Chapter 9 Remember Me

Chapter 9 –  Remember Me

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Jasper licked his parched lips as he came to. His throat was on fire and it hurt just to swallow. There were tubes running throughout various parts of his body and he was in the Volturi lab. The major squint his eyes as the lab had bright florescent lights along the ceiling. He let out a sigh of frustration as he was still confined to the tank itself. The room was filled with lab techs, of the vampire and human variety. They were running all sorts of tests on his blood and venom. He shook his head as he wasn’t the only test subject within the lab. No. There were rats, shifters, children of the moon, and a few humans. There were two per subject and each of them was being pumped with either his venom or blood. Jasper knew they must’ve been at this for quite sometime as there was a stack of bodies, obviously the failed experiments. What had him thrown was the room across from him. It was some sort of containment center and he swore those were cold ones. He tilted his head as they had some sort of device over their face and they too were being tested on. Jasper heard one of the techs give out an order and the vampires before him cried out in agony, as they went up in flames. This was followed by a small explosion; one that shook the entire lab. Jasper could hear the techs bitching up a storm. They went on about “another” unsuccessful trial. They didn’t understand why Jasper’s DNA was causing all this to happen. It was then that Jasper realized they were force feeding these vampires his blood. That’s what those devices were for. The major himself didn’t understand. If what they were saying was true… How in the fuck did Bella survive her transition? Or himself for that matter?! But just as soon as his mate entered his mind that pitfall feeling hit. Jasper went on to try and reconnect with her somehow.

The tips of Bella’s fingers were raw and bleeding from trying to literally claw her way out of the room. There were patches of dry blood, in areas where she had been crying. Her hair was a knotted mess. Her eyes were sunken in and blood shot and she was frail from malnourishment. She’d been in this room for three days and she hadn’t seen or heard from Carlisle. She tried everything she could think of to break out, but there was no escape. Everything was cast iron, including that of the door, and there were no windows. The room itself was suffocating, it was so small. It was just big enough for a twin size bed, dresser, and she’d a night table, with a lamp. She’d been at this for so long that the pretty wallpaper Carlisle had up was no longer intact. The walls were caked in fresh and dry blood.

Bella would grow weary every now and then and she’d take a break. She did this just long enough for her fingers to heal then she’d be right back at it. She spent hours upon hours crying for help. So much so that even as a vampire she no longer had a voice. Her need for blood didn’t help as her throat was so dry it was starting to crack and the cracking caused her to choke every now and then. The newborn was so dehydrated she could no longer cry. It was much like that of a human when they got dehydrated, only she wouldn’t die. No. She’d suffer and go through all the symptoms, only to pass out and start over again. Bella rocked back and forth and waited for her fingers to heal. Each time she did this it would take a little longer than the last break she took. She tried standing, only to end up falling right back down. Her stomach cramped, to the point of making her curl up into a ball. All she could do was lay there and pray that someone, anyone, would let her out, soon.

Carlisle had called off the staff. He made it clear that he and his “beloved” were NOT to be disturbed. If they even attempted such a thing, he’d fire them, at once. The staff wasn’t used to seeing that side of Carlisle. He was moodier and much more forceful than usual. That and they hadn’t a clue where one of their own had gone. When questioned about her disappearance, Carlisle acted just as shocked by this news. He went as far as to assure them that the police had been informed and that he himself was on the lookout.  He even apologized for what they must be going through. They believed his every word and didn’t question him further on the matter.

Bella froze in mid rocking. She lifted her head as the door cracked open and someone peeked inside.

“Jesus…” The cold one whispered after entering the room.

Bella scooted into a corner and looked to the cold one, like she was seeing him for the first time.

“Bella…” He softly called and she regarded him like that of a frightened child.

He held out a hand and Bella shook her head.

“Bella love, I know you don’t trust me. But I’m here to help.”

The newborn tried saying something in response but couldn’t. The cold one narrowed his eyes in question. She acted as if she’d never seen him a day in her life. Had she truly forgotten? The sight itself fucked with him, something fierce. He’d a flashback to when Carlisle had done this very thing to him. Carlisle was known to punish his progenies, by starvation; particularly that of Edward and Alice, before the others ever arrived but NEVER to this degree. What he was seeing… was a living nightmare.

“Don’t you remember me?” He questioned and Bella shook her head no.

The cold one swallowed back on this. She was scared out of her mind and he didn’t need Jasper’s empathy to know she was in pain, it was written all over her face.

“Edward…” He said and waited for it to kick in.

Still gave him that blank stare.

“Edward Cullen.”

Edward closed his eyes as the name itself didn’t register. He couldn’t believe she’d forgotten. How was that even possible? What had Carlisle done?! But wrong as it was… there was a part of him that was somewhat relieved. If she remembered the horrible things he did… Edward cringed in thought.

“We were friends, Bella.”

She tilted her head on this and he nodded.

“That’s right. We go back… But we don’t have time for all that right now. I’ll explain, after I get you out of here.”

Bella gathered this hopeful presence and Edward forced a smile.

“That’s right. Let’s go home.”

The newborn timidly accepted and Edward helped Bella to her feet. Edward couldn’t help but to hug her. He never dreamed that Carlisle would take things THIS far, not that he could talk.

“I’m going to make this up to you. I promise. I’ll help you find Jas…” Before he could even get the name out, Edward was snatched up and sent flying across the room.

“NOOOO!” Edward shouted as the last thing he saw was Carlisle holding Bella before the cast iron door shut.

“CARLISLE! DON’T YOU DO THIS, NOT TO HER!” Edward paced the area knowing he’d fucked up, big time.

He should’ve grabbed her and ran for it. He knew he’d been played. Carlisle must’ve sensed that Edward was spying on him. He’d waited until Carlisle supposedly left for his usual hunting trip, only Carlisle must’ve known. He knew Edward was lurking in the shadows and would come for her.

“Dammit.” Edward growled.

He never felt like a bigger fool. This only proved that Jasper was more deserving of her affections. If it had been Jasper, he wouldn’t have fallen for something so stupid. Whereas Edward acted on impulse, Jasper planned everything out. That’s what made him the god of war. He could take in whatever situation was before him and find a way to make it work. Edward let out a miserable laugh.

This was the James situation all over again. He knew he should’ve told Bella the truth. But he hadn’t the heart. He wanted her to believe it was him, not his brother that saved her that day. The only thing Edward ever saved her from was that van. Everything else… was Jasper, always had been. He was there when Edward wasn’t. Hell, he was there even he was. Edward thought back to the last couple years and nodded amongst himself.

“She was right… It was always you Jasper.” He uttered in misery.

How could he not see it? He should’ve known. It was clear as day now and he never felt like a bigger jackass. He truly had kept them apart. But he believed Bella to be his at the time. If he had known… Edward recoiled in thought. It would’ve ripped his heart out but he would’ve pushed Bella Jasper’s direction instead. It made sense now that he thought about. The only thing he and Bella ever had in common was their taste in classical music and their love for Shakespeare. Everything else… was Jasper Whitlock. She had that same carefree spirit and she too had a bit of a wild side, one he went out his way to keep tamed. Edward liked things a little more grounded. Jasper didn’t let the whole being a vampire ordeal tear him down. He lived life to the fullest and Edward knew that’s what the pull was for Bella. She wanted to be just like Jasper. Whereas Edward wanted nothing to do with the vampire world, Bella welcomed it. She was ready and had been since she was seventeen years old. Edward thought back to Bella’s foul mouth. She’d let the f word slip, more than a handful of times. Jasper and Emmett thought it was the greatest thing, in fact they encouraged it. But it was a major turn off to Edward. There were things that got under his skin, a lady cussing was one of them, he couldn’t stand the sexual innuendoes, and he didn’t understand her need for intercourse. She was a teenage girl. Why was she in such a hurry to lose her virginity?! What happened to the old days when women waited for marriage? Was there no pureness anymore? The more he thought back to everything… The more he realized that Bella was always more herself around Jasper and Emmett. She was always laughing and smiling. But with everyone else… She put on this act. An act HE himself planted into her. He trained his human girlfriend to act and feel a certain way around his family. Edward staggered back in realization. He felt this incredible urge to vomit. She had every right… taking his dick. He had controlled EVERY aspect of her life and all because of the pull he felt when he was around her. She brought out that human side, the one he craved. Not being able to read her was just a bonus.

Though there were times he found it a threat. That in itself most certainly had it’s pros and cons. Such as not knowing how she felt when it came to Jasper. One whole year… And they’d been together for over two. That means a year of their life was nothing more than a lie. The things she wrote about Jasper… Edward looked to the door in thought. She thought Jasper hung the moon and stars and she held nothing back on her sexual fantasies. That’s what led to the rape attempt. He was thinking back to that diary of hers and all he could think about was showing her that he too could please her, in ways she never knew.

Around Bella, he was more at peace. There were times he forgot he was a vampire. But he put her life on the line, more times than he could count, him and the entire coven. The only one that truly looked out for her was Jasper. And it was just as the major said… Jasper’s use of empathy was the only reason Edward stayed. Of course they hadn’t any idea about Carlisle and the REAL pull he had. Jasper had his say on what they were going to do, long before Carlisle ever did. He made it clear they weren’t going ANYWHERE. Edward wondered what Carlisle would’ve done if he had gotten word first. Now that the truth was out, Edward knew it would’ve been an all-out war if Edward had mentioned anything about leaving to Carlisle. Everyone thought the obsession to be Edward’s but it was Carlisle’s all along. Carlisle had played the entire coven and all in order to piece together the perfect family and coven. Each of them were victims, even that of Alice and Rose. None of them had a clue. But Bella… she was the biggest victim of them all. She was just a kid when Carlisle set eyes on her. Edward shook his head in thought. Carlisle had been stalking this human, long before they even arrived in Forks. And all because of a vision Alice had. That vision alone had him obsessed. It was a wonder Carlisle didn’t take off with Bella and implant that child himself. That child Alice envisioned… it would’ve been nothing more than an abomination. Edward would’ve had to end its life. He couldn’t allow a monster like that to live. He was relieved that future never came to light. But that’s what Edward didn’t understand, the child was obviously no longer part of Bella’s future, as she was a vampire now. So what was her pull when it came to Carlisle? Why was he so set on making sure Bella stayed by his side?

And now Edward was locked away, while Carlisle was doing God knows what to Bella. The mere idea was maddening. Edward gritted his teeth and banged on that door, with everything he had.

“CARLISLE!” He thundered.

Bella wasn’t his and he was fine with that now. Edward had finally accepted the truth. That was the closure he needed. He loved her and always would. But now he knew he wasn’t in love with her. It was his desire to be human again… that’s what drew him to her. That and whatever influence Carlisle had over them. Bella had given him a gift. He didn’t need to be with her in order to have that, not romantically. He could’ve had that as her friend, or brother even. He didn’t have to rob her of everything else and keep her all to himself. And now Edward understood his REAL reason for not turning her. It wasn’t about her soul like he’d thought. No. It was about losing the one pull she had when it came to him. Turning her would’ve taken that bond away, the one thing that kept them together. He never wanted Bella as a vampire. He wanted Bella as a human. He’d much rather her grow old and have that sense of growing old with someone. He wasn’t seeing what Jasper saw when it came to Bella. They were after two different things. Jasper’s love was eternal and that’s what made him her true mate. Jasper loved Bella, whether she was human or not. Jasper would’ve loved her either way and he’d die in order to make her happy. He was the ONLY one selfless enough to give Bella what she truly needed. And it was then it truly hit… He thought back to all the times he and Bella fought. Edward might’ve been infatuated with Bella but he was in love with Alice. That was the real reason behind putting her needs above Bella’s. That’s why he chose Alice over Bella, everytime. He hated disappointing her. And that also explained why he felt the need to compare the two. They were two different women entirely. That wave of guilt hit as Edward knew Alice felt the same. He’d seen it in her mind, more than a handful of times. But she was just as infatuated with Jasper as he was with Bella. That was the way Carlisle wanted it. They hadn’t time to think about one another in that sort of light. They were too busy with their “significant” others. But like that of Edward, Alice wasn’t in love, not with Jasper. She was desperate to feel sane. Jasper used his empathy in order to help her achieve that. But without his gift, she was going back to her old ways. Edward wondered if he could’ve helped Alice, if they’d been given that chance. Could he have been what she really needed? But it was too late now. None of that would ever come to light and it was just as much their fault as it was Carlisle’s. Despite the pull he had, a lot of their actions were of their own making and Edward knew that. It was their cross to bear. Alice and Edward would have to suffer the consequences.

Edward looked around the room and nodded amongst himself.  He could see where Bella had put up one hell of a fight. There was so much blood… and all of it was hers. Not a single drop was from feeding. Edward accepted his fate as his personal punishment. He would starve, just as she had. He would suffer, just as she had. Ripping his dick off was nowhere near what he truly deserved. He knew he didn’t deserve the love of a woman, human or not. He’d never know what it was like to lose his virginity and he’d never have sex. He couldn’t help but to think that rather ironic. All of that pushing for him to give into her needs and now here he was, dickless, just as he had been while they were together. When she took his dick like that… He wanted to torture and kill Bella for what she’d done. But he understood now. His mother was right… he would’ve raped her if she hadn’t done something. Bella was only protecting herself. That and he truly had underestimated her, not only as a vampire, but the god of war’s mate. Of course she ripped his fucking dick off. He was going to rape her and all because he felt this need to claim her. To show her he had what it took. But it wasn’t Bella he wanted to hurt. Edward lowered his head in shame. No. It was Jasper. He wanted to see the look on his face when he found out. That wasn’t even like Edward. But that’s how much it fucked with his head. He was willing to hurt and rape, in order to get his message across.  And sadly, Bella was the only one he’d ever hurt like that. Yet he would’ve killed ANYONE else for pulling something like that. He was going to do the one thing he was against when it came to a woman. That desire to be human brought out a darker side to Edward. He never knew just how controlling and abusive he could be. Bella got the brunt of his worst sides and that’s why he was so determined to make it up to her. He owed her everything. So if he couldn’t save her then he’d rot in this very room.

Carlisle lowered Bella into the tub and went on to give her a much needed bath. He hummed amongst himself, as he was doing whatever he could to get Edward showing up out of his mind. He could’ve ruined EVERYTHING! Carlisle shook his head in thought. He decided it best to focus on what was right before him. She was so young and perfect. It was a struggle… ignoring those desires.  He kept telling himself he needed to act professional and treat her like one of his patients. Then again, none of his patients aroused him the way she did. He always thought himself a gentleman, as to his reason for passing the blame onto Bella. This had to be her doing. He never had this much trouble before. Carlisle cleared his throat and used the washcloth to get a better look. He figured there wasn’t any harm in that, considering she was to be his anyhow. He thought this the perfect age to be turned. She’d stay just like this forever. The mere idea had him even more riled up. Carlisle had no choice but to push those thoughts aside. Carlisle went on to wash her hair and tended to whatever else she needed. By the time he finished, her fingertips had healed over. He drained the tub, dried her off then he laid her down on his bed. Edward showing up put a bit of a damper on his plans. He had no choice but to keep Bella by his side and in his room now. He wasn’t about to lock her away with Edward. Besides, she was too weak to put up much of a fight. Carlisle had her right where he needed. She’d behave like the Bella Swan he’d grown to love. He wanted that sweet and innocent girl back. The one he knew, before Jasper got ahold of her. He wouldn’t let anyone near her again. He’d fight ANYONE that stood in his way.

Carlisle thought back to Esme and sighed. There was a time he truly loved her and he knew she loved him in return. But Alice’s vision came into play and that love slowly but surely started to fade. That’s how he knew he was in love with this human, before he even arrived in Forks. Sure, he felt that twinge of guilt, but what could he do? He couldn’t control his feelings. He’d pushed them aside as it was, in order to do what was best for his family. He’d never been so disappointed in Edward. The one task he’d been given… The most important one Carlisle ever entrusted him with and he failed him. After everything he’d done for Edward…  And now he had to start over, with Bella. Esme and Elizabeth came to mind and Carlisle let out this miserable laugh. He knew that was just Elizabeth’s way of giving him the middle finger so to speak. That was so like her. If anything… she helped him out in a roundabout way. This made it easier to focus on Bella now. He didn’t have to worry about Esme and her feelings on this.

He zipped into one of the other rooms and fetched her another dress. He knew she hated them. And at the time he meant what he said about her happiness. But the more he thought on it, the more he couldn’t bear the thought. Jeans and t-shirts just wouldn’t cut it. For one thing, he loved seeing his precious Swan all dressed up. If she was to become a Cullen she needed to look the part. He’d have to get her used to heels as well. That was the one thing he, Alice, and Edward shared when it came to Bella. They rather frowned on her usual style. They didn’t understand why a pretty girl like Bella didn’t take more initiative. But nothing was more appalling then how she dressed when she was with Jasper. Carlisle frowned in thought. Women weren’t meant to be in cowboy hats and ripped blue jeans. He thought back to the few patients he had that dressed like that. He found it a major turn off. That whole country/cowboy mentality was turn off in itself. Carlisle got her dressed then brushed her hair. He even went as far as to put on a dash of red lipstick. That was certainly a rarity for Bella. But he remembered the one time she dressed up for Edward and Carlisle knew she was wearing lipstick. He couldn’t get over how stunning she looked that day. He found himself wishing he had been her date that night. In fact, that was one of the few times Carlisle went out his way to get some one on one time with Bella. He remembered pulling her aside and reassuring her. She was rather fidgety and nervous about their date. But he knew it had more to do with how she was dressed. She never was comfortable outside her usual blue jeans. Carlisle had her dressed somewhere between that of a child and teenage girl. The dress itself was something Alice would’ve worn but he had her wearing ladybug barrettes. That was HIS preference in how someone Bella’s age should dress, somewhere between sexy but innocent. He was adjusting her dress when he felt a hand wrap around his wrist. He lifted his eyes and they locked with hers.

Bella's dress

(Bella’s dress)

No words were needed as he scooped her up. He took her into the kitchen and sat her down on the counter. He handed Bella a bag of blood and she couldn’t sink her fangs into it fast enough. She let out a bit a satisfied moan, the moment it hit her throat. But that soothing feeling was quick to pass. Carlisle shot out his hands and was quick to brace her against him. Bella reached to her throat and cried out in agony.

“It burns and it taste horrible!”

The doctor rolled his eyes once he realized where she was going with this. He sat her back down, only this time with more force. He stuffed the bag into her mouth and made her swallow every drop. Bella clamped a hand over her mouth and Carlisle curled his lip in disgust as she vomited.

“Aren’t you overreacting?!” He snapped.

Bella looked to him in disbelief as nothing about that was fake. Her body just couldn’t handle it. The smell alone was like something had rotted and taste was like that of raw sewage.

“This is it… Animal or nothing. Understood?”

“Why are you treating me like a child?!”

“Because you’re acting like one!”

“Then what’s that say about you?!”

Carlisle snapped her a ‘look’ and Bella nervously swallowed.

“I don’t appreciate the not so subtle hint.”

He sighed once he saw the mess all along her dress. He loved that dress and was very disappointed that she wouldn’t be wearing it now.

“I’ll have to get you cleaned up again.”

He removed the ladybugs from her hair then led her back to the bathroom.

“Carlisle…” She called pleadingly.

“I’m still hungry.”

“And whose fault is that?”

He hated being this direct with her but she needed to learn what being a Cullen truly meant. He couldn’t allow her to go back to her wild ways again. It was absolutely out of the question – that human diet of hers. Discipline was the key – to everything. He had to keep that in mind when it came to Bella. He wouldn’t fail her like he did the others.

“I’m sorry. I should’ve never asked you to let me feed from the actual source! The bags are fine. I can do that. I’ll listen to what you have to say, Carlisle.”

Carlisle stopped in his tracks and cranked his head her direction. She sounded so young at that very moment. This pleased him in ways he couldn’t understand. Still, he had to keep on track. He couldn’t afford to give in.

“That’s right you will and that means you’re sticking to an animal diet. You will not fight me on this. I have to be firm or you’ll…” He trailed off and pinched his eyes shut.

“I’ll what?”

“I just need you to do this my way, Bella. So please understand that.”

“Are you telling me that I have to live out my vampire existence like this?!”

“You’ll get used to it.”

“Used to starving and…” Bella braced herself against the wall and Carlisle reached out to her.

Don’t… Please. Just… Just leave me alone.”

“Bella…” Carlisle whispered as she dropped down and closed her eyes.

“Who was that man?”

Carlisle tilted his head on this.

“He looked familiar. He said something about taking me home.”

“Your home is with me, in Italy.”

“Why Italy and why you?”

“I’ve already told you.” He impatiently uttered.

He’d grown tired of using his persuasion, in order to get through to her. He didn’t get why she was being so difficult. Carlisle took her by the arm and dragged her into the bathroom. Bella’s jaw dropped as he stripped her down and went on to clean her up. He took notice of her reaction and sighed.

“It’s nothing I haven’t seen before.”

Wait… what?!”

“I’m a doctor, remember?” He was quick to cover.

Bella nodded but with this mistrusting look about her. Carlisle got her cleaned up and dressed once again.

“There. Beautiful, as always.”

He had her in a short and simple white dress that stopped just a couple inches before the knee. Bella didn’t comment as he placed a white laced headband into her hair. He lifted her up once again then laid her down on the bed.


“I think it might be best if you get some rest.”

“Carlisle…” She pleaded as her throat continued to burn.

“I know you’re hungry. But we talked about this. We’ll try again tomorrow, once we got to Italy that is.”

“That’s too long!”

“You’ll be fine, I assure you.” Carlisle lay beside her then reached over and caressed her cheek.

“One day you’ll look back and realize that everything I did was for you. I know it seems like I’m being too hard on you. But there are rules you have to abide by as a vampire. It’s my job to make certain you abide by those. Now that doesn’t mean I love you any less. I have to play devil’s advocate, while trying to give you everything you need.”

“You love me?”

“Yes Bella, I’ve always loved you.” Carlisle’s lips were practically touching hers and Bella felt herself becoming more at peace, amongst other things. Things she knew weren’t right but those feelings were potent. Carlisle told himself he wouldn’t do this. He wouldn’t use his ability in order to seduce his way in. But she was so pretty in that little dress and she was being far too difficult. He didn’t see the harm in stealing a little kiss.

“It’s okay. You don’t have to hold back. You’re free now. We both are. It’s just the two of us. There is nothing wrong with what you’re feeling.”

Bella lifted her eyes and he gave a simple nod.

“Don’t fight it.”

Bella licked her lips and Carlisle ran his hand along the small of her back. He let out a satisfied moan when she kissed him. He went on to kiss her in return.


Bella became startled and was looking around the room. Carlisle hadn’t noticed, he was too far gone. He was pressed up against her and kissing various parts of her body.

“I’ve wanted this for so long…” Carlisle whispered.


Bella rolled out from under Carlisle and shot off the bed in vampiric speed. She went on to search the room and Carlisle looked over with a frustrated sigh.

“What is it?”

“Someone was here. I heard them. They sounded like they were in the room!”

Carlisle did his best to hide the alarm he felt. He was quick to lay her back down as she was using the wall now in order to brace herself. Carlisle cleared his throat and pecked her on the forehead. Carlisle wondered how she even gained the strength to get off the bed in the first place. But that little stunt wiped her out.

“I’ll check everything over. You should get some rest.” He said but there was no disguising the disappointed look on his face. He had her right where he wanted. So what went wrong? Was someone really here?

Yeah you go check that shit out. Jasper bitterly thought but with a sense of relief as he finally got through to her. He waited until he had the visual of Carlisle leaving the room. He couldn’t believe this bullshit! Since when did Carlisle act like this?! Had each of the Cullens lost their goddamn minds? Children of the Corn much? With the dipshit rapey doc as their leader?! The more he saw, the sicker the major felt.

“That voice you’re hearing is me, your fucking MATE. I know I said I wouldn’t refer to you as my wife until you were ready. But I’ll be goddamned… Who am I Bella? Listen to my voice and tell me who the FUCK I AM!” 

“I don’t know…”

Jasper’s heart skipped a beat on this. FINALLY! He had that connection he needed. He knew it wouldn’t last as he was putting forth EVERYTHING he had. He was growing weaker by the moment and he could sense her frail state as well. 

“Yes you do. You know who I am. You know me more than anyone, sweetness. So say it.” 

“Say what?” 

“My name.” 

                He could not only hear but sense her frustration. Jasper nodded amongst himself and sent her a vision. Not just any vision, but a memory, that memory being their first kiss. Bella placed a hand over the area of her heart.

“JASPER!” She cried as memory after memory flashed through that head of hers.

Jasper’s entire body jolted back. The shock was so overwhelming it took her over. There was so much he wanted to show her and so much he wanted to say. But their connection was fading and fast.

“Whatever you do… don’t let him know! Play along and he’ll lead you right to me.” 

                Jasper gritted his teeth as he tried getting one more message across but passed out before he could. That message being NOT to face Carlisle on her own. She needed to wait for Jasper. Bella was right… Carlisle was holding back and had been, for years. Bella hadn’t the strength or the training to take him on.

The door to the bedroom swung open and Carlisle had that ‘look’. Bella did her best to keep her emotions in check and did as her mate requested.

“HE KILLED MY FATHER!” She cried thinking that was the best course of action.

But this was the hardest thing she’d ever faced. Everything was rushing at her, at once. Everything from what Carlisle had done, to forgetting about the last few years of her life. How could she forget about Jasper Whitlock?!

“He killed him…” She repeated and broke into sobs.

Carlisle darted on over and Bella wanted to take his cold dead heart. But she did as Jasper told her and cried into his shoulder. The doc held her close and was doing whatever he could think of to console her. She couldn’t fight him, even if she wanted to. She’d never been this weak in her entire existence, including that of her human days. Bella knew she was no match for Carlisle. Jasper was right; she had no choice but to play along. She trusted Jasper. If he said Carlisle was bringing her right to him then that’s just what Carlisle was doing. But Italy? Didn’t that mean that Jasper was with the Volturi?! Carlisle checked her over then went on to question her about what happened. Bella lied through her teeth. She told him that she suddenly remembered her father dying and who had taken his life. She played her cards just right and had him convinced that’s what had happened. Bella swore that Carlisle was having a hard time in deciding on whether to treat her as a lover or child. He kept switching between the two. It was almost like he wasn’t quite sure what he wanted out of her himself. The newborn thought back to his “wife” and “children” and how he basically lost them all. She could see this for what it really was now. Carlisle was making up for BOTH losses. He was using her in order to fill that void. He wanted a lover but wanted children as well. So he was having his cake and eating it too. The mere idea was revolting. Bella closed her eyes and ‘passed’ out. She figured that was the best way to handle the situation. Not that it was much of an exaggeration. That little connection with Jasper took everything she had. So it wasn’t long before she was truly out.

“Carlisle…” Edward uttered as he entered the room.

Carlisle pulled the door to and Edward sat up in the bed. There was a solid minute of silence as the two stared one another down. Edward shook his head once he got into Carlisle’s. His only reason for getting in? Carlisle let him. He wanted Edward to know just how badly he failed him. He wanted Edward to feel his disappointment. Edward gathered this and let out a miserable laugh afterward.

“You here brought here?” Edward mocked.

“To the actual island you gave Esme, on your wedding day?”

Carlisle didn’t comment. He stood perfectly still and merely observed as Edward spoke.

“This entire time…” Edward whispered.

“It was never about me but you.”

Carlisle cleared his throat and sat on the edge of the bed.

“It was always Jasper keeping the monster in me at bay when it came to her. He used his empathy in order to keep me from hurting her. But you were using your persuasion to keep me infatuated, to the point of watching Bella’s every move. That was your way of keeping her safe. You wanted to make me feel as if I couldn’t go a single minute without her.

“You were supposed to take care of her. You should’ve been willing to give her everything.

“And what is it you’re doing exactly?” Edward questioned rather accusingly.

“Like you… she needs discipline. Like you… she will learn.”

“Carlisle…” Edward said behind a curled lip.

“She needs to be free. Let her go.”

“This is what she wanted. This is what you denied her. All she wanted was to be one of us. But you turned her down, time and time again. It’s only natural for her to grow bitter and turn to someone else.”

Edward couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Carlisle was putting the blame on EVERYONE, but himself.

“You can’t be serious.”

Carlisle said nothing on the matter.

“The truth is out now, Carlisle. It won’t be long before everyone knows who you really are. Don’t stand there and pretend to be the good guy in all this. You were just as much the monster. You wanted control and you got it. You played us all.”

“I did no such thing. I let my intentions known, to each of you, before you ever joined my coven. I made myself perfectly clear on what was expected out of you and the others.”

“I WAS YOUR SON!” Edward roared and Carlisle lifted his eyes on this.


“Keep your voice down.” Carlisle warned and Edward rolled his eyes.

Carlisle was quick to backhand him. He cupped Edward’s chin and forced him to look at him.

“You will keep your voice down. Understood?”

Edward nodded and Carlisle lowered his hand.

“It was never my intention to betray you, or anyone else for that matter. I did what I did because it was for the best. You have no idea the pressure… Having everyone looking to you for constant advice and it’s one thing after another. It truly felt as though I were raising actual children. I put everyone’s needs above my own, even when SHE came into the picture. I handed over the one thing I wanted MOST. You were the only one I trusted. I knew you’d die before letting anything happen to her, or so I thought. But you continued to disappoint. She was happy. You made her happy. But the days progressed and slowly but surely you ate away that happiness. You were pushing her away and that wasn’t something I could stand for. You see Edward son, I might’ve loved you but…”

“But you loved Bella most.”

Carlisle nodded and Edward closed his eyes on this.

“She was to come first, always. But each of you kept getting the way. First it was Rose with her terrible manners. She never was very welcoming of Bella. That was quite disappointing. I decided to let it go, knowing these things tend to happen. Every family has their quirks. But things only grew worse from there. Alice’s visions were getting out of control and I couldn’t make heads or tails of anything. You can imagine the disappointment when the child never came to play. Not that I wanted to be a grandfather, most certainly not to that child. But I would’ve done whatever needed to be done, eventually. Not just because of the rarity, but because the child was hers. It’s no secret that Bella has a certain pull when it comes to our kind. Most of us have this strong desire to keep her close. She tends to bring out parts of us we never knew existed. There’s just something about her, even as a newborn, that pull isn’t any different. She has this way of making you feel as though you can achieve anything. And your only desire is to make her happy.”

“You’re wrong.”

Carlisle tilted his head on this.

“Come on Carlisle. I wasn’t any different. I thought the same at first. But it was about making myself happy. So don’t sit there and lie, not to me. I’m in your head, remember? You want a clean slate. You want something you never had.”

Edward let out a frustrated sigh.

“I wanted her, just as bad if not worse. But my fear of hurting her…”

“That wasn’t you.” Carlisle darkly uttered.

“The child never came into play, because I didn’t let it.”

Edward swallowed back on just how sinister that sounded.

“I couldn’t bear the idea of my son…” Carlisle closed his eyes and shook his head.

Edward recoiled once he saw it for himself. Carlisle had used his persuasion in order to keep Edward from sleeping with Bella. Carlisle’s entire body shook as he stared Edward down.

“It was hard enough watching the two of you. But knowing you would be sleeping with her as well… Then the feral one goes and does the unthinkable. I would’ve ended him, a lot sooner if I had known. I wouldn’t have let him touch her!” Carlisle thundered the last bit of that.

“I should’ve acted by impulse and took what was mine, from the very beginning. I should’ve never put you whiny, self-centered, spoiled imps before my own needs. But I knew that’s what a father was supposed to do. He’s supposed to put everyone else first. But look at what it cost me. There will be no child now. A child in which I wanted as my own! I wasn’t the one to take her virginity and I wasn’t the one to spread my venom. The moment she came into my life, I should’ve told each and everyone of you ROT IN HELL!”

Edward had a good laugh at this.

“And there he is… The real Carlisle Cullen. You’ll never make her happy. No matter what you do. Jas…”

Edward let out a painful grunt as Carlisle appeared before him and had his hands wrapped around his throat.

“Don’t.” Carlisle warned behind gritted teeth.

“I will make her happy. You’ll see.”

“No you won’t. You’ll keep doing what you’re doing, until she’s just another puppet of yours. She’ll be nothing more than a sponge soaking up whatever you tell her to. She will dress, act, and do whatever she can to please you, because you will have her thinking that is what’s best. She will think that happiness is making you happy, in order to make herself happy. Because that’s how you trained each and everyone of us, even that of your own wife. Despite what you’re telling me and yourself, you aren’t any different. She’s just another Cullen in a meat suit. She will spend the rest of her vampire days giving into YOUR wishes. She herself will be erased and all that’ll stand before you is that of your own creation. Her free will is already gone. You took that away from her, a long time ago. The moment you saw Bella in Alice’s vision, her life belonged to you.”

“That certainly explains the golden tans and why Jasper and Bella are warm to the touch.” Char said as Peter explained what Marcus had told him and Elizabeth Mason.

“The nomad he fed from was actually being hunted down, by his coven. Apparently it’s against the rules to leave the coven. They don’t want their secret getting out and they’re pretty harsh when it comes to punishment.”

“What does that mean for Jasper and Bella?” Charlotte questioned as she grabbed the pitchfork.

“I haven’t a clue. I suppose that’s Marcus’s reason for sending the children of the moon. Maybe he wants to keep an eye on things.

“So you either become an Aztec vampire or you go up in flames?” Char muttered as she went on to pitch the hay.

Peter nodded as he entered one of the horse stalls.

“Legend has it that the sun god is the only one that can truly determine whether you’re worthy of this transformation or not. If he finds you unworthy, you go up in flames.”

“But that doesn’t explain how he became the sun god in the first place. Wouldn’t that mean there was one before Jasper?”

“Not necessarily. Marcus said it’s written in the caverns. The Aztecs have been waiting for this god of theirs for quite sometime. This breed of vampires is considered “endangered” and keep to themselves. That’s why no one’s ever heard of them. That’s the way they prefer it.”

“What are the odds that Jasper would run into the one vampire that went rogue?”

“Right?!” Peter said behind a chuckle.

“Leave it to Whitlock.”

Peter stopped what he was doing however as he was sensing something from his mate. Char looked up apologetically.

“Sorry… I’m trying.” She whispered with a look of shame.

“Hey, you’re not thinking anything I haven’t. This shit we’re getting into, it’s pretty deep.”

Char nodded and went back to pitching.

“We always said we wouldn’t get involved…” She hinted and Peter nodded in understanding.

“I know we did. But things are different now. Bella and Jasper they’re family.”

“But this is the Volturi we’re talkin’ about. Lives will be lost.”

“Then we do our best to make sure it’s the right ones.”

“What if he’s already dead?”

“He isn’t.”


“Char baby, I’m telling you, he isn’t.”

“And Bella?”

“She’s out there; being her stubborn self. I’m sure.”

“I hope so.”

Peter couldn’t help but to smile.

“You’ve really taken a likin’ to her haven’t ya?”

“Well she’s no Alice if that’s what you’re saying…” Char uttered with a grin of her own.

“Haha, that’s for damn sure!”

“Jasper isn’t really a god though, right?”

“Who knows… He was considered the god of war back in the day.” Peter reminded.

“Yeah but an actual god?”

Peter shrugged and went on to tend to Bullet.

“He sure is moody lately.”

“Jasper?! How would you know he’s moody?” Peter teased.

“The horse, you idiot.”

“Misses his master, don’t you big fella?” Peter said while petting him.

Bullet let out an irritated huff and Char laughed.

“Guess you’re right.”

“Feels weird don’t it?” Peter whispered in such a way and Char lifted her head.

“Oh you mean them…” She hinted in return as Demetri, Lee, and the others were still hanging around the ranch.

“Guess that makes the Whitlock ranch base.” Peter uttered with a frown and Char snorted in thought.

“Where is Marcus anyhow?”

“With her mother.”

“No shit?”

Peter nodded on this.

“I can’t believe he’s going turn her.” Char uttered in thought.

“How do you think Bella will react to that?”

“Haven’t a clue.”

“Well he better hope he’s doing the right thing, for his sake. He might’ve been king but Bella… that newborn’s got some motherfuckin’ claws.”

Char giggled in thought.

“She reminds me of you.” Peter said and looked to be in awe.


“Oh yeah, you were something else when I first turned you. All I keep seeing is newborn Charlotte when Jasper’s dealing with her. Talk about fucking déjà vu. Maybe that’s why the two of you get along so well. She’s just as bullheaded and stubborn as you were!”

“Thank you!”

“You’re welcome, darlin’!”

“Wait… what do you mean were?!”

“What are you doing here?!” Jacob barked as Emmett managed to sneak his way onto their territory.

Jacob looked around the area like he was expecting more of them.

“Just me…” Emmett said as if reading his mind.

“That’s pretty stupid.” Jacob muttered and Emmett let out a nervous laugh.

“Think we can talk, preferably on central ground?”

“And what would we have to talk about?”

Emmett looked around the area before answering.


Jacob narrowed his eyes on this.

“Bella’s dead.”

“Not exactly…”

This had the shifter rearing back in question.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Like I was saying… that talk…”

Jacob let out a sigh of sheer annoyance.

“Fine. Meet me at the Swan house.”

Emmett nodded and couldn’t take off fast enough. Being on shifter territory and on his lonesome didn’t help his nerves any. He couldn’t believe he’d come here to begin with. But for whatever reason, Jacob was first to come to mind. He didn’t particularly care for the wolf but he knew Jacob would do anything to keep Bella safe, just as he would. At the moment, that’s all that mattered.

Emmett would do whatever it took to gain some sort of alliance, even if that meant putting his own life on the line.

It felt like old times as he leaped into Bella’s bedroom window. Emmett swallowed back as the room still carried her scent. He smiled as he looked to a picture on her bulletin. It was of her, Emmett, and Jasper. She had this genuine beam about her and he wished he would’ve said something sooner, for hers and Jasper’s sake. He should’ve pushed them to accept the truth. He could’ve saved them both a lot of heartache if he would’ve been the brother they truly needed. But all of that was in the past. All he could do now is fight in their corner. He frowned at the one below as it was of her and Edward. She looked so different there, so miserable. Sure, she was smiling but it even looked forced. He ripped the picture off the bulletin and tore into a million pieces. It was then he heard the familiar thud of Jacob landing in the room as well. She had a picture of Jacob also and it was next to the dream catcher he’d given her.

Jacob looked around the room and with this look of melancholy.

“I haven’t been in here since the funeral…” He nearly whispered and Emmett nodded.

“So get to it. Why are you here and what did you mean by “not exactly”?”

Emmett sat in Bella’s old computer chair and Jacob remained standing.  Emmett drew back the deepest of breaths and went on to explain everything. He felt it was only right that Jacob knew the truth. He had come to him for help after all. Jacob appeared to be drunk as he sat on the edge of the bed and gawked at Emmett.

“Yeah took me sometime too…” Emmett admitted.

“So Bella isn’t dead?”

Emmett shook his head no and Jacob got a little choked up. He cleared his throat and wiped his face with the back of his hand.

“And you say Carlisle took her and no one knows where she is now?”

Emmett nodded.

“And Jasper?”

“Being held prisoner at the Volturi palace.”

Jacob recoiled in thought.


“I know you haven’t any reason to trust me. But I thought we could put our differences aside, just long enough to help.”

“And why should I help?”

Emmett raised his brows on this.

“Come on, man. Don’t give me that look. She’s one of you now, right?! That makes her an instant enemy. If my alpha got word of this…”

“He won’t. Please. Quit focusing on all that past shit with the ancestors and focus on the bigger picture.”

Jacob shook his head.

“Could you really sleep at night knowing the truth?” Emmett challenged.

“And what am I supposed to do exactly?”

“Stand with us, against the Volturi. Help us get Jasper back. He’s our key to finding Bella.”

“And how do I know this isn’t just about getting your brother back?”
Emmett leaned back and Jacob nodded.

“I could give two shits about Jasper. He can rot in that palace for all I care. It’s not HIS life I’m concerned with!”

“Well you should be.”

“And why is that?”

“Because if anything happens to him, it’ll kill Bella.”

Jacob let out a scoffing like laugh.

“That’s what everyone said about Edward.”

“No. You don’t get it. This is different. If either one of them dies, the other will die, right along with them.”

Jacob studied Emmett’s mannerisms and pinched his eyes shut.

“You’re serious, aren’t you?”

“That I am. That bond of your alpha’s and his mate is no different from that of Bella and Jasper’s.”

“Shit…” Jacob uttered and Emmett nodded.

“And even if that weren’t the case. Make no mistake; Bella is my sister, just as much as Jasper is my brother. I claim no others but them.”

Jacob made the mistake of laughing in mockery. Emmett appeared before him and slammed him up against the wall.

“I killed my own wife, in order to keep my sister safe. So don’t laugh at me.”

Jacob swallowed back as Emmett looked to be on the verge of tears. Emmett dropped his hold and paced the area.

“Alright, I’m in.”

Emmett stopped in mid-pacing and looked over.

“I know a couple others that might help. But that’s it.”

“I honestly just expected you. I knew you were her best friend at one point.”

“Yeah at one point…” Jacob sadly uttered.

“You only have yourself to blame on that one.” Emmett replied as Bella had told him her reasoning for pushing Jacob away.

“I know…” Jacob surprisingly admitted.

“I hurt her. She needed a friend, not some lovesick pup.”

Emmett had this astonished look about him.

“Well I’ll be damned. You have grown up.”

“More like thinking I lost someone that meant the world to me changed my outlook on life. Now that I know that not to be true…”

“I getcha.” Emmett said as Jacob was getting choked up all over again.

“So did it hurt?”

“Did what hurt?”

“When she hit you?” Emmett had always pondered.

“Meh, my pride more than anything.” Jacob couldn’t believe he’d just admitted that.

Emmett chuckled in thought.

“I can imagine. That’s gotta suck worse than any sting. Shouldn’t have kissed her.”

“Nah, it was worth it.” The way Jacob said this reminded Emmett of his feelings when it came to Rose.

Jacob leaped on out of the window and Emmett hollered out.

“Don’t you need to know where to meet?!”

“You said it already.”

Emmett tilted his head in wonder.

“You mentioned the Whitlock Ranch. I figured that’s where everyone is.”

On this note Jacob took off and Emmett nodded amongst himself.

“He isn’t so bad… for a dumb mutt.” He muttered under his breath.

“WHAT IN THE FUUUCK?!” Jasper roared as he came to.

The tank he was in was opened and Alice was naked, and riding him, like there was no tomorrow. Was he seriously being raped?! Jasper had been dreaming about Bella and Alice must’ve snuck on in and took advantage of the ‘situation’. Jasper’s dick felt as if though it had been slammed into a freezer door and went limp. Alice let out a frustrated sigh as nothing she did brought it back to life.

“Jazzy…” She whimpered but with this downright demonic grin.

“Of all the things…” Jasper spat in disbelief.

“Get off my fucking cock, you deranged BITCH.”

The guilt was overwhelming, considering he had just got through yelling at Bella about Carlisle. Now here he was a victim himself. Never did the major think he would be in THIS situation. He pictured the look on his mate’s face and his jaw popped as his teeth clenched together. Bella would’ve snapped Alice’s pretty little neck and been done. Jasper shook his head as she wouldn’t budge and went on to run her hands along his chest. Jasper nodded amongst himself and took his knee to her vag. Alice cried out as this was followed by a loud ‘crack’. The cold one fell to the floor. Jasper rolled his eyes as she held the area of her crotch, much like that of a man.

“Serves you right darlin’. Maybe after receiving that second ‘split’ you’ll get the fucking picture.”

Alice’s jaw dropped as Jasper managed to get one of his hands free.

“What? Didn’t see that coming?” He taunted with a cruel grin.

“You know… I think I’ll save you for last. See what my little mate wants to do with you.”

Jasper reared back as he could actually sense Alice’s fear. Did she honestly fear Bella more than Jasper? Then again, Bella did take her make her ear explode and took her leg as well. Alice must’ve found a way of getting it reattached as it was like new again.

“I wanted to feel you, just one last time.” Alice cried.

“That you did. Hope it was memorable.”

It was a bit of a struggle but Jasper managed to free himself. He looked around the room.

“Where are my fucking clothes?”

When Alice wouldn’t answer he hunkered down and cupped her chin. He squeezed the living hell out of her face and forced her to look him in the eyes.

“My clothes…” He demanded and Alice pointed to one of the examination tables.

Jasper knew Alice must’ve used her reign in order to clear this room. There were candles spread about the area and Jasper laughed in thought.

“You never touched me… But now?!” He hissed and his entire body shook with fury.

“I was wrong. Jasper, I’m so sorry. I know I wasn’t a good wife.”

“That’s an understatement.”

If he wasn’t starving and in such a hurry, he would’ve beat the ever living daylights out of her. He wouldn’t kill her, no. He meant it when he said he was going to let his mate at her. It would’ve been no different from that of Carlisle having his way and he’d want the same, in that respect. Of course, Carlisle hadn’t a clue what truly awaited him.

“You can’t let him know I was in here!” Alice said in a panic.

Jasper tilted his head on this.

“He made me promise I wouldn’t interfere.”

Jasper chuckled in thought.

“Is that so?”

“Jasper…” Alice pleaded.

“I’m guessing Aro’s out on business and he left you in charge?”

Alice nodded and Jasper smiled. Aro had gotten word of Carlisle and Bella’s whereabouts and took it upon himself to leave with a few of the guards. Alice had given Aro her word that she would stay away from Jasper. But she couldn’t help herself. She wanted that feeling back. Like that of Edward when it came to Bella. Alice was more at peace with Jasper, or so she thought. It wasn’t until she stripped down and took advantage of him that she realized whatever she once felt was long gone. Then again, Jasper was no longer feeding her. Feeding her – as in using his empathy to put her mind more at ease. He’d stopped that awhile back. It wasn’t his responsibility to keep Alice on track. The way Jasper saw it? He didn’t owe her or the others a goddamn thing. All Alice ever did was make him feel like he was never good enough, she, Carlisle, and Edward. He always felt out of sorts when it came to the three of them, as to why he knew exactly how Bella felt.

“What an idiot!” He said and Alice came to her feet.

He raised his brows as that crack he left spread from that of her sex, to her abdomen, and back. Parts of her had crumbled and landed on the ground.

“Now that’s gotta smart. No means no, Alice.”

Jasper backed her into a corner and pinned her in. Alice’s emotions were all over the place. Part of her was turned on by Jasper’s sudden alpha mentality. Well sudden to Alice that is. Bella however had seen that side of him already and knew damn well what he was capable of. Whereas Bella appreciated that side of him, there was a part of Alice that feared it. She knew she couldn’t run. So she accepted the situation, knowing she screwed up. She should’ve listened to Aro. But she’d gone back to her old ways and was clearly unstable. And that’s what Jasper meant by Aro being an idiot. Aro should’ve seen this coming. How could he not?! For someone so cautious he could be so ignorant.

“You’re going to send a few of those techs back in. But only the humans, understood?”

“I can’t do that.”

“You can and you will.”

“Jasper, you don’t understand. If he finds out…”

“Alice, you’re already fucked and know it. That’s why you’re not fighting me. Now do as I say or I’ll have to rob my mate of that gratification and end you myself. You are of no use to me otherwise.”

Alice reached to her temples and shook her head.

“This wasn’t what I saw. I don’t understand. Why is everything…”

“And what did you see?”

Alice recoiled on this and Jasper let out a low growl.

“Tell me Alice. What did you see before you came in here?”

“You weren’t supposed to wake up. That’s why I opened the tank. You shouldn’t even be standing. How are you doing this?! I can sense your power, it’s incredible. But you haven’t fed in over a week, this shouldn’t be possible. You can’t be that powerful. That would make you…”

“Make me what…” He challenged.

Alice swallowed back on this.

“More powerful than Aro.”

Jasper nodded in satisfaction.

“Good. Now be a good dog and do as you’re told.” Jasper said while pushing that empathy of his.

He wanted Alice to feel as if she hadn’t a choice but to serve him. He’d make her his bitch for the time being, it was no more than she deserved. She had spent the last forty-three years making him hers. And that in itself hadn’t anything to do with Carlisle’s influence. That was all Alice. It was no different from that of Edward when it came to Bella. They couldn’t put all the blame on Carlisle. Alice and Edward knew what they had done…

Marcus raised his brows as Renee broke into a fit of laughter. She reached for her glass of wine and Marcus placed a hand over hers.

“I think you’ve had enough.” He made clear and Renee shook her head in disagreement.

“Nowhere near…” She said and went on to take that sip anyhow.

Marcus let out a reluctant sigh. Renee wasn’t buying a word he said. Not about her daughter, the Cullens, vampires, or anything else for that matter. She truly acted as if he were some crazy person that welcomed himself into her house.

“I’d call the police but I’m not so sure they’d listen if I want on a rant about vampires.” She scoffed.

“Using my daughter however to make up some wild fantasy is pretty shitty. Let me guess you read about it in the media and thought you could use that to your advantage. That’s a sure way to make me drink the Kool-Aid and join your little cult, right?!”

Marcus couldn’t believe how much she sounded like Bella just then.

“Like mother like daughter…” He uttered and leaned back as Renee finished her wine.

“You can leave now.”

“I’m afraid I can’t.”

“You can and you will. I can’t believe you’d make up some bogus story about…”

Renee froze in midsentence as Marcus appeared before her. He took the glass from her hold and zipped on over to the counter, where he put the glass up. Then he rocketed back over and scooped her up off the couch. Renee let out a bit of a squeal as they were suddenly in the car. Marcus already had her fastened in and he was sitting in the driver’s side. Renee just sat there, in a daze, as he drove her to the ballet studio. He knew this was the only way he could get through to her. Once he got there, he undid her seatbelt and before she could even blink, they were inside the building. Marcus hated what he was about to do but he knew he had to wake Renee up and get her to see the truth. He told her all about James and how he came after her daughter. How James used Renee as a lure; he even went as far as to play the video that James himself had made. A video in which Marcus had stolen from the Cullens. Renee clamped a hand over her mouth as she watched her daughter’s attack and how everything went from there. Marcus remained silent and gave her time to let it all process.

“She told me she fell down the stairs…” Renee whispered and Marcus recoiled as she started to cry.

He stopped the video and sent Renee an apologetic glance.

“My apologies but I wasn’t getting through to you. Are you willing to listen to what I have to say now?”

Renee lifted her eyes on this and Marcus waited for an answer.

“Yes. Tell me everything.”

“Very well.” 

Bella closed her eyes as it took all will not to cry. She thought back to the sound of Jasper’s voice. Even though he was rightfully angry… she found it soothing. She wanted nothing more than to be in his arms. But here she was in Carlisle Cullen’s. She looked over as he was lying beside her. He had his arm wrapped around her and looking at her, lovingly. She couldn’t help but to wonder if he’d spent all night watching her. Knowing he didn’t sleep only added to the creep factor.

“How are you feeling?”

“Ravenous…” She uttered and Carlisle nodded.

“Would you like to give it another try?”

Bella loathed the very idea but knew she needed whatever substance she could get.

“Yes please.”

Carlisle seemed rather surprised by her answer. He said nothing on it however and helped Bella to her feet. The newborn’s knees started to tremble and Carlisle braced her against him.

“Perhaps it would be best if I were to carry you?”

Before she could even comment, he had her in his arms. They appeared in the kitchen and she was back on the counter. Carlisle retrieved a blood bag then handed it over.

“Nice and slow. Don’t want you getting sick again. Not in that pretty dress.”

Is the dress all that matters? Bella bitterly thought. She drew back the deepest of breaths and with Jasper as her inspiration, she plunged her snake-like fangs into the bag. Carlisle’s eyes locked with hers. He ran his icy cold hands along her warm thighs and on up her dress.

“Just picture it as human blood.” That heady feeling hit and Bella knew he was using his gift on her.

Little did he know that her shield was back up. That in itself was Jasper’s doing. Bella did her best to play along and acted as if it were the best thing she ever tasted, but she was fighting the urge to vomit again.

Carlisle was in another world as he kissed along her shoulder.

“Bella…” He uttered as if in agony.

Bella could feel his fingers along the seam of her panties.

“Tell me I can have you…” He pleaded and Bella swallowed back as he was putting his persuasion to use.

After I’ve earned my place in Italy. I would like you by my side, at the throne, sharing more than just my name.”

Bella couldn’t believe Carlisle would stoop so low. He was using his persuasion in means of seducing her?! Even Jasper with his gift of empathy would never take advantage of a woman like that. Bella was fuming on the inside but she couldn’t let on that her shield was back.

“Throne?” She questioned knowing she had to play dumb when it came to the kings.

“You’ll see… I’ll earn my place, by giving you everything. Things you never knew you wanted or needed for that matter.” Carlisle stroked the area of her sex with a single finger.

Bella knew she had to keep up the act, as those pheromones of his were going. But she wasn’t sure how much more she could endure. She felt violated and feared just how much further he’d push this. Here she was a vampire, a newborn at that. Yet she was just as fragile as she was in her human days. Carlisle could have his way with her, easily. No matter how much of a fight she put up, he had the upperhand.

“On our wedding day?” She ‘bashfully’ hinted and Carlisle smiled.

He stopped what he was doing and lifted his eyes.

“If that’s what you wish.”

Aren’t you already married, you prick?! Bella thought amongst herself. She couldn’t get over just how fucked up the REAL Carlisle Cullen was.

“Isn’t that the tradition?”

“And what would that be?”

“Losing your virginity on your wedding day?” She said knowing she had to pretend like she’d never been plucked.

Carlisle nodded and Bella could feel his excitement on this.

“Bella…” He whispered like he was in agony.

He didn’t want to wait. But the more he thought on it, the more the idea turned him on. Bella in a little white dress… That only added to the innocence he so craved. That was much more appealing than having his way with her on the counter. That and he could take his time, whereas if he acted now, they’d have to leave directly after. She deserved better than that. He wanted to give Bella a night to remember. Not some quickie on the counter.

“That would mean the world to me.” He said.

“We don’t have to make it a big wedding, do we?” She continued in keeping character to the sixteen year old he so desired. That felt strange to Bella, having to put herself back in that girl’s shoes. But she hadn’t much choice, not if she was going to fool Carlisle.


“Do I have to wear a dress?”

Carlisle raised his brows on this.

“Why wouldn’t you?”

Bella frowned and Carlisle chuckled.

“Don’t you like the dresses you’ve been wearing?”

Bella looked to her dress and Carlisle lifted her chin with a single finger. She picked up on his influence right away.

“I prefer you in dresses.”

He put his forehead to hers and she could feel his breath against her lips.

“Marriage is about compromise and committing ourselves to one another. If you’re to become a Cullen, you have to look and act as one. So yes, you’ll be wearing a dress. You’ll be wearing dresses everyday, unless I say otherwise.”

Carlisle planted his hands along the apples of her cheeks.

“You’re not to bring this up again. You will dress to impress, understood?”

Bella nodded and Carlisle staggered back afterward.

“Carlisle?!” She called like she was concerned.

“I’m alright…” He muttered but felt a little debilitated himself.

It was taking its toll on him, everytime he had to push his influence on her lately. He hadn’t fed in days, as he couldn’t afford to let her out of his sight. And he needed to save what little blood bags he had for her. He looked to the time then back to Bella. He had no other choice. He had to hunt, before they even left for Italy, meaning Bella would be tagging along.

“I doubt you remember. But I once told you I had to decide what to do with what I was given in life.” Carlisle said as his eyes met hers.

“You are a gift, Bella. One I know I’ve taken for granted. But the day you vow yourself to me, is the day I give you my all. I will never abandon you. I will love you each and everyday. In me, you will finally have everything you’ve always deserved.” Bella swallowed back as Carlisle wasn’t using any sort of influence or pheromones this time. All of this… was coming straight from him.

“I love you. I only hope you can say those words in return one day.”

Bella started to comment but Carlisle placed a single finger along her lips.

Don’t. Don’t say it, unless you actually mean it. I want those words to come out of your mouth and yours only.” Bella gathered the meaning behind that.

She didn’t say a word on it, considering it would give away that she knew what he’d been doing all along. Sad as it was… Carlisle meant what he’d said. He had this pitiful look about him. Still, that didn’t erase the amount of resentment and hatred she felt when it came to the old Olympic Coven leader. He truly didn’t get that what he was doing was wrong. He thought he was justified in his actions, because he painted this picture perfect fantasy. But he didn’t seem to grasp that life wasn’t about perfection and getting everything you always wanted. No. Life was full of disappointments, but it was HUMAN nature to move on and deal with those, the best you could. You build a new dream, one a little closer to reality. Carlisle went out his way to pick out this picture-perfect family, yet he was the furthest thing from perfect. The man was clinically insane and he hadn’t a clue. Ironic, considering he’s a doctor. Then again, he didn’t specialize in psychology that she knew of. Now wouldn’t that be a scary thought? She amusingly thought and resisted the urge to laugh.

Carlisle helped her down and started to lead her back to the bedroom.

“Could I have another bag?”

“I’ve only enough to keep you supplied on our way to Italy. Once we get there, you can your fill, just remember the rules, mine and not that of the Volturi’s.”

“Who?” She questioned keeping up with the ploy.

“You’ll see once we get there. All I can really say is not to believe a word you hear and to stay close. You’re not to leave my side, not for a second. I mean it, Bella. To do so could cost you your life.”

“Aren’t we immortal?” She questioned but with a kittenish smile.

She needed to make him believe that his influence was working. So that meant she had to play the smitten fool, at least until she and Jasper were reunited. Carlisle managed to smile but was quick to brace her against him. This time it wasn’t fake. Bella’s knees buckled and she reached to her gut in agony. Tried as she might, she couldn’t keep the blood down. Carlisle rushed her into the bathroom, where she upchucked. Carlisle regarded her through the mirror as he held her hair back. Once she got it out of her system, he pinched his eyes shut.

“Your body’s rejecting the blood. Why?!” He said like it was somehow her fault.

“Easy…,” he said as Bella started to faint.

He held her up against his chest and it was then that her eyes, nose, and mouth oozed blood.

“Bella!” He called in alarm.

“Carlisle… please.” She pleaded and Carlisle gave a simple nod, before snapping her neck.

“Forgive me but we have to go. We’ll deal with this once we get to Italy. I promise.”

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