Chapter 7 Dogs of War

Chapter 7 – Dogs of War

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A few days later…

“Arizona?! What’s she doing there?” Charlotte questioned.

“Her mother lives there…” Jasper replied as he tended to Bullet.

Char lifted her head on this.

“You’re letting a newborn near her loved ones?!”

Jasper stopped what he was doing and looked over.

“Bella won’t hurt her.”

“How can you be so sure?!”

“I just know. Besides, she hasn’t any intention of exposing herself to her mother. Rumor’s already out and everyone assumes that Bella died, alongside of her father.”

“And how will the wolves take that?”

“Not sure.” He murmured with a shrug and went back to brushing Bullet.

“Didn’t you tell Peter she was best friends with one of them?”


“And how did you feel about that…? You know… when you were first discovering your feelings for her.”

“Never bothered me any. Bella has always seen Jacob like a brother. It’s unfortunate for him, in the sense that his feelings aren’t quite the same. Edward knew that, as to his controlling ways when it came to Bella and Jacob. It was no secret amongst our coven. We knew the wolf harbored romantic feelings for Bella.”

“Did she know?”

“Not at first… But she caught on pretty quick. Damn near broke her hand punching him once.”

Charlotte reared back on this.

“Let’s just say he got a little too pushy with her.” Jasper chuckled in memory.

“Girl had no fear, even as a human.”

Char smiled as he said this with a true beam about him.

“How’d you do it?”

“Do what?”

“Spend two years watching as your supposed brother was with YOUR mate? I mean I know you were unaware… Still, there had to have been some sort of inkling. I don’t get how you guys went a two whole years and nothing. It was instant with Peter and I…”

“It wasn’t exactly nothing… We had our moments.”


Jasper nodded.

“It was the little things…”


“The way we’d look at one another, innocent touches here and there, and Bella knew she could always come to me if she needed anything.”

“Another words you were stuck in the friend zone for two years…”

Jasper raised his brows on this and Char laughed.

“Admit it. You were!”

“You truly are a buzzkill, you know that?!”

“I do try.”

Jasper brought Bullet out of the stable and let him walk around.

“Like nothing even happened.” Char uttered taking notice of the horse’s foot.

“Right?! That was all Bella.”

Jasper froze in place however and had this rather agonizing look about him.

“Jasper?!” She called with concern.

The vampire held up a hand.

“It’s her…,” he whispered in such a way.

“Is she okay?”

“Yeah. Just hits me every now and then. She feels so strongly.”

“Ever give yourself a break?”

“If she’s hurting, I’m hurting. That’s how this works.” Jasper made abundantly clear.

“How long have you been doing that?”

Jasper drew back a breath on this.

“Jesus… You’re kidding! Why would you do that to yourself?!”

“I wanted to feel her and at the time… It didn’t matter how.”

“But you’re together now…”

“Exactly. So it’s pretty much a necessity. I have to know she’s okay. And believe me… I’ve tried stopping that connection. Three days was the longest I could go and I thought I’d fucking die. It’s like a goddamn security blanket. Pathetic, right?”

“Not even a little.” Char replied with a warm smile.

Bella recoiled as her mother exited the bar. Renee had been there for a good four hours now and was three sheets to the wind. The newborn stayed in the shadows as Renee headed to her vehicle.

“Mom…” Bella worriedly whispered amongst herself.

Renee dropped her keys and Bella swallowed back rather thickly as her mother went to pick them up. Bella shook her head and adjusted the black cowboy hat she wore, in order to disguise herself. She stuffed her hands into the pockets of her denim jacket then made her way over.

“How bout we call you a cab?” The newborn suggested whilst doing her best to disguise her voice.

She went with the Whitlock drawl as that was the first thing that came to mind. Renee lifted her head on this and Bella kept hers down as she gave a simple nod.

“I’m fine.” Her mother replied and went to unlock the door.

Bella reached out and placed a hand along her mother’s.

“You’re drunk and liable to get someone killed.”

Renee looked to be in thought.

“Come now, sug. Let’s get you that ride home.”

That felt so strange. She’d never referred to her mother as anything other than “mom” before. Renee pinched her eyes shut and Bella took the keys from her mother’s hold. She pocketed them then brought out her cellphone. She was in attempts to call her mother a cab, when Renee broke into sobs. It was during this that Bella took notice of her mother’s wedding finger. The ring Phil had given her… wasn’t on her finger. That was another thing that had the newborn floored. Bella had just come back from Jacksonville. That’s how she found out that her mother and Phil were no longer there. In fact, the house was empty. She hadn’t anything to go on, so she tried their old house in Phoenix, on the off chance that they had moved back home.  Sure enough, Renee had. But Phil? Well Bella hadn’t a clue what was up with that, as he was nowhere in sight. Nowhere… that included his belongings as well. Bella pocketed the phone and hugged her mother.

“Everyone’s gone.” Renee sobbed and Bella’s heart sank to the pit of her stomach.

“How do you mean?”

“I’m all alone. My ex and daughter… they died. And my husband… he left me!”

“Left you?!”

Renee nodded and Bella propped her mother up against the car.

“The bastard left me for a younger woman and let me know this on the day of my daughter’s funeral!”

This had Bella seeing red.

“You’re kidding…” Bella uttered and Renee let out this miserable laugh.

“I wish… He came to the funeral and paid his condolences, but let me know he was leaving afterward. Went on about how he hated to bring this up, at a time like this… But that sure as hell didn’t stop him. I should’ve listened to Charlie. He tried to warn me about Phil. He told me something like this would happen. But I didn’t listen. And to think… He’s the reason I handed my daughter over to my ex. Phil had me believing it was something we needed. I didn’t want my baby girl to leave! I wanted her to come to Jacksonville with us. But he insisted it was for the best! I hadn’t seen my daughter since we got married and now… I NEVER WILL AGAIN!” Renee covered her face and was sobbing uncontrollably.

Bella called that cab, whilst doing her best to keep her own emotions in check. She kept quiet as her mother cried it out. Once the cab arrived, Bella stuffed Renee inside then handed the driver enough for the anticipated fare, along with a good tip.

“Make certain she gets home safe.” Bella made clear and the driver nodded.

Bella watched as the driver headed off. She dug the keys out from her pocket then she walked on over the car. She unlocked the door and decided on getting the car back to the house. That way her mother wouldn’t worry on it. Bella would’ve driven her mother home, but feared she’d give herself away. That wasn’t something she could afford to do. She only hoped her mother was drunk enough that she wouldn’t question how the car made it back to the house.

The guilt however… was heavier than ever. She never imagined that her mother would be going through this. The more she thought on it… the angrier she became. But that anger was directed at her stepfather. If she had known that Phil would pull something like this… She would’ve found another way to make things work with Jasper. Not that she had any regrets. But her mother needed her and there wasn’t much she could do, not without exposing herself, which was something she wasn’t willing to do. Charlie was a fine lesson in what’s to come if she got her mother involved as well. Bella had to find another way, but she hadn’t a clue on how to go about.

Bella parked the car in her mother’s driveway. From there, she stuffed the keys into mail chute

The young vampire placed a hand along the front door and closed her eyes for a brief moment. She listened in and could hear her mother crying.

“I’m so sorry…” Bella whispered with a heavy heart then put her forehead to the door.

The newborn jumped however as she felt a hand along her shoulder.

“Come with me…”

Bella spun about and the vampire king gave a simple nod.

“Don’t… Please. Not her.” Bella pleaded.

“Jasper?!” Char, Peter, and Emmett chorused as the major dropped what he was doing and took off like a bat out of hell.

“Should we follow?!” Char questioned in a panic.

Peter sighed in thought.

“Better to be safe than sorry.” He uttered and Char and Emmett nodded in agreement.

The king tilted his head and looked on with curiosity as Bella’s eyes were set aflame.


“Fascinating…” He murmured.

He reached over and brushed her hair back, so he could get a better look. Bella stood there, like that of a guard dog.

“Whatever the issue… My mother hadn’t any involvement. So your laws… they do NOT pertain to her.”

“You’re right. They don’t.” The king affirmed then offered his arm in a gentleman like fashion.

Bella narrowed her eyes as she could see another vampire off in the distance.


“He means you no harm.” He said as if reading her mind.

“And my mother?”

“I can assure you. Nothing will happen to your mother, sweet child.”

Bella let out a hesitant sigh but took the cold one by the arm and he escorted her towards a limo. He opened the door then gestured for her to climb on in. Bella had never felt more human since Jasper had turned her. Fear set heavy within her heart. But that fear hadn’t anything to do with her. No. It had to do with her mother being right within their grasp. There was a part of her that wanted to get on her hands and knees and beg. But there was another (a more predominate side) that wanted to rip them limb from limb then spit on their remains. Her hands balled up into fists and the king took notice.

“Please… Do not fret. I am not your enemy.”

“You must be Aro.”

The king looked to be offended by this.

“No, my dear. I am Marcus and the one you saw earlier is Demetri. He’s watching after your mother, by my request.”

“I don’t understand…” Bella replied as Marcus rolled the privacy window down then signaled for the driver to go on.

He rolled it up once again then pulled out a bottle of expensive wine. He went on to pour them both a glass. He handed Bella’s over and the newborn looked to it as if it were poisoned.

“I should be thanking you…” Marcus murmured as he sipped from his glass.

Bella put hers down and regarded the king in wonder.

“If you and Mr. Whitlock hadn’t gone rogue on the Olympic Coven, I’d still be Aro’s bitch.”

Bella had this baffled look about her.

“Isn’t that how your generation says it? You know… when one has control over the other, much like that of a servant, or a slave even?”

Bella nodded as she hadn’t a clue what to say to that. Marcus smiled as if pleased with himself.

“You should try the wine my dear it truly is exquisite.”

“I’m good.”

“Suit yourself.”

Marcus poured himself another glass then leaned back in thought.

“Mind getting to the part about why you’re stalking my mother?”

“Hmm yes, my apologies. Your mother… Now she’s rather remarkable, isn’t she?!”

Marcus smiled as if in awe.

“I’d forgotten just how strongly humans can feel. It’s motivating, to say the least. I’m most certainly pleased that I beat Demetri to the punch…” He paused then looked to Bella with a serious mien about him.

“I said that correctly, right?”

“Depends on the context.”

“Well Aro had sent the little tracker to execute the stunning nosh. Lucky for her, I managed to get here first.”

Bella had that pitfall feeling as she gawked upon the king.

“So was that the correct term?!” He eagerly asked and Bella nodded.

Marcus smiled yet again.

“I rather enjoy the new age! In fact, I was thinking I might court your mother, if that would be okay with you.”

Bella looked to the king like he’d lost his ever loving mind.


“Wait… I got this one.” Marcus tapped his finger along his temple then held up a single finger as if a light had come on.

“Date! That’s the correct term!”

“You want to date my mother?!”

“Well yes.”



“I don’t want you anywhere near my mother!”

Marcus frowned on this.

“I was trying to be a gentleman.”

“That’s great. But you’re not dating my mother. I mean how would that even work? You’d be going against your own laws! You want to talk about fucking hypocritical!”

“They’re not my laws. They are Aro’s and I no longer serve the Volturi and that includes Aro. Demetri and I have gone rogue as well.”

“This is crazy. I can’t believe what I’m hearing.”

“I’ve upset you.”

“Gee, what was your first clue?! This is my mother we’re talking about!”

“I’m well aware. I’ve taken great care of her, so has Demetri.”

“I can tell. You almost let her drive home drunk!”

“Ah now…  You already were at the scene and I dared not to interrupt.”

“Why are you even asking my permission?! Since when does the Volturi ask permission for anything?!”

“If the Volturi were smart they’d be asking permission of a lot of things when it comes to you and Mr. Whitlock. I do not wish to be on the receiving end of your wraith, either of yours, even more so when you’re together. You’re a force to be reckoned with.  And as I’ve already stated… I am no longer Volturi. I no longer wear the crest, neither does Demetri.”

Bella drew back the deepest of breaths.

“Okay, say I buy into all this… Why would you care about keeping my mother safe?”

“After what young Alice did… I suppose a part of me felt somewhat responsible. What she did is punishable, by death. Yet Aro had decided to see past the laws in which HE himself has written and has made Alice queen.

“QUEEN?!” Bella scoffed in downright shock.

Marcus nodded with a frown.

“Word is she has taken my place.”

“Jesus… Alice. A queen amongst the two kings.”

“It would seem so.”


“That’s how much her gift means to Aro. He will above and beyond, in order to keep her pleased.”

“As to his reason for coming after my mother. That was her call and he followed through.”

“Smart young lady you are.”

“So the bitch kills my father, comes after me, and she doesn’t get as much as a slap on the hand. But is made queen instead?!”

The old king nodded once again.

“You should be warned that Aro didn’t take kindly to whatever you did to young Alice. It took sometime for her to heal, on a physical, and emotional standpoint that is.”

“Well shouldn’t he be impressed?!” Bella spat and Marcus smiled.

“Oh he is… But I have a feeling if it comes down to it, he will have to decide between you and Alice. Naturally, Aro will side with whoever he feels is more beneficial to him. Only then will he have YOUR best interest at heart and that’s IF you join his cause.”

“And if I don’t?”

“Then you will surely meet your demise.”

“Oh joy!”

Bella picked up the glass of wine and downed it after all. Marcus was quick to replenish it.

“Why did you and Demetri leave?”

“What do you know of the Volturi?”

“Not as much as I thought, apparently.”

Marcus gestured for Bella to drink her wine then refilled her glass. He leaned back and looked to be in thought as she sipped on it.

“But you are aware of the Cullen’s history with the Volturi?”


“Good as our time is limited.”

Marcus cleared his throat and went on to tell his story – a heartbreaking story on love, betrayal, and pain. He spoke of his wife Didyme (Aro’s sister) and how much he loved her. Didyme was gifted with the ability to make people happy. Something Aro found rather useless and hadn’t any issue pointing this out and making a mockery of his sister’s gift. Thus led to Marcus and Didyme’s plans to leave the Volturi; when Aro found out he pretended to give his blessing but killed Didyme. He did this in order to prevent Marcus from leaving, as he was more beneficial to him, than that of his own sister. Aro lied about Didyme’s death and it wasn’t until recently that Marcus found out the truth. Marcus told Bella of Chelsea’s gift and how she played an important key in keeping him loyal to the Volturi, even after his loss. Marcus shut down and lived for the Volturi and the Volturi only, as it was all he knew. It was through recent events that the truth came out. A lover’s quarrel between Demetri and Chelsea had taken place and this ended with Demetri taking her life. It was no secret that Chelsea had Aro wrapped around her little finger. But what he hadn’t expected was to catch her and Caius in the act. Caius didn’t break stride and sent the tracker a smug grin. Demetri took off knowing he’d wind up getting himself killed if he even reacted. So he waited until later that night and approached Chelsea himself. When Demetri called Chelsea out on her cheating ways, the truth about him and Marcus came out. She bragged about being the foundation to Aro’s wonderful society and even went as far as to tell Demetri that he was NOTHING in comparison. That if it came down to it… Aro would choose her over him. Chelsea had the gift of making and breaking emotional ties. That’s how she kept Demetri and Marcus grounded and devoted to Aro. Before the tracker even realized what he was doing… He was holding his lover’s head. Demetri had come to Marcus in confidence and revealed the truth behind his wife’s death and how Aro had been using Chelsea, in order to keep them there.

Marcus narrowed his eyes as his cellphone sounded. He held up a finger and excused himself before answering. For whatever reason Bella found that almost comical, a vampire king with a cellphone. He said nothing and gave a simple nod before hanging up. He pocketed the phone and had the driver come to a stop.

“I’m afraid our visit has come to an end. Your mate and his coven are on their way.” Marcus took her hand and kissed it.

“It was a pleasure meeting you, Mrs. Whitlock.”

Bella went to say something on this but Marcus was quick to shoe her on out of the limo. He sent her an apologetic glance afterward then had his driver take off. Bella looked around the area wondering where she was exactly. It wasn’t until she turned around that she saw the old ballet studio.

“What the…” She whispered amongst herself.

James came to mind and this odd phantom like pain spread across the area where her scar once was. She wrapped her hand around her wrist and thought back to that particular day, as she entered the building. Once she got to the area where Edward had sucked out the venom, she hunkered down. Bella ran her fingers along the floor. The scuff marks from that day where still intact. The newborn closed her eyes. When she did this the memory hit, like a sack of bricks. This was something she hadn’t realized she suppressed, until now. Jasper… There was a moment where he, Alice, and Emmett were dealing with James. Jasper had stopped what he was doing and was looking her direction. He had that agonizing presence about him, the one he always had when it came to her. How could she forget?! She remembered the way his eyes locked with hers and for a brief moment they were one.

“Jasper…” She whispered realizing it was him that made Edward stop.

If it hadn’t been for Jasper, Edward would’ve drained her dry. Edward meant it when he said her blood was like his personal brand of heroin. He couldn’t stop. Bella shot to her feet as there was another presence within the room. Marcus had brought her here for a reason and she was looking right at him. His eyes were as cold that marble skin of his and he looked as if Death himself.

“It was him all along… But you went out your way to keep it hidden. WHY?!”

When he wouldn’t answer, Bella gritted her teeth.

“ANSWER ME!” She demanded.

Edward zipped on over, wrapped a single hand around her throat then lifted her up off the ground. He sneered upon the cowboy hat she wore. He took it off then sent it flying throughout the studio.

“YOU HAD ME BELIEVING YOU WERE DEAD!” He shouted and gave her a violent shake.

“If you wanted to die, at my hands… all you had to do was say so.” He said in such a way.

Bella managed to laugh, despite the agonizing pain she was in. Edward tilted his head on this and Bella brought her knee up, as hard as she could. The impact was enough to send her ex-lover flying back. She was quick to take stance before him.

“Alright Edward, bring it.”

“Really, Bella?! You think you can take ME on? Same naïve girl… That’s all you’ll ever be. That’s what made it sooo easy for Jasper. He stole you, right out from under me, and all because you gave into that pathetic empathy of his. You know… That’s something I NEVER understood. How he got through to you, when I never could, no matter how hard I tried! I GAVE YOU EVERYTHING!”


Edward sneered at this and Bella nodded.

“That’s right. Unless you count the lies, broken promises, and false sense of security!”

“I never lied!”

Edward let out a grunt as Bella appeared before him. She slammed him up against the wall and looked him in the eyes.

“You told me I was the one, the one you’d been waiting for. You and Alice fed me and Jasper nothing but lies!”

Edward reversed the hold she had on him and got right in her face.

“He isn’t good for you, Bella.” Edward let out this wretched laugh and looked to be shaking something off.

“First it was Kevin then it was Mike then good ole Jacob came around. And when his attention wasn’t enough… YOU LOOKED TO MY BROTHER!”

Bella popped him across the face then shoved him back. Edward let out this long-winded hiss.

“You are such a little BITCH! How dare you put that on me… when you knew. You knew all along!”

“Knew… As in how you threw yourself at him?”

“Threw myself at him?!”

“That’s right, just as you used to throw yourself at me. You were always such a needy little thing. It was pathetic just how much you begged for me to take your virginity! You and your little tank tops and panties, hair still wet from one of your long showers… Jasper was feral as it was. You entering the room like some teenager’s wet dream didn’t help matters, I’m sure!”

“So I seduced him… Is that what you’re saying?!”

Edward nodded and Bella laughed.

“Oh Edward… And you think me naïve?!”

Bella smiled and was the one backing him against a wall now.

“You’re the mind reader. So you tell me how I went about it.”

“Cute. Real cute, Bella. Like I said… You’ll never change, even as a vampire, you’re still as human. The only difference? You take the lives of humans now.”

Bella raised her brows on this and Edward nodded.

“That’s right, I’ve seen you. Why do you think I was so dead set against turning you? You became the very monster I feared you’d become. That’s what I meant by how you haven’t changed. Ever so quick to give into those desires, no matter how selfish they may be.”

Bella nodded.

“You’re right, Edward. I’m hopeless. I’m nothing, nothing without you. At least that’s what you had me believing. You had me right where you wanted. You loved having that sort of power over me. And you were so quick to throw the human ordeal in my face. Time and time again, you just couldn’t help yourself. You always thought me beneath you. Even now… You look upon me as if I’m still human. How incredibly foolish…”

Bella ran a single finger along his chest and sent him a menacing smile.

“Tell me Edward, are you still a virgin?”

Edward chuckled then leaned into her ear.

“Is that what you want, Bella? Do you want me to give in and finally FUCK you?!” He derided and forced her to the ground.

Edward ripped her shirt open then buried his face within her neck. The cold one breathed her in then let out a simultaneous moan. “God, you smell the same… How?!” He breathlessly uttered but let out this cry of torment.

“Is something wrong?” Bella questioned with a smile and showed him the “item” within the palm of her hand.

Edward rolled off her and covered the area with his hands. He’d this look of absolute horror.

“Well you were right about one thing… I am a monster. I’m guessing you found a way to reattach your arm? Well… You won’t be getting this back. So good luck with that whole virgin thing!”

Bella sprang to her feet, dropped his penis then stomped on it, until it was nothing more than dust. The newborn lifted her head however, as someone stepped out from the shadows of the room and was clapping. She smiled seeing as how it was Jasper.

“Well done, baby!”

Jasper chuckled as he looked upon Edward. He made a tsking like sound as he circled the now crotchless Cullen. He stopped then crouched down behind him. The major grabbed a fistful of Edward’s hair then leaned into his ear.

“For the record, if Bella had thrown herself at me. I would’ve hit that, time and time again. Just imagine crawling through her window and seeing a big ole smile on her face and all because she’s covered in my fucking jizz!”

Bella regarded her mate in surprise and Jasper sent her a wink.

“No worse than what you told Alice, little darlin’. I can’t believe you neutered his sorry ass! You truly are a Whitlock.” He said whilst forcing Edward to his feet.

“Hmm… What to do with you.” He hummed in thought.

“Yes. What to do…” A voice rang out from seemingly nowhere.

Bella covered herself as the three of them looked around the area.

“He always was a spoiled little shit…”

                Someone landed before Edward and without so much as a warning; Edward was yanked out of Jasper’s hold. This was followed by a slap across the face. Edward rubbed his cheek and looked to the woman as if he were seeing a ghost.

“Serves you right! You’re lucky she didn’t kill you!”


“No son of mine…” The woman uttered in disgust.


She ripped the Volturi crest off his neck then tossed it onto the floor. She shook her head, in a disciplinary fashion.

“Esme love, be a dear and escort the others out of here. I have to discipline my son.”  The woman called.

“Esme?!” Bella whispered as she dropped down as well.

Esme nodded their direction.

“What’s going on?!” Bella questioned and Esme started towards her.

Jasper grabbed ahold of his mate, and held up a hand of warning.

“Don’t come any closer. I mean it.” He warned and Esme kept her distance, respectfully.

Jasper took off his jacket then placed it on Bella. He buttoned it up and was checking her over.

“Are you alright?” He questioned as to Edward’s little rape attempt.

Bella nodded and he caressed her cheek. He hated that he hadn’t got there in time to prevent that. But he could make out most of what had taken place and the conversation itself along the way. He couldn’t believe Edward had the audacity. So the virgin was going to rape his mate? What sickened the major most? Is that Edward wasn’t any different from that of James. Jasper could sense him and all Edward cared about was marking what he assumed to be HIS territory. Jasper ground his teeth together and regarded Edward in thought.

“With all due respect, ma’am. I have a score to settle with your son.” Jasper declared and the woman went to say something on this, but there was another presence within the room.


“Carlisle…” The woman replied with a frown.

The doctor nodded as he made his way over. Bella cringed as he was in full Volturi attire. This had her thinking back to the picture the Cullens had of the Volturi. She remembered how Carlisle looked in that picture and it was uncanny. The sight alone had her reverting back to her human days. Jasper narrowed his eyes as she clung to him. He could sense just how threatened she felt. But there was a good reason behind that. Jasper observed his mate and the way she looked upon the doc. Carlisle took no notice as his attention was on that of Edward and his mother.

“Bella…” Jasper whispered with concern as she didn’t as much as blink.

“Don’t do this…” Carlisle beseeched.

“It has to be done.”

You begged me to save him and I did.”

“You didn’t save him. You turned him into an abomination!” 

“Elizabeth Mason… As in Edward’s biological mother.” Bella whispered.

The woman cranked her head Bella’s direction.

“He thought it didn’t take. So he left you. And you woke to find yourself amongst the other influenza victims, in a burn pile.”

Bella reached to her temples as this vision was so vivid; it was like she was right there when it took place.

“You were scared and hungry. You didn’t know what to do… So you killed them all.”

“Are you a telepath as well, my dear?” The woman asked and Bella shook her head no but was lost as to how she was seeing this.

“Everything’s so loud! What’s happening?!” Bella cried and covered her ears.

Jasper braced her against him as he wasn’t sure what else to do. Everyone’s thoughts seemed to scream at her at once, even that of Edward’s.

“Bella…” Carlisle called and she snapped him a look of absolute hell.

“WHY?!” She howled and Carlisle looked to Bella in alarm.


Bella was trying her hardest to focus on that of Carlisle and him alone, but couldn’t. Jasper’s thoughts were loudest. All he could think about was keeping her safe. His mind was like that of a strategic battleground. He had everyone pinpointed, and Edward was first on his list, Carlisle would be next, and it went from there. But even through the battle he had mapped out. There was this chant like cry… I won’t let them near her. I’ll kill them, all of them. This repeated over and over and this had Bella looking to Jasper in thought. Whatever it was came to a halt and Bella closed her eyes as it took it’s toll on her.

“Hey…” Jasper called with concern and lifted her chin with a single finger.

“Jasper, what was that?!”

Jasper wished he could answer that but hadn’t a clue himself. He thought back to Alice and how her ear exploded. This happened after Bella wanted Alice to feel his and Charlie’s pain. But the visions Bella had of her father and how he died… That was damn near Alice Brandon like and now she was having telepathic moments, like that of Edward?! Jasper had never been so puzzled. There was an awkward moment of silence as Jasper allowed his mate to feed from him. Wrong as it was he found it a bit of a turn on. Edward hissed at this and Jasper flipped him off. No dick and still… the little shit couldn’t help himself. Once she finished, he used his thumb to wipe a drop of blood off her lip. He had her lick it clean afterward.

“Better?” He lovingly questioned.

She nodded and Carlisle shook his head in disapproval.

“Jasper, what have you done?”

Jasper narrowed his eyes and hugged his mate protectively.

“She’s engaged to your brother…”

“Yeah you can stop that now. You’re little matchmaker voodoo doesn’t work on us, not anymore.” Jasper uttered.

Esme managed to laugh and Elizabeth smiled.

“He’s right, it doesn’t.” Esme taunted and Elizabeth sent her a flirtatious wink.

“That’s right. I stole your wife. Now how ironic is that?!”

Carlisle reared back as Elizabeth locked lips with Esme and had her hands along her ass. Bella snorted at Carlisle’s reaction and Jasper himself chuckled. Edward just stood there like that of a gargoyle.

“You’re making a grave mistake.” Carlisle warned as his attention was back on Jasper.

Esme sent some sort of gesture Elizabeth’s way and the woman took off with her son. Jasper let out a bit of a growl at this and Esme regarded him apologetically.

“Bella, was meant to marry Edward. There was a child in the picture; a hybrid belonging to my son.”

“A child?!” Jasper mocked out of mere amusement.


“Funny, considering vampires cannot procreate.”

“Bella was to remain a human the first time she and Edward had intercourse.”

Jasper rolled his eyes but his empathy told him that Carlisle wasn’t lying. Jasper reared back however, as reality smacked him, right in the face.

“So that was the reason behind moving to Forks. Alice must’ve seen this in one of her visions and you kept it to yourself. You had our coven chase down a teenage girl and for breeding purposes only?!”

“It wasn’t quite like that…”

“Then what was it? HUH?! Because that’s sure as hell what it sounds like!”

“You don’t understand. My son… he needed this. It was the only way.”

“The only way for what?!”

“To save him…”

Jasper nodded but in mockery.

“So you set this entire thing up and all in order to save Edward.”

“Jasper, Edward believes his soul to be damned. I wanted to show him that wasn’t the case. Giving him a loving wife and child…”

“Would’ve made him feel more human and like he wasn’t damned after all.” Jasper uttered in a finish and Carlisle nodded.

“So I’m supposed to buy into this sob story of yours, offer my apologies, and make amends for ruining YOUR precious plans for MY MATE, right?!”

“Jasper, son…”


Jasper was beyond livid as he stared his old coven leader down.

“YOU DIDN’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT ME OR EMMETT! WE ALWAYS WERE THE LOWEST OF THE TOTEM POLE, WHEN IT CAME TO YOUR SO CALLED “CHILDREN”. WHAT ABOUT WHAT WE WANTED?! YOU THINK I DIDN’T WANT A WIFE AND CHILD OF MY OWN?! TO BE OFFERED A CHANCE AT BEING HUMAN AGAIN?! YOU’D BE WRONG! The difference? Emmett and I accepted our fate and didn’t bitch about it, day in and out. We made the best of what we had! We didn’t walk around with silver spoons shoved up our fucking asses! Edward’s a grown man, a fucking vampire at that. How dare you manipulate my future, with MY MATE, and all in order to accommodate to FUCKING EDWARD!”

Jasper stopped and looked to his mate with unease. She hadn’t budged and was eyeing Carlisle down, something fierce.

“Bella…?” Esme whispered taking notice as well.

“He’s so much stronger than he wants us to believe. And he’s lying… It was never about Edward. It was about him.”

“Bella…” Carlisle warned in such a way.

That fearful look returned and she hugged Jasper, as if her life depended on it. Jasper wasn’t used to seeing this side of Bella, not even in her human days. Why was she so scared and of fucking Carlisle?! And what did she mean by stronger than he wants us to believe?

“Tell them the truth. Tell them all about your hunt for the perfect family and coven. Tell Esme what you were thinking about the day you stitched me up!”

“Bella, I believe you’ve done enough harm. Leave it be.”

Jasper looked to Carlisle in disbelief.

“Don’t you put this on her. This is all on you…”

Carlisle locked eyes with Jasper.

“She’s in here!” He announced and the doors to the ballet studio swung open.

Jasper let out this animalistic growl, as a slew of vampires entered the building. Each of them wore the crest, and was decked out in black. But it was WHO they had with them that had Bella and Jasper so startled. They spread about the room and waited as three hooded figures were last to arrive; the middle one being first to lower his hood. He smiled as his gaze met Bella’s.

“Well if it isn’t the Belladonna herself…”

                The other two lowered their hoods as well and it was just as Emmett had said… Alice had taken Marcus’s place. The kings herded Jasper, Bella, and Esme into a corner. Jasper had a possessive hold of his mate and wasn’t breaking it for anything.

“Friends of yours?”  The vampire sang as Bella’s eyes were locked with Emmett’s.

The guards had ahold of him, Peter, and Charlotte.

“Come child, for we’ve yet to meet!”

The king held out a hand and Jasper shook his head while getting a firmer hold on Bella.

Bella drew back an apprehensive breath, as Carlisle took position, alongside of the kings. It was just as Emmett had said… The Cullens had joined their cause and wore the crest now. Alice took flank beside Caius and was staring Bella down.

“There’s no need for this.” Jasper stated.

“He set me up…” Bella muttered looking downright ill.

Jasper regarded his mate in question.

“Marcus he…”

Just as soon as that name fled from her lips, she was pried out of Jasper’s hold. Jane was quick to bring Jasper to his knees.

“NOOO!” Bella screamed in terror.

Aro smiled then spun her about so that she was facing him. Jasper gritted his teeth as he fought against the excruciating pain Jane was causing him. Aro ignored this. He reached out and caressed Bella’s cheek with the tips of his fingers.

“Please allow me to introduce myself, as we haven’t formally been introduced. I am Aro.”

Aro lowered his hand then paced the area before her. Bella looked to Jasper helplessly as he was crawling towards her, in suffering.

“Stop. Whatever you’re doing to him. PLEASE!” She pleaded and Aro ignored her plea.

“Now did I hear you correctly?”

When she wouldn’t answer, Aro let out an impatient sigh. Esme was inching her way towards Jasper and Felix caught wind of this. He sped on over and pinned her up against the wall.

“STOP IT!” Bella shrieked.

“Answer the question and I shall see to it.”

Bella sent Carlisle a hateful glare as she couldn’t believe he was allowing this.

“And what is it you wish me to answer…?” She hissed.

“The name you mentioned. He’s a betrayer of the Volturi and we wish to know of his whereabouts.”

“I wouldn’t have a clue…”

Aro nodded but was quick to backhand her. Jasper let out this battle-like cry as he wrestled against Jane’s influence. The king grabbed a fistful of Bella’s hair then brought her up against him.

“LEAVE THEM BE!” Char implored and the guards struggled to keep the Whitlock coven within their hold.

“Where. Is. Marcus?!”

“I. don’t. know.” Bella spat with downright frustration.

Aro took her hand into his own.

“Huh…” He voiced in amusement.

“What is it?” Caius questioned.



“That’s right, Caius. Nothing!”

Aro pivoted around and waved a few of his guards over.

“Jane, let’s give our old friend a rest…”

Jane frowned but released her cerebral hold on Jasper. Aro nodded upon his guards and they were quick to snatch Jasper up off the floor.

“Would you mind…?” He questioned with a wave Bella’s direction.

“My pleasure.” Jane replied then tilted her head as she focused on Bella.

“No!” Jasper barked and broke out of the guards hold, for a brief second.

Aro sent them a reprimanding glance while they got the situation under control.

“Are we good?” He mocked with impatience and they nodded.

He nodded in response then looked to Jane.

“You may start whenever you’re ready.”

“I did…” Jane nearly hissed.

Aro looked to Jane then back to Bella. He laughed and clapped his hands together.

“Captivating, isn’t it Jane?!”

“Sure…” She scoffed but looked as if she wanted to snap Bella’s pretty little head.

Aro took it upon himself to really look her over. He went as far as to force Bella’s mouth open.

He brought a single finger along one of her snake-like fangs then tapped it.

“I’ve never seen such a thing. Have you, Caius?”

“No. I haven’t.”

“Hmm…” The king cranked his head Jasper’s direction.

His eyes were set aflame and never left his mate.

“Carlisle told me you were of a different species but hearing about it and seeing it… are two different things, entirely. How exciting!”

Aro paced the area once again. A solid minute passed before he came to a halt. He grabbed Bella then brought her against him. He regarded Jasper rather ominously.

“You broke the law.”

Jasper curled his lip at this.

“Carlisle broke the law. He brought our coven to Forks, in order to fulfill a vision of Alice’s. Carlisle and Edward are the reason behind Bella knowing the truth about the colds ones.  She was human then and as you can clearly see… she is no longer. Therefore, she poses no threat to you or anyone else! In fact, I’d go as far as to say that your laws no longer apply to us.”

Aro had a good laugh at this and so did a few members of the Volturi.

“It’s like you said… We’re of a different species.”

“But you’re still vampires.”

Jasper shrugged as if to say he could give a rat’s ass.

“There has to be rules, no matter the circumstances. If there were no rules, we’d be running amuck, exposing ourselves to the public. That isn’t something we can have now, is it?! The Volturi isn’t your enemy. We’re here for YOUR protection.”

“Then let my mate go and we’ll be on our way.”

Jasper looked to his mate as he had this sudden sense of defeat. This was coming off her.

“He hasn’t any intentions of letting us go. He wants to learn more about us. Carlisle’s already agreed to help with this. We’re to become the Volturi’s lab rats.”

Jasper let out a miserable laugh. Alice however was looking to Bella in a stupor.

“How are you doing that?” Alice questioned with a touch of panic.

Bella and Jasper disregarded this.

“So what are we going to do about this, darlin’?” Jasper questioned with a certain gaze.

Bella looked to the Whitlock coven and they nodded as if gathering the hint as well.

“Let’s raise some hell, cowboy.” She said and Jasper smiled.

Jasper broke out of the guards hold and dodged vampire after vampire. Bella let out a surprised gasp as he snatched her, right out from Aro’s arms. Aro looked to be somewhat stunned as he looked to his empty hands. Jasper sent him a cunning wink as he and Bella were quick to take out Felix. The major tossed the guard’s head about then sent it rolling towards Aro’s feet.

Jasper nodded Alice’s direction.

“Did you ever sign those divorce papers?”

Alice looked to her husband in disbelief.

“Right. Till death do us part it is!”

Jasper leaped on over and Aro took the hit intended for Alice. Thus began the battle. A battle Jasper knew they wouldn’t win. But he’d much rather go out fighting then to become the Volturi’s latest test subjects. That had him thinking back to when Caius had pulled this with the children of the moon. He had a personal vendetta against them and used that as his reason for trapping a few and holding them prisoner. After learning everything they needed to know…  They used the survivors as personal entertainment. Entertainment – as in werewolf verses werewolf, in a fight to the death. It was sickening and Jasper wasn’t down for becoming their next contestants.

Jasper fought his way towards Alice, as he had every intention of taking her out. Esme and Bella were doing whatever they could to keep Jasper covered. As for Emmett, Peter, and Char? They were doing everything within their power to fight off the guards. Jane caught wind of this and decided to inflict a little pain of her own. The three of them dropped down and Jane smiled. Bella snuck up behind her and placed her hand along Jane’s shoulder. Jane looked to the newborn in bewilderment. Bella looked her dead in the eyes and it was then that Bella finally understood her power. Jane cried out then came to her knees. Bella nodded amongst herself and caressed Jane’s cheek.

“Just call me Karma… she can be such a bitch.”

Bella went to snap her neck only to be lifted into the air then flung across the room. She rolled over and went to rise, but had a high heeled boot pressed up against her sternum.

“Fashion before common sense still I see…” Bella taunted but let out a grunt as Alice dug that heel in and twisted it about.

“Tell me Alice… What’s it like?”

Alice tilted her head and Bella smiled.

“You know… Being Queen of the damned.”

Alice cried out as Bella broke her leg in half. She brought her onto the floor as well and the two rolled about, taking jabs at one another. Jasper and Esme had teamed up and were struggling to keep on their feet. Jasper shook his head as he could see his coven off to the distance and they too weren’t doing so hot. There were just too many. Sure, he was much stronger now, but nowhere near enough to take out this many. And it wasn’t their fault… But Jasper felt as if the weight of this was on his shoulders. He found himself having to watch Esme’s back, as well as his own. And from the looks of things, Peter and Char was doing the same when it came to Emmett. The Cullens hadn’t a real clue when it came to self defense. They had lived a domestic life for so long, it’s all they knew. And Bella? Well she was doing pretty damn good, for a newborn, but she was nowhere near where he needed her. The poor girl hadn’t a lick of training, yet here she was. There were times she looked a little lost but that didn’t stop her from giving her all. And he knew she was doing well if she could keep up with the likes of Alice, a much older and more experienced vampire.

Jasper’s train of thought was interrupted as Carlisle appeared from seemingly nowhere and drove a metal pipe through his heart. Jasper looked to Carlisle in shock. Carlisle gritted his teeth and twisted that pipe as he drove it in even further. Carlisle leaned into Jasper’s ear.

“Alice insisted that we find you. She thought you could help her. I tried to tell her but she wouldn’t listen. So she found a way for you to find her. She didn’t get that you were alone for a reason. You were nothing but trouble, from the very beginning, and I shouldn’t have let you anywhere near MY FAMILY!”

“NOOO!” Bella shouted once she took notice and shoved Alice out of the way.

She darted on over and Carlisle kept his eyes on Jasper, as he shot out a hand. Jasper let out this heart wrenching cry as Carlisle’s hand went right through Bella’s chest. Bella froze as his hand wrapped around her heart. Bella choked back and came to her knees. Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked over.


Tears of blood streamed down the major’s face.


Peter looked to his old war buddy as if lost on what to do. The guards had them surrounded now and there wasn’t anything they could do, not without Bella and Jasper. They were outnumbered as it was.

Carlisle regarded Bella in thought. He released her heart and removed his hand.

“Bella…” He whispered as if truly distraught over what he’d done.

The newborn’s eyes rolled into the back of her head and Carlisle brought her against him.

“I’m sorry. I will fix this. I promise.”

Without warning Carlisle took off, with Bella in his hold. Jasper panicked and pried himself free of the metal pipe. He started towards the studio doors, but hit the ground, with a bit of a thud. Blood was gushing out of his wound and oozing from his mouth. Peter shrugged out of the guards hold and made his way over. He scooped up his old war buddy then looked to everyone within the room. Aro shook his head and let out a disappointed sigh. He waved his guards over.

“Take the veteran off their hands.”

Peter gritted his teeth as Jasper disappeared from his hold. A strong like gust was felt as whoever it was took off. Emmett, Peter, Char, and Esme shared the same look of gloom. Esme reached out and grabbed ahold of Emmett. She held him in a motherly mannerism and Aro smiled as if delighted by this.

“Kill them.” He ordered and went to exit the studio.

“You’ll do no such thing…”

Aro sneered upon the acquainted voice. Marcus and Demetri entered the room and had a few allies along with them. Caius swallowed back and looked on in fear, as those familiar eyes stared back at him. One of them let out a growl and Caius jumped. Marcus chuckled then looked to this particular werewolf (aka child of the moon).

 “Feel free to go balls deep if he moves.”

The werewolf nodded and let out this wolf-like cackle. Marcus marched right on up to Aro.

“Leave, or I’ll sic my new friends on you and your lousy excuse for a kingdom.”

Aro curled that lip of his and Marcus grabbed him by the throat.

“NOW!” He roared and the children of the moon growled right along with him.

Aro gave a simple nod and did as requested. 

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I’m sure many of you are confused as to Bella’s ability. That will be revealed, along with Elizabeth’s history in the next chapter!

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    Carlisle took Bella!

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