Chapter 4 The Perfect Storm

Chapter 4 – The Perfect Storm

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Jasper decided on letting Bella sleep in just a little longer. She had a long day ahead of her as it was. He’d plans of starting out with a big breakfast. Part of him however feared she’d back out once she truly realized what she was getting herself into. But he had to make certain this was what she wanted and that she was well prepared on what to expect. Once he spread his venom, there would be no going back. Peter and Charlotte were out collecting more blood for their “bank”, so to speak. So Bella and Jasper had the place to themselves today. Jasper ran his hand along the curve of her ass then shook his head in thought.

“Damn,” he whispered amongst himself.

But it was during this that something occurred to him, Bella hadn’t a single night terror last night. And considering how many she had, on a nightly basis. That only proved his theory even more, despite Edward having not denied it. If Edward truly believed her to be dead, then that certainly explained things. Edward always had Bella believing that he had to be within proximity of the person, in order to read their minds. But that wasn’t necessarily true. Like that of Jasper if he pushed himself enough, he could reach you. But this usually worked only if he had a connection with you, such as anyone from the Olympic Coven. It took a while for Jasper to get it down when he first joined them. But once he realized he could use his empathy to shield himself from Edward’s ability, he started making it a habit. Jasper was a lot like Bella, in the sense of wanting his privacy. In fact, Bella was one of the few Jasper was truly open with. That was something he never had with Alice.

Jasper cocked a brow however as Bella called to him in her sleep. He smiled as she moved about in a sensual manner.

“Well by all means, darlin’. Dream away…” He uttered.

He closed his eyes and took pleasure in whatever she was feeling. He loved that. Just kicking back and connecting with her like that. What he didn’t expect was how into it he got. It literally felt as if they were making love. So much so that he threw his head back at one point and actually came. Once he realized what he’d done he looked to his pants then back to Bella.

“Holy shit… Talk about wet dreams.”

Bella rolled over and stretched her arms about. He couldn’t help but to grin however as her little white panties were soaked.

“Jasper?” She tiredly called.


She smiled and leaned into his chest.

“So… What were you dreaming about?” He taunted and Bella snapped him a look.

He chuckled and Bella hit him on the chest.

“Details sweetness, leave nothing out.”

“Watch it, cowboy…”

“I could watch you all day…” He murmured in her ear.



“Did you know you have a wet spot on your pants?”

Jasper cleared his throat as she went on to touch it.

“What is that?!”

“Let’s just say I was a little too in tune when it came to whatever you were dreaming about.”

Bella lifted her head on this.

“Are you saying that you came your pants, cowboy?!”

“You’re one to talk…” He said and went on to rub the area along her panties.

Bella looked down and blushed.

“So what were we doing?” He further prompted.

He found himself using his empathy to push the truth out. He couldn’t help it. She had him curious.

“You were turning me…”

Oh?” He questioned wondering what that had to do with sex.

Bella shyly nodded.

“And what was going on during this?”

“You were distracting me… So I wouldn’t feel the pain.”

This had Jasper leaning back in thought. Was that something they could truly get away with? He was most certainly willing to try. Sure beats the usual way of going about it. At least it would feel a little more intimate and personal.

“Hell, darlin’, maybe your dream’s trying to tell us somethin’.”

“Is that even possible?” Bella questioned as she thought back to the stories on how the Cullens were turned.”

“Worth a shot, whatever it takes to make you more comfortable. And this will be a little different, in the sense of yours being a little more planned out. Not everyone gets that opportunity. So I’m more than willin’ to take our time figuring it out.”

Jasper rolled on out of the bed and changed his pants as well as his boxers. Bella laughed and tossed her panties over. He wiggled his brows as he caught them and breathed them in.

“Hmmm.” His eyes flickered to that fiery spark for a brief moment.

“You haven’t a clue what the smell of your sex does to me.”

He did his best to shake it off knowing if he didn’t, he’d make a marathon out of fucking her. Instead of getting to business like he needed to be doing. He grabbed another pair of panties and some blue jeans then tossed them over.

“You in a tank top, midriff, or t-shirt kind of mood?”

“Your pick.” She said with a shrug and went on to get her panties on.

“Midriff it is…” He grabbed one then tossed it over.

“I need a bra…”

“Nah… Just us today.” He said with a grin.

“Then why do I have to wear panties?!” She taunted in return.

“Fuck! Why is right. Why wear anything?!” He mocked in return and held his hand out.


“Give me the panties.”


“Nah you done said it yourself. You don’t need them. So hand them over.”

Bella giggled then handed them over.

“Alright NOW you can get dressed.” He said whilst popping a Marlboro into his mouth.

He grabbed his guitar on the way out. When Bella finished getting dressed, she stepped into the kitchen to find Jasper already setting her breakfast down.

“That was fast… Even for you.”

“I’ve my ways.” He said with smirk.

“You want syrup or jelly?”


“That’s my girl.” He uttered and grabbed the syrup for her pancakes.

“You don’t have to cook all my meals, you know.”

“I want to.” He said with a shrug.


“Look, the way I see it… You won’t be human much longer. So let me spoil those human needs of yours a little longer. Believe me, there will be things you miss, even something as simple as normal food. The moment you’re turned, everything around you changes. Everything – from your diet, to the way you look and feel, your senses will be through the roof and that’ll make it hard to concentrate at first. They rather scream at you and all at once, so to speak. You’ll have to learn to adapt and believe me when I say that’s not easy, especially when all you can truly think about is bloodlust.



“How do you feel about me being turned?”

“How do you mean?”

“Well I mean besides the obvious… What if I smell, taste, or feel different? You know… to you?”

“I’m more than certain you will.”

Bella frowned in thought. Jasper reared back on what he was picking up.

“Ah now, that’s not even a possibility. Look at me. Nothing’s going to change how I feel about you.”

“But you and Alice…”

“That’s different and you know it. And for starters… I never had THAT connection with Alice. She was never mine. But you… most certainly are. Sure, it’ll be more set in stone once I turn you. But I already know that what we have is real. And I know without a shadow of a doubt that once I turn you, these feelings we have for one another, will only intensify. Bella, you’re it. Don’t ever question that. Now eat up, before it gets cold.”

Jasper put his cigarette out then strummed on that guitar of his. Something Bella loved. She could listen to him play all day. And when he sang… it literally melted her. She remembered when Edward would play the piano for her, but it didn’t have the same impact. When Jasper played that guitar, she could feel it heart and soul.

 “Did you write that?”

“Not unless I changed my name to Tim McGraw…” He said with a wink.

“Have you written any songs?”

“I’ve written a few. Kind of rusty since I haven’t played in a few years.”

“Don’t sound rusty.”

“Why thank you, darlin’.”

“I want to hear a song you wrote.”

Jasper looked to be in thought.

“Hmm… I got one. Not quite finished but I give it a whirl.”

The major found himself somewhat nervous as he cleared his throat and got to it.

The Perfect Storm

(I personally wrote this. I do not give anyone permission to use it.)


Better than a shot of whiskey

Better than a cigarette


She’s my new addiction

My calm before the storm

My thunder and my rain

She’s the perfect storm.


I think I always knew (She’s)


Better than a shot of whiskey

Better than a cigarette


She’s my new addiction

My calm before the storm

My thunder and my rain

She’s my perfect storm


Can you really call it new? (She’s)


Better than a shot of whiskey

Better than a cigarette 


She’s the perfect storm 

She’s the perfect storm… 


By the time he finished, Bella was teary eyed and looking to him in complete awe. He sent her a wink.

“When’d you write that?”

“After you kissed me… And believe me that was one hell of storm.”

“Jasper…” She whispered with a fluttery heart.

“Only girl I’ve ever written a song for. Needs some work… but you get the gist.” He made clear and Bella smiled.

“Thank you.”

“Much obliged, ma’am.”

Jasper put his guitar down then came to his feet and offered his hand.

“Shouldn’t I wash these first?”

“We can get to that later. We got a whole day ahead of us.”

Bella took his hand and he led her out to the stables.

“Do your magic…” He hinted towards the horse and Bella smiled.

He pointed towards the kit and Bella grabbed it as he went on to tend to the other horses.

“You gonna name him?” Jasper asked as he was feeding one of the horses.

“Name him?”

“Well yeah… He is yours.”

“What am I going to do with a horse and at Peter and Charlotte’s place?!”

“Actually this is my place…”

Bella stopped what she was doing and looked over.

“Well my apologies, welcome to the Whitlock Rattlesnake Ranch, sweetness.”

Wait… You own all this?!”

He nodded.

“You really were all cowboy!”

“You know it.” He said with a grin.

“Damn… I hadn’t a clue all this was yours.”

“Yeah Peter and Char took over after I left. I’m honestly surprised to see it all still standing.”

“That’s so cool. You have your own ranch. Damn… Why would you leave this all behind?”

“You got me, darlin’. But I suppose I better be thankful I did…” He hinted and Bella smiled.

“So is that the plan?”

He tilted his head on this.

“Are we staying here?”

“If that’s what you want.”

“Jasper, it’s about us. Not me.”

“I appreciate that. But I know this will affect you more than me. I don’t want you feelin’ obligated.”

“I don’t.”

“Maybe not now, but that could change. Peter might drive you bonkers.”

“He already does.” She said with a playful grin.

“Easy boy…” Bella soothingly whispered as the horse was getting a little restless.

Jasper looked over to see her feeding the horse an apple and doing her best to keep him calm.

“You sure you haven’t been around horses?”

“Nope. Never even rode one.”

“You have a cowboy for that…” He taunted and Bella snorted.

“Do I now?”

“Oh yeah. Ever heard that song?”

“What song?”

“Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy?!”

Bella snorted on this.

“That’s a real song?!”

“For fuck’s sake. I gotta get you into country music! No more of that classical bullshit!”

Bella had a good laugh at this.

“Oh believe me. I’m pretty much done with that…” She uttered as Edward came to mind.

“Good. I got some throwing knives you can use those cds as target practice.” He taunted.

“I’ll keep that in mind.”



“Can’t we let him walk around a bit? I think part of his agitation has to do with being in here day in and out.”

“We can do that. Let me finish up and we’ll get him ready.”

Once he finished with the other horses, he made his way over with the bridle. He handed it over and Bella looked to it in utter confusion.

“You gotta put it on.”

Bella looked to the bridle then back to the horse.


Jasper chuckled then went on to show her.


“Well that’s certainly proof you haven’t been around horses.”

“Be nice…”

“I am…” He said with a smirk.

He handed Bella the reins then opened the stable door. Bella led the horse on out and Jasper raised his brows. The horse seemed to perk up immediately. Bella laughed as he was playful even.

“That’s what you wanted, wasn’t it?!” She said with a grin and Jasper shook his head in disbelief.

He loved seeing this side of her. She was so at peace. That was a rarity for Bella. Of course that was mostly due to the Cullens. He wondered what she was like, before they entered the picture.

“Bullet.” She randomly said and Jasper tilted his head on this.


“Yeah. He looks like a Bullet.”

“Well there you, darlin’. Bullet suits him just fine.”

He walked on over and checked on Bullet’s foot.

“Now that’s lookin’ a lot better.  He’ll be back to his old self in no time. He may be done with his rodeo days, but he’s still one hell of a horse.”

“He was in rodeos?”

“Oh yeah. That was before Peter got ahold of him though.”

“I don’t follow…”

“Let’s just say Peter got this horse about like how I got that truck…”

“That’s so wrong.”

Jasper couldn’t help but to laugh.

“Just you wait. When you become one of us, you’ll start to see things in a whole new light. You will do things, just to see if you can do them. Once you realize you can. It becomes a bit of a habit.”

“Becoming a dick?” She taunted.

“Now darlin’, we only take from other dicks. It’s a dick eat dick world!”

“That’s so dirty.”

“I can show you dirty…” He uttered and wrapped his arms around her waist.

“Jasper…” She uttered behind a giggle as he went on to run his hands up her midriff.

“Don’t judge me…” He said as the horse actually brayed at him.

“Fucking horse…”

“He has a name you know.”

“My bad… Bullet. You could turn your head, you know.”

Jasper had her pivot around and he wiggled his brows as he had her breasts exposed.

“I dig this no bra thing…”

He lowered her shirt however then closed his eyes.

“You okay there?”

“No….” He practically whined.

Two years… All I can think about is sex. But we gotta get down to business then pleasure.”

“We could always reverse the two.”

Jasper chuckled on this.

“You have no idea how good that sounds. But I’m afraid if I do that we’ll never get to the actual business. There’s so much you need to know and so much to learn. So I’m gonna have to tell my hard-on to take a walk for a moment.”

“That sounds painful.”

“You’ve no idea.”

Jasper went on to put Bullet up then checked everything over. Once he finished he led Bella into a storm cellar. Bella narrowed her eyes as he went on to reveal a secret door. His eyes locked with hers as he went on to punch in the code. The door opened and Jasper gathered this uncomfortable presence.

“What I’m about to reveal could change everything. There’s no way to really prepare you.”

Bella nodded as he took her by the hand then had her step into the room. He shut the door behind them. “Bella, we do things a lot differently from the Cullens…” He said as the room was pitch black. A light came on and Bella shield her eyes as it took a moment for them to adjust. There was fluorescent lighting throughout the entire area. But once she truly grasped what she was seeing, the young woman staggered back. Jasper grimaced as he could not only see but feel her reaction. There were rows and rows of refrigerators filled with blood bags, each of them separated by blood types. But it was what she saw in the tanks behind them that had her in utter shock. Humans… Jasper swallowed back as Bella made her way to one of the water tanks. They were connected to IV’s and some sort of feeding tubes.

“Are they alive?”

Jasper nodded.

“Don’t look it…” Bella whispered.

“Induced comas… Makes the transition easier.”

“Induced or permanent?”

“I suppose one rather led to another…” He admitted but had this agonizing look about him.

Bella didn’t like this one bit. Her heart was racing and Jasper knew she didn’t approve. Bella ran her fingers along one of the kegs and nodded amongst herself.

“So Peter and Charlotte are gathering humans and using them as a way of making a private blood bank?”

Jasper nodded.

“And where’d they learn that?”


Bella closed her eyes for a moment and nodded.

“And these people…?”

“Like me, Peter and Char take their time picking their prey, Bella.”

Bella looked to each of the tanks and Jasper showed her how they went about it. He switched out one of their IV’s and went on to drain a pint of their blood. Once he had it filled, he marked down their blood type then placed it into the correct fridge.

“So these are all…”

“Murderers, rapists, pedophiles… You name it.”

This had her regarding the tanks once again.

“And her…” She questioned whilst pointing to one of the women.

She was the youngest out of the eleven they’d collected. Jasper hunkered down and pulled out a drawer from beneath the tank. He took out a file then handed it over. Bella opened it seeing the woman’s entire criminal background. She was twenty years old but eighteen when she took the life of her own parents and little sister. Bella winced but handed the file back over.

“You have files for each of them?”


“How do you get these?!”

“We’re vampires…” He reminded and Bella sighed.

“So I’m guessing you transfer these bags into the kegs, according to the blood type?”

He nodded.

“Do they really taste that different?”


“And which do you prefer?” She asked out of curiosity.


“And which is that?” She challenged whilst waving her hand about the blood bags.

“Yours is unique…” He said while walking over to one of the refrigerators.

He retrieved one of the bags and ripped it open. He went on to drink from it.

“Nothing here… is like it.” He murmured once he finished.

“It’s not about your blood type, Bella. It’s you. There’s just something about your scent. It carries through and when I drink from you, I can taste YOU more than that of the blood itself. Just the mere thought…” He swallowed back and closed his eyes for a moment.

“Your scent… it does more than make me thirsty. It makes me crave you, every part of you calls to me.”

Without even thinking on it, Jasper was backing her into a corner of the room. He planted his hands along the wall then buried his nose into the crevice of her neck.

“You have no idea just how torturous those nights were. Lying next to you… The littlest things, drove me mad. You’d come into the room, in your little tank top and shorts, freshly showered, beads of water running down your neck and chest. All I kept thinking about was how bad I wanted to take my tongue and lick each and every one of them up. Then there were times just the smell of your breath got to me. You’d be talking to me and it was so fucking intoxicating, that all I could think about was attacking that mouth of yours. Two years… Two torturous years of wanting you and you’d be right there. It took EVERYTHING within me to refrain. Bella, I wanted you, all of you.”

Jasper took a couple steps back and shook his head. Bella just stood there, breathless.

“I haven’t even come close to showing you everything.” He with that painful glimmer again.

“But there’s no sense in it now…” The way he said this had her startled.


Jasper let out a miserable laugh.

“Come on, baby. I felt you. This isn’t what you want. The moment you saw this…”

“Well no shit… Of course it was a little shocking. But that doesn’t necessarily change my mind, Jasper.”

“You sure about that?!” He said as if challenging her.

Bella narrowed her eyes but nodded. Jasper nodded in return. He drained one of the tanks then retrieved the human within. Without so much of a warning he bit into their neck. He kept his eyes on her as he went on to drain them for everything they had. Once he finished, he dropped the body where he stood.

“Only imagine him screaming and begging for mercy! Mercy in which I didn’t give. Can you live with that as a mate?!”

“Stop that.”


“I know what you’re doing and it’s not working!”


“That’s not exactly fair and you know it! I’m human, Jasper. Of course all this is going to come as a shock to me at first! It’s like you said, this isn’t exactly Cullen territory. So yes, it’s a lot to take in! But never have I said that I couldn’t do this, NOT ONCE!”

Jasper grimaced as her bottom lip quivered and she was eyeing him down something fierce.

“Why do you keep trying to push me away?! WHY?!”

“Bella…” Jasper started to say and she threw up a hand.

“If you don’t want me here then tell me. Quit going out your way to scare me. It’s not going to work, no matter how much you go out your way. Can you not see?! This is the very thing Edward pulled when I wanted to be turned! He gave me every excuse he could think of. He went as far as to tell me that we could get married, that I could remain a fucking virgin and human! That he’d actually be content with that shit! Now here you are… Despite that bad boy mentality, I know you’re a good man. Otherwise, I wouldn’t waste my fucking time. And for the record, it’s rather nice being with someone just as imbalanced as I am. If I wanted Mr. Goodie Two-Shoes, I wouldn’t have kissed you to begin with. Can’t you see THAT was the whole appeal? You’re so different. You’re not afraid and you don’t hold back with me. Around you, I can be myself. You don’t stand there and nitpick at all my flaws and talk down to me because I’m “human”. Do you know how many times I felt like the villain when I was with Edward?”

Jasper narrowed his eyes on this.

“No Bella you can’t do that, you can’t do this. Why are you saying those things and acting like this and that?! It was soooo fucking exhausting. He might not have meant to, but he had this way of making me feel like it was a game of comparison. As to how he was sooo much better than me and he loved throwing the whole “human” aspect in my face, like that alone was a fucking flaw. You haven’t a clue just how many times I questioned why he pursued me in the first place. If I was sooo fucking damaged then what the hell did he see in me? So don’t you do this to me. Not you. You’re the one person I know I can always turn to, the only one that truly gets me. Push me away and I have NOTHING, when you’re the only reason I endured Edward’s shit for so long. You were the reason I stuck around and made it work. Before that kiss… You were the only true friend I had. I know I had Angela and Jacob, but it wasn’t the same. And there was a time I turned to Alice for everything. As to why I felt so guilty about what’d I’d done. Alice was like a sister to me. Yet here I was kissing her husband and engaged, nevertheless. But Alice was too much like Edward, in the sense of trying to make me something I’m not. Jasper, I will never be the girl in heels, and fancy dresses. I couldn’t tell you shit about today’s fashion, because frankly I could give a rat’s ass. But Alice saw that as a flaw and Edward was more than willing to point those things out as well. At times I felt like he wanted to turn me into his personal Alice. Which according to him… she was the perfect woman. Do you know what that feels like? To be told that shit! But heaven forbid if you ever talk down about Alice. Just one little complaint and he’d jump down my throat. Towards the end… Aside from Emmett, you were the ONLY Cullen I gave a flying fuck about. You and Emmett were the family I wanted. So I swallowed my pride, because I knew as long as I had the two of you around. I could take whatever they dished out. But I won’t stand here and pretend like I don’t know what you’re doing. So the next time you act as if you want me gone, then I’ll be gone. I love you. But I’m not going through that shit again. I won’t. It hurts too fucking much. When I give someone my all… that’s exactly what they get. If you don’t want that, then do the right thing and tell me.”

Jasper closed his eyes as Bella exited the area and headed back into the house.

When Jasper entered the house Bella was sitting on the couch and staring into space.

“What else do you need to show me?” She practically whispered, but he could tell she’d been crying.

He walked on over and sat beside her.

“I’m sorry. I suppose my empathy can’t tell me everything. I misread you. I can feel you now… And you’re right, nothing’s changed. When you first walked in there… It was enough to convince me otherwise. I’m sure that’s going to happen from time to time. I’ve never sensed that from you. So yeah, it messed with my head a bit. I’ve never had a human companion. I forget just how strongly you feel and at times it causes me concern. As to pushing you away, that’s not what I’m doing. I’m giving you an option. Something I was never given. I’m not tellin’ you yes or no. I’m merely showing you what to expect and letting YOU decide from there. Selfishly? Of course I hope you choose to stay and allow me the honor of turning and becoming one with you. But it’s my job as your mentor and potential mate to show you both sides of the spectrum.”

“One?” Bella said a certain way and Jasper softly chuckled.

“I’m not proposin’. Don’t need to.”

Jasper pulled her into his lap.

“Turnin’ you… that is the proposal. There’s no need for anything else. We’re surprisingly alike when it comes to that. We don’t need fancy words, decorations, the whole dress and tux bit. All we need is each other. It’s up to you on whether you wish to carry the Whitlock name or not.”

“Don’t we have to get married for that?”

“No, Bella. If you take my name I will consider you the way Peter does Char.”

“But you referred to her as his wife.”

“And that she is. She doesn’t need a piece of paper in order to prove that. Neither of them wears a ring. Don’t have to. It’s just obvious. Like me and you… Now if you want a ring then I’ll damn sure get you one. I know I’ve given you hell over it, but in all seriousness. There’s no need to propose. I’ve already made my intentions clear. It’s that simple. It doesn’t have to get complicated. And I sure as hell won’t refer to you as my wife, unless YOU wish it.”

“So no wedding?”

“No wedding.”

“No uncomfortable shoes and a dress that isn’t quite me?”

“Bella, I want you. Not the dress, the shoes, or the wedding. This is all I want.” He said whilst tapping his index finger along the area of her heart.

Bella managed to smile.

“So if I was to call myself Bella Whitlock, it’s that simple?”

“Yes, ma’am.”


Jasper had a good laugh at this.

“We just gotta rid of the wife first…”

“Right…” Bella murmured with a frown.

“So what else…?”

“Well that depends… What all did Edward tell you? I mean surely he told you all about the Volturi.”

“Yes. I know about the Volturi.”

“So you know about Carlisle serving them as well?”

Bella nodded.

“And you are aware that what we’re doing right now is punishable by death?”

“Yes, but you’re turning me so…”

“I just want you aware, that’s all. Just as I was trying to get across to you earlier… When we feed from humans, it doesn’t go as peaceful as what I just showed you. I wanted to get across that I was taking a life in order to feed. If you take on the Whitlock diet, so to speak. You too will be taking lives. It is very important to get that across to you. Can you willingly take lives in order to survive? That should be the NUMBER one thing you ask yourself. They will scream and plead for their lives, but you cannot give in. I mean it, Bella. I won’t have you making me a bunch of newborns to kill off. If you’re going to feed, right from the source. Then you had better make certain you take them for everything they have and do away with the evidence afterward. Peter and Charlotte have made a home here. And I’ll be damned if my mate is the one that gets them run out of town. And that’s another thing… Once this transition takes place, I will be very strict with you. If you tend to be rebellious and stand against my wishes, there will be consequences. I will not have a mate that’s out of control and running amuck. No matter how much I love you. That will never fly.”

“What if I choose to feed from animals instead?”

“Then that’s up to you. I am more than willing to teach you, but with all due respect, I wish to stick my diet. If you choose to feed from animals, that doesn’t change anything between us. You gotta do things your way and I gotta do things mine. Animals or not… It’s your responsibility to clean up after yourself, just as we did in Forks. We cannot leave any trace of our existence behind. That is the MOST important thing to keep in mind. For one thing, if word got back to the Volturi of our exposure… They’d come busting on in and they’d take us out, one by one, within the matter of seconds.”

Bella nodded in understanding.

“As to your choice of diet… You could always test out the two and see which you prefer.”

Bella nodded once again.

“Did Edward go over what to expect and when the change would take place exactly?”


“So you are aware that our idea might not go exactly as planned?”


“Alright. Well, do you have any questions?”

“Nothing comes to mind at the moment.”

“Look at me.” He said while pushing his empathy out, more than ever.

But he had to make one hundred percent certain this is what she truly wanted. He cupped her chin then locked eyes with hers.

“Do you want to become a vampire?”


“And you do realize that once my venom’s in you we will truly bond as one. I’m not talking like that of Rose and Emmett or what Alice and I had. This… is deeper. It will be like that of Peter and Charlotte and they’ve been together for over a century. Are you ready for that kind of commitment?”

“That’s what I want.” Bella said with a certain beam.

Jasper nodded.

“Then there’s only one thing left to discuss.”

“And that is?”

“What to do on your last day of being human?”

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    But I hope this won’t turn into one of those dom stories where a man spanks his woman because she didn’t mind. If anyone ever told me when to cum, lick his feet, etc…, I would kick him in the balls.
    If he is just going to mentor and support her by telling her pretty and ugly facts about vamps, then I think that is great!

    1. Um I don’t write 50 shades of bullshit, lol. I have done spankings (but as kink not to really punish) As for the cumming thing that is meant to rile the woman up, not meant to be a dick. My man does that and I’ve never taken it personally. As for everything else. Um no. I don’t do feet and nasty shit like that. When Jasper says he feel dominate. That’s in the animalistic sense of being one’s mate. He’s going to be protective and make it a point that she’s his. Not treat her like shit or like less of a woman. For one thing, I can’t see Jasper ever being like that. He’s dom in the sense of who he is in general. Not an ass. 😉

    2. As to the cumming comment I don’t do the 50shades you can’t cum bit. I would bite a man’s junk off for making me hold it. If that’s where you were going… lol

  2. Ok I see the point in showing her the cellar but can’t lie and say I wasn’t shocked by it as much as Bella. It’s a bit to take in. At least they stick with the scum of society. All in all I dug every aspect of this chapter. It was a hashing out they really needed

  3. Jeez man what a butt monkey. Now I love me some Jasper as far as I’m concerned he is the man. But sometimes I want to shove his head so far up his ass he’d have to fart to breath.

  4. Going to be perfectly honest? While I was shocked about the whole cellar arrangement, I absolutely love it. The Cullens think they are so much better than everyone else, but do they realize what they are doing to the environment? Massively killing all those animals? Assholes. Killing bambi.

    Anyway, awesome chapter. I love how Jasper was explaining things, but he should have let it sit with her first before assuming. But, it went okay, so we get past it! Until next time.

  5. I can see what they are both saying, since I did see what Jasper was doing as trying to make her change her mind, but at the same time, I understood her reasons for her emotions then also. But, they did talk it out. I’m thrilled that they are seeming to establish this now, though I’m leery of Jasper’s claim to being harsh with her.

    However, I trust you so, I’m going to sit back and enjoy the ride….

  6. I’m glad Jasper tells her the truth about everything, and I also love the way went off on him…Go Bella! lol. I love it and can’t wait to read more especially with the tuning of Bella…great update hon…thanks, huggs.

  7. Um, just out of curiosity what does your updating schedule look like? Is there a schedule, because I’ll tell you, I’m going to be counting down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until I get to read the next chapter. Chapters 3 and 4 were absolutely awesome. My heart dropped when Bella ‘died’ and then I was rooting her on when she was standing up for herself. I’m pleased that they talked things out and I can’t wait to see what her last day looks like! Great two chapters!


    Ps. I was serious about the countdown clock! lol.

  8. Absolutely love this story so far! I’m really liking the twist of his drinking from what I’m assuming was an original type vampire and the changes that have occurred so far! Does this mean Klaus, etc may get involved later in the story? The cellar thing was pretty freaking creepy. Great writing though as I could picture it, maybe a little too well! Happy they got to hash some stuff out. It was much needed as we can see since she is now deemed ready to turn 🙂 Really excited to see where you take this!

  9. Hhhmmm interesting question you posed at the end; What would i do on my last day as a human…. something related to food/ drink since i wouldn’t really be able to enjoy it afterwards… but everything else i think i could do the same as a vampire… so yeah, food drink and sex. Lol

  10. Awesome update! Loved your/ Jasper’s song he sung to Bella. Freaky how Eddie was getting into her head and causing those night terrors. And just what is up with the rest of the looney tunes off in Cullenland? Since Jasper has changed I wonder how Bella’s transition will go. Loving where this story is going- love Jasper and Bella! Thanks so much for the update!!

  11. I can totally see both sides on how this part came about. Jasper relys on his empathy for engaging with the world and when he took Bella down there to show her how they feed and that they can not just allow them to plead for mercy, her reactions would have thrown him off. But then again he did rely to much on his gift where Bella was concerned 😉 so it was kind of a dick move and I am so glad Bella was able to put Jasper in his place 🙂 Can’t wait for a update 🙂

  12. Um, ok… points for Jasper being honest and up front with her. But boy was that a big shocker! “Oh by the way we have our own convience store in the barn’s basement!” Yeah I don’t blame Bella for being freaked out or shocked by it. Really glad she stood up to Jasper though and called him out for being a dick.

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