Chapter 2 Devil Gets Your Soul

Chapter 2 – Devil Gets Your Soul

I do not own Twilight. I claim the original Character known as Lee. Please keep in mind this is AU. And I will be taking MY own spin on things… All things will be answered as time progresses.

Bella looked to the time as there was a knock at the door. It was almost nine at night. She hadn’t realized she’d spent the entire day sleeping. Whoever it was knocked again and the woman trolled on out of the bed. She looked into the peek hole, but reared seeing as how it was some guy in an Elvis suit.

“It’s Lee!” He called.

Bella swallowed back as she thought back to what Jasper had said about his friend. Only she assumed he was joking about the whole Elvis bit. With Jasper… you never knew. He loved giving Bella hell from time to time… just to see how gullible she could be.

“Well you gonna let me in or not, dollface?!”

The young woman drew back an uneasy breath but opened the door. The man lowered his signature Elvis Presley aviator shades and was giving her the once over.

“Lil morsel indeed…” The man uttered.

“I can certainly see why he’s all shook up.” He curled that lip of his and gave a bit of an Elvis pelvic thrust.

Bella pressed her lips together in order to keep from laughing. He peeked into the hotel room and frowned.

“Aren’t ya bored out of your little mind, darling?”

“I’m okay.” Bella replied with a shrug.

“Hmmm. Why don’t you come with me and I’ll show ya around town?”

“I’m not so sure Jasper would approve.”

“He your keeper?” The vampire witted and Bella cut him a look of hell.

The vampire chuckled on this.

“I have you know he’d much rather you be out havin’ the time of your life then ta be stuck in this here room.”

Bella blushed in thought, considering she was currently commando. Jasper had ripped her panties during their little lovefest.

“I’m afraid I’ll have to sit this one out…”

“And why’s that?

“Persistent, aren’t you?”

“You’ve no idea…” He said with a smirk.

Bella regarded the man in question as he handed a shopping bag over. He welcomed himself inside and was looking around the room. Bella raised her brows as she reached into the bag and pulled out a pair of brown leather boots, a black Jack Daniel’s Whiskey tank top, women’s Wranglers, socks, and a matching black bra and panty set. Bella choked back in laughter.

“Ummm. You’re kidding. Do I look country to you?”

The vampire tilted his head as he looked her over. He shrugged in response.

“Hell if I know. He gave me a list with nothing but sizes. The major said nothing about how ya dressed. I just figured ya were a country gal, considerin’…”

Bella winced once she realized just how rude and ungrateful she was coming off as.

“Lee, I’m sorry…”

“Ah now… No need for that, little darling. I know nothin’ about women and what they wear these days. I can get ya something else. Just go on and freshen up. Ya can put those on for now and we’ll find you something that’s more you.”

“There’s no need for that. These are perfectly fine. Thank you.”

“Are ya sure?”


“Cool. Well go on and get yourself prettied up.”

“Are you sure Jasper would be okay with this?”

“Man oh man… He was right. That last fella must’ve done a real number on ya. Not use to a woman asking her man permission. Not in this day and age.”

Her jaw dropped on this.

“That hadn’t anything to do with asking his permission!”

Lee cocked a brow on this.

“Are ya sure about that?”

Bella gritted her teeth and stormed out of the room and into the bathroom. The vampire chuckled amongst himself then took out his cellphone.

“Hey… How’s she doing?”

“You were right. Took some convincin’ but she’s getting herself all dolled up now.”

“Good. Don’t let her out of your sight, Lee. I mean it.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it.”

“And that’s another thing…” Jasper said behind a painful grunt.

“Are you alright?”

“I’m fine… Just make sure she has a good time, whatever it takes to get her mind off that other bullshit.”

Anything…?” Lee taunted and Jasper sighed.

“If that’s what she wants.”

“Now that doesn’t sound like the Jasper I know… Shouldn’t you be threatening to rip my balls off, if I so much as touch her?”

“Oh you’re dead, no doubt. But I’m not about to tell that girl what to do. She’s had her share of that already.”

“Damn… Must’ve been pretty bad.”

“You’ve no idea. Just look after her. Please.” He said behind another grunt.

“Whitlock…” The vampire called with concern.

“I might be a little longer than expected…”  

Jasper dropped the phone then reached to his gut in agony. He staggered about in a drunken matter, before coming to his knees.  “FUCK!” He cried as he felt like he was being boiled alive, from the inside out. He looked to the bodies of the ones he’d fed from.

“What the hell…” He groaned then came to a crawl.

He made his way towards the one that gave him so much hell.

“What are you…” He questioned behind gritted teeth.

The area around him was spinning out of control and his vision started to blur.

“No…” he murmured as he truly believed himself to be dying.

Bella… No. What have I done?!”

 Flashback to what took place beforehand: 

                Jasper kept his distance as he had his eyes on this particular group. Just from what he’d learned so far the women were prostitutes and the man they were with was obviously their pimp. Not something he normally deem worth a death sentence… Well the prostitutes anyhow. He’d been around long enough to know that most of these women came from abusive pasts to begin with and felt it was the only choice they had. However these women and the pimp himself were getting on his last nerve as they had spent the last five minutes trying to convince a girl that looked no older than fifteen, maybe sixteen to become one of them. The poor girl was scared out of her mind and crying. The pimp had her blocked in as the three prostitutes had her cornered.

“Please…” The young woman cried and one of the prostitutes caressed her cheek.

“We’ll take good care of you, baby. You’ll see.”

The pimp smiled and went on to breathe the young girl in. But something about the way he went about it… unnerved Jasper. It wasn’t just the look in the man’s eyes but what Jasper was reading. Sure there was lust but it was followed by the familiar pangs of thirst and hunger. This man literally craved this girl. Jasper tilted his head as he swore the man’s eyes flickered as if lit by fire behind his eyes. But how was that possible? This man most certainly wasn’t a cold one. Jasper could feel the temp of this particular group from here. It was like that of humans.

“I want to go home.”

“You are home.” The man made clear and went on to lick her neck.

The girl tried running for it only to have the man snatch her back.

“Enough.” Jasper called and leisurely made his way over.

He nodded upon the victim.

“Go home.”

The girl regarded him in fear and Jasper pushed that empathy of his.

“Go on, darlin’.”

The girl nodded and took off.

“That was a big mistake.” The man uttered and Jasper pivoted around.

Before Jasper could even think about what was taking place, the man had his hand wrapped around Jasper’s throat. He lifted him up off the ground and Jasper let out a painful groan as he somehow managed to crack the area around his neck. The prostitutes were screaming in horror and Jasper knew he had to act fast, they were sure to gather too much attention. Jasper interlocked his fingers then swung them upon the man’s arm. The man hollered out then staggered back looking to Jasper in shock.

“How’d…” He queried whilst holding his clearly broken arm, but was eyeing the cracks along Jasper’s neck.

“Funny. I was just about to ask you the same.”

Jasper was quick to snap the prostitutes necks and went on to drain them for everything they had.

“Fascinating… A cold one.” The man murmured with a grin.

Jasper tilted his head on this. But he reared back as the man revealed his snake-like fangs and his eyes flickered, proving that it wasn’t Jasper’s imagination after all. The two sized one another up. Jasper had never witnessed such a thing and hadn’t a clue what to expect.

“You interrupted what could’ve been a good fuck and one hell of a meal after.”

“My apologies…” Jasper sarcastically threw out and the man smiled.

“Oh you’re about to be really sorry…” He said and went on to show Jasper that his arm was fully healed now.

“Ladies first…” Jasper said with a slight bow.

Once again, the cold one was caught off-guard. The man appeared before him and rushed at him like that of a bull. Jasper was slammed into a wall in the alleyway they were in. The man went on to send unrelenting jabs to Jasper’s abdomen.  Each hit caused his marble-like sink to crackle. Jasper had NEVER been caught off-guard like this before. It’s like his senses and empathy were somewhat delayed. But the more damage this being caused him, the angrier Jasper became and the angrier be became… the more that feral side took over and all he could think about was how hungry he was. Even though he’d already fed… It was like he told Bella. He hadn’t a clue how human blood would affect him now. It’d been so long… He closed his eyes for a brief moment and when he opened them again… He was in full on Major Whitlock mode. He was a force to be reckoned with and all he could think about was feeding, killing, and getting back to his future mate. The man let out a yelp of absolute surprise. Just as he thought he had Jasper where he wanted… Jasper managed to flip the pin. He sunk his teeth into the man’s juggler and no matter how hard the man hit at him, Jasper didn’t stop drinking. If anything, it only ignited that hunger and desire to kill even more. He’d let out this animalistic growl every now and then and the more the man fought, the harder he bit down. The man’s hits were so powerful that chunks of Jasper were landing on the ground beneath him. But that didn’t stop the major, no. He was winning this fight, one way or another.  But just as the man took his last breath, Jasper’s cellphone rang. All that hunger and rage seemingly vanished as Bella came to mind.

“Hey… How’s she doing?” He answered whilst ripping (what he deemed to be another breed of vampire) apart, limb from limb and went on to burn the remains.


“Holy peanut butter and banana sandwiches…” Lee uttered as Bella stepped out of the bathroom.

Bella raised her brows on this.

“You might not’ve looked country before, darling. But ya sure do now.”

Bella looked into the lengthwise mirror and tilted her head in thought. The jeans looked as if they were painted on. Okay… so it wasn’t so bad. She could certainly see the appeal and they did make her ass look really good. Still, she was no Jasper…  Then again, not many could fill out a pair of jeans the way he did. She chewed on that bottom lip in thought.

“You just wait until Whitlock catches wind of ya. Hell, look atcha. You should be thankin’ me.”

“Thank you.” Bella said with a warm smile.

“Now there’s no need to thank me!” The vampire witted with a playful wink.

Bella shook her head in response.

“Alright. You ready?”

“I suppose.”

“Let’s getcha something to eat then ya can watch me at one of my shows!”


The vampire smiled on this.

“Now darling, you haven’t a clue what you’re in for. You just let good ole brother Lee take care of ya!”


“I can’t drink that…” Bella whispered and Lee reared back looking offended.

“You don’t drink?”

“Well no.”

“Well why not?” He questioned while stealing one of her fries.

Bella narrowed her eyes in question. Since when do vampires eat?! Willingly that is…

“I’m 18…”

Lee had a good laugh at this and waved one of the waitresses over.

“Give this young lady another beer and a couple shots to go with that.”

“You got it, baby.”

“Thanks, doll.”

“Alright, you got your food and booze. You should be all set. If ya need anythin’ else you just wave sweet Delilah over and she’ll give you whatever you want and it’s on the house.”

“Umm okay.”

He nodded and sent her a wink, before getting on stage.

“This is crazy…” Bella muttered and sunk into the booth like she were hiding.

She could picture the look on her father’s face if he were to walk in about now. For whatever reason that had her giggling amongst herself. Bella drew back the deepest of breaths as Lee started singing Don’t Be Cruel. “Cute, Lee. Real cute.” She muttered knowing that was a knock towards her. She ran her fingers along the beer bottle collecting drops of condensation. But it was during this that Edward’s reaction came to mind. This had her frowning in thought. She could hear him already…

                Bella what are you doing?

                You can’t be serious!


                And what are you wearing?!

                She thought back to everything he said and picked up one  of the shots in thought.

“Here’s to you, Edward.” She whispered and downed the shot.

Her eyes widened as she started choking. Lee caught wind of this and was making his way off the stage. But the vampire didn’t miss a beat as he batted Bella on the back and handed one of her beers over. He nodded as she took the hint and took a swig. He smiled then headed on back. Bella blushed as she’d a few eyes on her now.

By the time he finished, she was three shots and three beers in. Lee sat across from her then waved upon the empty bottles.

“So you’re wasted…”

“I feel great actually.”

“I bet you do.”

“You’re really good.”

“I know, but thank you.”

“How long have you known Jasper?”

“For quite some time…”

“Did you serve with him?”

“I served, but not with Whitlock.”

“And you eat…” she whispered.

“In order to keep up appearances, yes.” He hinted.

“Oh…” Bella murmured feeling stupid.

“And the beer?”

“What kind of vampires were you hangin’ around?” He whispered and Bella sighed.

“Hmm…” He hummed and took a pull off his beer.

“Being one of us doesn’t necessarily mean you’re dead. If anythin’ you’ve never been more alive.” He said, before downing a shot as well.

Bella had so many questions but she leaned over, looking somewhat embarrassed.

“I have to visit the ummm… Well you know…”

“Ladies room?”

“Yeah that…”

He chuckled then pointed that direction. Bella stepped on out of the booth. And this had the vampire leaning back and merely observing. Bella took a couple steps then froze and cranked her head his direction.

“Problem?” He taunted with a wide grin.

“I might be a little drunk…” She admitted behind a giggle.

Every step was like that of walking on a cloud. Her laughter continued as she stumbled her way towards the ladies room. Bella laughed as she fumbled with her jeans and danced before the potty.

“Come on…” she murmured whilst pulling the skintight jeans down.

She let out a sigh of relief once she did her business. She flushed and washed up afterward. When she stepped out she headed to the bar and asked for a bottle of water.

“Water?!” A man sitting at the bar scoffed.

Bella ignored this and simply waited as the bartender gathered that bottle of water. He handed it over and Bella thanked him. He gave a simple nod and went back to work. Bella was drinking the water when the man leaned into her ear.

“Look at you guzzling that down. I got something you can guzzle, sweetheart. Why don’t I get you a real drink and we’ll see about that.

Bella rolled her eyes then looked the man’s direction.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” The man roared as she poured the contents onto his crotch.

“Guzzle that, asshole.”

She went to walk away, only to have the man hop off the stool. He grabbed her by the arm then yanked her over.

“You got some nerve…”

Lee hadn’t caught wind of this as the music was awfully loud and he had a couple women “entertaining” him.


The man nodded and Bella jerked out of his hold then shoved him back.


The music had died down and all eyes were on them now. Lee lifted his head as well, but it was too late. The man hauled off and slapped Bella across the face. Bella went to knee him in the crotch, only to have the man vanish, right before her very eyes. This had her looking Lee’s direction and he grimaced.

“Ah shit…” He muttered (already knowing) and was quick to get the women out of his lap.

Lee rushed on over then ushered her outside.

“Are you alright?!”

She nodded and he shook his head as he looked to her busted lip. He cleared his throat and Bella let out a gasp as his eyes turned crimson red.

“Lee…” She whispered in alarm and he was quick to close his eyes.

“I just need a moment.” He whispered apologetically.

“It’s okay.” Bella said and stood perfectly still.

“He’s here by the way…”

“Who’s here?”

Lee let out a miserable laugh.

“Lee, what’s going on? Who did that?”

Bella let out another gasp as Lee was suddenly lifted into the air. Whoever it was had Lee by the throat. All Bella could make out was their backside. Obviously another vampire, with dark brown hair. He had on a black long sleeved dress shirt, blue jeans and black leather boots.

“I thought I made myself PERFECTLY clear.” He roared and Bella staggered back in recognition.

She knew that voice from anywhere.


The vampire cranked his head that direction and Bella clamped a hand over her mouth. She couldn’t believe THAT was Jasper Whitlock. The transformation was like that of night and day. His eyes looked to of have been set aflame and he even had a bit of facial hair going.

Jasper as aztec vampire

“How…?” She muttered against the palm of her hand.

Jasper dropped and his hold and made his way over. Bella didn’t budge as he walked a complete circle around her. She swallowed back as he ran a hand along her ass. Once he made his way back around, he tilted his head. He used his thumb to wipe a drop of blood off her lip. He licked it clean then closed his eyes.

“Much better…” He whispered amongst himself.

“So much better…” He reiterated and opened his eyes.

Bella went to say something on this but hadn’t a clue what to say. She was in a state of shock at the moment.

“You alright there, darlin’?”

“Is that really you?”

“Well I sure as hell hope so…” He said with a smirk but gave her another once over.

“Maybe I should be the one asking you that. Where’s my sweet little Swan?” He asked while backing her up against the wall of the bar.

Jasper planted his hands along the wall then licked the rest of the blood off her lip.

“I knew it. You taste just as good as you smell.”

He peered back and nodded Lee’s direction.

“I’ll catch up with you later.”

He flipped Bella over his shoulder then carried her towards a black Chevy truck. He opened the passenger side door then placed her inside. Bella just sat there starring into space. Jasper couldn’t help but to chuckle as he shut the door. When he entered the truck, Bella continued in staring straight ahead.

“So… I’m like really, really drunk.” She said as if that was the reason behind everything she was witnessing.

“That you are…” He murmured with a wide grin.

“No. I mean like really, really drunk.” She said and finally looked his direction.

He gave a simple nod and started the truck. Bella laughed but was quick to cover her mouth.

“Sorry.” She muttered and was biting down on her bottom lip.

Jasper narrowed his eyes on this. He pulled on out of the parking lot but hit a nearby rest stop. Once he had the truck in park he looked over.

“Bella, look at me.”

Her eyes locked with his and Jasper was quick to pull her into his lap. She wrapped her arms around his neck.

“I’m so sorry, Jasper. I had no idea!” She cried and buried her face into his shoulder.

He swallowed back knowing what she was referring to. He didn’t need his empathy for that. This had the major picturing what they would’ve done to her as well, if given the chance. Bella lifted her head with this baffled presence about her.

“What is it?” He questioned and brushed her hair back with his fingers.

“You’re warm. Like really warm…”

He nodded as he wasn’t sure what to say about that. He raised his brows however as she kissed him. That kiss continued as he laid her down and was hovering over her.

“Did you pick this out…?” He questioned with a gesture towards her clothes.

“Lee did.”

“I figured. Bella, don’t let me or anyone else influence how you dress or act. I think we’ve had our share of that already.”

“I kind of dig it actually…” She admitted with a blush.

“Really?!” Jasper said behind a touch of surprise.

“Yeah. Something about it, feels more me.”

“Well by all means, darlin’. If you’re going country on me I’m quite alright with that.”

He cleared his throat however.

“Bella, I need to know where we stand exactly.”

“How do you mean?”

“Well… For starters, I’m heading to Texas.” Jasper drew back an uneasy breath and sat up.

“Bella, I gotta be honest. When I say I’m heading to Texas… I mean to live. I’m done with Forks.”

Bella winced on this and Jasper nodded. He ran his hand along the steering wheel in thought.

“I’m not Edward. I’m sorry. But I can’t go back to fucking high school and act like something I’m not. I’m 146 years old, Bella. I was turned when I was 19. High school… that seems a little redundant and well…There’s a million one things I’d rather be doing with my time. You being one of those…” He said with a playful wink.

Bella smiled but Jasper drew back a nervous breath. He could sense her and knew she was conflicted.

“Doesn’t seem fair, does it? They spent two years messing with your head and here I am… Making you face another tough decision. Just know if you head back to Forks and decide on finishing high school, or what have you. That doesn’t mean we’re over. All it means… is that we find a way to make it work. I’m in this one hundred ten percent. However, I will say this much, whether you decide on heading back, or not. We’re heading to Texas first. I’m not about to let the Cullens stay put and dictate your every move. I won’t stand for it. You head back and I’m running their asses out of town.”

Jasper licked his lips as her scent alone was maddening.

“Look, you don’t have to decide anything just yet. We got a couple days. Let’s just make the best of it and go from there. Whatever you decide doesn’t change how I feel about you. I know you have others back home that care about you and vice versa. It would be incredibly selfish of me to expect you to turn your back to them. That and no matter what you decide… We have to come up with something to tell the old man. Even more so if you decide on staying with me in Texas. I hate putting all this on your shoulders, sweetness. But these are things I need you to think about. So take your time. Don’t do anything you’ll end up regretting.”

Bella opened the door and stepped on out. Jasper grimaced as she stumbled about in reminder. Great. Way to go. You could’ve waited until she was sober, at least. You dick! He thought as he stepped out and rushed on over to help her. He led her to a nearby picnic table then seated her down.

“Deep relaxing breaths… It helps.”

She nodded and Jasper hunkered down to her level.

“I didn’t kill him.”

Bella lifted her eyes on this.

“That man… back at the bar. I wanted to. Seeing him smack you around like that…” Jasper said behind a growl.

“That’s not to say he won’t need a trip to the ER when he finally comes to. But you should know if there hadn’t been so many people around and if I knew it wouldn’t have fallen back on Lee, I would’ve killed the son of a bitch. That goes for ANYONE that means you harm. Bella, this is WHO I am. I’m a Cullen no longer. I’m Jasper Whitlock and I do things MY way. So that’s something you might want to consider, before making any rash decisions. I might not be what you want…”

But as he said this, he blinked a couple times and looked to be shaking something off.

“Bella…” He whispered in such a way.

He gathered this tearful smile.

“I love you too.” He said and Bella looked to him in sheer amazement.

He placed a hand along the area of his heart and gave a simple nod.

“You don’t have to say it. I can feel it. It’s incredible. You’re incredible.”

But as he said this he pushed forth that empathy and was using it to make her lethargic.

“Jasper…” She whispered as her eyes started to roll back.

He gave a simple nod and scooped her up.

“I gotcha…” He uttered then carried her back to the truck.

When Bella came to, Jasper had the window rolled down. He was smoking and singing along to Dwight Yoakam’s Fast As You. Bella sat up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She looked out the window to see a sign that read Amarillo. Jasper reached over and turned the radio down.

“Well hello there, gorgeous.”

Bella blushed in response.



“Are you smoking?” She asked feeling rather stupid for even asking.

It was a more of a what the fuck type of question.

He looked to the cigarette and nodded.

“Since when do you smoke?”

“Ah now darlin’, you’re getting me confused with Jasper Cullen again.”

“Right, sorry. It’s just…”

“You don’t like it…” He uttered with slight apprehension.

“No. Just took me by surprise, that’s all.”

“I’ve a feeling a lot of things are going to take you by surprise.” He said as he flicked the cigarette out the window.

“Do you mind pulling over soon?”

“Not at all.”

Jasper chuckled as she was practically dancing in her seat.

“Just hold on. Don’t ruin the leather now.”

Bella laughed.

“Where’d you get the truck anyhow?”

“Where or how?” He asked with a cocked brow.

Bella reached to her head as it was pounding.

“That’s one of the downfalls of a good night, fucking hangover. Well for humans such as yourself anyhow.” He teased.

“As to the truck… Won it in a bet.”

“A bet?”

“That’s one of the beauties of being a vampire. You can pretty much swindle whoever you wish. We needed a better way to travel, so I found one.”

“As in you cheated someone in a gamble…”

“There you go! You knew what I was sayin’ allll along!”


“Ah now, the guy was a certified dick and a half and loaded on top of that. He won’t be missing it.”

Bella shook her head and rather snorted.

“What was that?!” He asked with a big ole grin.

“I was just picturing Alice’s face.”

Jasper frowned but nodded towards Bella in thought.

“Imagine Edward’s if he was to see you in that little getup and how fucking plastered you were last night.”

“Fuck Edward.”

This had Jasper dying of laughter.

“Oh Bella, I do believe you’ve been holding back just as much. This little trip ought to be very interesting. We’re about to learn a whole lot about one another.”

“You mean there’s more?”

The way she said this had him raising his brows with mere curiosity.

“I mean BESIDES feeding from humans, smoking, and being a full on cowboy that can sing like nobody’s business. Not to mention you can fill out a pair of jeans like…” Bella trailed off looking downright embarrassed.

Jasper had this cat that ate the canary grin.

“Well go on, darlin’…”

“Ugh… Jasper!”

“No. I believe you said something about filling out a pair of jeans… And it sounded like you wanted to say something else.”

“Stop that.”

He chuckled on this.

“Speaking of filling out a pair of jeans… Did you paint those fuckers on or what?!”

Bella laughed as she thought the same thing when she first tried them on.

“Look good, don’t they?” She teased but behind a blush as she couldn’t believe she’d said that.

“Damn right they do.” He said then let out a cat call whistle.

Bella looked to Jasper in wonder as he turned into a parking lot of a bar known as Midnight Rodeo.

“A little early for a drink…”

“Never too early for a drink, darlin’. But that’s not what brings us here. You gotta take a leak and I got something else to take care of.”

“That a good or bad something?”

“I’m looking for someone, an old friend of mine. His wife used to work here.”

Jasper stepped on out then appeared at her side of the truck. He opened the door and helped her down. He took her by the hand as they headed towards the bar. But the moment they entered, his cellphone rang.

“What do you want, Alice?”

Bella cringed on this and Jasper gave her hand a bit of a squeeze.


Bella looked to Jasper in alarm and he gestured for her to go on to the ladies room.

“That’d be correct.”


Don’t. Don’t you even pull that shit, Alice. You know damn well what you did and what would come of it in the end.”

“Please, let’s just talk this over!” This had the vampire darting back out the door.

“You know… I felt really bad at first. Heading to that lawyer’s office, knowing I was about to piss away a lot of years. You gave me this sense of hope. And in return, I did my damnest to reciprocate those feelings. All those years… I spent them feeling guilty, because I never quite felt the same. But you had me believing that you saved me and that I was your true mate. You know, that ALWAYS messed with my head, the whole mate ordeal. For one thing, if I was truly your mate… Why didn’t I feel the same when it came to you?! I mean sure I loved you, but I was never in love with you. I just thought that after sometime I’d learn to feel the same way. After all I owed you that much, right?”

“Jazzy, there’s still hope. I never misled you. Your head is clouded right now. You’re confusing love with lust. She’s young and human. Even I can understand those desires. But she doesn’t love you. Bella could never love anyone the way she loves Edward.”

“Once again, you forget what I am capable of. If that was true… Then why haven’t I felt an OUNCE of what Bella feels when it comes to YOU!? You’ve spent the last couple decades acting as if I hardly exist. And don’t even get me started on our sex life, or lack thereof. I hardly count anniversaries and birthday sex as a fucking “gift”. I don’t care how much you spice it up or what you wear. I’m your fucking husband, Alice. I might be a vampire, but I’m also a man. And I’m not ashamed to say that I want a woman that knows I fucking exist! If I’m going to walk amongst this world for years to come, I need someone that TRULY gets me. That accepts me for everything I am, including that of my flaws. Because darlin’, I’m filled with them. But to me… That’s what keeps the human side alive. And I’ll be damned if I go and let Edward pull the same when it comes to Bella. I won’t let y’all get ahold of that girl. No one and I mean NO ONE’s touching her. Now do the right thing… sign the fucking papers, Alice. When you’re done forget I ever existed.”

He hung up the phone then felt a soothing hand along his shoulder. He closed his eyes and kissed it.

“I love you too.”

Jasper smiled amongst himself, “I know.”

Jasper nodded and went on to shake the manager’s hand. He looked over to see Bella talking to one of the barmaids. They looked to be having a good time as they were laughing about something. Jasper could’ve listened in, but that would’ve been a very Edward thing to do. He wanted to give the girl some space. That’s not to say he’s never done it, but if he was going to be her man so to speak. He wasn’t about to get all clingy and asshole like. He thanked the manager for the information then walked on over. He leaned into Bella’s ear…

“Excuse me ma’am, but I couldn’t help but to notice. Pretty thang like you, sitting all alone…”

“Is that so?”

Jasper spun her chair around.

“Girl like you… Should never be alone.”

He grabbed a fistful of Bella’s hair then kissed her. This was something Edward NEVER did. Kissing her when they were alone was rare enough. But in a public setting?! It just didn’t happen. As for Jasper? He hadn’t a care in the world as he pressed himself against her and had those hands running up along her thighs.

“Hmmm.” He hummed afterward.

“We better go, before I end up fucking you right here.”

Jasper opened the passenger side door then reached to his temples. He gritted his teeth and staggered back.


He held up a hand as he was doing his best to fight it. He let out a determined growl.

“DAMMIT EDWARD, GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HEAD!!!!” He shouted whilst pulling at his hair.

“Get in the truck, sweetness.”

Bella nodded and climbed on in. Jasper braced himself along the truck as he made his way around. He shook his head as his head as drops of blood landed on the truck.

“Jasper…” Bella called once he entered the truck.

“I’m fine. But I gotta get you out of here!” Bella handed him a tissue for his nose.

Jasper held it to his nose but peeled on out of the parking lot and hauled ass. He was shifting gears like that of a mad man.

“Seatbelt, darlin’. You’re a little more fragile.”

She nodded and put her seatbelt on.

“They know where we are, don’t they?!”

“I’m sorry, Bella. I did my best. But something happened during my hunt and that allowed Alice and Edward a chance. If we can just make it to Peter and Char, we’ll be fine.”

“Peter and Charlotte?!” She said with a certain beam and Jasper couldn’t help but to smile.

“That’s right.”


She’d never met them, but felt like she knew them all the same from how much Jasper talked about them. Bella loved hearing stories about his, Peter, and Charlotte’s adventures. Often enough, she felt like she was right there with them. She’d been dying to meet them. Just not quite like this.

“Bella, I have to drop this block I’ve been keeping. If I don’t, I won’t be at my fullest potential. And you need me at my best. They were going to find us, no matter what I did. I just hoped to gain a little more time.”


“I suppose it’s similar to however you keep Edward out. Only I use my empathy in order to do so. Not sure how you go about it…”

Bella nodded but had that baffled look about her.

“So how long we talking?”

“I don’t know… Maybe an hour or two?”





“Why aren’t you? You know… Sparkling.”

Jasper drew back a breath on this.


She nodded.

“I haven’t a clue. Like I said… something happened during my hunt. Bella, I swear I ran into another breed of vampire.”

“Another breed?!”

He gave a simple nod. Bella reached over and ran her fingers along his arm.

“You’re still warm. You feel… Well, you feel human.”

“Right?! Only not… You haven’t any idea just how badly I want to sink my teeth into you and fuck your brains out while doing so. It’s taking ALL will not to act on that.”

Jasper shook his head.

“Why do you have to smell and taste so good? If anything… I swear your blood calls to me even more.”

“Is there a way I could help?”


“You know… let you feed?”


“Well think about it… Only your bite is venomous, right?”

Jasper nodded.

“Then couldn’t we you know… “

“Bella!” Jasper scolded as she used one of his knifes to cut an area along her arm.

“It’s okay.”

Jasper pulled over and looked to her in disbelief.

“Jasper. All you have to do is listen… You’ll know if you’re taking too much.”

“I’m not Edward! This isn’t the whole James situation.”

What Bella didn’t know was that Jasper had played a part in that as well. Edward’s ONLY reason for being able to stop in time was Jasper. If he hadn’t used his empathy to make him stop, Bella would’ve died, at Edward’s hands. He never told ANYONE about that. But that’s how in tune Jasper was when it came to Bella and he had been since the day they’d first met.

“Jasper, it’s okay.”

“No. It’s. Not. Your blood calls to me more than anyone’s. I know Edward claimed the same but you haven’t a clue. I’m not HIM!”

“No. You’re not. You said it yourself. You’ll keep me safe, even from you.”

“Yeah well that was BEFORE you cut your fucking arm!”

“Jasper… You licked the blood off my lip.” She reminded and he narrowed his eyes in memory.

“You have control.”

He’d forgotten all about that. At the time, all he could think about was how thankful he was that she was alright. And the blood… for once it hadn’t anything to do with bloodlust. Sure, he wanted a taste, but he wasn’t in the predator frame of mind. No. It was more like he recognized Bella as his future mate. He thought back to that particular feeling and nodded. Jasper took her arm then licked the area clean. Bella didn’t comment but looked upon him in shock as he had actual snake-like fangs protruding OVER his canines. He squeezed some more out and went on to nurse on that particular area. Bella let out a bit of a moan. Jasper lifted his eyes and they locked with hers. He watched as she arched back and was practically humping the air. If they hadn’t been in such a hurry, he would’ve fucked her right there. Bella’s eyes started to roll back and Jasper forced himself to stop. That was no easy task, considering she was the best thing he’d ever tasted. He could’ve drained her to the last drop. That alone had him on edge. It would be so easy to give into that desire. Jasper crawled on over and kissed her forehead. He would’ve kissed her lips, but wasn’t sure how she’d feel about tasting her own blood.

“Thank you.”

She nodded and Jasper rested his forehead against hers for a moment. He couldn’t get over the way she felt when it came to him. Even now… He could feel it. He wondered if that alone was the only thing that kept her alive around him. How else could he explain the last two years? He cleared his throat and went back to driving. Bella sat up and adjusted her clothes.

“We’ll get you something to eat just as soon as we can. You need to keep your nourished as well, darlin’. Especially if that’s something we plan on doing from time to time.”

Deep down he feared it, yet longed for it all the same. Jasper had never been so conflicted. Nothing like wanting to fuck your lover and while you drain her to the last drop. Jasper reached back and grabbed a first aid kit from the back.

“Get that arm taken care of and you need to check on that area Edward left behind as well, both of them.” He thought with a cringe as her wrist was still wrapped from when Edward squeezed the shit out of her hand.

And here she was… cutting herself now in order to take care of his needs. But that’s how much she loved him. She was utterly selfless and more than often enough… that scared the shit out of him.

“Jesus…” He whispered in thought.


“Just promise me you’ll never do that again.”

“You’re mad…”

“No. But I won’t have you harming yourself either. If we’re to do this it needs to be on mutual grounds and not you catching me flatfooted.’

“I’m sorry, Jasper.”

“Don’t be. I’d have done the same in your case. Still, let’s just agree on being a team and no more of these one sided decisions.”

“I can do that.”

“Good deal.” He said as he took her hand and kissed it.

Bella looked to Jasper in question as they pulled into the Amarillo Tri-State Expo.

“Rodeo?” Bella questioned once she saw all the horses and cowboys.

He nodded.

“You’re taking me to a rodeo?” She playfully questioned.

He smiled.

“Gotta pop all your cherries, lil darlin’. Hell, I doubt you’ve even been to the fairgrounds before.”

Bella glanced that way in thought.

“I’m right, aren’t I?”

Bella nodded and Jasper sighed.

“That’s a shame. I’ll have to take you one day.”

Jasper hopped on out and went to open Bella’s door. He cocked a brow however as she beat him to the punch.

I’m supposed to do those things for you.”

Bella snorted on this.

“My bad…”

“Hmmm.” He hummed and went on to wrap his arm around her shoulder.

“Keep close. Rough crowd…” He warned as they headed inside.

Bella looked to Jasper in surprise as they had the bull riding contest going. He cut her a wink as they headed into the back stage of the arena. Jasper had her stay put as he climbed over one of the rails and smacked one of the riders on the ass. Bella’s eyes widened as the guy snapped him a ‘look’.

Jasper died of laughter and the guy shook his head.

“Whitlock… You son of a bitch!”

The man hugged the hell out of him and Bella smiled realizing who it was. Jasper waved her over.

“Bella, this is Peter.”

Peter reared back and gave Bella the once over. For a brief moment, Bella wondered why his eyes weren’t red. But she remembered Jasper telling her that Peter and Charlotte wore contacts to conceal their blood-red eyes.

Bella… as in Edward’s girl?”

Bella pulled a face on this and Peter raised his brows.

“I stand corrected. Holy shit… You stole his girl! You really are a son of a bitch!”

Jasper sent Peter a cocky grin.

“What happened to the little wife?”

“We’ll talk about that mess later.”

Peter tilted his head and really looked him over.

“Man… What happened to you? Shit. You look like your old self again.”

Jasper looked to Bella in thought.

“I am…”

Peter smiled on this.

“Well it’s about fucking time. You wanna talk about being pussy whipped.”  Peter said with a wink Bella’s way.

Jasper rolled his eyes and popped a cigarette into his mouth.

“So what brings you here of all places?”

“I need your help.”


“Let’s just say a lot of shit went down and I need my girl over here protected.”

Peter nodded and looked to be in thought.

“Just long enough for me to get this shit taken care of…”

“You know we got your back.”

Jasper flicked his ashes about the ground.

“Thank you.”

“Just let me finish up this round and you can follow me out. You know the place… just twenty minutes out.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

“Bull riding vampires?” Bella whispered with a grin and Jasper laughed.

“You don’t know the half of it, darlin’.”

“Isn’t that a bit of an unfair advantage?”

“Isn’t life unfair in general?”


He nodded and put his cigarette out. Jasper wrapped his arms around her waist then kissed along her neck. Bella had a full on blush going as she could feel him pulsating against her. He smiled in response.

“Can’t be helped… Your ass really does look good in those jeans. But it’d look even better if they were pulled down, past your knees.” He taunted.

He took her hand then twirled her about so that she as facing him.

“You remember when you’d ask about my past?”

Bella nodded and Jasper waved his hand about the arena.

This was a large part of who I was, before Alice came into the picture.”

“Guess I should start calling you Cowboy.”

Jasper looked to be in thought.

“I can deal with that…”

Bella wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. Jasper lifted her up off the ground and wrapped her legs around his waist. He carried her to a more secluded area and moved her about him, teasingly.


He froze and followed her gaze. Her heart was going ninety to nothing and she was in full blown panic.

“Easy…” he whispered while eyeing him down.

“He won’t do anything in a public setting…” At least he hoped Edward wasn’t that stupid.

The anger coming off Edward was overwhelming. Jasper lowered Bella down. He caressed her cheek but let out a miserable laugh as he spotted Alice and Carlisle as well. Carlisle was hugging Alice as she had her face hidden up against his chest. Carlisle shook his head as if to scold Jasper.

“What are you doing, son?”

“I’m not your son.”

Bella went to step out of his hold only Jasper wouldn’t allow it. He wasn’t about to take that risk.

He leaned into her ear.

“Stay put, darlin’.”

Bella nodded but her eyes never left Edward’s as he was staring a hole in them.

“Listen…” Carlisle said while holding up a hand and inching his way over.

Bella whimpered out and like that of Jasper earlier, her nose started to bleed.

“That’s close enough. And leave her be, Edward! I mean it.” Jasper warned through gritted teeth.

Carlisle nodded.

“Let’s just head outside and talk this over.”

“I’ve nothing to say to you, or anyone else for that matter. What’s done is done and you need to come into terms with that and let it be. If you don’t… there will be consequences.”

“Jasper, I really need you to think about this. Think about what you’re doing. If you go through with this and you’ll be tearing our family apart.”

“This is the family YOU wanted, not me. We both know who my TRUE mate is.”

Bella looked to Jasper in surprise. His eyes met hers and he gave a simple nod as he wiped the blood off her nose. He regarded Carlisle in thought.

“It’s sick. The games you play with other people’s lives and all because it’s what YOU deem to be right. Admit it… You knew Alice and I were never meant to be, just as Edward and Bella weren’t. I’d hate to know the truth behind Esme entering the picture. Did you force that as well? Whatever it is you’re doing… It no longer works on me or Bella. I know the truth now. I know you’re the main reason behind all this. I CAN SENSE IT!” Jasper reached to his temples.

“You put on this act. Now I don’t know how you’re doing it… But I see right through you. You wanted to play god. Well play all you want, but keep me and Bella out of it.”

“Bella…” Edward called held his hand out for her.

“Come on, love.”

Jasper sneered on this.

“FUCK OFF!” He shouted as Bella was growing weaker, by the moment.

“And stop that, she’s not letting you in. All you’re doing is hurting her.”

Just as he said this, Peter had made his way over. He wrapped his arm around Edward’s shoulder.

“How you doing, sweetheart? Heard you got your heart stomped on.”

Edward curled his lip and shrugged out of Peter’s hold.

“Ah now, don’t be like that, sug!” Peter called as Edward was walking away.

Jasper waited until the Cullens left, before dropping his hold.

“Well that was intense…” Peter murmured.

Jasper cupped Bella’s chin.

“Breathe, sweetness… It’s going to be alright.”

“Jasper, I know that look. Edward’s not giving up.”

He nodded as he could sense that as well. None of them were.

“I know. But neither am I.”

Bella looked down as something hit her foot. This was followed by a horrific scream. Peter and Jasper looked over and Jasper was quick to grab ahold of her. Bella squirmed about as she was going into hysterics. Jasper lifted his head as he could not only sense, but saw Alice off to the distance. She nodded his direction then disappeared.

“Jesus…” He whispered in utter disbelief.

“Damn…” Charlotte said once the boys were done explaining what took place at the rodeo.

“And you’re sure it was Alice?”

“Oh yeah. Bitch was practically foaming at the mouth. She wanted me to know it was her doing.” Jasper shook his head as he gazed upon Bella.

She was huddled into the corner of the couch and staring into space. She’d been like that for the past two hours. What she was feeling was so strong that even his empathy wouldn’t push through on this one.

“I told her nothing would happen to him.” He whispered looking downright ill.

“How’d she manage to get the Cullens in on that one?” Charlotte questioned and Jasper sighed.

“I think that was all her doing. I seriously doubt they were even aware.”

Charlotte shook her head and glanced that direction as well.

“That’s so fucked up.” She whispered.

Jasper nodded and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Was I wrong?”

“What do you mean?”

Jasper looked over once again and closed his eyes.

“Pushing her…” He shook his head on this.

“I just kept pushing that girl to follow how she really felt. Now here we are. Her father’s dead and I’m about to hunt down my wife of 40 something years and take her head as well.”

“How could you be wrong?” Charlotte said with a warm smile.

“She’s to become your mate. That’s not something you can ignore. I’m surprised the two of you made it this long. Two years… What happened to you Jasper?”

Peter reached over and squeezed his shoulder a bit.

“I don’t know. Believe me… I wish I did.”

Jasper’s cellphone rang and he shook his head but answered.

 “What do you want, Emmett?”

“Jasper, I’m so sorry. If I had known… I would’ve put a stop to it. You gotta believe me! Is Bella okay?”

“What do you mean…?”

“Alice… I took it upon myself to watch after the chief. You know with Victoria and Laurent still out there… She had me fooled. She… Jesus. She just marched on in, like it was nothing! And you know the chief… He welcomed her with open arms. It was the most gruesome thing I’d ever seen. I didn’t know what to do! What was I supposed to do?! She’s my fucking sister. Jasper, I hadn’t a clue. If I had, I wouldn’t have let Alice anywhere near him.” 

Jasper narrowed his eyes as he could hear Rosalie yelling at him in the background.


Jasper could hear Rosalie losing her shit. She went on and on about how she tried to warn them about Bella. How she was bad news, but nobody listened. Then again, she’d had ill feelings towards Bella since day one. It wasn’t just about her jealousy with Bella being human, but the fact that Bella was with Edward. Jasper always hated the way that made Emmett feel. He knew Rose had never gotten over Edward. And if she had a choice, she’d be with him instead.

“Look brother, I gotta go. Just… Hell, I don’t even know what to say. Bella didn’t deserve this. I’m so sorry.”

Emmett hung up the phone and Jasper nodded amongst himself. He looked over to see Bella was gone from the couch.

“Bathroom.” Charlotte murmured and Jasper nodded.

Peter handed a bottle of whiskey over and Jasper took a good swig.  He staggered back as he was doing everything he could to take Bella’s pain into his own. Peter grimaced once he realized what his friend was doing.

“Whitlock, you gotta let her get this one out on her own.”

Jasper looked to Peter in sheer desperation.

“I can’t. I did this… She’s in so much pain. She blames herself, but it was my doing.”

“Stop that!” Charlotte scolded.

“Agreed.  Both of you need to quit taking responsibility for what those bastards did!” Peter added.

“I blame myself in the sense of lying to her. Now she’s going to think I would’ve said ANYTHING in order to get her to go with me.”

“I doubt that.” Charlotte said with a nod Bella’s direction.

Bella nodded in return and made her way over. She took the bottle of whiskey from Jasper’s hold. She took a good plunge but choked back directly after.

“Where is it?”

“And what’s that, little swan?” Peter questioned as she handed the bottle of Jack back over.

“My father’s head…”

Jasper grimaced on this.

“In the barn…”

Bella nodded and headed on out. Jasper took the bottle to the label. He let out a miserable laugh afterward.

“You hear of ugly divorces… Well I believe this one takes the cake. Alice… she hasn’t a clue what she’s in for.” He murmured before heading out as well.

Charlotte and Peter exchanged glances on this.

Jasper stepped out to find Bella burying her father’s head by one of the trees. He walked on over and took the shovel from her hold.

“I got it…”

“He’s my father…” She murmured and took the shovel back.

She went back to digging. But as she did this she thought back to how upset her father had been for not having time with her on her birthday. This had her thinking back to when Edward pretty much forced that party on her. Bella gritted her teeth and Jasper lifted his eyes. He’d never sensed this kind of anger, not from Bella. She kept on shoveling but the more she thought back to everything, the angrier she became. But none of that was directed at Jasper. No. She didn’t blame him. She blamed herself for Charlie’s death. But she blamed the Cullens for the lead up. Bella drove the shovel into the ground then let out this painful cry. She jerked the shovel back out then threw it.

“FUUUUUUUUCK!” She hollered and pulled at her hair.


Bella paced the area then looked to Jasper.

“Turn me.”

Jasper raised his brows on this. Bella reached out and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt.

“TURN ME!!!” She roared and Jasper shook his head no.

Bella shoved him back.


“Because you’re not ready.”


“Bella, that’s your anger talking. Not you.”


Jasper gritted his teeth on this.

“Watch yourself, darlin’.”


Jasper took her by the arm then pulled her on over. He looked her right in the eyes.

“I know you’re hurting, baby. But don’t you EVER compare me to Edward again. Mate or not… You will not talk to me like that.”

Bella hauled off and slapped the shit out of him. He let out a bit of a growl and Bella covered her mouth once she’d realized what she’d done.

“Jasper… I…”

Jasper grabbed a fistful of her hair, but was careful not to hurt her as he brought her against him.

“I failed in keeping my promise. I know that. I will do whatever I can to make up for it. But turning you and now? OUT OF THE QUESTION!”

Bella went to argue this only he put a single finger along her lips.

“You seem to forget… I spent years dealing with newborns. Turning you now? That would be a HUGE mistake. You’re angry and that anger would only bleed over. You’d wake up with two things on your mind and two things only. Hunger and this overwhelming need for revenge. You’d be a MURDEROUS mess! So no, darlin’.  I’m not going to turn you, not just yet. I’ll decide when you’re ready. You might think that controlling or as me telling you what to do. But when it comes to this… I don’t give a shit what you or anyone else thinks. I know what I’m doing. So when I say you’re not ready. That’s exactly what I mean. I’d never forgive myself if I turned you and let you become something you’d only live to regret and Bella darlin’… Trust me when I say you would.” Jasper showed Bella his scars as a reminder.

He gave a simple nod afterward then hugged her.

“I want a mate, not a beast.” Jasper made clear.

(Be a good sport by leaving your comment/review or a simple ‘like’, if you dug the chapter. Thank you! I would’ve had more chapters for this and Playing With Fire. But I’m fighting a massive migraine and cannot work on anything else today. I will make up for it the coming weekend. Thank you MsDawnSilverKnife, for the awesome manip of Jasper’s eyes!)

32 thoughts on “Chapter 2 Devil Gets Your Soul”

  1. Dam Carlisle, Malice, Fuckward and Rosabitch. I think Emmett is the only one who is humane of the Cullens. Jasper and Bella will have some negative tension now, huh?

  2. I love jasper and Bella pairings. I love this story and well all of your stories. I am hoping that Emmett wakes up and gets away from Rose and the rest of the psychotic Cullen’s. I wonder if Esme knows what’s going on and is under Carlisle control? I wouldn’t be surprised either way. Poor Charlie dying like that…but unfortunately it was inevitable that Alice and/or Edward did something. Is the pack going to get involved? I can’t help but wonder if they did then they would just get themselves killed and add more guilt into Bella because she carries guilt for all things that aren’t her fault. Love this story, thanks for sharing. I’m really looking forward to the next update.
    Hope your migraine gets better..those are the worst kind of headaches.

  3. Just to clarify, Jasper did vamp speed that guy that slapped Bella out of the bar and beat the hell outta him, right? And, poor Charlie! But, at least she ain’t got no more ties to the mortal world. Great chap and I hope ya migraine leaves ya soon! 🙂

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  5. jasper is right Bella is to angry right now to be turned but oh holy hell when she does get turned.. all hell is going to break loose and i have a feeling jasper fed from *traditional* vampire and is going through transition all over again lol. and he has chosen to *live* 🙂 Makes me curious what Bella is going to be since Jasper fed from her without turning her. i am really curious who in the hell he fed from. Update again soon.

  6. I think we all need to start singIngles Alice and Edward (Carlisle too for good mesasure) us going to die.

    You know…I always wondered about what the Volturi would do if mates were separated…I know Marcus probably would have a fit.

    Is this a TVD/Originals crossover? Either way, can’t wait to see what Jasper discovers about himself and Bella when he turns her…

  7. I can’t wait for Alice to die, and I’m really hoping it’s Bella who does it.
    As much as I want Bella to be turned like right now so she can kick the shit out of Alice, I get why Jasper won’t change her now.
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  11. Really like Lee. Hope we see more of him.
    So what the hell did Jasper fight and eat? Is he turning into something else besides a cold one?
    Poor Charlie! He didn’t deserve to die! WTF Malice, why did she kill him? And poor Bella so much anger and guilt.
    What the heck was Rosabitch’s problem? Bella didn’t do anything. It’s all Carlisle, Eddie and Alice.
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    And Carlisle and Edward using their gifts against Bella.

    Thank goodness Bella and Jasper are in Texas where Charlotte and Peter can help them.

    Poor Charlie!

  14. Well, there were many things about that chapter that were unexpected. I’m speculating that Jasper drained a demon and is now one himself. I’m not sure, yet, as to how that means his nose could bleed. And what’s up with Bella’s nosebleed?
    Charlie’s head? Jesus Alice!! Poor Emmett for seeing that, but bless him for calling to check on Bella.

    I’m also wondering what it means for Jasper to turn Bella if he has become some sort of a demon. Will she get that snake’s tongue and fangs, too?

    Have to say, though, loving the Major’s new look (or as Peter says, his old look). How the hell did Alice manage to get him to change his entire appearance in addition to everything else. They just need to keep her away from Bella until she is changed. I love the new Major, smoking, drinking…LOL Awesome.

    How did Peter not notice Jasper’s new temperature when he hugged Jasper? Curiouser and curiouser.

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