Chapter 1: A Bloody Gentleman

An Original Family Christmas

By: Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel

I do not own The Originals or Twilight. Read and then review. This is merely a Christmas story short it will consist of 4 lengthy chapters. This will lead to AU and I’m not going verbatim with Twilight saga. This is also taking place around November rather than the summer. THERE WILL BE NO HALEY OR HOPE IN THIS STORY! COMPLETE!

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This had already felt like the honeymoon from hell! Considering her husband had hardly touched her, since the first time they’d made love. That was obviously the first and last. No matter how hard she tried to convince him otherwise. She even went out her way to try and “seduce” him. That was pretty much it! Like usual it was his say. Always has been since the beginning of their relationship. Only now that they were married. He’d gotten ten times worse.

Part of her felt extremely bitter on this. This felt more like camping out with a roommate rather than honeymooning with her husband. And now this? They’d only been here a couple of weeks.

The words get rid of IT of that THING repeated in Bella’s mind over and over. IT? She looked upon him in disbelief. Her hands ran along her tummy, as she gazed upon the mirror. How could he be so cold? Don’t worry Bella, we’ll get rid of it. I won’t let it harm you. She wasn’t even sure what to say. What do you say to that? She watched as he moved about in vampiric speed packing up all of their things. He wouldn’t even look her in the eyes. Her heart raced and for once true fear ran through Bella’s veins. He damn near dragged her out off the island. The entire trip back to Forks, she was silent. At the moment she was extremely grateful he couldn’t read her mind. Bella felt ill once again on the flight back. Halfway home she unfastened her belt and rushed to the bathroom.

Just as she did back on Isle Esme she was tossing her cookies. She came back up and drops of sweat formed along her temples. She jumped at the sound of knocking.

“Bella? Are you alright?”

She cringed another thing she’d never done around Edward. Bella shut her eyes for a moment, she was doing her best to gather herself. But at the moment she felt completely defenseless. Was her husband about to decide the fate of their child? She sucked back a breath of surprise as that fluttery and yet somewhat painful sensation returned. She once again ran her hand along her belly. Her eyes lifted towards the mirror and she raised her shirt. Her jaw dropped as she swore she actually saw movement as well.

I won’t let him hurt you! I won’t! She thought in damn near hysterics.

He knocked once again.


She looked upon the door in damn near hatred. Something else she’d never dreamed she’d feel when it came to Edward. Bella knew if she didn’t open the door soon he’d bust it down. So she quickly washed out her mouth and cleaned up. The moment she opened the door he took her by the arm. As though she were a child he led her back to her seat. He even buckled her in. Everything from there seemed like a blur. She remembered feeling tired and falling asleep. Next thing she knew she was waking up in the Cullen house back in Forks.

Bella shot up in a gasp. She looked around the room seeing that she was on some sort of hospital bed. She had IV’s running through her. Her eyes however lifted towards the door leading towards the living area. The very area in which the Cullen’s were having a discussion. Bella flinched as she unwrapped the tape to her IV and pulled it out. Very quietly she made her way out of the bed. She was still in her clothes but she was now barefoot. The tile was cold to the touch as she tiptoed over to the door.

“It will kill her!”
“We don’t know that for sure!”

“It doesn’t matter! I want you to get rid of it!”

“I mean it, Carlisle. I don’t care what she says. I want it GONE! I won’t take the risk!”

Bella staggered back as she heard the words…

She put her hand upon her stomach once again. That fluttery sensation returned. She shook her head and continued to back away from the door. No… no I won’t let them do this! IT SHOULD BE MY CHOICE! MINE! WHAT SAY DOES HE HAVE! This is our baby he’s talking about! AND HE WANTS TO KILL IT! OH MY GOD! This isn’t happening… My husband wants to kill our child!

Bella began searching the room for her cellphone. She took in a breath of relief as she found it in her jacket. It had been folded nice and neat on the dresser. Her hands shook beyond belief as she held it in her hand. She scrolled over to Charlie’s name and pressed talk. She shut her eyes praying to God he answered.


Her heart was kicking to life and she glanced towards the door once again.

“So you’re back?!”

Bella would have smiled at the tone in his voice. If it wasn’t for the situation.

“Um yeah… Dad?”
“How was your honeymoon? Are you already back in Forks?!”

“Dad… Can you come get me?”

There was a moment of silence on the phone.

“Well sure… is everything ok?”

No. No it’s not… She thought over and over.

“Um yeah… I just really missed you, that’s all.”

He chuckled on the other end.

“I missed you too kiddo. I’ll be right there.”

Bella froze however as the door to the room flung open. Edward had that cold glare in his eyes again. He eyed the phone and shook his head.

“What are you doing, Bella?!”

“I just wanted to speak to Charlie that’s all.”
He shakes his head on this, looking upon her as if she were an idiot.

“Bella…” He says in tsking matter.

He struts on over and takes the phone from her hand.

“You should be resting.”

“I’m fine.”
He points to the bed. Once again making her feel as though a mere child.


“I’m not tired.”

Edward nods looking to be in thought. Bella gasps out as he takes it upon himself to forcibly lay her down on the bed.


“We need to talk.”

She took in a breath. Bella was determined to stand her ground. To tell Edward exactly how she felt. This was just as much her choice! It was her body.

“I agree.” She replied behind a nerve wracking smile.

“I’ve already talked to Carlisle. While you were sleeping he went ahead and examined you and ran some test.” Edward sighs.

“I’m so sorry, Bella.” He pinches the bridge of his nose.

“You’re pregnant.”

“I know. I already said so myself.”

He sighs.

“We had to make certain. And it seems that the fetus is growing quite rapidly for whatever reason. Meaning we need to take care of this asap. Carlisle will be heading into town here soon. He will return with the supplies needed in order to rid of the fetus.”

She looked upon him in utter disbelief.

“Aren’t you going to even ask me what it is I want?”

Edward narrowed his eyes upon her. Bella goes to grab his hand so he could feel the baby moving for himself. Hoping that maybe that would change his mind. That he’d realize she’d a living being inside her. One THEY created! As husband and wife! As lovers! They were having a child! He snarled back and quickly recoiled before she could even get his hand near her tummy. He acted as if it were deceased. Edward literally jumped back away from her.

“Like I was saying! We will rid of that at once!” He points upon her stomach.

He raised his brows on this. Edward reared back.


“I don’t wish to rid of it! Just say it Edward! It’s a BABY. OUR BABY!”

He curls his upper lip in sheer disgust.



Bella’s jaw dropped.

He took in another breath.
“That’s not what I meant…” He corrects himself.

“You know you’re beautiful. You always are, Sweetheart. I just meant you’re awfully pale and we haven’t a clue what this thing is going to do to you.”

Bella grits her teeth.

“You honestly think I’m shallow enough to care about how I look at the moment! I don’t care about that! What I care about is this!” She rubs her belly with her hands.

“Don’t be a fool! That thing is a death sentence!”

“NO IT’S NOT! How can you stand there and truly believe that something we created would be born a monster?!”
“It’s half vampire is it not?!”

Carlisle had tried to warn his son about Charlie. They hadn’t even realized he was in the room, due to everything else taking place. Edward hadn’t even picked up his scent he was so focused on getting his point across. Alice hadn’t foreseen this as well. She looked to the others wide eyed. Edward turned with a scowl. Charlie had his brows raised. Did he honestly just hear what he had? And was this little bastard yelling at his daughter? Did he truly knock up his little girl already?! What in the hell did he mean by half vampire? What the fuck kind of term was that? Charlie swallowed back eyeing Edward. He was doing his best to keep his composure. But he honestly couldn’t believe what he’d overheard and what he’d just walked in on. And why the hell wasn’t his family defending his daughter?!

“Bells?” He called out in concern.

Her bottom lip quivered as she locked eyes with her father.


He nodded towards her and opened his arms. To his surprise she took off towards him and wrapped her arms around him.

“You came.”
“Of course I did. Now what the hell is going on around here, Bells?”

Charlie took notice of how Edward rolled his eyes, once Bella broke into sobs against Charlie’s shoulder.

“We have everything under control, Chief Swan.” Edward uttered.

“Doesn’t quite seem that way to me. Now are you going to tell me what’s going on or not? Didn’t you two just return from your honeymoon? One that damn near took you a month to return from?”
“Yes sir.” Edward replies with a hint of annoyance.

“And is this true…?” Charlie rears back and places his hands on his daughter’s shoulders.

He looks her in the eyes.

“Are you pregnant?”

Carlisle nudges his son as he actually hissed out at the words. Bella nodded. Causing Edward to let out another hiss. Jasper made his way over as Carlisle nodded towards him.
“Bella…” Edward said in a warning voice.
“I wish to go home.” Bella said.

“You can’t do that!”
“Edward son…” Carlisle softly stated.

“Sir, it isn’t safe! We need to take care of this at once!”
“And what do you mean by that exactly?”

“I mean that there is something wrong with the fetus. Bella cannot go through with this pregnancy, sir. If she does it will surely kill her.”

Charlie looks upon Carlisle now.

“Is that true, doc?”
Carlisle sighs.

“We have reasons to believe it may, yes. But nothing’s ever 100 percent certain.”

Charlie took notice of the death stare Edward was cutting Carlisle. He was even grounding his teeth together and his eyes were cold and black.

“Well with all due respect. I do believe we’re going to get another opinion.” Charlie says he starts to lead Bella out of the house.

“Sir, don’t do this…” Edward says in a threatening matter.

The chief doesn’t even turn back. He merely nods and opens the door for his daughter.
“This is something for Bella to decide, son. Not any of you or even myself. I trust her judgment on this. Therefore, we are leaving. If she wishes to return… That is also her choice.”

Charlie said as they exited the house. What he didn’t see was Jasper, Carlisle, and Emmett having to hold Edward back as they left.

Once they were a ways from the Cullen house Charlie parked. He noticed how unsteady his daughter’s hands were. How frail she truly looked. He cleared his throat, hating what he was about to say next.

“Maybe you should catch a plane and head back to Phoenix. Get another opinion there, before making any rash decisions. Your mother and Phil could help take better care of you than I could at the moment. I’m always working Bells. You need someone around.”

It broke her heart, but for once she agreed with her father. She nodded.

“I think you may be right. But her true concern? Was getting as far away from Edward as possible. She knew without a shadow of a doubt he would surely get his way if not.”

“Why don’t I take you onto the airport? I can always have your thing sent to you. I think the sooner you get to Phoenix, the better. I’ll call your mother and let her know once you’re on the plane.”

Bella wiped away a few stray tears. He sighed and wrapped his arm around her.

“I know you’re scared Bells. I can’t even imagine what you must be going through. I’m sorry kiddo.” He sighs once again. He never liked her husband to begin with. Now the Chief had an even more valid reason. That kid had some god damn issues! Charlie had half the mind to strut on back to that house and give him a peace of his mind. More like his fist or the barrel of his gun! The more he thought about what all he heard that little shit say. The more Charlie wanted a few moments alone with the s.o.b.

It wasn’t that Charlie didn’t concern himself with his daughter’s wellbeing. Hell he was damn near having a stroke in thought. He couldn’t bear the thought of losing his daughter. She was literally all he had now! He’d go to hell and back for her. But he wasn’t about to tell her what to do when it came to her body and her baby! Something about all this wasn’t setting right with Charlie though. There was more to this there had to be!

On the way to the airport, Charlie turned to his daughter once more.

“Is there anything you need to tell me, Bells?”

Chapter 1: A Bloody Gentleman

Is there anything you need to tell me, Bells?

His voice haunted her memories as she stood before the sign. She wasn’t even quite sure how she ended up here. The painful memories flashed over and over in her head. Everything happened so fast, the airport, her and father’s literal last goodbyes. She could still hear the screaming of the crowd in the airport. The cold dead look he gave just before snapping her father’s neck. That look quickly turned into shock and sheer panic. He looked upon his hands then back to Bella. Her father’s words however struck her more powerfully than ever. No matter what happens, you run. I mean it Bells. You get on that plane and don’t look back!

Her heart sank in recollection. All she remembered after that was running. She bought a ticket to the very first plane heading out. She didn’t even bother looking to see where it was going. It led her here, instead of Phoenix. But after what happened to Charlie? She wasn’t about to go anywhere near her mother or stepfather. She reached out and she groaned to herself in misery. Large flakes were landing on her hand. The sign before her read Welcome to New Orleans. She nodded to herself and wrapped her arms around her chest. She hadn’t a jacket or luggage. All she had was her purse with her cellphone, ID, money, and emergency credit card. Both in which Charlie had given her before… she grimaced in thought and once again the tears began to form. She’d never forgive herself. And she truly felt alone in this world. Charlie was the only one that ever truly got her. Or so she felt… She truly loved him more than anyone else in this god forsaken world. Which is exactly how she saw things now, forsaken. Just a few days ago she’d had thought differently. But her head was clearer than ever. She truly could see everything for what it truly was now. Bella HATED the very man she’d offered her soul to.

Her stomach growled. The infant within her womb reminded her they were still there as well. She nodded to herself and kept truckin’. The first agenda was to find a clothing store. She needed a coat and some gloves, possibly a scarf. Then she needed something to eat, and drink, and to find a hotel for the night. Bella hadn’t a clue what to do or where to go from there. She flinched at the stabbing sensation within her.

I know you’re hungry. I’m hurrying… She thought but once she got into town. Bella froze rather wide eyed.

She hadn’t a clue where to even begin. She had no idea where anything was. This easily swallowed Forks up whole. Bella felt that wave of nausea hitting again. At this she hurriedly ducked into a nearby alleyway. With her hands up against another building she began to dry heave. She hadn’t anything left to throw up.

Off to the side however she heard the sound of someone’s boots crushing against the snow. She forced herself up and slightly turned the direction in which it was coming from. Bella saw a couple of men heading her way. She decided to start walking. She headed on down the alley. She could hear the men not far behind her. And that’s when it hit her. Like déjà vu … Another set of men were coming from the other side. The snow began to fall even heavier. The sun had set now so it was dark. Bella knew she was being herded. She rolled her eyes in memory of Seattle. Not again… Really?

Bella grabbed ahold of her purse and discreetly reached into it. She grabbed the pepper spray her father had given her. With one hand she prepared her purse to use as a weapon. The pepper spray she held in the other. Just as she assumed they now circled her as she had nowhere else to go.

“Dangerous, wandering around these parts on your lonesome.”

She gave a simple nod.

“Pretty cold out… where’s your jacket, baby?”

“Yeah, you’ll freeze to death out here.”
The taller and broader one makes his way over and reaches out. He cups her chin and forces her to look upon him.

“We could always warm you up. We’ve got just the place for you.”

She gasps back as one of them yanks her purse right out from her hands. He takes off running. Bella grits her teeth and sprays the other right in the eyes. She grunts out as one of the other men punched her in the face. Automatically her focus goes to protecting the child within her. She purposely comes down knowing she had to block whatever came her way, to keep from harming the child. There was no since in trying to run. They had her where they wanted. Two of them kicked her and the other tried to forcibly roll her over. But she was determined she wasn’t budging. Unfortunately, they over powered her and managed to roll her onto her back. She gasped out frantically as one of them took out a blade.

“PLEASE, I’M WITH CHILD!” She shrieked out with desperation.

“That don’t bother me none sug…” The guy replied whilst wiggling his brows.

Her jaw dropped as all a sudden she made out two hands, one through each of their chest. Within the blink of an eye the hands vanished. The men fell to the ground and before her stood a man in black suit, white dress shirt, black vest, burgundy tie, and slick black dress shoes. He’d slight sideburns and his hair just very slightly parted to the side. The man had a very “posh” look to him. He held their hearts in his hands. He nodded upon her with a slight bow. Their hearts rolled out of his hands and into the snow. Before the third one had a chance to escape he reached over and pulled the man up against him. The man had a sheer look of horror about his face. Bella couldn’t believe the irony and talk about rotten fucking luck. Another vampire?! She thought as the man sank his fangs into his neck. She swallowed back as the vampire eyed her whilst he fed. His eyes were dark as coal. Black veins were also spread about the top portion of his face as he fed. Something she’d never witnessed when it came to the Cullens. Once he was done he simply dropped the man where he stood.

“You’re welcome, my lady.” His voice carried an accent as well, making him sound damn near whimsical.

Bella blinks a few times in an utter stupor. The man took out a white kerchief, he wiped the remains of blood his mouth and then cleaned off his hands. She reared back at the sight. The man was quite tall. He was easily the most attractive man she’d ever laid eyes on. Yet the deadliest, further prove that nothing truly fazed her anymore. Bella knew she should be screaming in terror, running even. She simply shook her head and responded with.

“Well aren’t you just the perfect gentleman?” Sarcasm fled from her mouth as she uttered this. Part of her felt extremely bitter that she was dealing with another damn vampire. Were they taking over the world now or what? What were the fucking odds? The vampire looked upon her rather mystified on her reaction as well. He too expected her to be frightened beyond belief. But she was just staring at him. Not near as fazed as she should be by what she’d just seen. Was she in shock perhaps?

She swore he was smirking with amusement. He made his way over and hunkered down offering a hand. She swallowed back rather apprehensively.

“I mean you no harm. My name is Elijah. And you are?”
“Short for Isabella, I presume?”

She nods looking out of sorts.

“Allow me to assist you.”

Bella nodded and took his hand. He helped her off the ground and even dusted the snow and grim from her clothes. He then took off his black coat and placed it on her. The man then retrieved some black gloves from the pockets and placed them on her hands.

“Um… thank you… I think…” She said feeling awfully confused.

Not only that, but she wasn’t feeling too great. She shut her eyes for a moment as the area around her was spinning. Meanwhile the vampire before her had an inner battle going about him. This would normally be the part where he compelled her to forget and would send her about her way. Only he found himself rather intrigued. He’d never met a human with this sort of response by what they’d just witnessed.

“Easy now.” The man spoke with ease.

His voice was like none other. She’d never heard anyone speak in such a way.

“Are you alright?” The man looked upon her with concern.

She went to answer only a wave of heat flushed over her face. Her knees buckled and little gold swivel lights filled the area around her. Before long everything went black.


“I knew it…” Elijah taunts as he enters the living room with Bella in his hold.

“And what’s that exactly?”

Rebekah was decorating the Christmas tree.

“It’s not even December yet Rebekah. We’d just barely managed to get through a functional Thanksgiving”

“Is that what you refer to as functional?”

“Kol’s alive, is he not?”

She shrugs and softly giggles.
He lays Bella down on the couch as he says this. Rebekah picks up the scent and turns his direction as she was putting up a red ball.

“I see you brought dinner home.”

Elijah shakes his head, but doesn’t comment. He retrieves a blanket from one of the closets. He then places it on Bella. From there he starts to prepare the fireplace. Rebekah finished decorating the tree, but curiously watched her older brother as he tended to the human. After he got a good fire going. He made his way back to the couch. Took off his blazer and rolled up his sleeve. He bit down on his wrist and placed it over her lips. He squeezed and a good amount filled her mouth. To his great surprise the human grabbed his wrist and feverishly began to drink from him. He felt rather alarmed by this, at first. The vampire had no clue how to even react. It was a rarity for Elijah Mikaelson of all vampires to be caught so off-guard and by a human nonetheless. He remained still and simply observed. Her eyes never once opened as she continued to drink from him. He could her guzzling away and swallowing. Such a strange human he pondered to himself.

He narrowed his eyes, sensing something about her. Something not quite human… He couldn’t detect what it was for certain. Then he remembered how she’d mentioned she was with child. He curiously put a hand upon her ever so slightly round tummy. His reared back with astonishment. Gently, he pried her hands away from his wrist. She was actually weakening him, she’d consumed so much. The vampire wiped her mouth clean then turned attention back to her belly.


“What is it?”

“Just come here, please.”

She sighs and puts down a set of bulbs and makes her way over. Elijah takes his sister’s hand and places it on Bella’s tummy.

“Honestly, Elijah what’s this…?”
Rebekah froze in her words.

“Well I’ll be… She’s certainly further along than she looks. A lot of movement in that little belly.”
He nods.

“So it wasn’t merely my imagination?”

She shakes her head and goes back to decorating the tree.

“Ah, so the meal has an appetizer.”
“Must you be so…”
“So…?” She taunts and he grins on his sister’s playful mien.

“She’s our guest, Rebekah.”
“Well that sounds dreadfully boring.”
“Hmmm… I have something’s I must tend to upstairs. Do behave yourself and if she shall wake. You’re not to harm her or run her off. I mean it, Rebekah… I wish to speak with her.”
“What about?”
“That dreadful tree you’re decorating, perhaps?”
“It is not dreadful!”
He smiles on this.

“I mean it. She’s our guest. She’s to be treated as one!” He calls out a as a friendly reminder and heads on up the stairs.

Rebekah rolls her eyes.

“She’s our guest.” She mocks.

“She’s probably fattening anyhow…” She mutters under her breath.

Nearly half an hour had passed and Rebekah was finished with the tree. She was putting everything away when their “guest” let out earth shattering cry.


Rebekah immediately lifted her eyes that direction. Bella had shot up and had her shirt raised. She was looking to her tummy in fright. Rebekah narrowed her eyes and watched with attentiveness as Bella covered her face. She heard Bella take in a breath of relief. From there, Bella began to scan her entire body over. Rebekah could see the wheels already turning. She was wondering how she hadn’t any wounds.

“I’m so sorry…” She heard Bella whisper as she brought her hand upon her stomach again.

“I’m going to figure this out. I promise.”

Rebekah decided to let herself be known at this point. She cleared her throat, causing Bella to jump. She smiled warmly upon their “guest”.


Bella came to her feet looking slightly on edge. She looked around the house, trying to gather where she was. Rebekah finished putting everything away and strutted on over. She offered her hand.

“Bella…” She replies and shakes Rebekah’s hand.
“Hmmm, I do believe my brother referred to you as Isabella.”
“Brother?” Bella questions with misunderstanding and reaches to her forehead.

“Last time I checked I was correct on that one. But you never know!”

Bella nods.
“I prefer Bella.”
“Well love, I do believe my brother prefers, Isabella.”
“That maybe… But it’s my choice not his.”

Rebekah smiles on this.
“Oh I do believe I’m going to like you. We’ll just have to see now, won’t we? Would you like some biscuits and tea my dear?”

They hear the front door open and in steps two more men. One looked a bit younger than the other. He had more of a boyish charm to him, but could pass as a spitting image of Elijah. The other was slightly rougher looking and had somewhat of a four o clock shadow about his face. Bella couldn’t help but to think they all shared some similarities, such as their eyes and chin. Each of them handsome, in their own ways. She figured Elijah to be the oldest. She didn’t even bother asking if they were his brothers. She could tell by a mere glance. The younger one nods her way but gazes upon her oddly. The older looking one made his way over with a impish smile about him. He got right in her face.

“Who are you and why are you here?”

Elijah cleared his throat on his way down the stairs. He was fixing the cufflinks to his suit.

“She’s our guest.” Elijah hints on his way over.

“Guest?” He inquires and winks about her flirtatiously.

Elijah rolls his eyes as his brother takes Bella’s hand and kisses it.

“Well by all means, love. The name is Klaus… And you are?”

“Her name is Isabella and she’s been through a great deal as it is. Do sit down, Niklaus.”

“Certainly, come with me, love. You can sit by me…”

Bella looks upon Klaus in disbelief. He sat down and patted his leg as if for her to sit in his lap. Elijah cuffed her hand and looked upon her contritely.

“Do forgive my brother. He was dropped a lot as a child.”
“Amongst other things.” Klaus adds.

“See… he does not deny this.”

Elijah sits beside her, looking to be in thought. Bella looked to each of them as if trying to solve a puzzle.

“So are you all vampires?” She questions thickly and with distaste.

One they all picked up on. Klaus’s eyes darted towards Elijah’s.

“I see someone has some explaining to do.”
Elijah gave a mere nod.

“Breaking the rules now are we brother?” Kol added.

“I’ve my reasons.”
Klaus got a huge grin about his face.

“And what would those be now?” He taunts giving Bella the once over.

He cruelly winks upon his brother. Elijah sighs.

“That’s enough now.”
Klaus chuckles in amusement.

“She truly is a pretty little thing, Now aren’t you, love?”
“Niklaus…” Elijah warns with a hint of annoyance behind his tone.

Bella sighs and shakes her head. She comes to her feet and faces Elijah.

“Thank you…”
“I think we both know.”

She half laughs though and pinches the bridge of her nose. She takes off his jacket and gloves, handing them back.

“But I’ve had my fill when it comes to vampires.” She starts to laugh again and looks back down to her stomach.

“Literally speaking as well.”

Klaus reared back at her words. Elijah raised his brows in wonder. That certainly explained why she acted the way she did now. Still that only had him more curious. She started towards the door.

“And where will you go?” Elijah called out as he remained seated.

“I’ll figure it out.” She calls back.

“Just how do you presume to do that? From the looks of things… You’re not from around here. Are you?”

Her hand wrapped around the doorknob and she momentarily shut her eyes.

“With all due respect, Miss. Your chances of survival are greater right here. Out there… you and your child are at the beckons of New Orleans’s mercy. And as much pride as I take in our city. I must admit there will be no compassion for you or your child. Those men would have left you for dead, once they had their way. You’re more than welcome to stay with us. And you’ve my word no harm will come to you or your child under our roof.”

Bella grimaced at his words. Great, so her choices were to face a city she knew nothing about. With no real means of supporting herself or the child within her. That man had gotten away with everything she had left. She hadn’t a dime to her name, no ID, nothing… So once again, she find herself in relying on vampires. Only ones she knew nothing about. And ones that obviously hadn’t the animal diet that the Cullen’s had. She swallowed back and felt her baby moving about again, only it wasn’t painful like usual. That was another thing she’d noticed. She felt somewhat better now. Like more energized even, the child within her also seemed to be more at peace for whatever reason as well.
She took in a breath realizing she hadn’t a choice. This was no longer about her. No, this was about the child she carried. And at the moment, Bella had to take whatever means necessary in order to keep her child safe. At least here she would have shelter and food. Out there? She hadn’t a clue what all she’d be facing. Whether she liked to admit it or not, Elijah was right. They wouldn’t last, not out there.

She dropped her hand in defeat.

“Came to your senses, I see.” Klaus remarked as she reentered the living area.

“More like I don’t have much choice.” She declares in a rather resentful tone.

“So you’ve dealt with your share of vampires, darling?”

She looks towards the younger one that was more standoffish. He smiled her way with a nod.

“More than I’d like.”

Another thing she never dreamed she’d say.

“Hmmm.” Kol hums looking rather amused.

“Do enlighten us…” Klaus adds as he leans over resting his elbows about his knees.

“With all due respect I don’t even know you.”
Klaus nods.

“Ditto now, love. However we are offering you a place to stay. The least you could do is inform us on whatever mess we maybe getting ourselves into.” Klaus says eyeing Elijah accusingly.

Elijah sighs and shakes his head.

“So just be a dear. Get comfy and start talking.”

She swallows back uncomfortably. Elijah nods to himself and decides to take matters into his own hands. Klaus was starting to get under his skin. Nevertheless, he too wished to know her story and what exactly was going on. So he wasted no more time. He gently twirled her about and had her facing him. He smiled warmly upon her and moved a strand of hair from her face. Klaus he knew was about to smart off and interrupt. He immediately held up a hand. He heard his brother sigh in a scoffing matter.

“Your secret is safe with us. I assure you. Now do tell us your full name.”
She blinked a couple of times showing the compulsion was working.

“Isabella Marie Cullen.”

“How old are you?”


“And where are you from, Isabella?”

“Forks, Washington.”

Each sibling looked upon one another surprised. Elijah took in a breath.

“Now I wish for you to tell me about these other vampires. I want you to start from when you first met them and so on. Ending with whatever brought you to New Orleans.”

She nodded and began her story… A few hours had passed by the time she got to the part about the airport. How her husband had publically took her father’s life. How she ended up here… For once none of the Mikaelson’s knew what to say. By the end of her story she was shaking all over. Tears were running down her face. Elijah handed her a kerchief.

“Rebekah, please escort Mrs. Cullen to one of the guest rooms. Help her get set up.”

Rebekah nodded and came to her feet. She offered her hand. Before she took Rebekah’s hand. Elijah kept his eyes locked onto Bella’s.

“I want you to make yourself at home. Rebekah will start you a bath and prepare you some clothes.”

“No! Please, don’t call me that!”

“As you wish…”
Bella nodded and took Rebekah’s hand. Rebekah led her on up the stairs. Each man glanced upon one another with a loss for words. Klaus naturally was first to speak.

“Bollocks!” He says and leans back in his seat.

“She was compelled.” Elijah reminds.

“Come now, brother! You and I both know there are no such thing as cold ones! We’ve been around for centuries! There’s something fishy about her entire story? And that sparkling in the sun… Please! I almost gagged! Did you see the way she got all dreamy eyed in memory of that?!’

“At the memory, Niklaus.” He reminds once more.

“And we all know a vampire cannot reproduce! It’s never been done! It can’t be done!”
“But it has been done… and everything she says is the truth.”

“The truth to her anyhow…” Kol says and they both lift their eyes towards him.

“Think about it… Doesn’t this all seem… Well romanticized?”
“How so?” Elijah curiously inquires.

“Just some parts of it. Especially when it came to this coven as she called them. And it all seemed to center around this Edward fella, mainly speaking.”

“That it did.” Klaus says with a nod in agreement.

“I noticed that as well. It seemed he and this Carlisle played a lot of key events in this young lady’s life.”

“You know what I find hard to believe?” Kol states with a smirk.

“That honeymoon and how she described it. Bloody hell, scratch that even… She and this lad’s entire relationship. They were on that island for a month nearly. They had sex one time? He knocks her up on the first go? They spent the rest of the time playing chess? I’d like to meet this bloke. He must be the real life of the party.” Kol sarcastically remarks.

“Yes, there’s something extremely off about the entire relationship. Three years…” Elijah utters and leans back as if trying to piece together a puzzle.

His brothers nodded upon one another in silence. Elijah’s veins suddenly appeared and they were spreading about his face. He’d this look of absolute disgust and hatred about him.

“He sounds as if a boy masquerading around as a man, rather than a century old vampire. Does he not understand the significance behind this child? The rarity even?! And he wishes to rid of the child?! He even refers to the infant as a monster and abomination?! His own flesh and blood! And to speak of letting another man bed with his wife?! That my brothers, is not a man. A man would not say such things! Nor would he think them! He obviously knows nothing when it comes to family. Then again he does not even see the child as such. He doesn’t even see the being within her as a child because of its vampire lineage. He’s nothing more than a hypocrite.”
“Yes it truly seems so. Truly go back and think about some of the things she said about the bloke! He seems to have a problem against his own kind. He even loathes the idea of being a vampire.”

“You know who he reminds me of right?” Klaus says with a mischievous grin.

“Young Salvatore…” Elijah declares with a wrinkled nose.

Klaus and Kol nod.

“Yes, he most certainly does. The two certainly share at least the two main things in common. They loath the idea of being vampires and they chose a rather appalling diet!” Kol agrees.

Rebekah did as Elijah wanted. Meanwhile Bella was looking around the bedroom in marvel. It made up three of her bedroom back in Forks. It was gorgeous. The furniture was a solid red cherry oak. The bed was a good King size. The color scheme was burgundy and gold throughout the room.

“Bath is ready, love.” Bella nodded.

“I’ll leave you to it then.”

Rebekah started out the door but stopped before she exited the room.
“It took some guts doing what you did. I admire that. I’d have done the same thing if I were in your shoes. May the bastards all rot in hell…”

Bella turned just as she left the room. She took in a breath on this. She began to undress and entered the adjoining bathroom. The tub itself was a Jacuzzi and she’d never seen a bathroom this luxurious in her entire life. Bella felt very small all of a sudden. Everything about this place… Even the Mikaelsons themselves. Made her feel somewhat intimidated, even more so than she was around the Cullens. And she thought the Cullens were surrounded in extravagant things… She half laughed to herself in thought. However once she climbed into the tub, that laughter turned into tears. Once they came, she thought she’d never stop.

“She’s all set up.”
“Thank you, Rebekah.”

She nodded and began digging through the kitchen. As if reading her mind Elijah held out a hundred dollar bill whilst he was leaning against the counter.

“You can’t be serious.”
He shrugged.

“She’s going to need some sort of substance.”

“And you can’t send Kol or Nik because?”

He doesn’t answer and merely starts to walk away.

“And what if I was to say no?!”

“You won’t.” He calls out assuredly.

She rolls her eyes and grabs her purse. She struts on out and heads towards the front door. Elijah was sitting at his recliner reading one of his books.

“She’s not my human you know…”
He raises his brows on this and flips through a page.

“Time is a factor, Rebekah.”

Once Bella finishes her bath she puts on the clothes Rebekah had laid out for her. She could tell they must’ve been Rebekah’s. She slipped on the white tank top and black V-neck shirt. The pants fit but barely, they were awfully snug. Bella couldn’t believe how rapidly things were taking place. There was just no way this was normal. She just prayed that the baby would be alright.

Before exiting the bedroom, she pulled back the curtains. The snow was thicker than ever and still falling. She couldn’t help but to find the view somewhat breathtaking. Though she was never a big fan of snow. She preferred to be somewhere else. Phoenix came to mind. Thoughts of her lying out in the sun. Something she’d greatly missed. She shrugged to herself in thought. Then of course Charlie came to mind. That knot formed within her throat. Bella staggered back painfully.

“Dad…” She whispered.

There was no forgiving herself for this. How could she? The one thing she truly feared when it came to her relationship with the Cullens. She’d always did her best to ignore. Because of that Charlie paid the price. On this note, Bella laid down on the bed. She buried her face into one of the pillows. That’s where she remained the rest of the night.

The next morning, Bella timidly made her way down the stairs.

“Ah, do I detect the human lurking about!” Kol called out.

Elijah lifted his eyes towards Bella as she enters the living area. She nodded towards him respectfully. He nodded in return and put down his book.

“Good morning, Isabella.”
“Good morning…” She replied feeling awkward still.

“Would you like some breakfast perhaps?”
She reached to her tummy in thought and nodded. Elijah smiled and came to his feet.

“Aren’t you going to ask me to fetch it for her?” Rebekah smarted.

“Is that what you wish?”

“Not particularly.”

Elijah cut Bella a wink and led her into the kitchen. He pulled out a chair at the island for Bella. After he got her seated, he began to take out certain items, from the fridge and counters. Such as eggs, bacon, and pancake mix.
“You don’t have to do that. I can cook.”
He nods but keeps setting everything up.

“I do not doubt that. Nevertheless, you are our guest.” He says rather dismissively.

Bella groaned to herself. Elijah cut her a rather odd look as he’d overheard her. She lifted the shirt she was borrowing ever so slightly. She got this wide eyed and blushed look to her face. Her eyes closed for instant.

“What is it?”
“Nothing…” She quickly lowers the shirt.

She hurriedly hops off the stool, gathering the button that had popped off the pants. Swiftly as possible, she stuffed it into the pocket. Keeping in mind to find a way to sew it back on, before Rebekah found out.

“I thought that perhaps after you’ve had breakfast. I could take you into town. Get you whatever you need.”
“Sir, I…” He sits down a plate of pancakes, eggs, and bacon, before her.

She looked upon him wondering how he did that so fast. Not even Edward cooked that fast on the rare occasions that he did. Klaus swooped in behind her and pecks her on the cheek.

“Morning, love!”

Klaus plops down in a seat beside her. He places an arm around her and whispers in her ear. Elijah, naturally hearing everything.

“I’m a vampire, love. But let’s just say I have a bit more of a wild side. Far more than that of my brothers. Do keep that in mind.” He swipes a piece of bacon from her plate and rushes out the back door.

Bella raises her brows towards Elijah.

“I’ve been meaning to get that one neutered.”

To Elijah’s amazement she actually giggled.

“I can see why.”

He found her smile quite stunning. In fact, when he’d first set eyes on her he was rather taken back. Her eyes were the first thing he’d noticed. Gorgeous deep brown eyes… even now as he gazed upon them that’s exactly what went through his mind. It was very rare for Elijah to ever take notice of such things. He’d been scorned by women one too many times. So he did his best to steer clear and keep himself distracted from anything of the sort. He truly believed that women had a way of making you vulnerable. Or love for that matter. All it ever led to was pain. Like in Bella’s case… Elijah too had learned that the very ones you love the most. Are the ones that have the most power… when it comes to hurting you.

“Thank you.” Bella said once she finished her plate.

It felt good to be able to finally hold something down. She didn’t feel nauseas like usual.

“You’re quite welcome.” He replies and grabs her dishes and starts to rinse them off.

During this, he noticed how Bella took off her wedding ring and was looking upon it. She balled up her hand around it after too long.

“Do you know of a place I can hawk this?” She softly asks.

Elijah places the dishes in the dishwasher and dries off his hands. He nods as glances upon the ring. She reaches over and places the ring in his hand. Elijah raised his brows on this. He could tell just from looking, it was a very expensive wedding ring.

“I’ve a few places in mind.”

He goes to hand it back. She recoils from it.

“Please just…” She looks upon it as if it were cursed.

“Just hold on to it for me.”

Elijah nodded and pocketed the ring. Bella came to her feet, but just as she did the baby give her a good jab. She staggered back at the pain.

“Are you alright?”

Before she could answer another painful jab spread across her abdomen. She gasped out and choked back. Elijah appeared by her side and helped her to couch in the living room. She wasn’t nauseas this time. But she’d turned awfully pale, and her eyes watered, as the pain coursed through her. Elijah tilted his head about in wonder.

“May I?” He inquired motioning towards her belly.

She went to answer but arched back in pain. He took in breath and raised her shirt. He put his hand upon her abdomen. The child within was overly active. Elijah thought back to the way she acted when he’d fed her.

“Half breed…” He uttered softly in thought.

He nodded and once again took off his blazer. He rolled up his sleeve and sat beside her. She looked upon him wide eyed as he bit down on his wrist. Elijah went to put it to her lips.

“What are you doing?!”

“It is my belief that the child within your womb is hungry.”
“But I just ate…”
“We’ve to keep in mind that the child is half vampire.”
Bella’s jaw dropped in thought.

“Besides you were too out of it to remember. But you’ve fed from me once already. It seemed to appease the child.”
Before she has time to argue this he places his wrist to her mouth. Once the drops of blood hit against her tongue, she was gone. She looked to Elijah as she drank in shock. She couldn’t believe she was drinking the blood of a vampire. Wait blood? Vampires bleed? What the fuck is going on? She had so many questions but at the moment. All she could focus on was the way he tasted. How she couldn’t get enough. She couldn’t even describe it. Like his blood was simply the best thing her taste buds had ever experienced. To think blood used to make her queasy. Here she was drinking it as though she were a damn vampire herself. Her entire body felt at sudden ease and this odd euphoric feeling washed over her. Amongst other thoughts as well, ones that had her blushing. That just came with it though. There was nothing either of them could do on the matter. Considering they found one another quite attractive, it was their bodies’ natural response to the situation.

Elijah struggled as well. He leaned back and shut his eyes stifling a moan. It didn’t help that when she drank from him, he could constantly feel her tongue lapping along him. But it wasn’t just that. Her hand was clamped around his wrist and she was softly moaning. He’d not dare say a word on the matter. He’d not vex her in such a way. But as a man it still messed with his frame of mind. He rather liked the sound of her moans. The familiar veins formed along his face. Elijah thirstily swallowed back and gently brought her other wrist to his mouth. Something within him felt the need to complete the bond. After all she and the child within her already had his blood in their systems. She let out a more significant moan as his fangs punctured through. Her back arched off the couch once again. Elijah’s eyes damn near rolled back. He’d never tasted anything as succulent as she. The scent of her arousal only added to the experience and it was completely maddening. Her lips parted from his wrist. Elijah forced himself to stop as well. Bella’s hadn’t even realized he’d been feeding from her until she looked over and witnessed him licking her clean.

Once they finished he wiped her mouth clean with his kerchief. Bella’s entire body flushed over as she realized what had truly taken place. She quickly rose and cleared her throat. Elijah handed her his kerchief. She coyly accepted it and wiped the remains of blood from her lips.

“So you bleed?” He heard her whisper.

“Don’t we all?”

“They didn’t…” She hints.

“Hmmm…” He hums not sure what else to say on the matter.

Bella nodded and sat up straight lowering her shirt back down. She narrowed her eyes realizing, Elijah was right. The baby seemed content now. She could feel the movement but it wasn’t anything but mere flutters now. But that wasn’t the only realization. She’d not only fed from Elijah but he’d fed from her as well.

“And their bites were venomous… so much so you’d either die or become a vampire yourself.” Elijah softly reinstates remembering her story. As if he knew what she was already thinking about.

At this he rose.

“Whenever you are ready, Isabella. Let me know…” He hints about going into town.

“Just Bella.”
“Pardon?” He says just before entering the kitchen.

“Everyone calls me Bella.”

He smiles but keeps his back towards her.

“Everyone you say?”


He nods without another word.

Elijah opens the car door for Bella once she steps outside. She took in a breath and made her way over. He drove a shiny black Lincoln MKZ from the looks of it one of the newer models. She thought about Carlisle’s car for some reason and half laughed. Elijah raised his brows on his as he escorted her on in. He shut the door and appeared at the driver’s side and climbed on in.

His car still had that new car smell to it and it was flawless throughout. She thought about her little red Chevy back home. Part of her missed it… but thinking of that truck… made her think of Charlie. He was constantly having things done to that truck in order to keep it running and keep her safe. Then the image damn near slapped her she put a hand to her heart as it began to replay over and over in her mind. Snap… snap… snap… Over and over torturously she watched as Edward snapped her father’s neck. She could still hear the sound. Her hands balled up and she leaned back trying to catch her breath.

“Easy now…” Elijah softly said.

She nodded and he gave her a few moments to collect herself.

“We don’t have to do this today…”
“I’m fine… I’ll be fine.”

He nodded but looked concern. He went ahead and put the car into drive, nevertheless.

Bella stepped out of the dressing room in one of the dresses Elijah had picked out. He ended up having to take matters into his own hands. She wouldn’t pick out anything. He soon learned that Bella absolutely loathed shopping. Making the first woman he’d ever encountered that had. So he took it upon himself to pick out several outfits. Along with some bras, panties, shoes etc…

Elijah immediately came to his feet. He’d been waiting at one of the benches within the shopping center they were in. He swallowed back rather amazed. The dress was a light pink with a lacey pink rose pattern. She wore a white cashmere like cardigan over it. She also had on a pair of white one inch heels on.

He motioned for her to do a turnabout. He tilted his head as she spun around. Perfect was the word that went through his mind over and over. The look on her face however read misery.

“Are we done now?”
“You’ve only tried on the one outfit.” He remarks still taken back by how striking she truly was.

“But they are all the same size and mostly dresses.” She replies with a wrinkled nose.

“Do you not like them?”
“It’s not that it’s just…”

“I was never one to wear dresses.”
“I figured with the pregnancy dresses would be the easier and most comfortable of choices. And I must admit… You look ravishing in that dress. It seems to suit you, Isabella.”

She nods but looked to be blushing. Something Elijah found rather adorable but wouldn’t dare comment.

“Thank you…” She whispers reservedly and rushes back into the dressing room.

Elijah wondered if her husband even bothered with such compliments. She truly seemed as though she hadn’t hardly any confidence in herself. That somewhat bothered Elijah. How could someone that beautiful not see it for themselves?

She stepped out before long. He nodded in approval. Once again he had her spin around. He nodded to himself in full on approval. It was a gray and blue jumpsuit dress.

“Absolutely stunning…”

She nods but rushes back into the dressing room. Elijah chuckled to himself. As she continued to try on different outfits, he grabbed her a few pair of maternity pants and blouses. He then helped her carry the items to the register. Bella’s eye widen once she saw just how much the pile was building.

“Maybe we should put some stuff back.”
“Why would we do that?”

“Because it’s too much.”

“I do not believe there is such a thing when it comes to a woman and her wardrobes.”

Her eyes widened even more as the cashier scanned the first dress. It ringed up $200.00. Bella clung onto his arm as if she’d pass out. She even made a choking back sound.

“Is there like a Walmart or Target around perhaps?”

He laughs but curled his lip rather appalled once he realized she was serious.

“Holy shit!” She uttered looking to the cashier as if she’d just robbed them.

“Are you kidding me! $300.00 for one dress!”

“Isabella…” Elijah softly said trying to coax her into calming down.

“Why don’t you go sit over there?” He pointed to the area outside in the actual mall part.

The next dress was ringed up and she made a gasping sound. He sighed as another outfit was ringed up and she whimpered and clung onto him, as if this was a life threatening matter.

The woman cut Bella an odd look. Bella merely stared as the prices continued to build and she felt like she’d faint once the total came about. Elijah chuckled once again and handed his card over. The total was just under six thousand dollars.
“I need to sit down.”

He nodded and hurriedly grabbed her things. He sat her at one of the benches outside. She truly was hyperventilating on him.

“You have my wedding ring right?”

He nodded once again wondering what that had to do with anything.

“Is there a place in this mall in which to sell it?”
“I’ve one in mind. But you shouldn’t concern yourself with that at the moment.”

“Can you take me there?”

“Why don’t you sit and relax for a bit? Once I get these loaded into the car. I will take you there.”

“Thank you.”

Once he’s done, Elijah takes her by the hand and leads her there. When they arrive he takes the ring out from his pocket. He hadn’t realized how it would look. They were hand in hand. The slight bump already showing signs of pregnancy in her new dress.

“Oh aren’t you two just adorable!”

Elijah and Bella cut the woman a confused look.

“Oh and you’re expecting!”

Bella gazed upon Elijah, with that wide eyed expression again.

“Actually he’s…” Bella was about to say.
“Yes we are madam.”

Bella’s jaw dropped.

“Isabella my sweet, why don’t you look around see if there’s anything you’d like.”

She gawked upon him in disbelief.

“Our anniversary is coming up.” He says with a warm smile.

“Oh how lovely.”
“Yes going on three years now.”

“Oh how blessed.”

Bella couldn’t believe the shit that was pouring out of Elijah’s mouth. Why was he saying all these things? And he seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself.

“But you see we are with child now…”

What is he doing? Why is he saying these things? Bella tried to make out the rest of what he was saying but he was damn near whispering now and his eyes were locked onto the woman’s. Next thing she knew the woman smiled and nodded. She took he ring into the back. Elijah turned back towards Bella with a smile.
“See anything you like?”
“What are you doing?” She hisses.

He shrugs and leans against the counter. The woman returns before long with a check in hand.

“Thank you.” Elijah says.

“No, thank you. It was a pleasure doing business with you.”

He nods and makes his way over to Bella. He once again takes her by the hand. He waits until they’re out in the parking lot. Then he hands her the check.

“Are you fucking kidding me?”

Elijah raises his brows. The check was for fifty grand.

“How did you?”
“As I said… the ring was quite expensive.”

“There is no way it was worth this much!”

He shrugs and opens the car door once they get there.

“What did you do? I mean how did you do that? She didn’t even ask for your ID or have you sign anything.”

“You my dear have a lot to learn about vampires.” He whispers before shutting her door.

After he gets in the car…

“I can take you to where we bank. We’ll have them open you an account. Your money will be safe there.”
“But I don’t have any ID.”
“Once again… so much to learn. Just follow my lead. We’ll get you situated in no time.”

Just as promised… They were sitting in one of the offices. They had her all set up and signing papers. When they were done, Bella looked to the man.

“I wish to take out six thousand and put it into his account.”

Elijah narrowed his eyes on this.

“Um sure, we can do that.”
“Would you excuse us for just a moment?” Elijah said looking somewhat peeved.

“Do you honestly believe I want your money? That any of today is about getting something out of you?”

Bella looked confused, “Then why….”

“Maybe it’s my pride as a vampire, seeing what was done to you by others of my kind. I may be a monster but I still like to think myself a gentleman, some things just aren’t done. Maybe it’s for the life growing in you right this moment, pure and innocent. Maybe I’m just fond of you Isabella…perhaps one doesn’t always need an answer. After all, it is the Christmas season.”

With tears in her eyes “Wow. I don’t know if this is a trick or not, but thank you Elijah.”

After they left the bank, Elijah decided to give her a bit of a tour. He pointed out some things around the city and went over its history etc… Bella heard the sense of pride in his voice as he talked about New Orleans. Elijah was a man of pride. When it came to his family, city, or who he was in general. Something she found herself admiring about him. She loved hearing him talk and with such conviction.

Once he was done with his little tour of the city. He pulled up to a restaurant. And once again Bella gets that look of shock about her.

“Emeril’s?” She utters to herself.

Elijah didn’t comment. He stepped out of the car and walked around. He opened her door and escorted her into the restaurant. Once again Bella found herself astonished as she looked around. The hostess led them to a table an Elijah automatically pulled out a chair for her. Once he got her situated he sat down as well.

She looked at the menu then lifted her eyes toward Elijah. He straightens his tie, already knowing.

“Order whatever you wish.”

“I don’t even know what half of this stuff is.” She admits with a whisper.

Elijah laughed.

“I’m serious. What if I end up ordering oysters or something?” She says with a curled lip of disgust.

“Well chances are if it says oysters then that is what they are.”
She smirks at this and shakes her head.


“Perhaps if I made a few suggestions and you could pick from those?”

“Perhaps.” She mocks with a rather playful mien.

Elijah raised his brows on this and sipped on his wine. Bella sipped her tea with that grin still about her face.

“Hmmm…” Elijah hummed with slight amusement.

He began to suggest a few things he figured she might enjoy. Bella picked from one of those items. Before long the waiter made his way over and took their orders and menus.

“If I end up with oysters or snails…” She says in a threatening matter.

“I do not believe snails are one of their specialties. And you didn’t say anything about snails.” He taunts.

Bella merely sighs.
During their lunch Elijah and Bella shared stories. She shared some about her time in Arizona and in Washington. Elijah spoke of Virginia and Louisiana. They also mentioned some of the friends or people they’d met over the years. There were mentions of Mike, Angela, Eric, and others around Forks and a few of her old friends from Phoenix. Elijah had names such as Caroline, Stefan, Damon, Alaric, Elena etc… Only they both seemed to stay away from hurtful ones of the past. She didn’t mention any of the Cullens or Jacob Black even. He kept anything about Katerina, Tatia, Celeste etc… to himself.

Bella praised the food as well. She thoroughly seemed to enjoy herself. They even shared a bit of laughter off and on about some of the other’s stories. Ones in particular that had Bella laughing were about Klaus or Rebekah.

However Elijah deep down was growing more and more irate. But it had nothing to do with her in particular. He knew they were being watched. And they had been since the mall, when they first visited the jewelry store. He was doing his best not to draw any attention to the situation. And kept his annoyance at bay, for the sake of Bella.

Elijah wanted to test this theory even more as he glanced upon the certain individual. Once he and Bella finished their lunch, he escorted her to the car. Elijah phoned Klaus. He was making arrangements for Klaus to meet them at a certain area. Where he would take over and get Bella home safely.

Once he made these arrangements he hung up. He drove to one of the other market places. He and Bella looked around, mainly at the Christmas decorations. They continued to look around as he awaited Klaus. Bella picked up a tree decoration she thought Rebekah might enjoy. However her eyes darted towards another decoration. The one Elijah was currently holding. It was a baby angel sleeping inside a stalking, with head was peeking out. The entire ornament was white ceramic except the top portion of the stalking, it was fluffy. It read, Baby’s First Christmas.

She raised her brows as he was actually taking it to the register.

“Elijah, I’m only a month along!” Everyone around them looked upon her as if she were crazy, considering she looked about four months along already.

Elijah merely smiled.

“I think it’s safe to say you’re further than that, my dear.”

“You really think the baby will be born by then?”

He nods with a confident look. Her eyes widen in thought and she ran her hands along her tummy. She felt slightly panicked on this.

“How is that possible?” He heard her mutter under her breath.

“Doing a little Christmas shopping, are we?”

Bella turned to see Klaus with a certain beam to him. He handed her a dozen red roses and winked upon her. Elijah shook his head on this but didn’t comment.

“Are you ready, love?”

Bella glanced back to Elijah confused.

“I have something’s in which to take care of. Niklaus will be taking you home now.”

Elijah walked with them outside. Niklaus opened the door to his car. Before she got in Elijah took her by the hand. He merely kissed it and looked upon his brother.

“I’ll be there shortly.”

Klaus narrowed his eyes wondering what Elijah was up to.

“No rush brother, I’m sure we’ve something’s in mind in which to keep entertained.” Klaus said as he gathered Bella inside.

“Niklaus…” Elijah scorns.

Klaus chuckles to himself and darts on into his car. Elijah sighs as his brother peels out of the area.

Elijah purposely starts towards a more secluded area. Knowing they would follow him there.

He clears his throat and keeps his back towards them at first.

“And how has your day been so far, Mr. Cullen?”

He smirks hearing the vampire hiss out. He casually turns, facing him.

“You should know, I’m not fond of this little game in which you’ve decided to play.”
Edward curls his upper lip and points upon Elijah.

“She is MY WIFE!”

Elijah nods and adjusts the sleeves to his blazer.

“That maybe Mr. Cullen. However your wife left you, and for some excessive reasons!”

Edward sneers at this.

“There was just the one! It’s that thing… And you’re only feeding her simplemindedness on this! That thing will KILL HER!”

“Your wife hardly strikes me as someone that is simpleminded. You on the other hand…”

“You need to express to her that this child cannot be!”

“Mr. Cullen! You are starting to push a very fine line. You haven’t any idea who you’re dealing with.”
“I know that you’re another vampire. Just what she needs too…”

“I’m not just a vampire. I’ve been around for quite sometime. You see while you’ve been out masquerading as a man and fooling young ladies such as that beautiful wife of yours. I’ve been places and seen things that you couldn’t even imagine! You’re just a boy! You haven’t any business with a woman such as Isabella. She’s above your league by far. I don’t know what all tricks you had up your sleeves. But I happen to believe you somehow forced all of this upon her. You see I know all about you and your so called coven. I know everything about your relationship since the day you first met. You have her believing that you’re a different breed of vampires! That you feed of animals and sparkle in the sun. And all of this business with the Volturi as she referred to them. That’s all… LIES! MR. CULLEN! ALL OF IT, AND YOU KNOW IT! THE ONLY VAMPIRES THAT HAVE BEEN AROUND THAT LONG ARE THE ORIGINALS! AND I MR. CULLEN AM CURRENTLY THE ELDEST OF MY SIBLINGS! WE ARE THE ELDEST VAMPIRES THAT WALK THE FACE OF THIS EARTH. THIS VOLTURI YOU SPEAK OF ARE NOTHING BUT IMPOSTERS AND SO IS YOUR ENTIRE COVEN! NOW IF YOU’RE SMART YOU WILL TURN AWAY NOW! YOU WILL LEAVE MY CITY AT ONCE. YOU WILL NOT COME NEAR ISABELLA OR HER CHILD AGAIN! TO GO AGAINST MY WISHES WILL SERVE IN FURTHER CONSEQUENCES AND BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY YOU WILL SUFFER! NOW OUT OF MY FACE MR. CULLEN! GO BACK HOME! FIND YOURSELF A CORNER AND HAVE A GOOD CRY. AFTER ALL, YOU’RE JUST A BOY, ARE YOU NOT?!”







15 thoughts on “Chapter 1: A Bloody Gentleman”

  1. Shhh… I’m reading instead of writing! Yours, sistah and Cuinawen’s are all to be devoured. So glad that you’re writing a Bella/Elijah – you know I’ve been dying for it and you do not disappoint, lady! Love this so hard!

  2. Love this so much! Elijah and Klaus are just too awesome for words.
    My heart is breaking for Bella, can not believe Charlie is gone. So glad she ran to save her child and herself.

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