thing Maria, and you know that. All we did was create havoc and chaos.”

“You’re wrong. Jasper, just imagine… You and me at the throne. You could keep your little mate.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. I don’t mind sharing, never did.”

Jasper shook his head in memory.

“Oh I remember, but I do mind. No one touches what’s mine, not even you.”

“Cute, pretending as if you haven’t thought of me.”

Jasper chuckled in disbelief.

“You know… You sound just like Alice Brandon. Sure you two aren’t related?!”

Maria let out this hiss-like growl, and Jasper rolled his eyes.

“Think about it love. You and I… ruling over Volterra. We’d own Italy. I’ve already taken over Mexico, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas will be…”

Peter, Char interrupted this with obnoxious laughter. Maria snapped a look their direction, and Char sent Maria a cocky grin.

“I’m afraid Texas belongs to us Whitlocks. As for Arizona, I’d watch yourself. Bella might have something to say on that.”

Jasper chuckled at Charlotte’s words.

“Do you not remember how we ended things?” Jasper questioned with a sneer.

“I know they do.” He hinted with a gesture Peter and Char’s direction.

“You never learn do you?”

“Jasper love, I came here in peace.”

“PEACE?! THAT’S WHAT YOU CALL PEACE? YOU HAD YOUR MATE BRUTALLY ATTACK MINE!” Jasper barked with that burning fury in his eyes.

“All in good fun. If I wanted to her dead, she would be.”

Jasper gave a simple nod before backhanding her. He looked to the rest of her coven as Peter and Char had them locked away as well.

“TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT YOUR GODDESS NOW!” He growled as all those dreadful memories were coming back to haunt him. Everything this woman had him endure… He truly was the monster to her Frankenstein.

Jasper closed his eyes for a brief moment while he collected himself.

“I’m guessing whatever army you had was headed for the throne room?”

Maria gathered this rather peculiar air, and Jasper smiled.

“I may or may not have created my own little army. And they may or may not have taken out your attempts at an army. Oops. Like I said, you never learn do you?!” Jasper said as Marcus entered the room along with a few children of the moon and the shifters. They had the newborn remains in a barrel and Marcus set it right before Maria.

Jasper picked up one of the body parts.

“Look familiar?” He smugly put as he held up an arm.

Though there was a part of him that sympathized with these newborns. It wasn’t right what Maria did. She hadn’t changed at all. Maria always was one to let greed cloud her judgment. These newborns were human not long ago, and Maria robbed them of that, for her own selfish gain. What hurt more? Knowing he was the reason behind it. If he had known, he would’ve found a way to put a stop to it.

Maria went into hysterics and was doing whatever she could think of to break out of those cuffs.

“Not happening… You’re just not strong enough.”

Jasper patted himself down in search of a smoke. Once he found one, he used a single finger to light that cigarette. Peter looked on in awe. Emmett entered the room, just in time to catch this as well. “DUDE!” Emmett hollered out.

“Right?!” Peter said.

Jasper ignored this as he stared Maria down. He took a few drags off that cigarette then dropped it into the barrel. The bodies went up in flames, and Maria cried out in anguish.

“I gotta admit… Pretty smooth raising a newborn with invisibility. He was fast and cunning, but nowhere near as cunning as I am. This Johnathon was a cheap imitation of what you always wanted. Enjoy your stay, Maria. I hope you live long enough to see how everything plays out.” And on this note, Jasper tipped his hat to her and headed on out.

“I wanna be like Whitlock when I grow up!” Emmett said, and Peter laughed.

“Hell, me and you both!”

“Think we could get him to say “flame on” next time he does that shit?” Peter asked, and Emmett tilted his head in thought.

“Flame on?” Charlotte questioned.

“Yeah babe, like Johnny Storm!”


“Oh come on.” Emmett and Peter chorused.

“Where is she?” Renee questioned just as soon as Jasper entered the throne room.

“She’s resting.”

“But she’s okay?”

“Yes, ma’am. Bella’s just fine.”

Jasper was caught off guard as Renee hugged him.

“Thank you.”


“Looking after my daughter.”

“No need to thank me. I’m much obliged.”

Renee had this puzzled mien about her and Jasper smiled.

“Bella’s done more for me than I could ever do for her. I will spend the rest of my existence making it up to her.”

Renee placed a hand along the area of her heart and Jasper gave a mere nod as he went about his way.

“Are you alright?” Marcus questioned as he approached Renee.

“I think Bella’s going to be just fine,” Renee said in such a way, and Marcus regarded Renee in question.

“What’s after this?”


“You know… after we help Bella and Jasper? Where do we go from there?”

Marcus took her hand into his own and kissed it.

“Where ever you want to go.”


“That’s right.”

Renee looked around the palace as memories of their past hit.

“I was wrong Didyme…” Marcus whispered as if reading her mind.

“You meant more to me than that throne ever did. I should’ve proved that by following through with our plans. If I hadn’t turned to Aro first…”

Renee placed her index finger along his lips.

“My brother played us both.” Renee reached to her temples.

“What is it darling?”

“I want to speak with Aro.”


“Marcus please, this is hard enough keeping up with two lives. My head is a jumbled mess, and I need to know why.”

“Why?” Marcus questioned.

“Why did he trick me? Why did he think his life was more valuable than mine?”

“The other covens will be arriving shortly.”

“All the more reason. Help me, Marcus. Aro is the key to the truth. Don’t you want to know?”

“I do, but now might not be the best time. The knowledge alone may cloud your thoughts or send you to a place that isn’t safe to be at this very moment. Can’t you see how hazardous the truth could be right now? I need you to understand that. I can’t lose you again Didyme. So please, take my advice and wait until the time is right. We face Aro together, just as we should have all those years ago.”

Renee sighed, and there was a minute of silence between the two.

“Alright… together.”

Marcus let out a sigh of relief and kissed her.

“Together.” He vowed.

Everyone had gathered in the throne room and merely waiting now.  Jasper was kicked back and thinking everything over when Lee approached him.

“And they call me “king’…” The Elvis impersonator witted, and Jasper smiled.

“It suits you,” Lee added.

“Not here to rule Lee.”

“Maybe you should.”

“I’m not Aro.”

“No, you’re not. All the more reason. Where’s that girl of yours anyhow? I missed seein’ that pretty face.”

“She’s resting.”


“Maria’s second in command did a real number on her. She was in a fragile place as it was thanks to Carlisle.” Jasper pinched his eyes shut.

“I fucked up Lee. I tossed her right back in there. Girl held her own, like a fucking champ, should’ve seen her. But she was broken. I did that. I wanted to prove Bella’s worth to Maria because that’s what Bella wanted. At times it’s like my empathy is a curse. Emmett says I rely on my empathy too much when it comes to Bella especially. This was one of those times. I should’ve pushed those feelings aside and put her wellbeing first.”

“Then how would she learn?” Lee challenged, and Jasper opened his eyes.

Lee smiled then hunkered down before him.

“Think back to our war days Whitlock. Weren’t we broken? Hell, we don’t call you the god of war for nothin’ and that there is your mate. She’s gotta be just as strong as you are if not stronger and I’m not just talking physically. Only you can teach her that. You’ve been there. Show her. Teach the lil darlin’ everything she needs to know. You’ve said it yourself. You’re stronger together.”

“I could kiss you,” Jasper said as this conversation brought on a rather ingenious idea.

“Now I don’t know how I feel about that.” Lee witted.

“I need you and Peter to buy me some time.”

“Buy you some time?”

Jasper thought back to how he communicated with Bella when Carlisle was holding her captive. If he could achieve that… Then why not enter her dreams and train her to be the perfect soldier? This had Jasper looking to Peter and Charlotte in thought. Bella hadn’t the experience they had. She hadn’t seen her days of war nor had she fought in one, but Jasper lived and breathed it. Through him; Bella could learn everything she needed to know.

“Some time?”

“Yes. I need you and Peter to look after things for me. That means keeping everyone grounded and ready to go. When the time comes… I’m gonna need you to wake me up.”

“Wake you up?”

“Well, sort of…” Jasper murmured as he’d be reaching more of a meditating state rather than unconscious.

“I’m afraid you’ve lost me.”

“Look, just let me know when the other covens arrive. Seth, Leah, and Jacob are on guard duty…” Jasper went on to clarify everyone’s positions and what all he needed from Peter and Lee. Jasper knew he could count on Peter and Lee as they too had seen their share of shit and they’d been through hell and back together. Jasper knew he could trust them to look after things while he got his mate prepared.

Even if it if were just for twenty minutes or so, it’d be better than nothing and Jasper remembered how dreams worked. Half an hour could feel like four to five hours. That’s what made this plan so perfect. The major could achieve more than he ever could in real time. He thought it a weakness this need to sleep in comparison to cold ones. But knowing the reason behind it had him smiling. He and Bella were by far stranger, faster, and agiler than that of the cold ones. If the only price was having to “recharge’ every now and then, maybe this wasn’t so bad after all. Jasper rather enjoyed the idea of sleeping with his mate from time to time. This had the vampire thinking back to when Aro held him prisoner. Jasper hadn’t slept like that in years. Some of that had to do with Aro starving him, but he’d never felt more human. The only downfall… this would leave them more vulnerable. Meaning he would have to think of a safer way of going about that much-needed time.

“Alright, I’ll let Peter know.”

“Thank you, Lee.” Jasper sincerely put, and Lee gave a mere nod.

Jasper leaned back and closed his eyes. He cleared his mind of everything; everything from the possible war itself, to Maria, Aro, and Carlisle. It took him a bit to get there but once he pushed all that aside there was only one, and she was standing right before him.


Jasper thought it rather interesting as they were back on the ranch. He decked out in his usual wranglers and boots. Bella was in a pair of denim shorts and a black tank top. She was brushing Bullet and with a genuine beam about her.

“Hey darlin’…” he called but suddenly felt as though he were invading something private.

Entering one’s dreams like this… It was new territory, and he hadn’t expected this at all. It never occurred to him. Bella smiled and made her way over. He pecked him on the lips and led him towards the horse. He couldn’t get over how real she felt.

“Thought you could teach me.”

“Teach you?”

“To ride… You said you would. He’s strong enough. Don’t you think?” Bella tested this theory by leading Bullet out of the stable and had him rear up on his hind legs.

“SEE?! Like it never happened.”

“You’re right. You did good baby. Real good. He’s happy too.”

“You think so?”

“I know so…” Jasper hinted as to his empathy and Bella went to saddle him up.

“Hold up…” Jasper downright hated this. Here she was at peace, happy as fuck, and he was about to turn her world upside down even if it were only a dream, Jasper felt like he was raining on this girl’s parade. Bella had the saddle in hand when Jasper stopped her.

“What is it?”

“I’m sorry, but we’re limited on time. I’m afraid that ride is gonna have to wait.”


Jasper put the saddle back where it belonged and placed Bullet back into his stable. Bella was leaning against one of the other stables. Her arms were folded about her chest, and she was frowning.

“You’re a real buzzkill right now.”

Jasper wanted to laugh on the irony of her words.

“You have no idea darlin’.”

Jasper walked on over and lifted her chin with a single finger.

“I’ll make it up to you.” He said while placing his fingers within the loops of her shorts.

“God, I can smell you.” Jasper murmured in disbelief.

This felt so real. She felt so real and everything else around them. He found it hard to pull away. What he wouldn’t give to toss out all that other shit and take her on that ride after all.

“You say that like you couldn’t before.” Bella teased and was adjusting the collar of his shirt.

Jasper didn’t comment and kissed her. He put his forehead to hers after and let out a regrettable sigh.

“Don’t hate me…”

“Hate you? Why would I hate you?”

“Because I’m about to rip you away from all this.”

Bella gasped out as the scenery around them changed.


He kept his hold and locked eyes with hers.

“Like I said we’re limited on time. This was the only way. I need to show you. I need to show you everything.”

“What is this?!” Bella shouted as bullets were flying all around them.

“They can’t hurt you, Bella.”

Jasper caught one in his hand and showed it to her.

“This isn’t real, none of it is.”

He dropped the bullet, and Bella watched as it landed in the field they were standing in. Bella jumped as body after body fell around them. Men were hollering out to one another, and a few were screaming in horror.

“Is this the Civil War?!” Bella called out as she looked around and Jasper gave a mere nod.

“HOW?! What are we doing here Jasper?!”

One of the soldiers ran right through them, and Jasper grabbed ahold of her.

“So many bodies…” She whispered and watched in horror.

Bella pried out of his hold however and was heading towards one of the soldiers. Jasper stayed put and merely observed.

“Major Whitlock…” he heard her murmur as the man on the horse was making his way through.

Bella reached out and ran her fingers along the horse and the man’s leg as he passed. Jasper tilted his head as he could’ve sworn his soldier self actually reacted to that. The vampire shook his head knowing that wasn’t possible. Still, the Major was looking right at Bella as he rode on through.

“It’s like you saw me.”

“Trust me he didn’t.” That felt so strange referring to himself like that, but if the Major had seen someone like Bella, he’d have come to a stop, pretty damn quick.

Bella followed the Major as he rode towards a nearby river. He climbed off the horse and fired at a few soldiers. She watched as he took cover off and on and was calling towards a few of his men up ahead. Jasper recoiled knowing what was about to come. There was a part of him that wanted to take her somewhere else or cover her eyes even. But he couldn’t, she needed this. A teenage boy stepped out and nodded the Major’s direction.

“GET DOWN!” The Major hollered, but it was too late.

Another soldier fired, and the boy looked at the wound as he was shot in the chest. The boy dropped to his knees, and the Major shot the man responsible before making his way over.

“Dammit Peter, what did I tell you!” The Major hollered as he grabbed the boy that was no older than fifteen and held him.

“I’m sorry.” The boy said, and blood was oozing out of his mouth.

“Peter…” Bella said and looked to Jasper.

“You never told me about that Peter.”

“Not a memory I’m fond of. Kid fought for two years…  Trust me when I say most his age didn’t make it past a week. Kid had spirit much like our Peter. Guess that’s why I took such a liking to him. That kid’s the reason I couldn’t give into Maria’s orders.”

“Her orders?”

“Peter wouldn’t be with us now if I had followed through with her wishes Bella, neither would Charlotte.”

Bella squatted down before the Major as he was in sobs and rocking that boy. The Major would fire that gun of his every once in a while but went back to rocking that boy. He stayed with him until he breathed his last breath.

“I’m sorry…” Bella said but to the Major himself.

They watched as the Major had no choice but to leave the boy and go about his way.

“Couldn’t bury them. Had to keep going.” Jasper explained as the Major joined the rest of his men and headed on out.

“How can you be there and here…? I mean…  How are you showing me this?”

“I’ll explain everything later. Like I said we’re low on time.”

The scenery changed once again, and Bella saw where Maria and the rest of her coven approached the Major. This took place a couple of years after the battle she’d just witnessed, and the Major was on his own.

“The war had come to an end, and I was headed home but never made it…” Jasper hinted but with a grimace as Bella witnessed Maria, Lucy, and Nettie taking advantage of the Major’s chivalrous ways.

Bella watched in horror as they spread their venom.

“There’s so much more I want to show you. But we have to move on.”

“To what?”

“Something else entirely. We’re done looking on. You’re joining Peter and Charlotte…”

“I don’t understand.”

“I know… But you will.”

Jasper let out a hesitant sigh as Maria’s words came to mind.

“Maybe I should take her under my wing instead. You know… Show her how things are really done. Since when are you soft on anyone? Whatever this is… she’s clearly a newborn. She needs discipline.”

Maria, however, isn’t what he had in mind. Bella needed Major Whitlock and before he ever knew she was to be his mate. That’s the training she needed. Peter would keep her safe.  Jasper hadn’t any doubt about that, but he wasn’t sure how to go about this exactly. It would take every bit of concentration as he needed Bella to be one of the Major’s ACTUAL newborns.”

“Bella, you’re about to be trained by the real deal. He won’t know you from Adam, and that’s the way it has to be. You need this. I hope you can forgive me for what all you’re about to see. I love you, and that’s why I’m doing this. I want you by my side for all eternity, but I can’t have that if you’re not properly trained. It would be cruel of me to leave you unknowing and unprepared.”

“Jasper?” He heard her call as he faded out.

Jasper opened his eyes and took a moment to gather his bearings. He regarded Peter from afar. He and Charlotte were in a rather intimate moment. Peter had his arms wrapped around her waist and was kissing along her neck. Jasper nodded amongst himself and made his way over.

“Bella’s gonna need you,” Jasper said while cutting Charlotte an apologetic glance. He hated interrupting the moment like that. If that had been him and Bella, he’d have given Peter an earful.

“Do what?!” Peter asked looking lost as hell.

“I’m about to do something Bella may never forgive, and I need you to be there.”

“I don’t follow.”

“You will. Come with me.”

Jasper led Peter into the room where Bella was. Peter tilted his head as she was covered in ashes still.

“That’s her?!” Peter asked as her face was covered as well.

“Not worth the risk.” Jasper hinted as to anyone finding her.

The way he set it up made it look as though a body.

“That’s pretty damn clever. Dare I ask what the hell happened in here?”

Jasper didn’t answer and went on to test this idea of his.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

Once again Jasper didn’t answer. Peter cleared his throat and put his fingers to his temples.

“What the fuck is that?!”

“Do you see her?”

“See who?”


“No. If anything you’re giving me one hell of a migraine. Knock that shit off!”

Jasper sighed in frustration and paced the room.

“Are you going to tell me what you’re up to?!”

“I need you in Bella’s head.”

“Say what?!”

“I can’t be there for this Peter. It has to be you. You’ll keep her safe and play along. If I’m there…” Jasper pinched his eyes shut.

“Are you high? I’m not Edward!”


Whoa… How bout you tame that the fuck down man.”

“I can’t. I thought I could, but I can’t. Just showing her what little I did…” Jasper punched at one of the walls and Peter sighed.

“You’re not making a lick of sense. You gotta talk to me brother… Tell what’s up, and I’ll do whatever I can to help.”

Jasper told Peter all about his theory and what his plans were exactly.

“Not sure how to help you there. I can’t pull that empathy shit you do.”

“No, but if I could get into your head then maybe you could get into hers.”

“Is this some sort of Matrix bullshit you’re talking? I can’t get into her head. Char’s sure, but not Bella’s. She’s YOUR mate, and even at that, I can’t do what you can. What I see with Char is brief. You know just a few things here and there. Like if she’s in danger I know and I can usually pick up on where she is, but…”

Peter trailed off as Jasper leaned against the wall and was looking slightly ill.

“Hey. Whatever this is… You need to stop. The other covens are coming, and we’re gonna need you on top of your game. I’m sorry. I know you wanted Bella more prepared, but we got it. Let her rest, and we’ll tell her all about it afterward.”

Jasper let out a miserable laugh.

“I’d never live it down. Bella has to be there.”

“Well, she can’t be! Somethings are out of our control, and there’s nothing we can do about it!”

“Hold her hand.”


“Just fucking hold her hand, Peter!”

“Okay…” Peter plopped on down.

He dusted the residue off one of her hands and took it into his own.

“Do you want me to sing now or… Wait is she…?!” Peter hinted as to her nudity.

Not that he could make out anything, but it was pretty obvious.

“I can trust you right?” Jasper asked already knowing the answer but just as a brotherly reminder.

Jasper himself had seen his share of Charlotte in the buff, not by choice. Those things just happened. That came with having a coven, Peter and Char were his family. He trusted them with every ounce of his being.

“You know you can.” Peter wholeheartedly put, and Jasper placed a hand on his shoulder.

A bright light hit and Peter found himself shielding his eyes.

“What the…” Peter uttered.

“Bella?” He called as he could see her standing beside the horse stables at the Whitlock Rattlesnake Ranch.

She was talking to Jasper and Charlotte, and they were laughing.

“You see her?” He heard and Peter nodded.

“Jasper, what is this trippy voodoo shit you’re pulling?”

“Peter, I need you to clear your head and listen to everything I’m about to say.”

Jasper gave Peter the play by play of everything he wanted to achieve and how to go about it exactly. But now came the real test… Jasper drew back the deepest of breaths once he finished.

“Don’t leave her, not for a second. I’ll tell you when I’m ready for you and Bella.”

“Jasper, what are you doing? You need me.”

“You’re right. I do, more than ever Peter. Look after her and don’t let me kill her.”

“Jesus Jasper you’re infuckin…” Peter trailed off yet again as he felt Jasper’s hand leave his side.

The scene before him changed, and Peter grimaced as it was an old barn. Not just any old barn, but the barn.

“You can do this. I’m counting on you, Peter.” He heard and Peter gave a simple nod.

“Jasper?” Char called with concern as he entered the throne room.

“What is it?” She asked as he looked like hell had frozen over.

“I need to feed.”

Char was quick to brace him against her.

“Okay… let’s get you some food.”

“I need a lot of it,” Jasper said as he started to slump over in her hold.

“You!” She hollered Emmett’s direction.

“Wanna help me out here?!”

Emmett appeared before them, and they were quick to sit Jasper on the throne.

“What happened?” Emmett asked as he cupped Jasper’s chin and was looking him over.

“What’ve you done Jasper?” Char asked rather accusingly.

“Just bring me something before I lose contact!” Jasper barked, and Char reared back.

“On it,” Emmett said and disappeared without question.

“He needs the sun.” They heard, and Char peered back.

Marcus darted on over and took it upon himself to lift Jasper in his arms.

“The sun?” Char questioned.

“He’s the sun god.” Marcus reminded with a shrug.

“But a vampire,” Charlotte added in confusion.

She followed them out and observed as Marcus brought Jasper out into the sun. Jasper gasped out as if he’d been holding his breath. Marcus smiled amongst himself.

“There he is… He just needs to feed, and he’ll be right as rain.”

The cold one shook her head in disbelief. She’d never witnessed such a thing. Whereas the sun made hers and Marcus’s skin sparkle, Jasper’s body absorbed it.

“I put too much into it…” Jasper admitted.

Marcus and Char shrugged upon one another as they were lost behind the meaning.

“Into what?” Charlotte questioned.

Jasper explained the situation and how he was using his empathy in order to keep Peter in Bella’s dreams.

“You mean that’s actually possible?”

“It wasn’t at first. I had to find another way.”

“So Peter is using his memories of the past in order to train Bella?” She questioned in amazement.

“In a way… Think of Peter as the head of a role player’s table. He’s calling most the shots while Bella chooses her path.”

“And you…?”

“That’s where I’m concerned. Peter’s memories… There’s no telling what could happen throwing Bella into the mix.”



“What if Major Whitlock recognizes Bella as his mate?”

“He shouldn’t unless Peter allows it. Peter has control of the Major, for the most part.” Jasper said but felt a bit awkward as he referred to himself in the third person.

“But it’s Bella’s dream. He can’t have that much control. What if something goes haywire?”

“I have to trust that this will work. I’m not the god of war anymore Char. I can’t train Bella like I trained you two. I don’t have it in me.”

“Of course you don’t… But you’re wrong.” Char uttered as if to say duh.

Jasper cocked a brow at this.

“She’s your mate, Jasper. That doesn’t change who you are and what you’re capable of. Of course, you can’t treat her like you would us. That’s impossible. Trust me. Peter and I would know. It’s instinct…  And there’s nothing you can do about it. Just comes with the whole bond thing. Their pain is yours. That’s how it works.”

Jasper seemed somewhat relieved by this and Char smiled.

“She’s in good hands,” Charlotte said as she could sense her mate.

“I know. That’s why I chose him.”

“So how does it work? I mean… Can you see what he’s seeing?”

“No. But I can feel what he’s feeling, and I can see what Bella’s seeing.”

“Well, that explains it.”


“How you wiped yourself out.”

“I’m good. I pushed it too far when I couldn’t get it to work.”


Peter turned towards the familiar voice and gave a simple nod.

“What is this? Where are we?”

You asshole. Peter thought as Bella was still ‘human’ in her dream. Jasper wanted Peter to go the whole nine yards with this. Peter thought about telling her the truth but thought back to everything Jasper said. Peter was the one running this show and figured it best if he played along. Peter thickly swallowed as he took Bella by the arm and yanked her towards him.

“Peter! What are you doing?!”

He had no choice but to think like the Major now. He had to do what the Major saw fit when it came to his mate. That and Peter was putting himself in Jasper’s shoes. If this were Charlotte, he’d have done the same thing if given the opportunity. Peter thought back to Charlotte as a newborn and cringed. She hadn’t a clue when it came to fighting, much less defending herself. But like that of Bella, Charlotte had incredible self-control. Peter thought back to how frightened Charlotte was and how protective he felt when it came to her. Peter nodded amongst himself as he understood Jasper more than ever now.

“PETER!” Bella shouted and went to pry out of his hold, only to have him tighten his grip. I’m sorry Bella. He thought as he dragged his best friend’s mate towards the old barn.

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