Chapter 8 Persuasion

Chapter 8 – Persuasion

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“Bella…” Jasper weakly called as he came to.

The major gritted his teeth and jarred his body about. He was hanging from the ceiling; with his arms and legs spread apart. His wrists were cuffed and chained to the wall, while his ankles were cuffed and chained to the floor below. Jasper let out a desperate growl as he tried yet again to break free. But the more he struggled, the more damaged he caused. The chains were covered in spikes and there was a metal tank below catching whatever blood he lost. Jasper swallowed back as his throat was on fire. He was beyond starving, to the point where his own blood looked appetizing. The vampire licked his lips and leaned back. That’s when he realized he was being held in the Volturi prison. A miserable laugh escaped him.

“Of course…” He muttered under his breath and looked around the area.

“Bella…?” He called once again.

Jasper looked around the area but she was nowhere to be found. Part of him was somewhat relieved, as he couldn’t bear the thought of her going through something like this. But there was another that feared what she was going through exactly and who had her now. The major closed his eyes and focused on his mate. He wanted something, anything that would tell him where she was.

Bella shot up and with a gasp.

“… easy…” A familiar voice whispered.

The young vampire was quick to jump out of the bed then backed herself into a corner of the room. Carlisle held up a hand and took a step towards her. Bella didn’t understand why she was so weak. In fact, she woke up feeling rather human. It was as if her abilities had come to a complete halt. Still, she had her vampire senses and urges. So why did she feel so useless? She wanted nothing more than to put Carlisle in his place. But knew she couldn’t. She could sense that Carlisle far more powerful than she or anyone else for that manner. And that was back when he first entered that studio. Whatever she was picking up, was incredibly strong. So strong it caused her to cling to Jasper. She feared not for hers but HIS life. She could sense Carlisle’s detestation for Jasper. So that fear Jasper picked up on… Hadn’t anything to do with herself, but him. That was the real reason behind her clinging to Jasper, so desperately.

“That’s close enough!”


Bella shook her head then reached to her temples.

“Where are we?” She questioned in agony.

“Someplace safe.”

“Safe?!” She scoffed.

“Yes, Bella. You are safe here.”

“And Jasper?”

Carlisle sat at the edge of the bed then patted the area beside him. The room he had her in was like that of a teenage girl’s, something of his own doing. He wanted Bella to feel right at home. The walls and the door itself however were cast iron and covered in flowered wallpaper.  He had it set up like this… just in case. He’d used this room once before. When Alice got out of hand… But he didn’t have near the struggle with her that he had with Bella.

“I’m good. Just tell me where he is.”

“I will. Once you sit down and listen to what I have to say.”

“I can hear just fine from here.”

Carlisle let out a sigh of sheer frustration.

“I’m sorry. I never meant to make you feel that way about us. You were always so accepting of me and my family. This breaks my heart.”

“Your heart?! Ironic considering you nearly ripped mine out!” Bella mocked.

“Tell me Bella, what was it you saw when I was stitching you up?”

The newborn let out a growl on this and Carlisle came to his feet. He had this pitiful look about him as he inched his way over.

“Don’t.” Bella warned and Carlisle ignored this.

Bella froze as he stood before her now. He planted his hands along the wall behind her and pinned her in.

“Look at me…” He pleaded.

Bella kept her head down and Carlisle lifted her chin with his fingers. The newborn recoiled as he brushed a strand of hair from her eyes.

“What did you see?” He softly probed once again.

“You envied him…” She whispered with a look of repugnance.

Carlisle nodded.

“And why?”

“Because he had what you wanted.”

“And what did I want, Bella?”

Bella cringed in thought and Carlisle caressed her cheek.

“Me.” She uttered in this brokenhearted state.

Carlisle nodded.

“That’s how much you mean to me. I would’ve done anything to make you happy. But it was I that saw you first.”

Bella lifted her eyes on this and Carlisle smiled.

“Alice told me all about her vision. A vision involving a small town girl; one that would enter our family one day. This was something I had to see for myself.”

Bella’s heart raced as Carlisle’s lips were practically touching hers. She could feel his breath with each word he spoke.

“Stop that.”

Carlisle ignored her plea and continued in his story. A story about a young girl and how he fell for her… It took everything within him to hide this from Edward and his wife. It wasn’t easy, considering how much he thought about Bella. Seeing her with his son caused him great envy as wel,l as a little resentment.

“I couldn’t act on my desires, not only because of who and what I was. But you were considerably younger than me and I mean in years of what my human façade reveals. I wanted you and the child within the vision. But Alice made it clear you were to be Jasper’s. This of course disappointed the both of us. Bella, you deserve better. That’s why I gave you my son instead. I was too old and already married. I couldn’t let my wife and family down like that. Not after working so hard to build we had. But if I had known about you… I would’ve waited. I would’ve built my life with you rather than that of Esme. I spent quite sometime watching after you. I found myself wanting to learn more and more about you. You’re so different -The way you see life, the way you are with your family and friends. The future I saw with that child. I wanted that. I wanted you, the child, the whole package. I longed for it. I even thought of the ways to tell my family… To tell Esme even.”

“You “let” Edward have me?”

Carlisle nodded as if this was a matter of fact.

“I hadn’t a clue when it came to his obsessional behavior. I take full blame for that.”

“So you knew I was Jasper’s mate, from the very beginning. But you didn’t approve and took it upon yourself to make certain I ended up with Edward, when you couldn’t have me for yourself.” Bella derided and Carlisle sighed as he put his forehead to hers.

“I knew he could give you what Jasper couldn’t. I knew you’d be okay with my son by your side.”

“Then you were a fool.”

“That I was…” Carlisle admitted.

“I’m sorry, Bella. I should’ve gone with my instincts, from the beginning. I never meant for you to get hurt.”

The newborn tilted her head on this.

“I should’ve found a way. Esme always said I needed to be more assertive and now I’m beginning to see that she was right. I knew what I wanted and deep down… I know I would’ve made you happy.”

Bella felt as if she’d awakened up to another dimension. Carlisle Cullen?! In love with her?! She couldn’t comprehend the ew factor. Sure, he was most certainly attractive and there was a time she thought the world of Carlisle. But now she looked upon him with absolute disgust. She never dreamed of being in this situation. Everything was because of Carlisle. He truly was the puppet master. And the Cullens… were nothing more than toys of his; each of them made for his personal entertainment. Bella grew nauseas in thought.

“What makes you so sure of that?”

“The way your heart skipped a beat when I first entered that hospital room. Your entire face lit up when I came into contact with you. As a vampire I was able to pick up on a lot of things. Don’t tell me you didn’t feel something. That would be a lie. Now wouldn’t it?”

“I wouldn’t be so cocky, Dr. Cullen. Jasper told me all about the pheromones.”

Carlisle raised his brows on this.

“You always had a rather peculiar way with words. But never doubt your feelings for me, Bella.”

“Admit it. That’s what you’re doing now. You’re releasing them, in hopes that I will cave in. You want me to forget all about Jasper. Well you can go fuck yourself because that isn’t happening.”

“Look at you, Bella. He’s changing you. I for one never heard you cuss and you most certainly never dressed like this. The language, the attitude, and the horrendous clothes you’re wearing. That’s all him. This isn’t you, not even a little.”

“Now you sound like Edward.”

“I just don’t want you to lose yourself. You’re beautiful, inside out. That’s why I fell for you. I craved that innocence. There was just something about it. In all my years of existence, I’ve never met ANYONE like you. I wanted you in my life, if that meant watching you with someone else, then so be it. But not him… I won’t stand for it.”

Bella gritted her teeth on this.

“And who are you to tell me who I should be with?”

Carlisle let out a deep breath and Bella’s eyes batted about as those pheromones entered her mouth and traveled on down her throat. It was then it dawned on her… She remembered that euphoric feeling. It happened back at the ER that day. She swallowed back as she was feeling things she knew weren’t right.

“Are you alright?” Carlisle asked but in a rather taunting manner.

Bella was doing everything within her power to fight this.

Don’t…” Carlisle whispered then leaned into her ear.

“There’s no need to fight it. Let me in.”

“Carlisle…” Bella cried as he kept her restrained.

She struggled in order to keep that shield of hers up. Whatever Carlisle was doing… It had that same pull as Edward when he tried getting into her head. It gave her a migraine and she was growing weaker by the moment.

“Let down that barrier. It’s not needed. You are safe. I won’t let anything happen to you.”

Bella hated just how calm and collected he was. Same ole Carlisle in any given situation… She thought. Everything that came out of his mouth sounded so matter of fact. It was easy to see why everyone caved into his wishes. The newborn let out an agonizing whimper.

“Why are you doing this?”

“I’m giving us a new start – a new family and coven.”

“Carlisle, I’m begging you. Don’t you do this. Don’t you make me forget. I love him.”

“You don’t love him. You love the idea he brings. That whole ‘forever’ mindset. Bella, I can give you that and more. Jasper never deserved you, neither did my son. They can’t give you what you want.”

“And what is it I want?!”

“Like me, you love the idea of being a part of something. You’ve always wanted a big family. You never had that, neither did I. I thought I could have that with Edward – the son I always wanted. Then Esme came into the picture and I thought she’d make a wonderful contribution as a mother. A mother to the coven I was building. But they weren’t just a coven, not to me. These were my children. I had to keep them disciplined. Jasper kept things rather challenging as his empathy picked up on a lot of things; things that he hadn’t any business in. I had no choice but to make certain he knew who led this coven. Jasper couldn’t help himself. He always was a natural leader. He entered the picture thinking he had a say in how things were ran. He disapproved of my methods and everything I’d built.”

“So you persuaded him into your way of thinking. You stripped him of who he was and turned him into another “child” of yours. You had a war veteran attending high school… Do you have any idea just how fucking demeaning that is? He was never yours. No, I take that back… They were never yours.”

Carlisle nodded in full agreement.

“You’re right, they weren’t. I have you now; someone that’s more than willing to point out the error of my ways.”

Bella went to argue this but the pain became too much. She started to faint and Carlisle was quick to brace her against him.

“I wish you wouldn’t fight it. I can’t stand to see you hurting like this.”

Carlisle scooped her up then laid her down.

“I can’t give you a child, or a family, for that matter. So I don’t understand…” Bella’s eyes were still closed and her words were starting to slur together.

Carlisle grimaced as she was shaking all over. She wasn’t giving up. Carlisle went to comment on this but a certain scent caught his attention. He cranked his head the direction in which it was coming from.

“Bella…” He called with concern.

Carlisle ripped her blouse open. He shook his head in misperception as he regarded the wound. It was healing but at a very slow pace. It was a painful reminder of how he nearly took her life. That’s how far Jasper had pushed him. He hadn’t a clue that was even in him. How could he hurt Bella like that?!

“I’m sorry. I’ll fix this. Just hold on.”

“I need Jasper.”

The doc lifted his head on this.

“No you don’t. I’m all you need.” He confirmed as he set up an IV filled with animal blood.

“And you need a fucking shrink or something. You’re clearly fucked in the head.” Bella faintly murmured.

“Little prick…” He uttered while sticking her with a syringe.

He couldn’t help but to have Jasper in mind when he said that. He’d given Bella something in hopes of keeping her down for a while. He couldn’t stand Jasper Whitlock, from the very beginning. The vampire stuck out like that of a sore thumb. He didn’t belong in the Olympic coven.

Carlisle wanted the perfect family and Bella was the missing piece. Even if he had wanted her for himself, he’d much rather have her as a daughter-in-law than nothing at all. Either way, he had to have her – his precious Swan. That’s how Carlisle saw Bella in his eyes, as to why it was so hard seeing her with his son. He feared the day Edward would come into light with the truth. Perhaps it was that fear alone that kept his thoughts from ever reaching Edward. That and well Carlisle had a gift of his own. One only HE knew about, well up until now that is. It seemed as if Bella had picked up on it. But how? How was she picking up on all this?

Carlisle was never one to believe in true mates. He believed matches were to be made, by who was BEST for one another. Bella was always accepting of him and the family/coven he chose and that’s what had the doctor so convinced. If only he could go back to when he and Bella first met…  Carlisle regarded Bella in thought. Was that even possible? Could he persuade her enough to forget everything else? With Bella by his side… He hadn’t any doubt that he could take Aro’s place. Carlisle couldn’t help but to think of the irony. He never wanted to be king. But Carlisle felt it was time for a change. And the only way of going about that?! Was to take things up a notch. He failed his wife and coven. And he couldn’t bear the thought of failing his precious Swan. He wanted Bella to see him for who he really was. He had to go back to the way he used to be. Before Edward came into the picture and before he gave into this domestic life of his. He needed to show Bella that he meant business and that he could give her everything, as promised.

“Carlisle… please.” Bella pleaded.

He said nothing as he sat beside her and took her hand into his own. Bella was too weak to fight it.

“Everything’s going to be okay.”

“No, it isn’t. I’m not one of your progenies. You can’t control me.”

Carlisle stopped what he was doing and looked over.

“If you truly care about me, like you say. Then set me free and tell me where Jasper is.”

“Bella, I will always care about you. It’s because of that I can’t let you anywhere near Jasper.”

Bella’s body started to spasm and Carlisle shot up at this. He looked over seeing as how her body was rejecting the blood he’d given her. The newborn arched back and gritted her teeth in suffering.

He hadn’t a clue what awaited him. But he meant it when he said he’d do whatever it took. She’d make the perfect wife. No not wife… queen. He’d give her the family she always wanted. The family THEY always wanted. That was one of the things that always tugged at Carlisle’s heartstrings. He knew what family meant to Bella. They shared that same value. He should’ve waited but thought Esme the one. He thought Edward the perfect son, but he was nothing more than a letdown. Bella was everything – his everything. Jasper might’ve been her mate, for the time being. But Carlisle felt that Bella was more compatible with him. They had too much in common and that’s what drew him to her in the first place. Sure, Alice’s vision showed that Bella was meant to be with Jasper. But Alice’s visions weren’t that reliable. Carlisle loved Bella so much. He couldn’t bear the idea of her ending up with such a feral, disgusting excuse for a vampire. He’d much rather she end up with Edward than someone like that. It was for her best interest. Despite Marcus beliefs and what Alice saw, Carlisle knew what was best, for everyone. All the more reason Aro had to go. It was time that Carlisle took his rightful place. This was something he should’ve done over a century ago. If he had… Bella would’ve been by his side. He hadn’t any doubt about that.

“The child… She was Jasper’s. Wasn’t she?” Bella questioned catching Carlisle off guard as he assumed she was already out.

He narrowed his eyes as he gazed upon her. The newborn was in suffering. She was starving and aching all over. Carlisle hadn’t the heart to lie to her.

“Originally… yes. But Edward interrupted that future and the child became his instead.”

“So Jasper and I could’ve had a baby…” She sadly uttered.

“I can give you a child. It might not be the conventional way. But I can give you that.”

Bella went to challenge this but her body finally gave out. He’d never witnessed such a thing. How can a vampire be this frail? He’d given her three pints of blood. Yet her wound still had a ways to go before it healed completely. But it was then it finally dawned on him. Not only was she a different breed of vampire. But the “feral one” had her on a human diet. Something Carlisle rather detested. But if Bella needed human blood then he’d give her that. He couldn’t help but to cringe on the mere idea. That wasn’t what came to mind when he thought about a new start. But this was no different from when he let his son have her. He only wanted what was best for Bella. Carlisle truly believed he had her best interest at heart. He’d do anything to keep her in his life, safe and sound. He hadn’t a clue what awaited him. He thought Edward a force to be reckoned with – as to his reason for trusting Edward with such a task. But if he had an inkling of what was to come… he’d have rethought this. But Carlisle wasn’t thinking about the god of war and what he was fully capable of. No. He was blinded by his own desires. Bella was all he thought about now.

Aro and Carlisle kept the bond between Jasper and Bella a secret from Marcus. This was a deal Carlisle and Aro made when Bella was first introduced to the Cullens. Carlisle wanted Bella in his coven and Aro wanted Jasper unaware of his full potential. They vowed to keep Jasper and Bella out of Marcus’s presence. This was a rarity for Aro… Keeping such a wonderful asset hidden. Normally, he’d be foaming at the mouth to get someone like Jasper in the Volturi. But truth the matter? Jasper was one of the few vampires Aro actually feared. For one thing, Chelsea hadn’t any pull when it came to Jasper. She tried her hardest to be convincing but Jasper wasn’t having it; even when Aro ordered that she seduce the old veteran. If anything… that only pissed the major off.  Aro had picked up on one of Alice’s visions once. He knew Jasper wasn’t someone you toy around with. But the king hadn’t a real clue about Carlisle’s gift and what he was fully capable of. Carlisle let it known that he would take care of the situation and that Jasper wouldn’t get in the Volturi’s way. Their only reason for keeping Jasper alive? Alice. Even with the knowledge that Bella was meant to be with Jasper. Alice wanted Jasper for herself. Emmett was right… Alice wanted Jasper, in hopes that he could use his empathy to help her and that he did. The old war veteran felt as if he owed her one. At the time, Jasper thought Alice an angel that saved him from an eternity of loneliness. But those feelings were soon to fade and it took Carlisle’s gift of persuasion to keep him by Alice’s side. Carlisle hadn’t the heart to tell Alice the truth. So he spent years feeding Jasper whatever he needed to hear, in order to keep him around. But the Olympic leader loathed each and everytime he had to do this. He never wanted Jasper in the first place. Jasper was right… Carlisle never saw him or Emmett the way he saw the others. Carlisle most certainly had his favorites. One was dead, the other lost his mind, and one was now a queen. This had the vampire looking to the frail newborn in thought. He took her hand and kissed it. Bella was all he had now. And it was through her he discovered just how powerful his gift of persuasion was. He’d never put it to THIS much use before. But Bella was being difficult and he had to make her see things HIS way. It was the only way to keep her safe.

“NOOO!” Jasper hollered as he managed to pick up bits and pieces of what Bella was going through.

He tried over and over again to get through to her. But for whatever reason… it was like a one sided frequency. That was something he didn’t understand. The bond was still intact or he wouldn’t be able to sense her. So why couldn’t she sense him in return? Jasper wanted nothing more than to let her know he was on his way. He’d find a way. He wasn’t giving up. The major couldn’t believe the nerve. Fucking Carlisle… Just how SICK can you get?! The vampire acted as if a father figure to her. Yet here he was harboring romantic feelings for her?! That had Jasper feeling downright murderous. SHE WAS HIS MATE! It was one thing to let Edward take what was his. But it was something else entirely to let Carlisle. No. This had become personal and Jasper was sure to light a fire, right up the doc’s ass. No one was taking what was his, NO ONE!

“Come on, darlin’. You gotta snap out of this. Don’t you let him do this!” Jasper uttered as he struggled kept up the fight.

Jasper knew Bella was in a very bad situation. Here she was… a newborn. A newborn used to a human diet and she was without her mate. And thanks to Carlisle’s influence, her body was shutting down. That’s scared Jasper more than anything. His worst fears were coming to play and if Carlisle succeeded… Bella would become a Cullen and she wouldn’t know any different.


Emmett, Peter, and Char were at a loss. They hadn’t a clue where to even begin. Bella was with Carlisle and Jasper was back with the Volturi. They looked over as Marcus and Demetri were off to a corner talking.

“You don’t think they’re going to eat our cattle, do you?” Peter questioned as to the children of the moon waiting outside.

Char looked out the window and shrugged.

“Who knows… as long as they leave the horses intact.”

The way she said this had Peter looking to his wife with concern.

“We’re getting them back.” He did his best to assure.

“I know… But in what shape exactly?”

Peter drew back a hesitant breath on this. That same thought had crossed his mind as well. Jasper wasn’t a vampire you fucked with. Peter was the only one to ever see that side of him. It was enough to send a chill down his spine. Once Jasper gave into that darker side, it was damn near impossible to bring him back. Peter wasn’t so sure he had what it took this time. Jasper damn near killed him the last time he had to bring him back. There was a reason Maria chose Jasper. The soldier earned those stripes of his quick. Even as a human, Jasper was a killing machine. And to think… he was a new breed of vampire now. Everyone around him would be FUCKED! This had Peter looking to the old vampire king in thought. Marcus took notice of this and nodded his direction.

“Something on your mind, Mr. Whitlock?”

“Why didn’t we act? We could’ve prevented them from taking Bella and Jasper.”

“Highly unlikely. For one thing, Mrs. Whitlock was long gone, before Demetri and I even arrived. As for your brother… he’s in Italy as we speak. Not much we can do from here. These things take time. There was no preventing what took place. Even if we had gotten there sooner, we were greatly outnumbered.”

Peter looked to the children of the moon in thought.

“There’s four of them and five of us. You add Esme and Ms. Mason into the equation…”

“Still not enough… You’re seeing with your eyes and not your head. You need to think back to your war days. That was only HALF of what we’d be facing. There were others back at the palace with gifts of their own. Then you have to take into account of the covens that truly believe in the Volturi’s cause. They are sure to get word of this and they will do whatever it takes to protect the kings and their will.”

“So you’re saying there isn’t ANYTHING we can do to get Jasper out of there?”

“At the moment? No. All we can truly do is build more alliances. One can only hope he finds a way out on his own. Your brother is one lucky vampire. If it hadn’t been for the change in breeds, Aro would’ve ended him already. In fact, he would’ve if he could’ve got his hands on Mrs. Whitlock instead. Carlisle interrupted those plans by taking off with her. Therefore, Aro has no choice but to use Jasper in his quest.”

Peter sighed but a sense of pride filled him as Marcus actually acknowledged him as Jasper’s brother. Peter cleared his throat on this.

“I’m guessing that quest has something to do with finding out how to become like him?

“You’d be correct.”

Peter leaned back and nodded.

“If Aro achieves this?”

“Then we’re all screwed.” Demetri declared and Marcus nodded in agreement.

“What does Carlisle want with Bella?” Charlotte questioned but was looking to Emmett.

“I’m not really sure…” Emmett uttered in defeat.

He hated feeling so useless.

“You saw the way he acted after he damn near took her heart, right?” She asked.

“Yeah… I just never knew Carlisle was capable of something like that.” Emmett said and came to his feet.

“Where you goin’?” Peter asked.

“I can’t sit here and do nothing. I gotta get some help.”

“Help?” Marcus inquired and Emmett nodded.

“I thought my ears were burnin’.” Everyone looked over to see ‘Elvis’ standing at the screen door.

He gave a simple wave then welcomed himself inside. Peter hopped up and shook his hand.

“Long time no see, my friend.”

“Likewise. I’m glad you called.”

“Ummm, who’s this?” Charlotte questioned and everyone else looked on with curiosity.

“Come now, darlin’. That hurts.”

“LEE?!” Charlotte said whilst jumping to her feet.

The vampire chuckled as she hugged him.

“That’s right, doll.”

“What’s with the Elvis getup…?”

Peter sent his wife the cut throat motion and shook his head. She had this baffled look to her.

“Getup?!” Lee hissed and Peter cringed.

The king of rock and roll’s attention went to Marcus and Demetri however.

“What’s with the two lovers off to the corner?” Lee questioned with a smirk.

Marcus cocked a brow on this and Demetri was quick to appear before him.

“HEY!” Peter shouted and went to pry the two apart as Demetri had Lee in a chokehold.

“Chill man!” Peter said as he pushed Demetri back.

Emmett stepped between the two vampires and Peter shook his head.

“Am I really that bad of a lover?” Marcus teased causing everyone in the room to look upon him in shock.

Bella was the only one to see Marcus’s playful side. Demetri had seen bits and pieces but they spent most of their time watching after Bella’s mother. None of them were sure how to respond to that. So they had these uncomfortable looks about them.

“Relax. I’m no longer Volturi or king for that matter. So you can stop with the sudden looks of constipation. I’ve seen that enough on young Cullen’s face. It doesn’t suit any of you very well.”

Emmett lost all composure and died of laughter.

“So I’m not the only one that thought that?!” He remarked and Marcus smiled.

“Not even a little, Mr. McCarty.”

“Edward is the only vampire with IBS.” Peter added with a wide grin.

“Right?!” Charlotte said in agreement and the entire room broke into laughter.

Marcus narrowed his eyes however as his cellphone buzzed. He looked to it then nodded Demetri’s direction.

“Look after her…”

Demetri gave a simple nod and was quick to take off.

“Bella?” Emmett questioned and Marcus shook his head no.

“Her mother…” Marcus corrected as he looked to the map on his phone.

“Dude… Are you tracking Mrs. Dwyer?!”

Marcus lifted his head on this.

“That I am.” He said with a shrug.

“And I might not be king but if you ever refer to me as “dude” again, I’ll take your head and stuff it right up your culo.”

“My what?!”

“He means ass…” Charlotte said.

“DUDE!” Emmett shouted then covered his mouth, with both hands, when he realized his mistake.

“How about Marcus?”

“Oh…” Emmett said looking somewhat bored by that reply.

“Weren’t you on your way to get some help?” Marcus questioned and Emmett’s eyes widened on this.

“Right…” Emmett looked to the Elvis impersonator, rather accusingly, as he was the reason behind Emmett’s distraction.

Lee cocked a brow on this.

“Somethin’ on your mind?”

“Are you doing their wedding or something?”

Lee narrowed his eyes in confusion. Char stifled a giggle and Peter sighed.

“Bella and Jasper aren’t getting married.”

Wait… What?!” Emmett asked in downright disbelief.

“Not in the traditional sense…” Peter looked to his mate in thought.

“They don’t need all that hogwash.”

“That actually makes sense. That’s certainly Bella and I’m sure that’s Jasper’s way of thinking.”

Peter gave a mere nod in agreement.

“Lee’s an old friend of ours. He served with us many years ago.”

“Ah… So you went from a war veteran to an Elvis impersonator…”

“What’s it to ya?”

“Nothing. I mean that’s cool…”

“You mockin’ me, big fella?”

“Come on, Lee…” Peter murmured knowing he hated it when people poked fun at his career.

“You should go. They’re counting on us…” Peter said and Emmett nodded before taking off.

“What are we going to do with him?” Esme questioned as Elizabeth pulled her into her lap.

“Not sure…” Elizabeth replied and kissed along Esme’s shoulder.

“We can’t keep him in there…” Esme whispered with a frown and Elizabeth sighed.

“Esme darling, there’s nothing wrong with a little tough love.”

Esme nodded but with this miserable presence.

“I’m sorry. I can’t even imagine what you must be going through. You can talk to me. No matter the awkward history, I’m here for you.”

Elizabeth caressed her cheek and Esme closed her eyes.

“Such the fool… wasn’t he?” Elizabeth questioned with a taunting grin.

Esme opened her eyes on this.


“No. Carlisle. I suppose I should be thankful. I managed to steal you, right out from under him.”

Esme shook her head in disapproval but managed to smile.

“There she is… My beautiful Essie. I want you to smile each and everyday.”

Esme lowered her head on this and Elizabeth lifted her chin with her fingers.

“What is it, love?”

“I couldn’t take care of them, not the way they needed.”

“Oh Essie darling, they weren’t children. They were grown men and women. Carlisle fed you that nonsense in order to keep each of you close. I mean honestly. My son was the only teenager out of the coven and even he was too old to be considered a fucking high school student. That was nothing more than Carlisle’s perverse mind. He played you all and just so he could live out this sick fantasy of his. And for the record… You took good care of them, each of them. But they were never yours… I’m sorry. I know that has to hurt. But you know I’m not one to sugar coat these things.”

“But I loved them like a mother.”

“I know you did and I’m sure they looked to you like one. I know my son did.”

Esme recoiled on this and Elizabeth sighed. “Hm. I know that look. It wasn’t your fault. Edward turned out the way he did because of Carlisle. He spoiled the little shit. He’s been doing that ever since he turned him. That hadn’t anything to do with you and how you took care of that coven.”

“I CAN HEAR YOU!” Edward roared from the cell in which they had him in.

Elizabeth smiled on this.

“That’s wonderful, sweetheart. Good to know!”

Edward let out a long hiss and Elizabeth sighed.

“Rotten little devil, isn’t he?”

Elizabeth had this look of alarm as Esme started to cry.

“I can’t believe you were going to rape that sweet child!” She hollered back and Elizabeth raised her brows on this.

“I thought you loved Bella!”

“This doesn’t concern you, Esme.” He fired back and Esme was quick to vanish from his mother’s lap.

She appeared before the cell they had him in.

“She was a child when we first moved to Forks! She was innocent in all this and look at what we’ve done!”

“Innocent?!” He scoffed and Esme ground her teeth together.

“If anyone else had tried that… you would’ve killed them.”

“She’s not anyone else’s to have. She’s mine. She’s always been mine.”

Esme couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Had Carlisle been the only one keeping that little monster at bay? She hadn’t seen this side of Edward. It was day and night. She never pegged him to be anything like this. He always seemed so genuine and sweet when it came to his feelings for Bella. But now he sounded like he was obsessed rather than in love.

“Interesting…” Elizabeth said as she chimed in.

“And how do you plan on keeping her satisfied now?” His mother cruelly taunted.

Edward let out another hiss and his mother laughed.

“Oh Edward, so predictable. Same shit, on different day. Not to worry. I’ll set you straight, one way or another. I’m getting MY son back.”

“Getting me back?! YOU LEFT ME! All these years and I never knew you even existed! I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!” Edward snapped and his mother nodded in response.

“Well then… I think it’s time for a bedtime story.”

Edward rolled his eyes and his mother nodded.

“Get comfy, my dear. It’s a rather long story. Should I get you some cookies and milk?”

Edward sneered at this and his mother smiled.

“Hmm. Where to begin…”

Edward had no words as his mother continued in her story. Bella was right… Carlisle assumed his venom didn’t take as Elizabeth was his very first attempt at turning a human. She woke just in time as they were in attempts to burn the bodies. Fear and hunger led her into a murderous rampage. There were no survivors. Elizabeth had no one to show her the error of her ways. In fact, everything she knew was self-taught. She had no choice but to keep her hunger intact and to keep a low profile. The media was filled with headlines of a serial killer at bay. Carlisle hadn’t a clue about Elizabeth at the time and he believed this to be Edward’s doing. That was one of the few times he put his gift to use when it came to his son. The deaths stopped about that time. So Carlisle never even questioned it and he hadn’t the heart to bring it up to Edward, considering how much the newborn struggled, during his first few months of being a newborn.

Once Elizabeth gained control of her hunger and vampire abilities, she went in search for her son. Carlisle had moved on and was in the midst of creating his coven. It was a couple years before Elizabeth managed to find them. However, she made the mistake of approaching Carlisle first. They went as far to make plans for her to meet Edward. Carlisle even apologized for everything she endured and mentioned how he would’ve been there for her if he had known. Carlisle said that he needed to talk to Edward first, so he could prepare him for such news. Elizabeth was overjoyed to be reunited with her son once again. She and Carlisle talked about starting where they first began. The two had become lovers while she was under his care as a human. She thought the world of Carlisle. That’s what led up to making the plea she made. She knew Edward would be in good hands with Carlisle. Only she never expected Carlisle to offer his venom to her as well. Edward was her only concern at the time. But Carlisle had her convinced that it would take and that the three of them could live out their immortal lives together, as a family. He went as far as to propose and promised to get her a ring, once she turned. Of course none of those things came to play. And Carlisle never made that meeting… Elizabeth had to watch from afar as Carlisle raised her son, as his own. Any attempt she made… Carlisle found a way to keep Edward out of reach. He even went as far as to have some friends of his keep an eye on the “situation” as he called it. They wouldn’t let her anywhere near Edward.

It was because of this she turned to the Volturi. She’d hopes of the kings hearing her plea and setting Carlisle straight. Aro made her an offer she couldn’t refuse. He’d make certain she was reunited with her son, but she had to accept him as a lover first. She would’ve given ANYTHING to be with her son again. So Elizabeth agreed and Aro told her it wouldn’t be long before Edward arrived. Elizabeth gave into Aro’s every fantasy. She even went as far as to sleep with him and his other wives. But it wasn’t long before she found out that Aro was using her, in order to get Edward to join his cause. She’d overheard a conversation between him and Caius. Aro was upset with Carlisle for not bringing Edward by the palace and was going to send a few of his guards to collect them. But it was during this conversation that she learned her son loathed the Volturi and everything they stood for. Elizabeth made her presence known and questioned Aro as to why he hadn’t told her about her son’s wishes on this beforehand. Aro acted as if it were no big deal and went to shrug the whole thing off. A fight broke out between the two and Elizabeth took her departure that night. Aro said whatever he could think of to try and convince her otherwise. But she’d made up her mind. She wouldn’t force something like that on her son. That wasn’t the terms she wanted when it came to having him back in her life. She knew he’d end up resenting her if she took that route.

Edward approached the bars and his mother tilted her head.

“Ironic, isn’t it?! Considering you’re wearing their robes now.” His mother said in misery.

“Show her the same mercy I showed you. Don’t force this young one into your life. The Volturi isn’t for her and she isn’t yours. I’m sorry, sweetheart. I know that has to hurt. You can blame Carlisle for pushing his beliefs on you and the rest of the coven. He can be quite convincing. That’s how he works. When Carlisle wants something, he takes it, and he sees nothing wrong with how he goes about it.”

Edward closed his eyes as he read his mother’s mind and knew she was telling the truth.

“She was the one…” He uttered heartbrokenly.

Esme and Elizabeth exchanged glances on this.

“I lost you and now I’ve lost her… What purpose do I have?”

“Edward… You haven’t lost me. I can’t give you Bella. She was never yours to begin with. But I can give something real. No more fairy tales and wild high school fantasies.”

Esme nodded in agreement and sent Edward a warm smile.

“You don’t understand. I need her… She’s the only one that could make me forget.”



Edward came to his knees and banged his head up against the cast iron bars.

“I saw the vision through Alice’s eyes. It was so perfect. Why can’t I have that? What has Jasper ever done to deserve her?”

“Edward, that wasn’t real. The first vision Alice ever had when it came to Bella was Jasper. Carlisle had her picturing other futures with you and…” Esme cringed and Edward lifted his head.

“And…?” He probed.

“I can’t prove it but my intuition says that Carlisle had feelings for Bella as well.”


“You’re kidding…” Elizabeth whispered in revulsion.

Esme drew back a breath on this.

“Maybe I’m wrong. But it was just the way he’d look at her at times. That and when she came into the picture…”

Edward read her mind on this and shot to his feet.

“So that’s why he took her!”

Esme nodded and Edward paced the area they had him in. He’d seen where Carlisle lost interest in Esme. Interest – as in they stopped having sex altogether. He’d also seen where Carlisle talked about Bella constantly. The Olympic leader couldn’t wait for Bella to become part of the family. Edward wondered how he hadn’t picked up on this before.

“Shit…” His mother muttered as she looked to her cellphone.

“What is it?” Esme questioned.

“Something’s come up. Keep an eye on him.”

Elizabeth pecked her on the lips and was about to head out. But couldn’t help but to take notice the disgusted look on her son’s face.

“Don’t tell me you’ve got a problem with same sex relations…”

“It’s a sin…”

His mother cocked a brow on this.

“So is rape last time I checked. But do go on and cast the first stone. I find it rather amusing.” And on this note his mother left.

“He’s going to turn her into me…” Edward stated and Esme glanced his direction.

Edward wrapped his hands around the bars.

“Bella’s in trouble. I need to find her.”

“I can’t do that.”

Edward shook his head and tried yet again to break free.

“Cast iron…” Esme hinted and the cold one sneered at this.

“Esme… You know what will become of her.  You have to let me out!”

“I’m sorry.”

“I HAVE TO FIND HER! PLEASE! I have to do right by Bella. I have to fix what I’ve done!”

Esme’s eyes were fixated on his.

Edward?” She said a certain way and he nodded.

“It’s me, Esme. I’m begging you. Let me go, so I can stop Carlisle.”

“You know where she is… Don’t you?!”

“I have an idea…”

“Then tell me.”

“This is something I need to handle.”

“Just tell me where.”

“I can’t do that. I’d be putting you and Bella in danger.”

Esme closed her eyes on this.

“I need you to trust me. If you don’t… Bella will end up paying, more than she has already.”

Edward narrowed his eyes and got a good read on Esme.

“I’m sorry. I know you haven’t any reason to believe me. I know I hurt her and you. Bella and I were never meant to be. It was always Jasper keeping the real me at bay when it came to her. He used his empathy in order keep me from hurting her. But wasn’t good enough. I hurt her anyway.” Edward let out a miserable laugh.

“I look back and wish Jasper would’ve killed me then taken her someplace safe; somewhere far away from the coven. I tried to warn her… I told her I was monster. But she didn’t believe me.”

Esme swallowed back as Edward closed his eyes in defeat.

“You still love her…”

“Now that my head is clearer… Yes, more than anything. But it was never about me: it was about her and her happiness.”

Esme nodded and opened the cell. Edward opened his eyes and Esme waved him on over.

“Fix this, like you promised.”

Edward gave a simple nod and took off.

Jasper was losing his mind as he kept in tune with his mate and was seeing bits and pieces of this shitfest play out. The visions were causing him nothing but pain. The bond he shared with Bella hadn’t budged. So he didn’t understand. How did Carlisle manage to pull this off? He was checking on his mate so much that the images were causing his head to pound and his nose and ears were oozing blood. He knew he needed to stop and preserve his energy but couldn’t. He had to know she was okay, even if it killed him. It was a wonder he hadn’t passed out yet. He hadn’t fed in days. No one came to check on him and they had him bleeding out; just enough for him to keep healing but were starving him enough that he couldn’t fully heal. He wouldn’t be able fully heal until he fed. Jasper’s throat felt as if someone took a match to it. He’d never been so hungry in his entire existence, which included his newborn days. And the more he saw of what Carlisle was pulling, the more ravenous he became.

Jasper flinched back as a bright light hit him. He looked over to see that the door to the area he was in had opened. It was quick to close and the room was dark once again. He could hear someone approaching and he let out a low growl once he picked up their scent.

“Impressive… You’re still awake!”

The major lifted his head on this and he rolled his eyes as Aro was flashing those pearly whites of his.

“I figured you would’ve passed out days ago.”

The doors opened once again and the lights within the room itself came on. Jasper narrowed his eyes as a slew of vampires entered the room. Each of them in lab coats and they were wheeling around some sort of cylinder-like tanks, much like the ones the Whitlock coven used. Jasper gritted his teeth in realization.

“No. You’re not turning me into your goddamn lab rat, Aro!”

Aro raised his brows as blood ran down the sides of Jasper’s mouth.

“You’re quite the mess, aren’t you? Yet you’re still kicking. How intriguing…”

“I’m going to kill each and everyone of you…”

Aro had a good laugh at this.

“Are you?”

Jasper nodded then spit a puddle of blood at Aro’s feet.

“You betcha…”

“Hmm… Yes well we’ll just see about that.”

Jasper closed his eyes as he was lowered down. The vampires undid his cuffs and chains and were quick to place him inside the container. Jasper let out a miserable laugh. He wanted nothing more than to take these assholes on. But he had nothing to go on. For the first time in years… the vampire felt as if he could sleep for eternity. Nevertheless, he couldn’t afford to let that take him over. Bella needed him and he was no good to her if he took on that much needed coma. So Jasper fought it, to the point where it was making him physically ill.

“Think of it as a common curiosity to all vampires. Wouldn’t you like to know more about yourself?! And don’t you think it a bit selfish?!”


“Well it’s bad enough you won’t share that lovely mate of yours. But don’t you think it a little over the top, keeping all that power to yourself? Tell me your secret.”

“Tell you what Aro, I’m gonna break out of here and when I do… I’m turning your precious palace into a fucking saloon. You know… like from one of those spaghetti westerns. Then I’m gonna sit in your throne, have myself a good smoke, and have my girl ride my cock while I’m at it.”

Aro placed a hand over the area of his heart looking downright appalled.

“How are you feeling?”

Bella blinked a few times before coming to. She sat up in the bed and Carlisle gave a nod of greeting as he was sitting in a chair beside her.

“You look much better…” He said knowing the change of blood played a factor in that. Her wound seemed to heal almost instantly, the moment he switched the IV out.

Bella said nothing as she climbed on out of the bed. She felt as if she were in a daze and forgetting something important.



“Why are we here?”

He came to his feet and made his way over. He brushed her newly blonde hair back and caressed her cheek.

“Do you not remember?”

Bella shook her head no and looked as though a frightful child. Carlisle smiled then sat her down on the bed.

“Something doesn’t feel right…” Bella whispered whilst running her fingers along her temples.

Carlisle lifted her chin with his fingers.

“We’re here for your protection.”

“My protection?”

Thanks to his gift of persuasion, Carlisle managed to erase everything. In fact, her last memory was of meeting him, back at the hospital. It took a lot time and patience. But he finally had her where he wanted. He knew he’d have to fill in the blanks from here but he hadn’t any doubts whatsoever now. He could see it in her eyes. She had that same bashful appearance and it caused his heart to flutter.

“Where’s my father?”

Carlisle sent her this apologetic glance.

“Dr. Cullen?”

Carlisle cleared his throat and fed her a story of his own fabrication. One he’d gone over and over in his head. This was nothing new to him. Still, he felt a wave of guilt. Sure, he’d grown accustomed to it when it came to his “children”. But she was different. He loathed every lie he planted but knew he hadn’t a choice. Not if he wanted to bring that girl back. By the time he finished… he had her believing that some nomad vampire by the name of Jasper had killed her father. He used his name as a test. Carlisle was thankful to see that she had no reaction to the name. This wasn’t his first actual test. No. This was their third trial and the first where she had no reaction to Jasper’s name whatsoever. The other two trials… Well he had no choice but to put her out and start over, as she became violent and tried to run.

“My father’s dead?!”

Carlisle swallowed back on this. This also made the third time she learned of her father’s death. She had the same reaction each time. Bella shot up and clamped a hand over her mouth.

“No. Please. You’re lying!”

Carlisle sighed on this.

“I wish I was. I’m very sorry for your loss. I assume you two were very close.”

Tears streamed down her face. Carlisle hated to see her cry. This was something he’d seen quite a bit, within the past three to four days. He vowed to make it up to her. He’d live up to his promise and give her everything. They went through the same ole cycle as he had to explain vampires and everything else all over again. He told her that he had no choice but to turn her as a vampire by the name of Laurent left her to die. He basically made Jasper James in his telling of “recent events” and how they ended up here. He had her convinced that Victoria was Jasper’s mate and that’s why Jasper came after her father. He did whatever he could to make her loathe that very name. But there was a touch of fear each time he said Jasper’s name. He kept waiting for the part where it all came back and she went hostile on him again. But so far everything seemed to be going perfectly. She bought everything he told her but with a broken heart.

“CARLISLE!” Jasper roared as he was being wheeled into another area.

Jasper threw his head back as this was the only part of him he could move. They had his entire body secured to the tank itself. Aro narrowed his eyes and looked over in question. Jasper was losing it as he threw his head about. At one point it was hard enough to leave a crack in the tank itself. One of the lab techs looked over and Aro gestured for them to keep going.


Aro’s eyes widened as Jasper managed to bend the manganese steel wrapped around him.

“Not my girl…” Jasper whimpered out in agony.

“Hurry it up!” Aro snapped and they were quick to enter the lab.

Jasper gritted his teeth and tears of blood ran down his face as he was giving it all he had. But even with him bending the steel. He couldn’t budge. There was no breaking out of this. “…no…” He whispered in horror as he felt his body giving out on him.

“…I can’t…, …Bella…, …don’t…” Jasper argued with himself and Aro reared back as the vampire’s eyes rolled into the back of his skull and he finally gave into that much needed slumber.

“You’re kidding…” Elizabeth uttered and Marcus shook his head no.

“As if they haven’t enough to worry about.”

Marcus smiled on this and Elizabeth tilted her head in bewilderment.

“Now’s not the time for your awkward sense of humor.”

“Hmmm. If you knew what I knew you’d find humor in the situation as well.”

“Dare I say “humor” me…” Elizabeth hinted and Marcus nodded.

“Very well.” He said whilst checking on Renee once again.

“Who’d have thought…”

Marcus lifted his head on this.

“I never thought I’d see the day where you fell for anyone else. I thought Didyme is where your heart ended.”

“It did… Or so I thought. But there’s something about this particular human. Perhaps it’s how strongly she feels when it comes to her daughter. These kind of feelings were unacceptable in the Volturi.”

Elizabeth nodded as she too was thinking back to Aro and how dismissive he was. Power came first, no matter the situation, as to why it was so easy for him – killing his own sister off.

“I miss her…” Elizabeth said as to Didyme.

Marcus nodded and looked to be in thought.

“As do I. But after being a prisoner of my own kingdom…” Elizabeth took Marcus’s hand into her own and gave it a bit of a squeeze.

“You don’t have to explain yourself, not to me anyway. I get it. There’s nothing wrong with moving on and starting a new life. If it’s to be with her… then so be it. I will support you, in whatever way I can.”

“Thank you, Elizabeth. You’ve always been very considerate when it came to me or Didyme.”

“She was like a sister to me.”

Marcus squeezed Elizabeth’s hand in return.

“And she felt the same. She took it rather hard when you left, but she understood all the same.”

“I had to do what was best for my son.” Elizabeth sadly uttered.

“Do you think my human would?”

“Your human?”

Marcus gestured towards the Dwyer house and Elizabeth smiled.

“Are you telling me you wish to turn Mrs. Dwyer?”

“Don’t you think it’s what she’d want?”

“Is this truly about what she wants?”

“I figured it would be the best way.”

“For you to be together?”

“No. Not for me but for Mrs. Whitlock. She lost her father and through the very coven she trusted. I wish to give her something in exchange, an apology of sorts. Perhaps giving the young woman her mother back would suffice?”

“Nothing can replace her father. But I do see where you’re going with this. I suppose the real question is what would they want?”

“I watched her daughter take care of her, even with the knowledge that she couldn’t let on who she was. Watching the two interact in such a way…”

“Made you feel human, even if for a short while.”


“I hear this Bella has that effect on our kind.”

“That would certainly explain the pull we have towards her.”

“You feel it too?”

Marcus nodded.

“Like that of Mr. Whitlock. I find myself drawn to her, only not in the romantic sense. The pull I feel is like that of a father perhaps? I want to keep the child safe, at all cost and it is my wish to give her back everything she lost. After all, it is because of our kind that she’s in the predicament she’s in, she and her veteran mate. Jasper and Bella are fated, have been for quite sometime.”

Elizabeth listened as Marcus talked about Alice’s vision. The very vision Aro feared. It showed how Jasper would take over the kingdom. He’d do this by taking out the Volturi guards, one by one, until all that stood was the kings. Jasper was very precise and stealth-like in this vision. This vision ended with Jasper sitting at Aro’s throne. Marcus cleared his throat on this.

“Mr. Whitlock is a rather interesting vampire. As to why I found this vision of Alice’s rather amusing, considering Jasper has never had an interest in the Volturi, much less ruling over them. The veteran might be a vampire but he seems to take pleasure in the simple life and so does his mate. I do not see Mr.  and Mrs. Whitlock leading the Volturi, not anytime soon. They wish to live in peace, amongst their coven. However, if I am proved otherwise; I will support the Whitlocks, no matter the path they take.” He said but went back to eyeing the house.

They could see Renee through one of the windows as she was vacuuming one of the rooms. Elizabeth wasn’t sure what to say about Alice’s vision. So she kept quiet on the manner.

“I think it’s time you stopped your stalking and introduce yourself. Once you’ve gained the human’s trust; let her know who you are and go from there. But be cautious on how you give her the news about her daughter. You don’t want her to make an impulse decision she could wind up regretting.”

“Thank you, Elizabeth. I knew I could count on you to give your honest assessment.”

“But of course.”

Marcus started towards the house and Elizabeth regarded him with this wide eyed expression.

“Are you going now?!”

“Yes. I wish to get started as the newborn needs her mother.”

“Bella hardly strikes me as someone that needs her mother. Perhaps it is you that needs her instead?”

Marcus turned and gave Elizabeth a hint of a smile.

“There is no hiding around you, now is there?” He said teasingly yet somewhat exasperatedly.

“Afraid not.”

“Hmmm…,” he hummed in amusement but went about his way.

“Marcus?” Elizabeth called just before he went to knock on Renee’s door.

“Are you going to tell me what the legend was? And you never did “humor” me.”

Marcus sent the vampire this stunned look. He couldn’t believe he’d forgotten why he called her here in the first place.

“Ah, yes…  But it the sun god is no legend, like we assumed. Think you can meet me at the Whitlock ranch come tomorrow? Say around hunting time?”

“I can do that.”

“Until then…” He said and knocked on Renee’s door.

“Good luck!” Elizabeth called before dashing off.

“Esme, what’ve you done?!” Elizabeth hollered once she saw the empty cell.

Esme entered the room rather timidly.

“Please tell me you didn’t…”

“I had to…”


Esme gasped back as Elizabeth had her by the throat and lifted her up of the ground.

“I always knew you were rather naïve. But this takes it to a whole new level. My son played you like that of Carlisle and yet again you fell for it. What does it take to get you to open your eyes?”

Elizabeth looked to her hand and grimaced as Esme’s neck started to crack. She released her hold then sent her lover an apologetic glance.

“It was him…” Esme said whilst rubbing at her throat.

“Essie love…” Elizabeth started to say.

“Elizabeth, I get that he’s your son. But he’s just as much mine. I know Edward and it was him. He’s back. Our son is back…”

“I hope you’re right, for Bella’s sake. That’s the last thing she needs. Imagine if Carlisle and Edward were to partner up again and with Bella being on her lonesome. They’d eat the poor thing, ALIVE!”

“Bella’s stronger than you think. She always was…”

“Essie… You don’t know Carlisle the way I know Carlisle. He’s hiding something and has been for years. If he unleashes, to his fullest potential we’re all fucked, Bella especially.”

Few days later…

“Do you not like it?”

Bella gazed into the mirror then looked to Carlisle’s reflection in question.

“It’s not really me. And my hair… why is it blonde?”

“You’re a Cullen now…” He uttered as if that explained everything.

Bella regarded Carlisle in wonder and Carlisle made his way over.

“My apologies. I wasn’t considering your taste when I picked out the dress. I suppose a part of me wanted to spoil you a bit, considering everything you’ve been through. I can take it back and get you something a little more suitable.”

This had the newborn looking to the pile on the bed.

“I can replace those as well…” He said taking notice.

“No. This is fine. I’m sorry.” Bella lowered her head feeling rather ungrateful now.

“There’s no need for that.” Carlisle spun her about then lifted her chin with a single finger.

“I want you to feel at home and that includes whatever you’re wearing.” He said this while combing his fingers through her blonde locks.

“What did you mean by I’m a Cullen now?”

“It means I’ve taken you under my wing. You’re family now. Meaning you’re not alone.”

“But that doesn’t explain my hair…”

Carlisle let out a bit of a chuckle.

“That took place when I turned you, remember?”

Bella had this puzzled look about her and Carlisle merely waited for it to kick in.

“Oh… right. Sorry.”

Bella looked upon her reflection once again. Still she felt something was off.



“Are all vampires blonde?”

“No. That only proves that you truly are a Cullen.”

“But it’s just the two of us.”

“It won’t be like that for long. I plan on having a big family.”

“Family…” Bella repeated and Carlisle nodded.

               That was the key word as Bella finally managed to smile.

“How will we do that?”

“By adding to our coven.”

“You mean make more vampires?”

“In a way…”

“On this island?”

“No Bella. We’ll be leaving for Italy soon.”


Carlisle nodded and adjusted the strap to her dress.

“Are you certain you’re okay with these dresses?”

“They’re fine…”

“What would’ve you preferred?”

“I’m more of a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl.”

“Then I shall keep that in mind next time.”

“You don’t seem very happy about that…” Bella said seeing the disappointed look on his face.

Bella sounded just like her sixteen year old self again. This had Carlisle over the moon. He managed to wipe all those dreadful years away.

“My only concern is how different things will be once we arrive in Italy. But I’m certain we can accommodate. Just as long as you’re happy that’s all that matters.”

“You prefer me in dresses…” Bella rather questioned and Carlisle let out a hesitant sigh.

“It’s not about my preference.”

Bella felt rather uncomfortable with the current subject so she decided to veer away from it.

“So what’s in Italy?”

“Our beginning.”

“I don’t understand…”

Carlisle nodded and sat in the recliner. He went to pull her into his lap and Bella stopped him.

“You act as if we’re together.”

Carlisle swallowed back then removed his hands from her waist.

“I barely know you.”

The doc let out a nervous laugh.

“I’ve done it again, haven’t I?”

Bella tilted her head in confusion. Carlisle pinched the bridge of his nose.

“It’s the bond. I was hoping you felt it too.”

“You mean the blood bond?”

Carlisle lowered his hand and his eyes locked with hers.

“Yes Bella. I know it’s only been a short time. But I’ve grown rather fond of you.”

Bella’s reached to her temples and looked to be shaking something off.

Don’t…” Carlisle warned taking notice.

“We’ve talked about this. There’s no need to fight it. Don’t push me out. You’re safe an can trust me.”

Bella narrowed her eyes and Carlisle waved her over. He made the attempt once again, only this time she didn’t fight it. Carlisle cupped her chin then brought his lips closer to hers.

“I know you love me. There’s nothing to fear. It’s okay to love me.”

Bella’s head swayed about as he had that influence of his flowing, heavier than ever. Carlisle never realized just how desperate he was for her affections. This brought out a darker side of him; one he hadn’t felt in years. All he could think about was making her love him and starting over.

“Are you hungry?” He questioned as her eyes flared up.

Bella timidly nodded. This only proved how different she was when Jasper wasn’t around to influence her. She’d become a little too bold; saying and doing whatever she felt. She’d become TOO much like the Whitlock coven. That wasn’t something he’d stand for. No, he wanted his coven well-mannered and disciplined.

“Does it have to be from a bag again?”

Carlisle tilted his head on this.

“How else would you feed?” He questioned curiously.

Bella licked her lips looking to be in thought.

“Doesn’t it taste better from the actual source?”

“Bella…” Carlisle scolded in disbelief.

“Have we not fed from humans before?” She asked looking truly lost.

Carlisle drew back an uneasy breath as she reached to her head.

“Are you having visions again?” He asked but did his best to put it lovingly.

Bella nodded.

“It feels like I’ve fed from humans before… It was warm and didn’t have that plastic taste to it.” She said with a frown.

“Bella, this isn’t like you at all. You would never hurt a human. This is the closest you’re getting to that.”

The newborn took the bag and brought it to her lips. Carlisle shook his head as she pouted the entire time she drank.

“I’m still hungry…” She whispered once she finished.

“That’s enough for now.”

“But my throat… it burns.”

“Bella, you have to learn to control that hunger of yours. Limit yourself.”

“You’re mad.”

“Disappointed is more like it. You have control. Don’t act as if you don’t. That would cause problems for the both of us.”

Carlisle narrowed his eyes as Bella crawled on out of his lap.

“Where are you headed?”

“I just need some fresh air.”

“Then I’ll go with you.”

Bella stopped in her tracks and spun back around.

“You don’t trust me.”

“That’s not it. You’re new to all this and I have to make certain you’re going to be okay.”

“Then teach me.”

“Teach you?”

“How to feed from humans. Isn’t this something I should know? The blood bags won’t always cut it.” She said but couldn’t help but to hear a particular voice in her head, one she didn’t recognize. It had a bit of a southern drawl. Whoever it belonged to was teaching her how to go about feeding from humans. How was she hearing this? Was it a memory or just her imagination?

“Are you alright?” Carlisle questioned with concern.

Bella nodded but her eyes locked with his.

“Teach me, please.”

“Bella… I…”

“Carlisle, this is something I need. So please, show me how.”

“Alright.” He said but was somewhat stunned by his own words.

Did he honestly just agree to this? This was something he never approved of, not even when it came to Edward. Bella smiled and Carlisle had that fluttery feeling all over again. He found himself smiling in return then he pulled her in for a hug.

“Thank you.” Bella whispered.

“Anything for you.” He uttered while kissing the top of her head.

Bella wasn’t sure what that was but she had Carlisle right where she wanted. All she could think about was how hungry she was. Carlisle kept her blood supply to a minimum, as he didn’t want to lose control. But she hadn’t a clue as to what he was doing or why. Carlisle took Bella by the hand then led her into another area of the island. This was the area in which the Cullen maids and their families resided. Bella had seen one of the maids around the house a time or two. The woman didn’t speak a lick of English and was quick to clean up and be on her way. Carlisle had a particular maid in mind. She had stolen from the Cullens a time or two and claimed to know their secret. And even with Carlisle convincing her otherwise (with his gift of persuasion). She caused them trouble off and on. He didn’t like the woman one bit. But kept her here out of fear of his persuasion would wear off and their secret  would come to light. Carlisle figured it was time to clean house a bit and he might as well start with her.

“Stay put.”

Bella narrowed her eyes as Carlisle had her hiding behind a tree.

“I’ll bring the source to you.”

She nodded in understanding and Carlisle hurried off.  It wasn’t long before he returned. Bella looked on rather impressed as he lived up to his word. He had one of the maids. His hand was clamped around her mouth and he gestured for Bella to head on back. Bella kept quiet as they were headed back to the house. But Carlisle had her stop about halfway.

“We feed here…” He whispered and Bella stopped in her tracks.

She pivoted around and Carlisle tilted his head as she had that fire in her eyes.

“That’s right. Come here.” He said in a loving manner.

Bella made her way over and Carlisle kept a good hold on the woman.

“Show me how…” Bella said with slight fear.

Carlisle went to argue this but something within him refrained. He found himself giving in but with this great struggle within. What was he doing?! He thought as he bit down on the woman’s neck and began to feed. Bella’s snakelike fangs made their appearance and she made her way over. Carlisle stopped and had her feed from the area in which he’d fed. Carlisle found himself holding onto the maid with one hand but he was petting Bella with the other. For whatever reason he found it a turn on… watching Bella feed. But at the same time… He was beyond livid. Why was she doing this and how could he allow it?! And did he just feed from a human?! He hadn’t fed from a human in centuries! How could he let this happen?! Carlisle had never been so confused. He watched as Bella drained the woman to the last drop. She dropped the body where she stood then wiped a drop of blood off her lip. She went to lick it off her finger only Carlisle beat her do the punch. He eyed Bella down as he licked her finger clean.

“What’ve you done…?” He whispered.

“You told me it was okay…” Bella said.

Carlisle shook his head and looked to the body then back to Bella. Bella let out a bit of a yelp as Carlisle grabbed a fistful of her hair and roughly kissed her.

“Carlisle…” She warned and tried pushing him off her.

“Sto..” Carlisle shoved her up against a tree then ripped the bottom of her dress.

Bella’s jaw hit the ground, once she realized what he was about to do.

“DON’T YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!” She shouted and backhanded him.

Carlisle staggered back and with a hand along his cheek. He blinked a few times and looked to be shaking something off.  He looked to Bella’s dress and grimaced.

“Bella…” He called and Bella looked to be on the verge of tears.

“What were you thinking?!”

“You did this…” He accused and Bella snarled back.

“I didn’t do anything!”

“Bella, I haven’t fed from a human in a very long time. And this… this thing I’m feeling. It’s very dangerous. I can’t control myself. I want you but not like this. Tell me you feel something, anything. Don’t make me feel like…”

“Like what?!” She hissed.

“An animal!” He snapped then paced the area.

“This is wrong. The things you make me feel are wrong.” But as he said this whatever it was started to fade and his head was clearer now.

“Carlisle?” Bella called with concern.

He braced himself against the tree. He looked to Bella in revelation and sort of laughed.

A mimic! She’s a mimic! She was using my gift against me! I’ll have to watch her more closely. I can’t believe I didn’t catch onto this before.

“Are you okay?” Bella asked and Carlisle drew back the deepest of breaths.

She hadn’t a clue what she’d done and he wasn’t about to let her in on it either. That could come back to bite him, big time. He cleared his throat then strutted on over.

This… will never happen again. Do we have an understanding?”

“No, I don’t. Why are you so mad?”

“Because you made me do something that isn’t me. I’m sorry, Bella. But you leave me no choice.”

Bella gasped back as he flipped Bella over his shoulder and took off. Before she could as much as blink she was back in the room she first awakened in. The door sealed her in and Bella ran up to it.

“CARLISLE!” She cried as she banged on the door.

“It’s for your own good. You will go on the Cullen diet, first thing tomorrow morning.”


Carlisle leaned against the door then put his forehead to it.

“I could’ve hurt you. I nearly did the unthinkable and even now… It’s all I can think about. I have to lock you away or I’ll end up having my way with you. That wouldn’t be very gentleman like, now would it?!”

“You’re blaming me for YOUR near rape attempt?!” Bella shouted in downright disbelief.

“I told you… Human blood, it just isn’t good for you, for anyone, for that matter. There’s a reason my decisions. I just need you to trust me. I’ll let you out once you’ve gotten the blood out of your system.”

Bella staggered back in realization.


“I have no choice. I’m sorry.”

“CARLISLE!” Bella screamed as she could hear him walking away.


Carlisle shook his head as he rid of the body. This had him thinking back to his days with Edward. Only this time he was the one that took a life. Bella might’ve been the one to finish it. But it was he that hunted the woman down and brought her to Bella. Carlisle swallowed back as the blood still lingered in his throat. It was so soothing and satisfying. He hadn’t realized just how much he missed that feeling. But he couldn’t give into that desire. He had to teach Bella the right way. Even now, he could hear her yelling at him to set her free. It broke his heart. He knew these next few days were going to be literal hell. He had to leave her in that room, until she hadn’t an ounce of human blood in her system. It wasn’t just about what it caused. But he realized the danger… If Bella found out what she could do… she would end up using that against him. Then she’d find out the truth, behind everything. And all that hard work… would be for nothing. That guilt however remained. He emptied the ashes from the barrel he used then looked towards the house in thought.

“It’ll be worth it in the end, Bella. I promise.”

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