Chapter 3: The First Noel

Chapter 3: The First Noel

I checked I still do not own Twilight, The Originals, Or Vampire Diaries. Not even the characters. But I own the premise in which I’ve written.

Elijah looked towards the ceiling, sensing Bella was finally asleep.

“And there she is!” Kol called out as Rebekah finally entered the house.

“Good, then we can begin.”
“Begin?” She inquires as she takes off her jacket and hangs it up.

“It seems our dear brother has called forth a family meeting. Now hurry it up I haven’t all bloody night.”

Rebekah rolls her eyes upon Klaus. Once Rebekah takes her seat, Elijah begins to go over his concerns. Ones about the infant and Bella…

“And what is it you’re suggesting brother?”
Elijah sighs and leans back in his seat for a moment.

“I believe we need a witch.”

Klaus half laughs in mockery.

“A witch? Are you mad? What witch is going to help with the deliverance of a hybrid child? Maybe to put a curse upon the infant or downright kill it!”
“I’ve had those concerns myself, Nicklaus. However I feel her chances of survival would be better if we had an outer source. One more experienced on such matters. I’ve also been reading mother’s grimoire. There is much to go over.”
“And what witch is going to be experienced on this, Elijah? We’ve been around for centuries and we’ve never heard of such a case.”
Elijah nods.

“I do believe it has something to do with Bella. Something about her genetics… whatever it is rare indeed. But perhaps we should do more research on the matter. See what it is we can find. Whatever we can do to help.”
“Are you suggesting that she’s one in a million, in which vampires can bred with?”

Elijah nods with a hint of a grimace.

“Do you know what this means?”

“I’m quite aware, Niklaus.”
“Someone’s awfully touchy on the matter.”

“We cannot have this information getting out. We all know the possible outcome.”

“And what are your plans with the human afterword?”
Elijah snaps a look upon his brother. Klaus had that daunting smile about him.

“Most certainly not what you’re thinking…”
“But you do realize the potential?”

Elijah grinded his teeth together.

“She is a woman Niklaus. Show some respect…”

“You cannot even sit there and tell me that the thought occurred to you.”

He shakes his head on this.

“Tell me Niklaus is this to do with family or power? Or are you getting the two confused again? I have made a vow. One in which I plan to keep. Do not test me.”

“That would be your first thoughts? Now wouldn’t it. Ah, Niklaus… always…” Klaus says tapping at his temple with a single finger.

“If I were so inclined… I’d not care about your feelings on the matter. Once she was done having this child, I’d merely have my way with her and take care of business myself!”

Rebekah’s jaw dropped. Kol raised his brows in disbelief on the bullocks his brother had to dare speak to Elijah that way. Within seconds Klaus was pinned back against the wall. Elijah had his hand in his chest. Klaus laughs even behind the agonizing pain of Elijah’s hand being wrapped around his heart. Elijah looked him in the eyes.

“If you were to ever touch her in such a way… brother or not… You would suffer more than I’ve ever made anyone suffer in my entire existence. And you know I’m a man of my word. Now if you would sit down!” Elijah jerks his hand back and forces Klaus into a recliner.

Elijah takes out his kerchief and wipes his brother’s blood off his hand.

“And that brother was a test!” Klaus says behind laughter.

“This was a new shirt by the way! Bella picked it out for me! She won’t like this one bit!”

Elijah raises a brow his way as he takes his seat once again.

“Test?” Kol and Rebekah chorus.

“Ah, yes…and he reacted just the way I expected. It seems our brother is in love. Something he once swore he’d never allow again.”

“Well that was bloody quick… she’s been here what? Maybe three weeks?” Kol smarts.

“Yes, that is something we’d more or less expect out our dear love crazed sister!”

“Shut it, you fuckwit.”

“Could we get back to the actual reason for this meeting now?”
“Ah, yes the witch hunt.”

Klaus had that certain look about him though. One Elijah knew all too well.

“You know of one don’t you?”

Klaus shrugs.
“I know of one, but it’s rather complicated.”

“Complicated as in?”

“As in I had better get started.”

“Niklaus…” Elijah says in a warning like air.
“He owes me.” Klaus says as if in another world at the moment.

“A boy huh?”
Bella nods confidently as Elijah had his arms wrapped around her. His hands ran along her tummy.

“You’re so sure?”

“Hmmm…” Elijah kissed along her shoulder.

“And have you a name picked out?”
She sighs.
“I must’ve thought of a million different names and I still can’t decide on one.”

“It’ll come to you within time.”

“Are you ready, lovey?” Kol inquired as he peeked into the baby room.

“Ready?” Elijah asks curiously.

“That’s right! We’re going out and you’re not invited!” Kol fires back, whilst holding out an arm for her.

Bella softly giggles.


Bella nods and makes her way over to Kol. She takes his arm and on the way out. Kol turns and unnervingly wiggles his brows towards Elijah.

“Dinner was great. Thank you.”

Kol nods but looked downright bored. He tapped his finger along his fork as they waited for the ticket.

“I was wondering when I’d get a thank you. After all, you’ve not once complimented me on how strikingly handsome I am.”

Bella smiled on this but shook her head.

“I’ll admit you certainly resemble your brother.”

“Was that almost a compliment, darling?”

“How long has it been since you killed anyone…” She whispers in a teasing matter taking notice of his bored façade.

He cocks a brow upon her and sips at his wine, before answering.

“A few days at least.”

“I figured, you’re tweaking.”

Kol actually has a good laugh at this. He leans back in his seat and finishes his glass of wine.

“You’re a pretty little thing aren’t you? Sharp tongue too… But why a bloke like my brother? He doesn’t strike me as your type.”

“And what would my type be?” She asks curiously.

He tilts his head looking about the restaurant.

“There. There he is. Clever looking, fella.”
“Ew! Kol!”

He laughs as she wrinkled her nose at the obese man blowing his nose at the table.

“Alright how about…” He points upon another table.

“That mate is certainly something.”

Her jaw drops as the guy he was pointing to had two women in his lap and they were feeding him.

“Perhaps he’s looking for a third.”
Bella tosses a sugar packet at him.

“The myths I believe say garlic…”
She rolls her eyes.

“Very well you’re quite picky, when it comes to choosing a lover. Considering the circumstances you haven’t much room in which to be!”

“You’re such an ass.”

“And there’s that tongue again.”

The waiter comes and lays down their ticket.

“It’s ok like my older brother I’m all for feminist rights.” He slides the ticket over.

“I’ll be the perfect gentlemen and let you pay.”

She shakes her head and slides the ticket back over.

“I don’t think so considering you ordered a meal twice the size of mine and two desserts.”

“I was ordering for two!”

“I thought I was the one with child.”
“And just who do you presume I was ordering them for?”

She sighs and took out the pocket watch she’d got Elijah. She timidly handed it over.

“And what is this?”
“I was wondering what you thought?”
“I’m not really the pocket watch sort of guy, but thanks, darling!”

“It’s not for you.”

“I shall hope not.” He says looking to the engraving on the back.

Time has a funny

way of showing

us what truly matters

With deepest affections, Isabella

“I’m not so sure how my dear brother would feel if it were! A shame though, love. You haven’t a clue what you’re missing out on.”

“Ugh, now you sound like him…”


“You know who.”
“Ah, Nik…”

“That’d be him.”

“Hmmm… just being honest. You’ll find my older brother quite dreary and boring before long.”

“Why because he’s not out on a killing spree once a week.”
“Now poppet… That’s at least twice a week if not more. And precisely… you seem like woman that’s in dire need of adventure… some darkness even perhaps.”

“I’m good thank you.”

“Well you can’t say I didn’t try…” He cuts her a wink and rises.

“Aren’t you going to pay?”
He laughs as if she were joking. Kol places her jacket back on. He then takes her by the arm and escorts her back out.

“Can I have the watch back now?”
He sighs.

“I suppose…”

Kol taunts her by holding it up so she can’t reach it as they head to the car.


“Give that back, it’s expensive.”

Her eyes widen and she quickly covered her mouth. Kol turned around eyeing her with mischief about his face.

“Is it now?”
“Kol…” She practically whimpers.

“You can’t tell him please. Now just give it back.”


Bella swallowed back and came to a complete halt. She knew that voice. Kol narrowed his eyes upon the individual.

“And you are?”
“I can’t believe it. I…”

Emmett started towards her and Kol immediately stopped him with one hand about his chest.

“Believe me, mate. You don’t want to do that. One touch, that’s all it takes. Heed my warning.”

“What are you doing here?”
“I came to talk some sense into you that’s what.”

He nods with a wounded expression about his face.

“I just never imagined that you’d be this far along already. Are you alright?”

“I’m perfectly fine. But you shouldn’t be here.”

He sighs.

“Bella, please I’m only here to help.”

Emmett noticed how she seemed to be looking around for the others as well.

“It’s just me Bella. I promise. The others don’t even know I’m here.”
Kol smirks devilishly on this with thoughts of his own. He drops his hand but watches Emmett’s every move.

“I missed you. Truth of the matter is we all do.”

“Emmett…” Bella says exasperatedly.

“Just come home. Please… I give you my word. No harm will come to you or the baby. Once the others see just how…”

Kol was merely waiting for it. The vampire kept inching his way over to Bella. Emmett placed a hand upon her belly and that was it. Kol nodded and Bella screamed out. Within a flash, Emmett’s head was rolling on the ground. She was covered in blood. Blood?! She thought even through her utter state of shock and panic. Kol rolled his eyes and hurriedly grabbed her. She continued to scream against his hand as he had it wrapped around her mouth. He shoved her into the back of the car and peeled out of the parking lot, but not before running over Emmett’s remains.

Once Kol got to the house he hopped of the car and appeared at her door. He opened it and Bella came out fists a flying.

“You bastard!”

Kol sighed with slight annoyance, as she was hitting him as hard as she could all the way to the door. When they entered the house she shoved him back with tears in her eyes. She had her purse and was beating him with it.

“You think you can hurt me?” He taunts.

Bella grits her teeth and reaches over and grabs him by the collar of his shirt.


“No… no, he wasn’t! He played the game just as well, lovey.”
“Game?! What game?!”

Elijah rushed down the stairs as he’d just come from the shower. In fact he was in a black robe and still wet.

“Oh come on! Are you really that blind?!”

Bella halls off and slaps him.

“No Isabella!” Elijah warns for her own safety. He appears between the two of them, knowing Kol’s temperament all too well.

“I wouldn’t ever do that again, if I were you!” Kol shouts and wipes the blood off his busted lip.


“Oh sure get all up in arms about me taking a life. But what about my dear brothers, when they took the life of your adoring mongrel?!”

“They what?”

Kol raises his brows with a hint of a smirk. He lifts his eyes towards Elijah.

“Oh I see now. They didn’t tell you, did they?”

Kol laughs.

“Hate to be the barrier of bad news. But your best friend and brother in law! They’re dead. And guess what?! It’s not going to end there. You haven’t the faintest idea what we’re capable of and where this is all going to lead. You wanted that baby of yours protected? Well sweetheart, we’re the Mikaelsons and we do things slightly different around here. It’s how things get done. And if you’re to become one of us… You had better get over yourself and quit being so bloody squeamish. So, get off that high horse of yours and quit acting as if you’re so bloody innocent! I’m not buying it!”

Bella flips him off and dashes on up the stairs. Elijah closes his eyes as she slams the door.

“What did you do, Kol?”
“I got her home! ALIVE AND SAFE! Isn’t that what matters?!”

Kol goes to walk away.

“Thank you…” He froze but kept his back turned.

“Did I hear you correctly?”

Elijah swallows back.

“Yes… however.”

Kol half laughs.

“Of course… there it is. That’s the brother I know.”

Elijah nods.

“You will not threaten her again. Do I make myself clear?”

“Crystal, as always.”

Kol vanishes at this and Elijah looks towards the stairs. He loosens his tie a bit and starts up them.

Elijah heard the shower going and he didn’t bother to knock like usual. He stepped on in. He could make out her silhouette. She was sitting in the tub as the shower was going. Once he made his way over and peeked inside. He saw her taking a washcloth to her body and scrubbing the hell out of it, trying to rid of the vampire’s blood.

“Blood… They bleed.” He heard her repeating as if in state of shock.

“Why do they bleed?”

He takes in a breath on this.

“Because they are not cold ones… Cold ones have never existed. There are vampires and then there’s us originals. We all bleed.”

She shook her head at his words.

“No… You don’t understand. Elijah I saw it for myself. Their skin it’s like marble. They don’t bleed. They…”

Elijah took off his robe and stepped on inside. Very gently he twirled her about, facing him.

“It was all lies, Isabella. I’m sorry to say, but you were manipulated into this vampire’s fantasies. You being one of them… He’s grown rather obsessed with you. All he did was create this illusion of his own perfect world. He had to… it was the only way he knew, in which to accept being who he is. The only way he could be with you or so he felt. From the very first day you two met. Edward Cullen had been compelling you. I saw right past it when you let me in. It is also my theory that he only claimed to be able to read other’s thoughts. As to why he also claimed he could not read yours. He didn’t want to run the risk of you challenging that theory. That and the added mystery and romantic notion behind it. The one “human” he cannot read. Wanting to give you this false sense of being somewhat special to him.”

“But how?! I mean… If you can see it within me… How come I haven’t? And why? Why would he fabricate this and how is that possible?!”

“As a vampire that’s been around for quite sometime. It is easy for me to recognize compulsion when I see it. He also had a coven backing up everything he did. Isabella my dear, they took advantage of you. They obviously shared the same sick pleasure your husband did in feeding you these deceptions. It seems they all played a part. Just as Kol was trying to explain to you. I happen to agree… Not a one of them were your friends. Do not fall for their tricks. You are above each and everyone of them. I will not apologize for the deaths of Mr. Black or your “theoretical” vampire friend.” She lowers her head on this.

Elijah sighs and reaches over cupping her chin.

“Look at me, beautiful one.” She lifts her eyes upon him with a wounded expression.
“Anyone that wishes you or this child harm will surely die. After all… you are family.”

Her heart melted at his words and she found herself in awe once again when it came to Elijah. Something to that was becoming more of a constant thing. For a man with so much darkness within him. He’d the biggest heart of anyone she’d ever known. Overcome with emotions she reached out and hugged the daylights out of him.

“Thank you. I love you.”

He smiled amongst himself as he held her in return.

“I love you, Isabella my sweet.”

“So now you wish to apologize?” Kol scoffs as Bella was doing her best to make amends.

She rolled her eyes and chucked an orange at him.
“Yeah no need to be a dick about it.”

“I find it fascinating that mouth of yours? Even more so that my brother puts up with it.” He taunts with a smirk and squeezes the orange in his hand. It crushes and juice squirts all over the place.

“Clean it up now.” Kol demands and he rises from the dining room table.
“Um, how about no!”
“You owe me remember?”
She sighs.

“I don’t owe you anything. Perhaps you need a lesson in manners.”

“Why? Because I’m not doting on you such as my siblings?”

“No, because you suck in general.”

“You do realize you’re the only one that’s ever truly gotten away with slapping me? I’m an original darling. I could snap you like a twig.”

Bella nods.

“Very true. However I doubt you’d survive the others once they found out.”

She bites into an apple and they eye one another. Kol shakes a finger upon her in a scolding manner.

“I can’t seem to figure it out.”
“What’s that?”
“Whether to call you brave or stupid.”
“You could just call me Bella.”

“And what would be the definition to that name? If I were to look it up.”
She smiles.
“Well Kol if you must know it means beauty. And yours means…dark such as coal itself. So I suppose it’s rather fitting if you think about it.”
“Ah, now who’s being vain, darling?”

Bella smiles and shrugs her shoulders.

“Well I could have gone with Isabella instead of Bella…”
“And that would be?”

“God’s perfection.”

Kol finds himself chuckling as she exits on this.

A few days later…

Elijah looked up from reading his mother’s grimoire. Bella had that painful expression about her face as she sat on the couch reading a book of her own. Elijah already knew. He cleared his throat. Bella lifted her eyes upon him. He nodded towards her and patted the area of his lap. Bella sat her book down and made her way over. The other Mikaelsons were out and about with their own business. Klaus was still out on his mission of finding a witch.

Elijah put down the grimoire and pulled Bella into his lap. His hands ran along her bare thighs as she was in one of her dresses. To her surprise Elijah brought her up against his neck as he kissed along hers.
“Go ahead…” He encouraged, bringing a hand against the back of her neck.

This was something they’d never done. She’d always fed from his wrist. The mere idea had Elijah so hard she could feel him pulsating through her dress. He let out a soft moan as she teased him with a lick at first. With his free hand he firmly gripped her ass. He started to grind her against him. Bella swallowed back, just before sinking her teeth into the flesh of his neck. Elijah moaned out greatly and his hips bucked off the recliner they were in. He rocked her about him as she continued to drink from him.

“My god…Isabella…” He grunted in a sexy mien, that Bella instantly soaking her panties.

Elijah unzipped the back of her dress, once she finished. He lowered the sleeves to her dress and straps to her bra. He pulled them down until her breasts were exposed. They were already engorged with milk. Elijah took it upon himself to relief some of her swelling. This was something else she’d never experienced. He licked and sucked on her pink nubs. Bella arched back as Elijah was lost in the moment. The nectar from her breasts was so sweet. And something about it was strangely erotic to him. He took his tongue and licked along her breasts and trailed up her neck. His lips eagerly found hers. Elijah lifted her up just enough to unfasten his slacks and get situated.

Bella gasped out as he impatiently ripped her panties off. He drove his entire length in. He had her riding him like there was no tomorrow. Her breasts were full of life. He’d sworn himself he’d never witnessed anything so erogenous. His teeth were gritted and he relentlessly worked her about him. Most women shied away when it came to their pregnancy, at least during sex. Not Bella. No, she never once tried to hide her belly or act repulsed by her own body. Elijah found that exceedingly sexy. Then again everything about her was. With or without child Bella was a very stimulating woman.

He felt her becoming even tighter below and grunted out in pleasure. She began moving about him more vigorously reaching her peek. Elijah was so roused by this he knew he wouldn’t be far behind.

He felt the warmth of her release and Elijah came instantly, it felt so good. They went into a heated kissing session afterword. Bella however saw the veins and darkness in his eyes as she slightly rose off him. Bella pulled back her hair in offering.

Elijah shook his head.

“I’ll be fine. You and the child need all the nourishment you can get. It won’t be long now…” He hints with a kiss and brought a gentle touch along her tummy.

“But you need to feed, Elijah.”

He smiled and caressed her cheek.

“And I will… Just not straightaway…” He replied pulling her up against his chest.

They froze hearing the carolers outside. Bella started giggling and he smiled already know. He’d overheard their conversation that day. He cleared his throat.

“How unexpected dinner has arrived. Shall I invite them in?”
“Elijah…” She snorted in thought. But couldn’t believe she was actually finding the humor behind that. Elijah took notice of her sudden frown and he couldn’t help but to chuckle.

Bella was helping Rebekah string up a new set of lights. The others had gone out and no matter what they did they couldn’t get them lit. They’d also purchased some baby clothes and a car seat during this time. Kol was out gallivanting. Elijah was reading through their mother’s grimoire. Klaus had been gone for a few days now. Elijah was beginning to wonder what was holding him up. Bella had already inquired about his whereabouts but he didn’t want to cause her concern. So he made it sound as if Klaus had gone to visit some friends. But he did it in a rather off handed way. So he wasn’t exactly lying. Elijah wasn’t one to really lie as it was.

Rebekah plugged in the new set of pretty gold lights. She and Bella took a moment to gawk upon the tree in awe.
“You were right the gold does look much better than the multicolored.” Rebekah remarked.

“Told you it would.”

Elijah lifted his eyes upon them with a slight smile. It seemed Bella and Rebekah was nearly inseparable as of late. Something he’d always felt his sister truly needed. A real friend for once, someone that wasn’t just out to get something in return or that would betray her. His sister had the worst luck when it came to men and friends in general.

“You two come hither now.” Rebekah called out.

Elijah narrowed his eyes and sat down the grimoire. Rebekah had her camera and cellphone about her.
“Come on, Elijah. I haven’t got all night.”

Rebekah already had Bella by the hand and was positioning her by the tree. Elijah came to his feet and walked on over. She then grabbed him by the arm and placed him beside Bella.

“Alright you two, smile, kiss, seem interested.”

Bella stifled a giggle.

“Seem interested?” Bella mocked Rebekah’s words.

Rebekah smiled and shook her head.

“Just do it, so I can take the bloody picture already!”

Elijah put his arm around Bella, Rebekah snapped the picture.

“Ok one more only this time, kiss her!”

Elijah raised his brows on this.

“Oh don’t be such a killjoy. Just kiss her!”

Bella’s eyes widen as Elijah swiftly grabbed ahold of her. He carefully dipped her back and kissed her. Rebekah laughed and took several pictures. Elijah brought her back up only the kiss lingered on.

“Alright you two we have plenty of rooms for that.”

Bella giggled as Elijah leaned into her ear and whispered.

“Quite tempting, my lady.”

He kissed her hand and went back to his seat.

“Have you done your shopping yet, Elijah?!” Rebekah probed curiously.

He pressed his lips together and shook his head.

“But you only have seven days left.”
“That’s more than enough time.” He replies with a shrug.

“See there that is proof that men do not evolve. He’s been around for millennia’s! And even he procrastinates.”
Bella laughed as she and Rebekah continued to decorate the room. Bella curiously turned the dial to one of the snow globes she was placing on the mantle of the fireplace. Rebekah was sitting up a little village display on the coffee table. The First Noel began playing. Bella smiled and sat it down.

“I never realized that one played music.” Rebekah admits.

Bella went to comment only she froze. Her eyes widened as she looked to the floor. There was a clear puddle directly beneath her and it continued to run down her legs. Rebekah and Elijah immediately snapped their heads her direction. They not only heard it but could smell it. Bella painfully bowed over, with her hands about her abdomen. Rebekah rushed over and braced Bella against her. Elijah appeared in front of Bella. He cupped her chin. Her eyes were watering due to the agony she was experiencing.

“Just breathe. Whatever you do, absolutely no pushing.”

She nods and he hurriedly scoops her up. Elijah rushes her up the stairs and to a room Rebekah had already set up, for when this day came. Bella arched back once he placed her on the bed. The mattress beneath the white sheets was covered in plastic. So was the rest of the furniture. Rebekah figured this to be a rather messy event.

Elijah hurriedly threw off his blazer. He ripped off his tie and rolled his sleeves up.

“I need you to phone Niklaus and see what’s taking him. Let him know we do not have much more time.”

Rebekah nods and darts out of the room. Bella groans out and her hands ball up into fist. Elijah swallows back and sits beside her.

“Elijah, just promise me that my son comes first. If it becomes a choice… He lives.”

“There will be no need for such choices. You BOTH will live.”
“Elijah please! Just promise me!” Hot tears streamed down her face.

“Everything I’ve done is for my son! He will always come first. My life is of no importance! HIS IS!”

“I beg to differ!”
Bella grits her teeth and grabs him by the collar.

“Dammit, Elijah!”

He sighs and presses his forehead against hers.

“I vowed to care for you both. I made clear I would treat your son as though he were my own. But if it is what you wish then so be it. I promise if it becomes a choice between lives. Your son will live on.”

She releases him and sighs as if in relief. Elijah however was fighting to keep his composure. He didn’t want to lose either of them. The mere idea of Bella dying caused him emotions he’d never thought he’d feel again. He thought about Celeste and Tatia, he quickly turned away from Bella. He took a moment to collect himself off to a corner of the room. He couldn’t bear the thought of losing another lover. Was he truly cursed when it came to love?! But that was just it. He hadn’t even lay eyes on the child and already felt as though a father to it. After all he’d been feeding and caring for the infant since he’d first met Bella. He honestly felt as though Bella the child belonged to him in a way. He felt a bit of guilt behind that notion as well. But he couldn’t help his thoughts, no matter how uncalled-for they were. He wanted everything Edward Cullen threw away! The child within her was already HIS AND BELLA’S to him! Edward played no role whatsoever in this child’s life. Nor would he ever, even if Edward so wished for it. Elijah WOULD PUT HIS FOOT DOWN, WHILST HE RIPPED HIS HEART OUT. The only reason Edward lived was for the sake of Bella and her child. But considering he’d killed Bella’s father. It was practically unbearable for Elijah not to rip Edward apart when he first laid eyes on the foolish boy! Nevertheless, at the time his only issue is what Bella would think of him. He wasn’t quite sure if she wanted her husband dead or not. If he had any inkling of how much Bella truly despised her husband. Elijah would have happily tortured him and ended his life on a bloody note. Part of him regretted not doing so to begin with, despite her wishes.

Bella cried out and bit into her pillow. He forced himself to focus and put away his foolish philosophies. Elijah made his way back over and took her hand.

“Nik says he’s on his way but it could be an hour at least.” Rebekah says as she reenters the room.

Elijah sighs with full on frustration.
“We may not have that!”

Rebekah sighs and places a cool wash cloth on Bella’s forehead. Bella thrived in pain. Elijah bit down on his wrist. He hadn’t a clue what else to do, other than do his best to reassure her.

“I’m about to take a gander now, love. See what we’ve got going on…” Rebekah hints.

Bella nods with a look of fright about her.

“You just focus on Elijah.”

Bella squeezed his hand as another contraction hit.

“You need more.” Elijah stated as he felt her stop drinking from him.

She nodded and went back to feeding. Rebekah pulled up a chair at the foot of the bed. She then sat down and got Bella situated. She looked to Elijah wide eyed.

“What?! What is it?” Bella shouted taking notice.

“Relax love… You’re just more dilated then I imagined. She’s at least an eight.”

Elijah nods, looking to be in thought. He wished his brother would hurry up. He hadn’t found anything in his mother’s grimoire relating to this. Proving all too well just how rare this truly was.

“No matter how much you feel the urge, love. Do not push.”

Bella nodded. Elijah caressed Bella’s cheek once she was done feeding.

“You’re going to get through this… You both will.”

Elijah and Rebekah did whatever they could to help. A good half hour passed just as they were hoping her pain was finally easing up some. Bella literally shrieked out and reached to her stomach. Elijah raised her dress even higher.

“No…” He uttered.


“Elijah!” Rebekah said in a panic taking notice as well.


Elijah ripped the rest of her dress, fully exposing her belly. Bella screamed out in torment again. Elijah grimaced as he could see the infant’s fingers clawing away at her stomach. It was desperate to get out.

“Just as Rebekah was dialing Klaus, they heard him entering the house.”

He entered the room with two more individuals. One in which Elijah and Rebekah were very familiar with. The other… they’d never met.

“Marcel?” Rebekah uttered in astonishment.

He nodded upon her, but looked back to Bella in bewilderment. Elijah did his best to cover Bella up and give her some sort of dignity.

“Who are they?!” Bella shouted looking irate.

“They’re here to help, love.” Klaus responded.
“But I don’t know them!”

Even Klaus flinched once he took notice of the seriousness, behind what was taking place.

“I think now would be a good time to have that little discussion, Marcellus.” Klaus clues with impatience to his voice.

Marcellus sighs.
“Are you absolutely sure about this?”
Elijah snapped him a sheer look of hell. Klaus grabbed Marcellus and pinned him back against the wall.

“Your allegiance is to me now. Remember? If she or that baby die, your little witch dies. Do we have an understanding, mate?!”

Marcellus nods looking apprehensive. He and the young lady leave the room for a brief moment.

Elijah wiped the sweat off Bella’s face with a cool wash cloth. Bella gritted her teeth and arched off the bed once again. She could actually feel the child’s nails digging into her. Not even Elijah’s blood seemed to appease it at the moment. The child was ready to be free.

“What the FUCK is taking so long?!” Bella shouted.

Rebekah and Elijah raised their brows on this.

“And just how the hell are they going to help?! I don’t even know them!”

“Easy love…” Klaus softly said.

Elijah took in a breath on this not saying much. His patience being drained as well.
“No I want to know! I have to the right to know!”

Her eyes roll back as another contraction hit. Elijah nods toward Klaus giving him the go ahead. She was right and Elijah knew it. She had the right to know who was going to be helping in this delivery.

Klaus briefly went over everything. Bella half laughed once she was done.
“Witches? Seriously, there are witches? What else is there?!”

“Would you like that in alphabetical order?” Klaus smarts.

Bella flips him off and Klaus shrugs, looking to Elijah.

“Not so sure how he’s going to feel on that love, but by all means. I look forward to it.”
“You’re such A JERK!”

Marcellus returns to the room with Davina. She makes her way over.

“I’ve got something in mind.”
“And that would be?” Elijah asks.

“A protection spell, one that will keep the child from harming their mother and visa versa during the birthing process. I must act now.”

Elijah looks upon Klaus. Klaus nods with a look of assurance.

“This woman and the child within mean something to me. You do not wish to disappoint me.” Elijah makes clear.

Davina nods.

“I would not harm an innocent being. No matter how much I disagree with what you’ve done. Klaus tells us you’re the father?”

Elijah and Bella look upon Klaus in disbelief. Klaus nods upon his brother a certain way.

“That is correct.” Elijah states.

Bella couldn’t grasp what she was hearing. But the pain she was in wouldn’t allow her to comment. It was becoming more unbearable as time passed.

“Very well… when I squeeze your hand you will push. Do we have an understanding?”

Bella nodded. Davina took Bella’s other hand as Elijah held the other. She shut her eyes and began her incantation. She placed her other hand about Bella’s stomach.

Elijah narrows his eyes as he listens curiously. Bella gasps out halfway through the spell. She continued to push with each squeeze of the hand. Bella threw her head back at one point and screamed out. Davina continued the chant. Bella continued to push.

“It’s crowning!” Rebekah happily remarks seeing the infant’s head now.

Rebekah carefully begins to help wedge the baby out.

“Come on now little one…” She whispers as she feels around, trying her best to get a good hold on the infant.

Elijah tilted his head upon a certain part of the chant. With gritted teeth he looks upon Davina.

“What are you doing?!” Elijah bellowed.

Davina ignores him and continues her spell. Elijah places his fingers about Bella’s neck as her eyes suddenly rolled back and came to a close. Klaus took notice of the look about Elijah’s face. He instantly knocks his brother back before he dives after Davina.

“No brother!”


It was too late however. But it was one he’d read in his mother’s grimoire. It was a life protection spell. One that involved the essence of another. Meaning Davina had taking Bella’s and used it to protect the child. In order to do that… Bella’s life had to be forsaken. Davina assumed the vampires only truly cared about Bella’s life and not that of the infant. So she took matters into her own hands.

Marcel got a protective hold on Davina.

“It would be wise to get her out of here, at once. And you should know I will come looking for you BOTH!” Klaus threatened with fury as well. He’d have let his brother kill the little bitch if he didn’t need her.

“Why would you entrust a child to care for my Isabella?” Elijah asks Klaus with a defeated tone.

“Once again, you’ve managed to hurt me in ways I will never understand.”

“You truly think that was on purpose? That I had any inkling what would take place? You think you’re the only one that cared for that girl?! You wanted a witch. I brought you one. And if I remember correctly… I did warn you, did I not?!”
After Klaus warns Marcellus. Marcellus nods, in understanding. He and Rebekah lock eyes once more and nod upon one another as he exits the room with Davina. Rebekah held the infant but looked upon Bella with tears streaming down her face.

“She was right…”

Klaus and Elijah turns towards Rebekah. Klaus released Elijah on this note.

“It’s a boy.”

Elijah shut his eyes and sank to his knees.

“I wish to see the child.”

Rebekah nods and brings the infant over to Elijah. He opens his eyes and holds out his arms. Rebekah carefully hands the baby over. The moment that baby hit Elijah’s arms, actual tears came from his eyes. Rebekah and Klaus shared glances of shock. Elijah held the infant closer to him.

“Leave us.”

They nodded and without argument they left the room. Elijah came to his feet with the infant still in hand. He looked upon Bella once more.

“I will keep my word.” He softly stated and bent down kissing her on the lips.

Elijah sat beside her body as he held the child. He finally took a moment to look upon the baby. He pulled back the covers a bit and swallowed back rather hard. Aside from the sounds of the child and his own labored breathing, the room was silent as a tomb. It was almost cruel to see those features on the little boy’s face.

“He looks like you….”

In that one moment it took all of Elijah’s considerable willpower not to jump back in shock. But even he could not keep the raw emotion off his face. How?!

“Isabella, you…I…am I dreaming?”

Her smile is angelic, “If it is, I pray that I never wake.” Her smile however becomes slightly demonic.

“Just so we’re clear, I’m gonna kill that bitch!”

Judging by the look in her eyes, and the newly minted fangs in her mouth, Elijah replied.

“Indeed Isabella…but first allow me the honor of introducing you to your son.”

With a look of true adoration, Bella cupped the baby’s face in her hand.


Elijah smiled on this, remembering the melody to the snow globe.

“Now that seems quite fitting.”
Bella swallows back and pays close attention to the look on Elijah’s face.

“Noel Elijah Swan, once I get the marriage annulled. There is no way in hell I’ll allow him to carry the Cullen name.”

Elijah blinked a few times truly taken back.

“You truly wish to name the child after me?”

“If that is alright with you. I’d love nothing more than for my son to carry some sort of tie to you. If anything Elijah, you’ve been like a father to him. We both know this to be true. I see it no other way.”

“I’d be honored…” Elijah says feeling as though his undead heart might just kick to life once again.

He’d never felt more love than he had at this very moment. It was almost overwhelming. He gently places Noel into her arms. Bella couldn’t fathom the uncanny resemblance the child had to Elijah. He looked nothing like his biological father. She wiped a few stray tears of bliss from her face. She kissed Noel’s forehead and held him closer to her. Whilst she held her son she did her best to adjust to her newfound senses. They were a bit much. Everything was so bright, loud, and fragrant.

Elijah merely observes giving Bella her space. However as he did his mind begin to ponder just what truly happened. How did her transformation take place?! She’d not fed from a vein. Something was different about Bella. He just couldn’t pin what it was besides the fact that she was obviously vampire now as well. It was as if the spell triggered something else. Something Davina hadn’t planned on. He tilted his head a bit on this. The baby… half human… half vampire… Both Bella and the child had his blood running through their veins with the amount of times he’d fed Bella. The child looked remarkably like him… Had his blood somehow altered everything? Not just the child within but Bella as well? Elijah couldn’t truly comprehend what had taken place. But if he hadn’t known any better he’d swear that Bella died and came returned as an original. Had his blood ran that thickly through her veins. When he told Davina the child was his did that somehow play a factor as well? He had so many questions. Ones he knew he’d probably never truly have answers to. Not directly anyhow. Only time would tell. At the moment all that mattered was they both survived.

He quietly exited the room. To his great surprise Klaus was consoling Rebekah as she continued to cry. Elijah cleared his throat gathering their attention.

“You both might want to come back up.”

“I can’t bear to look!” Rebekah wept.

Klaus sighed and rolled his eyes on the matter.

“Believe me, this you wish to see.”

They both cut him odd glances. They follow him on up the stairs and enter the room. Rebekah’s jaw dropped and she ran up to Bella. Her arms promptly wrapped around her.

“Don’t you ever frighten me like that again, love!”

Bella softly giggled.

“Now scoot over will you!” Bella moved over and Rebekah lay in the bed as well.

She reached over and ran her hands along the baby’s forehead. She smiled and looked upon Elijah then back to the infant.


“Isn’t it?” Bella said with perplexity to her voice.

Klaus casually made his way over and took a gander upon the child. He reared back rather wide eyed as well.

“Something you not telling us brother?”

Kol entered the house later that night. He had this odd look about him as he saw Bella with a baby bottle filled with blood. She looked to be feeding an infant.

“So what’d I miss?” Kol questions.

Once she and Elijah fill him in he nods. “Good” he says and pivots back around, exiting the house once again.
Bella giggled on this and shook her head.

“What was that about?”

“I haven’t the faintest idea.” Elijah admitted in wonder himself.

Bella shut her eyes however. The scent of the blood in the baby bottle was getting to her. Elijah took over.

“You need to feed as well my dear.”
She nods but cut him a look of concern.

“You’re going to do fine. We should go while it is still dark out. That and we have a few things in which we need to discuss. For starters… You will need a daylight ring. That is something that Niklaus is working on at this very moment.”

Bella smiled on how attentive Elijah was being towards Noel. That and something about Elijah holding an infant caused her heart to flutter. Somehow he was even sexier.

“So if I was to go out in the sun…”
“I strongly advice against it.”

“So no more sunbathing…”

Elijah chuckles on this.

“I do believe sunbathing isn’t a prerequisite once you’re a vampire.”

Bella leans against the mantle of the fireplace.

“I’ll go put him down and we’ll head on out. Rebekah has been aching to get her hands on Noel all night anyhow.”

Bella smiles on this and Elijah goes to put Noel down for the night. Bella turns back around and picks up the snow globe once again. She turns the dial and sits it down. She watches the snow fall amongst the angel within the globe.

Before long a familiar set of arms wrap around her.

“Are you ready my lady?”

She nodded and Elijah took her hand twirling her about.

Elijah parked the car and leaned back in his seat.

“If you wouldn’t mind I wish to test something before we go about our night.”

“Test something?”
He nods.
“I’ve a theory about you. But in order to test this theory. I need to run one simple assessment.”

She shrugs.

“Well then proceed.”

He nods with a hint of a grin. Elijah takes in a breath and clears his throat.

“Look at me, Isabella.”

She whirls about in her seat, facing him. Elijah hands her his credit card. Then he locks eyes with hers.

“I want you to go into that jewelry store. Pick out whatever appeals to you and use this card to purchase the items.”

Bella narrows her eyes with a look of annoyance.

“Why?” She asks looking rather offended.

Elijah chuckles in amusement.

“Just as I had suspected.”

“I don’t want your money or any stupid jewelry!”

She turns back around looking miffed.

“I’m well aware.”

“Then what was that?!”

“I was compelling you… Only it didn’t take.”
“Compelling me? Why would you… Wait… What do you mean it didn’t take?”
“Well Isabella my dear. It seems you truly are an original now.”

She snorts on this and shakes her head.


“Hmmm…” He hums as she opens the door heading on out.

Elijah exits the car as well. He zips over appearing before her.

“You’ve much to learn.” He says, whilst backing her up against the car.

His lips grazed hers and he pressed his forehead against hers. Elijah had so many things he wanted to say. But considering her situation. He scolded himself deeming them highly inappropriate. But that didn’t stop the ideas from tormenting him.

“Elijah?” She whispered with concern.

His eyes closed for an instant and he took in a breath.

“I thought I lost you. That perhaps the enchantment wouldn’t allow my blood to take its course. Once again it would have been my doing. The witch was merely for your protection. Only it greatly backfired just as Niklaus said it would. How many times must I fail you? You haven’t any idea what you and Noel mean to me. I never imagined…” He swallows back stopping himself.

Bella’s arms loop around him.

“As far as I’m concerned… you are his father Elijah. And I’m right here.”

To her surprise Elijah lifted her up off the ground. Her legs wrapped around his waist as kissed her. Bella giggled as she felt his excitement. Elijah chuckled.

“I do suppose a public setting is not the way to go.” She grins on this as he starts walking off towards a nearby park. “At least not when I want to rip your clothes off and have my way with you.” He calls out taking her by surprise once again.

“And I thought you were a gentleman.”

She heard him chuckle as he walked about the park. Elijah stops once he comes up to a certain tree. He waves her over. Bella makes her joins him and he takes her hand. They stroll about the park, admiring the Christmas lights. Elijah comes to a stop after too long. He’d spotted a couple of humans not too far off. It was dark and the park was pretty quiet at the moment. Not many humans hung around after midnight. Elijah’s arms wrapped around her. His head rests against her shoulder.

“Where does your body tell you to go? Use your senses… Pay attention to what you hear, see, smell, and feel…”

He nods. She thirstily swallowed back. The first thing to hit was their scent. Her mouth watered. It was the strangest thing. To smell a human when you used to be one. It wasn’t what you’d expect either. It didn’t have that odd coppery smell. No this was much different. Strawberries… She reared back. The smell was sweet and intoxicating. Almost like the way Elijah tasted when she’d fed from him. His was sweet as well only his taste was much more erotic.

The sound of a steady heart beat and blood pumping came next. Before long she could make out the pattern of their breaths as well. Then came their heat signature. It seemed to radiate and she could literally feel the heat their bodies gave off. Bella’s eyes then darted the direction in which the two humans were. Her eyes became black and her veins spread. Her fangs made their appearance. She covered her mouth looking to Elijah with slight alarm. He nodded, but found himself astounded by her self-control. Most vampires after just awakening would have taken off and simply went for the kill. At first he thought it was for the sake of the child she was able to enforce this. But he knew now it was something deeper than that.

“Wait here…” Elijah says and she nods.

Bella observes as he gathers the man and woman. Ironically, they too were a couple and were out on a midnight stroll. They were smiling as they made their way over. Elijah cut her a wink as he stood directly behind her.

“Isabella my sweet this is John and Tracy… John and Tracy this is my lovely wife. I was just telling them how much they reminded me of us.”

Bella forced a smile, but deep down was all nerves. Last thing she’d ever want is to disappoint Elijah, by losing control. That was her muse at the moment. She focused on Elijah. That desire to make him proud for some reason was so powerful. What she didn’t realize was that even as an original Elijah was also all nerves. She’d never witnessed him feeding from another before. But in order to teach her, he hadn’t much choice. The husband looked upon Elijah with unease as Elijah caressed his wife’s cheek and locked eyes with her. He was about to say something when Bella took his hand and smiled.

“So what do you do for a living, John?”

The attractive young man turned towards her and she smiled locking eyes with his.

“Construction, mam.”
Bella could hear Elijah compelling the wife. She kept in mind the words he was using. From the corner of her eye she saw him feeding. Just enough for her ears to pick up she heard Elijah whisper.

“You want to pay attention to their heart rate… the sound of their blood flow. Their body will let you know when you’ve had enough. Watch the signs.” He says and goes back to feeding.

The husband looked back over.

“What’s he…” He started to look furious.

She ran a single finger along his chest.

“John?” She said real sweetly and cupped his chin having him face her.

“She’s going to be just fine. And so are you.”

He nods looking slightly confused. Bella smiled.

“Just relax. This will be over shortly.”

The man swallowed back as Bella took his wrist. A hint of guilt came about Bella as the man moaned out in a rather sensual manner, during her feeding. She felt nothing sexual on her side. He was literally just a blood source to her. It wasn’t like that of feeding from Elijah. The man however was on cloud nine. Elijah took notice of this as well. That was usually a clear sign that the human found the vampire attractive. Something Elijah knew he’d be dealing with, when it came to Isabella. She was quite stimulating. He was sure men and a few women would have that affect when it came to her. Which would rather prove to be somewhat beneficial, making things a lot easier on her. Elijah himself took advantage of such moments with women as well. Just as Elijah was about to warn her that was enough. She’d already called it. He nodded in satisfaction.

She smiled again upon the man.

“You will forget you ever met us. You and your wife have a lovely night.”

Elijah raised his brows on how exceptionally well she perfected this. He too compelled the wife into going about their night. Elijah and Bella watched as they walked away hand in hand like nothing had truly taken place.

“Ok that’s just a tad creepy.” Bella admits.

“To have that much control over someone…” She says as if in thought.

Elijah takes his kerchief and wipes the tiny drop of blood from the corner of her lips. In his mind however he kept thinking on how much control the Cullens had over her. She was just as much a victim. He then shakes his head.

“You’ll have to excuse my behavior at the moment. I do believe I’m in awe, Isabella. How are you doing it?”
She cuts him a bewildered glance.

“Do what?”

“With all due respect you should be ready to unleash havoc about the town, with blood lust alone. What is it you’re thinking about right now, Isabella? You’ve have me intrigued.”

She felt herself blushing. Unaware that vampires still had those feelings. If anything she felt as though her emotions were more heightened. It felt overwhelming even. Elijah picked up on how she staggered back.

“Are you alright?”

She nodded.

“Yes, just a lot going on.”

Bella shut her eyes and leaned against a nearby tree. Once she gains composure and catches her breath…

“I was thinking about you and Noel. How I don’t want to screw anything up.”

Elijah looked upon her in amazement once more.

“So you are using us as motivation? To discipline yourself?”

She nods.

“You truly are remarkable.”

“Elijah…” She uttered reservedly.

He kisses her hand and they stroll about a little longer. During this stroll, Elijah goes over whatever he can think of when it comes to being a vampire and her newfound abilities, on their way back to the car…

“I will also have to train you in learning to defend yourself.”
“You mean as in fighting?”

“Amongst other things, yes.”
“That could be kinky.”

Elijah chuckles.

“You’re something else indeed, my dear Isabella.”





7 thoughts on “Chapter 3: The First Noel”

  1. That was truly a lovely chapter! Noel’s birth had to be one of the most emotional scenes I have ever read! Truly! You sent me on a roller coaster! I was laughing one moment, near tears the next, my heart stopped when she died and I smiled with glee when She said “He looks like you.” So much love for Elijah and Bella in this!! There’s not enough words to even describe how wonderful this chapter is!

  2. A amazing chapter. Shocked at Emmett’s death cuz the ‘cold one’ was all a lie they told her. You had me crying when she died at the birth, didn’t expect that but I’m happy she’s an original now. Love Noel’s name and that he looks like Elijah instead of Ed.

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