Chapter 3 You Move Me

Chapter 3 – You Move Me

I do not own Twilight or any youtube videos posted to the chapters. In this particular story the Cullens aside from Edward are blonde.

Couple days later… 

                Bella woke to someone playing a guitar outside her window. She pulled the curtain back and saw Jasper sitting under a tree, guitar in hand. Bella opened the window and shook her head as he was singing All My Ex’s Live in Texas. Once he saw Bella poking her head out he changed chords and songs altogether. He started singing She’s Gone Country by Alan Jackson. Bella smiled and crawled on out the window. She sat beside him and rested her head along his shoulder. Once he finished the song, he kissed the top of her head. Then went on to play You Move Me by Garth Brooks.

“Someone’s trying awfully hard to get laid.” Peter murmured as he walked past.

Bella laughed as Jasper flipped him off but continued on. Towards the end of the song Bella started to cry. Jasper set his guitar down then pulled her into his lap. He said nothing as he hugged her and let her get it out. She’d spent the last couple days to herself and hiding in that back bedroom.

Her emotions were fucking with his head, something fierce and he had to do something. So he decided to cheat a little and get that empathy of his kicking into high gear. He wanted his girl back. He knew it wouldn’t be easy. But he was going to do his damnest to get her mind off this shit. As for his plans about returning to Forks, he decided on nixing that altogether. Since they’d showed up here there was no need. And he wasn’t about to leave Bella behind. She needed him more than ever now. The plan? Was to stay put and let THEM come to him.

“I can’t believe he’s gone.” She cried and Jasper ran a soothing hand along her back.

He went on to lay her down and simply held her.

“Guess I’m staying here…” She whispered once his empathy kicked in.

Jasper narrowed his eyes on this.

“Bella… Let’s not make any rash decisions just yet.”

“Rash? What is there to go back to?”

“Your friends.”

“All two of them?”

“Come now, you have a lot more friends than that. You’re pretty popular if you think about it.”


“You’d be surprised.” He knew for a fact that a lot of people thought the world of Bella.

“Jasper, you know I hated Forks. The only reason I put up with it was for the sake of my father and well… Edward.”

“I know. But I think my biggest concern is having your options taken away. I don’t want you feeling as if you haven’t a choice. There’s always Arizona.”

“Are you trying to push me away?”

“Far from it. I want you here more than anything. But you have a life outside of us. I respect that and don’t you ever forget it. If you wish to see your mother or friends, I’m not about to keep you from doing that. Like I said, whether you stay in Texas or move elsewhere. We’ll find a way.”

“Jasper, let’s be honest with ourselves. After everything… It would be best if I died alongside of my father.”

He tilted his head in wonder.

“No one knows where I am, not even that of my mother. And if I’m going to be turned eventually… How would I explain to my mother and friends that I’m not aging? Besides, you know I didn’t have the greatest relationship with Renee. She’s always off in her own world.”

Jasper nodded and looked to be in thought.

“You don’t have to be turned.”

“Right… You want a 90 year old mate?” She said thinking back to when Edward was actually okay with that idea.

Jasper couldn’t help but to chuckle.

“Could be interesting.”

“That’s so gross.”

“Nothing about you is gross. My only issue would be having to watch you die. And the longer we put off turning you, the higher the risk. That being said… you’re still not quite ready.”

Bella let out a sigh of disappointment and Jasper caressed her cheek.

“You’ll get there…” He said with a warm smile.

“What I wouldn’t give to grow old with you. If I could… I’d do this the right way. Take you on few dates, end up living in sin – in a house out in the country, then I get you nice and knocked up, I’m thinking twice, maybe there’s a dog and a couple horses in the picture. Unfortunately, I don’t have that option. And being with me… takes those options away from you as well.”

Bella ran a hand along his chest.

“Jasper, it’s like you told Carlisle. I’m your true mate. That’s not something I can turn my back to.”

“You wouldn’t be turning your back, Bella. That’s one hell of a commitment.  I suppose what I’m trying to say is I’m about not about to pull an Edward or Alice and take control of your life. Vampire or not, I can be a patient man… Patient in the sense of knowing you’re young and have so much life ahead of you. Mate or not… That doesn’t necessarily mean I’m your only option. If you want to experience human life and have children…  I’m not about to hold that against you.”

And he meant it. That’s how much she meant to him. Now the mere idea of Bella being with another man, damn near killed him. But they weren’t exactly mated, just yet.  If they were…  That would be a different story entirely. He wouldn’t let another man touch what was his, not a chance in hell. He’d fuck up anyone that tried. But at this very moment, he wasn’t about to hold her back and tell her this was pretty much it. It wasn’t. Jasper knew he had to respect that and remind Bella of she’d be giving up and what all was out there. But deep down… he prayed she’d stay and give him the honor of turning her. To Jasper THAT was the bigger commitment. And that made Edward an even bigger fool. How could he NOT see what Bella was offering? It was damn near insulting… She offered Edward her life, yet that wasn’t good enough. He wanted more – as to the whole forcing her into marriage, before he’d turn her bit. And that whole saving her soul ordeal… only pissed Jasper off. Edward was so full of shit. For one thing if he TRULY believed that. He would’ve steered clear of Bella from day one. It’s almost like he knew… even then. Knew that she was never his and Edward wanted to put that final nail in the coffin. But that wouldn’t have stopped Jasper, not by any means. If Bella had come to him, vampire, and married to Edward, he would’ve taken her on the spot. He had no shame in his feelings when it came to her. The way he saw it? It’s not every day a woman LITERALLY hands her life over and into your hands. If that’s not love, then what the fuck is it? It wasn’t about Bella wanting to be a vampire. No. It was about her being human and with a vampire as a lover. And she was right… She couldn’t remain human and have a future with Edward or Jasper for that matter. Jasper thought it beyond cruel that Edward even expected such a thing.

Bella put a finger to his lips.

“That’s enough cowboy, I’m yours. It’s that simple. So quit reading so much into this. Do I want all those things? Yes, but with you. And if I can’t have that with you, then I sure as hell don’t want that with anyone else. We don’t have to have to grow old and have children in order to be happy. You make me happy and you should know that to be true by now.”

Jasper smiled on this.

“That I do…” He said wholeheartedly.

Jasper knew he was lucky in that sense. It’s not every day you can sense whether you’re making your girl happy or not. Despite recent events, he knew without a shadow of a doubt that Bella loved him. And even on their darkest of days, he could always get her to smile, even if for a brief moment.

“I love you.”

“I know.” Bella taunted in return and Jasper chuckled.

“So we’re getting married, right?!”

“Don’t push your luck, Whitlock…” Bella cruelly teased and Jasper sighed.


“I have to kill your first wife, before we even think about taking THAT leap.”

“A woman after my own heart.” He said with a grin.

“Nothing says love like murdering the ex.”

“Hmmm, I’ll be sure to keep that in mind, darlin’.” He murmured as Edward came to mind.

Bella’s stomach grumbled.

“Time to feed the human.” Jasper said as he came to his feet and offered a hand.

“That’s a lot of food for just me.” Bella uttered once he sat her plate down.

It was filled with steak, a massive and loaded baked potato, Caesar salad, and a brownie for dessert. He looked to the plate and shrugged.  Jasper plopped down beside her.

“Eat up… So I can eat you up.” He mocked and Bella laughed.

“Wow. This is like really good.” Bella said after taking a bite of the steak.

“I can’t believe you eat your steak well done. Talk about ruining a good steak.”

“Yeah well… I’m not a vampire, yet.”

“That hasn’t anything to do with being a vampire. That’s almost sacrilegious. That was a good steak and you made me ruin it.”

“How is it ruined if I’m eating it?”

Bella narrowed her eyes as Jasper was sipping from a wine glass.

“Didn’t peg you for a wine drinker…”

Charlotte overheard this and died of laughter.

“That’s a good one!”

Jasper sighed and Charlotte sat across from them.

“Well go on… Tell her what you’re really drinking.”

“Char…” Jasper warned.

Wait… Is that…”

Jasper shook his head upon Charlotte.

“Oh come on. You really thought you could get by with that one?”

“I hoped to let her finish her meal first. Bella has a thing about blood…”

Bella wrinkled her nose on this.

“But she’s basically mated to a vampire.”

“That she is.” Jasper murmured and went on to down the rest.

“Where’d you get the blood?” Bella questioned curiously.

“Oh this just gets better and better.”

“Char, don’t you have something better to do? Perhaps someone else to annoy?”


“You got a little…” Bella pointed to his lip and he used the back of his hand to wipe it off.

“Would you like a taste?” Char taunted as she went on to pour herself a glass as well.

“Umm, I’m good.”



“Don’t be an ass.” Jasper scoffed and Charlotte laughed.

“Can’t help it. I find this highly entertaining. The God of War raising a human mate.”

“I’m not raising her…”

“Sure you aren’t…”

“She’s 18.”

“I didn’t mean that in the sense of child. I meant in the sense of raising a human to become your potential vampire mate. Not everyone gets that opportunity. Peter sure as hell didn’t. You remember how much of a mess I was.”

Jasper chuckled in memory.

“Oh yeah. You and Peter both.”

“Well there you go. At least this one will have a little more knowledge in what to expect and who better to show her than Major Whitlock?”

Charlotte looked to Bella.

“You’re in good hands…” She said with fullest sincerity.

“And I thought you couldn’t stand me…” Jasper uttered with a smirk.

“On the contrary… I haven’t any issues with Jasper Whitlock. In fact, Peter and I owe you, to this very day. It’s Jasper Cullen I couldn’t stand.”

Charlotte came to her feet and walked on over. She took Jasper’s hand into her own and gave it a bit of a squeeze.

“It’s good to have YOU back. Just keep that Cullen attitude at bay.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

On this note she exited the room.

“So they have blood on tap? I’m guessing human blood?”

“In a way…”

“Your eyes… it’s like their on fire again. Shouldn’t they be red like that of Peter and Charlotte’s?”

He nodded.

“And when you’re not well… hungry. They’re green. Was that your natural color? You know… before you were turned?”


Bella smiled.

“I like that. There’s something soothing about it. Not so sure how I feel about the fangs though.”

Jasper reared back on this and Bella forked the last bite of steak into her mouth.


Bella chewed and swallowed.

“Well yeah… You have these snake-looking fangs.”

Jasper ran the tip of his tongue along his teeth and Bella laughed. She came to her feet, took him by the hand then led him into the bathroom. He looked into the mirror and shrugged.


“They were there! I swear!”’

“Hm. What was I doing when you noticed this?”

Bella rather blushed and Jasper raised his brows.

“I see…”

Jasper reached over and shut the door. He cleared his throat and stood behind her as he looked into the mirror. He pulled her hair back and buried his nose into her neck. It wasn’t long before he regarded his own reflection in absolute shock.


“Ho-ly shit. How’d I not notice?! I even felt it that time!”

“What’d it feel like?”

“Like a needle puncturing it’s way out… Crazy.”

“So it hurt?!”

“For like a split second.” He said with a shrug.

Jasper made his way to the mirror then leaned over the counter. He went on to examine these fangs of his. He pressed down on the gum line.

“Fuck…” He uttered in disbelief.

“Is that…?!”

“Venom… Like a literal fucking snake!”

“That’s insane!”


“I have to press down pretty hard but the venom’s there. That’s what I’ll be using in order to turn you.”

The look on her face had him laughing.

“Are you scared?”

“…no…” She murmured he laughed even harder.

Jasper swallowed the venom then made his way back.

“Stay perfectly still.” He whispered then observed her reaction as he ran those fangs along her neck. Not enough to break the skin or spread any venom, just enough to give her that chill. He gathered this egotistical smirk as he had the poor girl panting and her lust was through the roof.

“How bad you want it…” He taunted.

“Jasper…” She scolded with a flushed face.

“I think it’s safe to say these fangs are largely due to you.”


“I’m sure they’ll come around when I’m feeding from actual humans. But something about you…” Jasper closed his eyes and breathed her in once again. This had him salivating. He shook his head and swallowed back.

“It’s like my body knows. It recognizes you as my mate. Like right now… All I can think about is turning you. It’s insane just how strong that feeling is. And sensing you… isn’t helping.”

“So you don’t sparkle, you’re not as pale, your skin is warm and feels almost human. Not to mention your hair and everything else…”

Jasper retrieved his pocket knife and went on to show her that he bled too. But observed her reaction as he healed within a few seconds.

“What the hell…” She muttered under her breath.

Jasper gave a simple nod as he himself wasn’t sure what to say to that.

“My appearance… That was Carlisle’s doing.”


“Bella, I’m not sure how and I haven’t any real proof. But Carlisle has a way of controlling certain things. Such as you’ve seen already… like with me and you for instance. He knew you were MY future mate. Yet he kept us apart by manipulating how we felt for Alice and Edward.”

“I don’t understand.”

Jasper opened the door and Bella followed him back to the table. He seated her down.

“Eat.” He said and went on to pour himself another glass of blood, from what looked like to be a keg. He breathed it in before drinking it, but had this disappointed look about him after.


“Nowhere near like that of yours…” He said with a wink.

Bella laughed but went back to finishing her plate.

“Like I said… I’m not sure how Carlisle does it. But he has a way of making HIS word gold so to speak. I mean think about it… The way he talks and his mere presence draws you in. You can’t help but to give into whatever he says. It’s like you find yourself wanting to appease him. Once he manages to get through to you. You start to notice things…” Jasper sat beside her and leaned back in thought.

“Things such as the way you talk, dress, and act. And that’s another thing… Aside from Edward everyone is blonde, even that of his own wife. And they even dress alike! Why is that?!”

“Like a cult…” Bella whispered and Jasper nodded.


“Wow. It was so obvious! What the fuck?!”

“That’s the vampire charm, darlin’. It fucks with you and you don’t question even the most obvious of things. How do you think we got away with so much? Even now if wanted… I could sway you into doing and saying things that you wouldn’t normally say or do. Now that doesn’t mean I have FULL control. But how do you think Edward got away with so much when it came to you? He got away with things that no normal man in a relationship should’ve gotten away with.”

“Have you ever done that?”

“You’ll have to be more precise…”

“Have you ever used that on me?”

Jasper let out an uncomfortable laugh.


“A few times.”


“It’s not what you think. I would never take advantage of you or anything of the sort. And I sure as hell wouldn’t use what I can do to make you feel something for me. For example – your birthday.”

“What about my birthday?”

“Well, do you remember being a little more honest than usual?”

Bella thought back to that particular day and her jaw dropped.


He nodded.

“That’s sooo fucked up! Jesus Jasper, I was a total bitch that day!”

Jasper curled his lip on this.

“Not even. You were being your fucking self for once. You should be honest more often. It’s like this weight was lifted off your shoulders. Sure, you were in shock, but I could sense you. Part of you was a little relieved by something of the things you said.”

Bella lowered her head on this.

“What you said to Edward, about Alice. Shit. I was damn near jealous. If only I could’ve put Alice in her place like that.”

Bella came to her feet and went on to clean her plate. Jasper drew back a breath and came to a stand as well. He walked on over as she was at the sink. He wrapped his arms around her waist.

“You gotta quit beating yourself up. Neither of us had control of the situation. You spent two years being manipulated. Well darlin’, just be glad it wasn’t forty-three.”

Bella cringed in thought. “I’m sorry.”

Jasper shook his head then twirled her about.

“That’s not why I said that. It wasn’t a comparison or anything of the sort. Bella, you haven’t any idea how relieved I am that we got you out of that situation. Things could’ve been so much worse. If you had followed through with Edward and Carlisle’s wishes…” Jasper caressed her cheek in thought.

“They would’ve erased who you are completely. I mean look at me now in comparison to then. You and I would’ve spent eternity playing the roles of brother and sister-in-law, rather than that of being with our true mate. Could you imagine? Looking over at one another and knowing there’s something there, but ignoring it and for the sake of Alice and Edward?! Hell, they were playing just as much of a part in all this. I could sense it, when shit hit the fan on your birthday. I knew they were just as guilty and they were afraid of being caught. I will say that Emmett and Rose hadn’t a clue. They were just as lost as we were. If anything, they’re just as much victims in all this.”

“Shouldn’t we do something then?”

“I believe Emmett has already…” He replied as Bella was drying her hands off.

“And Esme?”

“It was hard to get a read on her. There was so much going on and all I could think about was getting you out of there.”

“That would be horrible…” Bella said in thought.

“Yes it would…”

“He wouldn’t hurt Esme, would he?”

“That would be a very big mistake. For one thing, Emmett wouldn’t have it.”

“Makes you wonder what’s going now that we’re not there…”

“I can only imagine…”

Jasper scooped her up then started towards the door.

“Um… where are you taking me?”

“You’ll see.”

“You know… You never answered my question about the blood tap.”



“Can’t you just let things be? Just for a day, at least?”


“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome!”

Jasper shook his head but chuckled. He carried her out to the stables. He kicked the door open with his boot.

“They have horses!” Bella practically squealed and Jasper smiled.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“That’s so cool!” She said as he set her down.

Bella headed on over and petted one of the horses.

“I bet you’re glad they don’t feed from animals.” Bella witted upon the horse and Jasper laughed.

He watched as Bella petted each of the horses.  Bella peeked into the last stable however and nodded Jasper’s direction.

“What’s wrong with him?”

“Limp leg, rattlesnake bite.”

“Poor thing…” Bella said as she entered the stable.

“He’s beautiful.”

It was a steel gray horse with a midnight mane and tail. Jasper nodded and was about to warn her, only to rear back in realization. Peter entered the area and regarded Jasper in a stupor. Jasper held up a hand as if to say hold on.

“Are you doing that?” Peter whispered as to the horse being so calm.



“Seriously. That’s all her…”

Jasper couldn’t help but to smile as he looked over to see Bella petting the horse.  Sure, it was acting a little agitated. But nowhere near like that of when Peter and Charlotte messed with him.

“Calm down… I’m just looking.” Bella whispered as she looked to the bite on his leg.

“It’s infected.”

“Yeah well if he didn’t have the vaccine beforehand he’d be dead. Damn horse won’t let us anywhere near him.” Peter stated and Bella regarded the vampire in disbelief.

“But you’re vampires…”

Jasper had a good laugh at this and Peter rolled his eyes.

“You’ve never dealt with an unruly horse.” He scoffed.

“Well maybe I could help. Just tell me what to do.”

Peter and Jasper exchanged glances on this.

“Come on, he could die if you don’t do something.”

“Alright. I’ll get the kit and walk you through it.” Peter murmured.

“Thank you.” Bella said with a genuine beam and went back to petting the horse.

“We’ll get you up and going in no time.”

Jasper had brought her in here for this very reason. But HE was going to take care of the horse like Peter and Charlotte asked. They knew Jasper could use his empathy to calm it down. He hadn’t expected Bella to handle it. But it seemed to be just the distraction she needed. Bella always was more at peace when helping others. Peter handed the kit over and walked her through it. Jasper snapped his head over at one point and was ready to get her the hell out of there when the horse started to act up.

“Shhhh… I know it burns but it won’t for long.” Bella whispered.

“You grew up around horses, didn’t you?!” Peter scoffed as she managed to get it calm again.



“Never been around horses.” Bella said with a shrug.

“Would you back up a little? You’re making him nervous.” Bella stated and Peter reared back looking offended.

Jasper grinned and had him step away.

“Son of a bitch…” Peter uttered once she got the horse to it’s feet.

“Lil darlin’ knows what she’s doing.” Jasper said with utmost pride.

“That’s bullshit! She’s never stepped foot on a ranch, yet she goes and…”

Jasper cut Peter a ‘look’ and Peter swallowed back. He knew that look. That was the Major and he knew better than to push his luck. Peter cleared his throat then nodded towards Bella.


“No prob.” She said and went on to give him the shot of antibiotics.

The horse carried on and Bella sighed.

“Knock that off.”

The horse snapped Bella a look and brayed at her once again.

“It’s done! See?!”

She showed him the syringe and Jasper covered his mouth in laughter as he swore the horse actually rolled his eyes at her.

“Little bastard. He’s your horse now!” Peter bitched and Bella looked to him in surprise.


“Yeah. He hates everyone else. Might as well be yours.”

“I don’t know what to do with a horse!”

“Well you best figure it out!” Peter barked but Jasper raised his brows knowing damn well what Peter was doing.

Peter stormed out like he was pissed. But that was merely his way of welcoming her. As in Bella was more or less a Whitlock already. Peter and Charlotte still carried the name. And Jasper understood Charlotte’s reason more than ever now. Of course she was furious. The moment Alice came into the picture he more or less turned his back to them and dropped the name altogether. Peter used the Whitlock name as a way to honor Jasper and to let him know he thought of him like a brother.

“Jasper?” Bella called with concern.

He lifted his eyes.

“Are you alright?”

“I’m fine, darlin’.”

“You looked so sad.”

“Just a lot on my mind.”

“But we’re okay?”

“We’re more than okay. Don’t ever question that.”

Bella smiled and stepped out of the stable.

“You can talk to me, you know.” Bella made clear as she was washing her hands.

“I know. But it’s not something that really needs discussing. Just coming into terms with a few things.”

Bella nodded and wrapped her arms around his neck.  Jasper kissed her but was running his hands up along her denim shorts.

“Jasper…” Bella playfully scolded.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in shorts, denim at that.” He murmured.

“And with those boots… Fuck.”

That was all Char’s doing. Jasper gave her the money and a list of what all Bella needed, along with whatever sizes she wore. He figured he couldn’t go wrong with Charlotte picking Bella’s clothes out. Especially since Bella had decided on a new look, altogether. That and he knew Bella hated shopping. This way she wouldn’t have to worry on it. They were alike in that sense. Jasper loathed shopping, yet Alice managed to drag him along, every fucking time.

Bella let out a gasp as he scooped her up and took off.

“Warn me will you?!” Bella scolded as they ended up in a nearby pasture.

“Now what would be the fun in that?”

He laid her down then went back to kissing her. Jasper unfastened her shorts and pulled them down, along with her panties. He took a good gander and wiggled his brows.


He went on to strip her down and took his time really looking her over.

“Do you have ANY idea how fucking sexy you are?!

Bella blushed in response and Jasper shook his head. She didn’t. Bella was often enough insecure when it came to things like that. Something he never understood. How could she NOT see what he saw? That only made him question Edward even more. How could you spent two years with a girl like Bella and deny her advances? It pissed him off in the sense of practically begging for sex when it came to Alice. Sure, he could’ve used his empathy to fuck her. But he thought that rather pathetic. She was his wife for Christ’s sake. He shouldn’t have to do that. He didn’t like the idea of fucking any woman and because of his empathy alone.

Jasper kissed and touched wherever he pleased. To him this was a gift, something he’d never take for granted.

“Can I see you…?” Bella shyly asked and Jasper cocked a brow on this.

“Like you have to ask…” He said with a wink.

Bella laughed as he took a total of two seconds getting his clothes off.

“That’s hardly fair.”

“Well you should’ve been clearer. If you wanted a strip tease…”



“Shut up.”

“Yes, ma’am.” He said with a wide grin.

He closed his eyes however as Bella ran her hand along his chest, on down. He let out a bit of a moan as she went on to stroke his cock. When he opened his eyes they were on fire.

(Thank you Falling Stars for manip above)

“Bella…,” he called behind a low growl.

He took her hand and pinned it up above her head. He went on to do this with the other as well. His lips locked with hers and without another thought, he was fucking her into oblivion. There was a BIG difference between fucking Alice and fucking Bella. With Alice it was repetitive and it hadn’t anything to do with being married for so long. No. That was just him and Alice in general. There was nothing there, so it was more or less fucking just to fuck. With Bella, there was this dominate side. He wanted to own her, but not like that in the sense of Edward. No. Jasper wanted to make Bella his. And that’s where the eyes and fangs came in. Sure, he craved her blood. But he craved HER more than anything. It was so strong, he found himself wanting to feed and turn her right there. He wanted his fucking mate! Whereas Edward was afraid of taking that step, Jasper wasn’t. His only reason for holding off was knowing she wasn’t ready. But the moment he sensed otherwise, Bella hadn’t a clue what she was in for. The mere idea had him harder than ever. Jasper narrowed his eyes however as she was biting down on that lip of hers. Now he’d never use his empathy to get a woman into bed with him, but he hadn’t any issues in using it during. He wanted to see just how far he could get them going. And he could tell Bella was holding back. He wondered just how much.

“Come on, Bella… It’s me. Let go.” He encouraged.

                Bella let out this gasp like she’d been holding her breath. He gave a mere nod as her back arched off the ground and she flooded his cock.

“GOD DAMN!” He hollered.

“I knew it!” He said behind another growl and went on to fuck her even harder.

He knew he couldn’t give his all. But knew she could handle a little more oomph… And that she did.

“JASPER!” She cried and came yet again.

This girl was clawing at his back and in a whole other world. Jasper couldn’t help but to chuckle.

“You haven’t a clue. Just you wait.” He murmured and got a good hold as he rolled over.

“Well go on… Ride your cowboy, lil darlin’.”

He showed her how to go about it then kicked back and merely enjoyed. That was another thing he took pride in… Being her first and deep down, he hoped to be her only. Jasper gritted his teeth as he was doing his best to hold it. This girl hadn’t a clue what she was doing to him. Alice was most certainly nothing to frown at. She was beautiful. But in comparison to Bella…? Well there was no comparison. Human or not, Bella rewrote the book.

Bella threw her head back as another orgasm hit and Jasper was quick to lift her off him. He grabbed her hand and wrapped it around his cock. He gave a simple nod after showing her how to go about it.

“FUCK!” He hollered and bucked off the ground as he shot his load.

Bella’s jaw dropped as he shot clear across his abdomen and chest and it was still oozing out. She went to lick him clean and Jasper stopped her.

“You haven’t a clue how bad I want that… But it’s not a chance I can take. Once I turn you… you can eat that shit up all you want. It’s the same reason I won’t cum in ya. You’re human and that’s not something we can toy around with.”

It wasn’t about getting her pregnant; he knew that wasn’t a possibility. But he didn’t want to accidently turn her or worse…  flat out kill her. He used his empathy to key in and make certain he hadn’t hurt her feelings. She rolled over and lay beside him, but with a massive grin. Jasper let out a breath of relief. He pulled her into his arms then kissed her the top of her head. He closed his eyes and merely enjoyed what was coming off of her. Bella was one of the few that truly felt with all her heart and he found it an honor to be at the receiving end.

“You feel so different…” Bella whispered.


She nodded against his chest.

“You’re so warm.”

“Are you sayin’ I literally cold cocked you the first time?” He teased but with a touch of seriousness.

Bella laughed.

“Well it was a little cold… But then again I was a virgin so…”

“So you needed to be iced down after…?” He uttered behind a chuckle.


“Truth… and don’t hold back on account of hurting my feelings. Which do you prefer?”

“What do you mean exactly?”

“Cold or warm cock?!”

“Jasper!” She scolded behind laughter.

“I’m being serious…”

“I prefer you. Cold, warm, what have you.”

He swallowed back sensing her and knew she truly meant it. It was moments like this he never wanted to end. He’d craved this for so long. And often enough he almost felt cheated on… Seeing her with Edward for so long. Which was rather hypocritical and he knew that. Still, he knew she felt the same when it came to Alice. There were a few times he got that jealous vibe from Bella. He hated that he’d made her feel that way. But at the time, there wasn’t much either could do about it. Nevertheless, that was all in the past and he finally had what he wanted. He wasn’t about to let her go either. He meant it when he said he’d find a way of making this work. He’d do whatever it took to have her in his life.

“Wake up, sweetness. It’s just a dream…” He said whilst giving her a slight shake.

“HEY!” He hollered as she started to hyperventilate and nothing he did seemed to stir her.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” He shouted as her nose was bleeding.

Bella shot up but with gasp and clung to Jasper for dear life.

“Shh… I gotcha.” He whispered but deep down he was writhing in suppressed fury.

Fucking Edward. Had he been behind these night terrors all along?! Something about this seemed awfully fishy. He wondered if the only time Edward could get into her head was when she slept.

This made one of the worst as she broke out of his head and upchucked.

“Jesus…” Jasper whispered and went on to hold her hair back.

Bella crawled out of his reach and sat up. She brought her knees up against her chest and wrapped her arms around them. Jasper reached out as she went on to rock back and forth.

“Bella…” he called with concern.

“He’s going to kill you. I saw it, him and Carlisle.” She cried and Jasper shook his head.

“Not happening. Look at me.”

Bella lifted her eyes and Jasper crawled on over. He lifted her chin and looked her in the eyes.

“None of them and I do mean NONE of them stand a fucking chance. Nothing’s prying me away from you. Got it?!”

She nodded but her bottom lip quivered. Jasper pulled her into his arms.

“It felt so real…”

Jasper handed her clothes over as they were out in the pasture still and in the buff. He helped Bella with her bra as her hands were trembling uncontrollably. He used his empathy to calm those nerves of hers. He couldn’t help but to wonder what had her so shaken up. Whatever she saw must’ve been pretty bad.

Once they got back, he ran her a bath then grabbed Bella a beer.

“No shots this time…” He murmured with a playful wink.

Bella sort of laughed as he helped her into the tub then left her to it.

“Everything alright?” Peter questioned when Jasper entered the stables.

He shook his head no and was pacing the area.

“What’s up?” He asked while brushing one of the horses.

“Fucking Edward… I swear he’s the reason behind her night terrors!”

Peter narrowed his eyes on this.

“I thought he couldn’t…”

“He can’t, at least not when she’s conscious…”

“So when she’s asleep…”

“And if I’m correct… The sneaky bastard’s been doing this for quite some time! Which makes this whole situation even MORE fucked up!”

“So you’re saying that when he was her man… He was fucking with her head?”

Jasper nodded and Peter frowned.

“What the hell?! That’s sooo messed up!”

“How much you want to bet it was an act of desperation? I wouldn’t put it past him to take advantage like that. It would be like him to go out his way and implant whatever the fuck comes to mind. For whatever reason, he wanted Bella scared out of hers and way before he even knew about us!”

“Who in the fuck does that? And to your own girlfriend?!”

Jasper shook his head and downed the bottle of beer he had.

“Try fiancé.”

“No shit…”

“Oh yeah. Got her to say yes, somehow. And trust me when I say somehow. Bella never wanted that. I mean come on, he proposed the summer of her senior year!”

Peter cocked a brow on this. And Jasper sighed once he got a good read on Peter’s side.

“Peter, all that girl wanted was to become his equal, his mate, that simple. Bella never wanted a big wedding and all that extravagant bullshit the Cullens are known for. The simplest things make that girl happy. But my wife and Edward were more than willing to push that fucking envelope. It didn’t matter what Bella said. They ignored her wishes and followed through with what THEY wanted. Two fucking years of Carlisle, my wife, and Edward telling her how things were done and all because she was to become one of them. And I’m talking things such as how she acted, dressed, and talked even. Hell, I remember a time where Edward jumped down that girl’s throat and all because she made a sexual innuendo and he deemed it inappropriate and very “unlady” like. I thought she’d dump his ass right there. Hell, part of me wished she would’ve!”

“Sounds like a certain someone when the Cullens got ahold of him…” Peter admitted and Jasper nodded in agreement.

“But how do you feel…?”

Jasper tilted his head in question. Peter put up the brush then tossed another beer over.

“Well, now that your head is clearer. Where do YOU see this going?”

“You mean me and Bella?”

“Exactly. I mean are you ready to take that plunge, all over again?!”

Jasper sort of laughed as he’d been teasing Bella about that very thing. But that’s all it was… teasing. He and Bella were a lot alike when it came to the whole marriage ordeal. Peter and Charlotte just took it upon themselves to share a name and knew where they stood. They were committed and like that of Bella and Jasper, true mates. They didn’t need a piece of paper in order to prove that.

“You mean the ring, ridiculous wedding, all that mess?”

Peter couldn’t help but to chuckle at the look on Jasper’s face.

“Why do we have to prove something to everyone else? Isn’t that what a wedding’s really about? Putting on this spectacle? Fuck that shit. Don’t need it. If Bella wants to carry my name, so be it. I’d be over the fucking moon. But I’m not going through the vows and I dos again. Hell no.”

“Oh he’s in deep.” Charlotte piped in from behind and Peter laughed.

“Oh yeah, it won’t be long before that little gal’s carrying the Whitlock name.”

Jasper drew back a breath on this.

“Yeah well, it won’t be anytime soon. I gotta rid of the wife, before she can truly take my name. That and well…”


“I’m not so sure Bella wants that to be honest. She might be content in keeping her name and just knowing where we stand.”

“She might surprise you. Besides, y’all spent how long pining for one another?” Charlotte said with a warm smile.

“We could use another Whitlock.” Peter said with a shrug and pecked his “self-proclaimed” wife on the lips.

That was the one thing that always stuck out with Jasper when it came to Peter and Charlotte; they had this don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks attitude. And after all these years they were still mad for one another. They didn’t need anyone’s approval and if you were dumb enough to comment; Peter was first to put you in your place and you’d have to deal with Char directly after. That’s what Jasper wanted. He glanced towards the house in thought.

“So what do you say?”

Jasper looked over and Peter nodded his direction.

“We getting the band back together or what?”

“Is that what you really want?”

Peter looked to his wife and she nodded.

“Oh yeah… In fact, I’d say it’s about time. So you two might as well plan on sticking around.  Got plenty of room. Besides, she’s got that damn horse to take care of now. And well, this is technically your place…”

Jasper chuckled on this.

“Alright, we’ll see how this goes.”

“Yes!” Peter said with a fist pumping action.

“I’m not making any promises…” Jasper made clear.

Peter nodded but Jasper could already sense that he was counting on this. Peter couldn’t help himself when it came to Jasper, he was more or less like a little kid. Jasper truly was the big brother he always wanted, but never had.

“Feel better?” Jasper questioned once they entered the house.

Bella nodded as she was sitting on the couch but waved the empty beer bottle about.

“Got another one of these, cowboy?” Jasper chuckled in response.

He grabbed another beer from the fridge then made his way over.


“No prob.” He said and went on to grab everyone else one as well.

Peter, Char, and Jasper sat at the dining room table and quietly sipped on their beers. Peter cleared his throat.

“You joining us or not, fucking snob.” He taunted and Bella laughed.

“I thought you were holding another vampire seminar.”

“Nah, we don’t have any virgins to sacrifice now that Whitlock took your cherry!”

Jasper reached over and smacked Peter in the back of the head.


Wait… you were a virgin?!” Char questioned in disbelief.

“Um yeah… And could we maybe change the topic? I mean unless this is really useful information that needs to be discussed. Besides, weren’t we all virgins at one point or another?”

Jasper pulled her into his lap and shook his head as if to scold Peter and Char. Bella looked to Peter wide-eyed as he went on to roll a joint. Jasper merely observed her reaction as Peter lit it up and had himself a good drag.

“Hmmm…” Peter hummed in satisfaction then handed it to Char.

“This just gets weirder and weirder…” Bella whispered and Peter cocked a brow her direction.

“Try it.”

“Peer pressure’s bad, mkay? You should know better.” Bella mocked.

“Besides, I smoke that and next thing I know you’ll have me participating in orgies and whatnot.”

This had Charlotte choking on the drag she just took.

“Sorry…” Bella murmured with a grin.

Jasper chuckled.

“As long as I’m invited to these “orgies”…” He teased.

“The more the merrier I suppose.”

“Damn. How come you never invited me to any orgies, Char?!”

“Well not everything’s about you, Peter.”

Bella laughed but that laughter came to a halt as Charlotte handed Bella the joint.

“Char…” Jasper murmured with a sigh.

“A little puff won’t hurt her.”

“Bella’s not…” He started to say but reared back as Bella actually took a hit.

She choked back a little and Char patted her on the back.

“It’s sweet…” Bella said looking somewhat surprised and was looking to the joint in thought.

“Alright…” Jasper said and took the joint from her hold.

“Don’t be a party pooper.” Peter scoffed.

Jasper eyed him down as he took a hit as well. Bella snorted on this and this had each of them looking to her in question.

“Sorry. Was just picturing something…”

“And that would be?” Jasper curiously questioned.

“The look on Alice’s face…  You really are a different man.”

“That a good or bad thing?”

“A little of both, if I’m to be honest.”

“And how do you feel about that?”

Bella took the joint from his hold then took another hit.

“I’ll let you know…” She said in such a way.

Peter choked back in laughter.

“Oh man… She’s a bit of handful.”

“You’ve no idea.” Jasper said with a wide-grin.

Jasper narrowed his eyes as his cellphone sounded. When he saw who it was he’d the urge to hit ignore, but Bella’s night terrors came to mind…

“Hold on…” He snapped and had Bella climb on down.

Jasper came to his feet then seated her back down. He said nothing as he kissed her forehead and headed outside.

“This is getting a little absurd, don’t you think?” Jasper barked.

 “Just let me talk to her.”

“Out of the question. Edward, you really need to move the fuck on. It’s over. She’s moved on and so have I. And that’s another thing… I know what you’re doing.”

“And what is it I’m doing?”

“Those night terrors… I know that’s your doing. Knock it off.”

“Look, I just need Bella to know that I took no part in what Alice did. I would NEVER hurt Bella like that.”

That’s debatable.”

 “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You know damn well what it means. Like just now… You didn’t deny having anything to do with those night terrors. Come on, virgin. You knew you were with MY future mate. Yet you continued with this act and all because you wanted her for yourself. Just how sick can you get? I know you must’ve sensed it or had some sort of inkling! Yet all you did was toss up a fit when we started to see one another for what it really was. You can’t force it, Edward. You can’t MAKE her love you. That’s not how it works, especially when you never loved her to begin with.”

Do not tell me what I feel. Bella is my everything!”

“Your everything?!” Jasper said behind a dark chuckle.

Yet you put your selfish needs above hers! Frankly?  I’m tired of the games. You wanna act like a pussy and hide behind that fucking phone of yours, fine. But if you REALLY wish to settle this… You’ll deal with ME face to face and leave Bella out of it!”

“Is that what you really want?”

Jasper narrowed his eyes and hung up his phone. He laughed as Edward stepped out of the shadows.

“I thought I smelled something shitty…” Jasper uttered.

Edward tilted his head however.

“I see you’re back to your feral ways.”

“Amongst other things…”

“Look, all I want is to sit down and talk about this. So please get Bella.”

“I’m not doing that. You put her through enough. You can deal with me and that’s that.”


Jasper gritted his teeth and pointed his direction.

“Don’t you EVEN try that shit on me. Adjusting your feelings to gain my sympathy?! I spent two years knowing the truth when it came to you and Bella! She went above and beyond in getting you to feel a touch of what she THOUGHT she felt for you and that’s even AFTER knowing she had feelings for me. She hadn’t a clue. Hell, if anything I’m just as much of an asshole in this scenario. I should’ve done the right thing and let her in on the truth.”

“That being…?” Edward challenged.

“That you were using her. You wanted to feel more human and she’s the only one that brought that out.  That was the real reason behind you being so against turning her. You were afraid of losing that. Around her you were at more peace. Believe me… I can understand that desire more than anyone. Bella… There’s just something about her. But you seem to forget one thing… SHE’S HUMAN! And you can’t toy with people’s feelings like that. It’s one thing what Alice and Carlisle pulled when it came to me. But taking an innocent girl and turning her into whatever YOU please and fucking with her emotions while doing so… God. Yet you stand there and look at me like I’m the MONSTER!  But here you are… You could’ve turned your back and let that girl live in peace. But you’re determined in getting your way and even WITH the knowledge that Bella doesn’t love you. And I bet you never told her about the time you tried to talk us into leaving her!”

Edward staggered back on this and Jasper smiled.

“Oh yeah… that was my doing. You remember having that sudden urge to stay? I wasn’t leaving her behind, even if that meant enduring the two of you a little longer. I knew she’d be mine one day. Patience. Hell, I’m the fucking king of that shit!”

“Make no mistake. Bella belongs to me, Jasper.”

                The major tilted his head and got a good read on Edward.

“You truly believe that, don’t you?! I tell you what… Keep up that mentality and it’ll be war. I’ll take out EACH and every one of you and I won’t even bat an eye on it.”

But just as he said this, Jasper closed his eyes. He caught a whiff of something else and let out growl.


Jasper zipped over and snatched Edward by the throat.

“Of all the things…”

Jasper cranked his head a certain direction and dropped his hold on Edward. He appeared at the door and just in time, as he flung his arms out and managed to send Laurent flying across the yard. Peter and Charlotte were dealing with Victoria as she’d managed to get into the house. Bella was back into a corner and letting them deal with the situation. Edward however… took advantage of this by appearing before her. Before Bella could even holler for help, he took off with her.

Jasper was in the middle of finishing Laurent off, when he picked up on Bella’s distress. He hadn’t realized it’d hit him that powerfully. Especially considering how he hadn’t turned her yet.

“EDWARD!!!” Jasper roared and took off like a bat out of hell.

“EDWARD!” Bella shouted as she hit at his chest.


“I hope you got it out of your system.”


“I think we both know. One of two things I couldn’t give you, yet Jasper managed to knock one of those off the list and I’ll be damned if he marks the other off as well.”


“I just need to get you back home, love. You’ll see. I’m going to fix this, Bella. I promise.”


“You don’t mean that. I know you love me and I’ll prove it.”

“GODDAMMMIT! QUIT TELLING ME WHAT I MEAN ALL THE TIME!” She yelled but gasped out as he was running so fast, it was knocking the oxygen out from her lungs.

“Edward…” She weakly murmured.


Edward looked down then came to an immediate halt.

“Bella?!” He called as her eyes had come to a close.

“BELLA!!!” He shouted in full on panic.

The cold one laid her down and went to feel for a pulse.

“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!!” Jasper barked as he slammed Edward into the earth.

Jasper sprang off him and rushed over to Bella.

“She stopped breathing.” Edward made clear and Jasper snapped him a look of utter hell as he ripped Bella’s shirt open and was pumping at her chest.


Edward reached out in attempts to help. One swift motion was all it took and Edward let out this horrific cry. Jasper had ripped his arm off and threw it as far as he could.


Jasper breathed into her mouth but shook his head.

“Come on… I spent 146 years thinking you didn’t exist. Don’t you even think about leaving me now!” Jasper shouted while pumping at her chest again.

“Oh no…” Char whispered and Peter grimaced as he pulled her into his arms.

Jasper had literal tears streaming down his face as he was doing whatever he could think of to bring her ‘back’. When he couldn’t achieve this… The vampire brought her against his chest then closed his eyes.

“My sweet Swan…” Jasper cried.

“Jasper…” Char whispered in downright shock.

“Take her back to the ranch…” He said and Peter picked Bella up then he and Charlotte headed on back.

Jasper came to his feet and he nodded Edward’s direction.


“No. Not her…” Edward said whilst looking to be in absolute shock and Jasper gritted his teeth.


“Bella…” Edward whispered with a look of unreserved horror.

“GOOOO!” Jasper thundered and Edward took off.

“What the…” Peter uttered as Bella shot up with a gasp.

Charlotte clamped a hand over her mouth and Peter laid Bella down on the couch.

“Easy…” He whispered as she struggled in order to catch her breath.

“How’d he…” His wife started to question and Peter let out a chuckle of mere amusement.

“Now that… was Major Whitlock making a comeback. That crafty son of a bitch!”

“I don’t understand.” Charlotte said as she was helping Bella to catch her breath.

“He tricked Edward into thinking Bella actually died, by using his empathy to make her lethargic and her vitals to slow down, just enough that Edward couldn’t pick up on it.”

“Jasper?” Bella called as he entered the room.

“I hope you were serious about dying…” He said with a nod.

“That was all you?”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to frighten you. But I had to light a fire up his ass and the only way about that… Was to make him think he killed you. This way he goes back home and will have to be the bearer of bad news. News is sure to spread of Isabella Marie Swan’s death. Word I’m sure will get back to your friends as well as your mother. So I hope you’re truly prepared.”

Bella nodded.

“That was quite an act…” Peter said.

Jasper cleared his throat on this.

“I had to make it seem real.  So I put myself in the actual situation…” Jasper hinted.

Charlotte punched the living hell out of Jasper’s arm.

“Fuck!” He snapped in response.

“NOT COOL! That was such a fucked up thing to do!”

Jasper sighed on this.

“I didn’t have a choice. He wasn’t about to leave her be. And at least this way… We can catch them flatfooted. By the time they find out the truth, Bella will be one of us…”

Bella looked to Jasper in surprise.

“If that’s what you want…” He reminded.

“I thought you said I wasn’t ready.”

“You’re not. But I can get you there. In fact, we’ll start first thing tomorrow morning. So you might wanna get plenty of sleep.”

Bella nodded once again but had this offbeat look about her.

“What is it, darlin’?”

“I can’t believe that was all you. I thought I was truly dying.”

Jasper closed his eyes on this.

“Leave us…”

Peter and Char nodded and were quick to head out.  Jasper walked on over and hunkered down to her level.

“Bella, I’m so sorry. I know that was scary. I could sense your fear when I did it. But I…”


“How what?”

“How’d you knock the wind out of me like that?! I thought it was Edward. He was running so fast and…”

That was his doing… But you were fine and would’ve been.  See, what happened is you passed out from lack of oxygen. I used my empathy to make it seem a lot worse. I needed you to truly believe you were dying or Edward would’ve never fallen for it. From there, I just pushed whatever I had in order to make you lethargic and to the point where your vitals took a bit of a dive, but just long enough to trick Edward. Your life was in my hands and that isn’t something I take lightly. I knew you’d be fine. Hell, I’d fucking die before I let anything happen to you.”

“So all of that happened, just because you made me feel those things, but they weren’t really happening?”

“In a way… yes. You see Bella; the mind has a funny way of playing tricks on you. Your feelings alone can make your body act on whatever it is you’re feeling. I only pushed that sense of hopelessness, fear, and panic into you. And your body more or less did the rest for me. Peter recognized this, in the sense of me having used this before, when we were dealing with newborns.”

“I never realized your empathy was that powerful.”

Jasper narrowed his eyes on this.

“That’s because I’ve rarely had to use it to that degree around you. In fact, I hadn’t used it like that since my days of dealing with the newborns.”

“Jasper…?!” Bella called with concern.

“I’ll be fine. Just takes its toll on me… pushing it that far.”

“You need to feed.”

Jasper nodded.

“There’s something else, isn’t there?”

“Like I said… That wasn’t really an act. The mere idea of losin’ you… Well, I can’t. I need you to understand that. I had to truly put myself in that situation in order for Edward to buy it and fuck. I never realized just how hard it would hit me. Bella, I love you… so fucking much. That just the idea of you dying, fucked with me, something fierce.”

Jasper retrieved his knife and had her lay back down.

“May I?” He questioned and ran a single finger along the area he had in mind.

Bella nodded and he gave her a little nick along the neck. He craved her more than ever and with recent events, he needed that bond. Something about having her blood in his system. It made him feel more complete. Jasper crawled over her and went on to feed. During which, he ended up making love to her, right there. He could care less about being walked in on at this point. He knew what he wanted and in return knew what she needed.

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16 thoughts on “Chapter 3 You Move Me”

  1. Holy cow!! Great job on the making her seem to die!! I wanted to kill Edward myself!!!! I never thought about it that way really, but as you said, the mind is a powerful force!

  2. That’s good that they will think Bella is dead, and how smart of Jasper to make that happen…I love it and dying to read more…so onward…lol…thanks hon…huggs.

  3. Luckily this will give them a bit more time without having to worry about the dickless wonder.
    I loved this chapter. I can’t wait to see how Jasper works with Bella to help her get ready to be changed.

  4. Wow! Amazing chapter. The lengths Eddie went to to manipulate Bella is outstanding. Sick bastard. And what’s Carlisle’s deal with manipulating them?
    Thought we were going to loose Bella there for a minute. I can sort of see where fooling Eddie would work but I feel that Jasper should’ve just ended him.

  5. I still have a feeling that Carlisle wanted to use Bella and Jasper’s gifts for his personal i guess she won’t have to worry about Vicky any more.curious to see how he will train her to be a good vamp. i like how she is a horse whisperer.wondering if once he turns her if she will be this hybrid like Jasper is now,also will he be able to change the Whitlocks so at least they can walk in the sunlight?

  6. I love your stories Harley. Can you please do a Bella Swan and Victor Creed pairing and a Bella Swan and Pietro Maximoff pairing.

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