Chapter 4: Mikaelson Wonderland

Chapter 4:  Mikaelson Wonderland

I checked I still do not own Twilight, The Originals, Or Vampire Diaries. Not even the characters. But I own the premise in which I’ve written.

The next morning, Elijah reaches over finding Bella’s side of the bed already empty. As of late she’d been sleeping in his room. He was considering having her things moved into his bedroom. He just wasn’t sure how she’d take it, or if she was even ready for that yet. Considering everything the Cullens had done to her. He didn’t want to come off as pushy or as if he were rushing their relationship. He rolled over hearing Bella and Noel on the baby monitor. Elijah picked up the monitor and brought it to his ear. Bella was singing to Noel as she fed him. He found her singing voice to be rather charming. She’d just finished singing The First Noel and was now humming Somewhere In My Memory by John Williams. Elijah sat the monitor back down. He just sat there on the edge of the bed for a few moments listening.

Elijah eyes darted towards the door as he heard a knock. He reached over, grabbing his robe and before he could even answer, in walked Klaus. He’d this cat that ate the canary grin about his face. Elijah narrowed his eyes upon the manila envelope, Klaus handed him.
“What’s this?”

“Call it an early Christmas gift, brother.”

Elijah takes in a breath.

“Why do I feel the need to be somewhat alarmed?”

Klaus shrugged and plopped down on the bed. Elijah cut his brother a mistrusting look as he opened the envelope. He pulled out several documents. Legal ones… He reared back in a stupor.

“Not to worry I’ll buy you a cigar… Of course I will teach you how to smoke the cigar first old man!”

“Niklaus, what have you done?”

Klaus sighs.

“They need our protection right? So I figured I might as kill two birds with one stone. I’m giving you what you always wanted.”
“I don’t understand…”
Klaus nods.

“Let me guess. This is the part where you ask what my agenda is?”
Elijah nods.

“I figured that much.”
“It’s not just that, Niklaus. But just how do you think Bella will take this news?”

“I think it’s more than abundantly clear that if she’d the choice, you’d be the father instead of the little fuckwit.”

“Niklaus these are legal documents! You have Isabella and I down as husband and wife! You have Noel listed as my son and have forced our name upon them!”

“And you’re welcome.”

Elijah closes his eyes and pinches the bridge of his nose. Klaus comes to his feet and takes out a red velvet box from his jacket. He hands it over to Elijah.

“Just admit it, brother. This is what you want. Tell me it isn’t. Tell me you don’t want to steal the bloody bastard’s family right out from under his nose and shove it in his face!”

Elijah opens the box and he snapped a look upon his brother.

“How did you know about this?!”

“You’re not the only one that pays attention dear brother.”
Inside the box was the very engagement ring, Elijah had been eyeing. Only there was now a wedding band connected to it as well. He’d gone to the jewelry store a couple times and asked to see it. He’d been tempted to purchase it each time. But just couldn’t bring himself to do so. Elijah noticed something else as well. The original sapphire stone had been replaced by the lapis lazuli stone.

“That is set to go, by the way.” Klaus hints, he’d already had Davina place the enchantment on the ring.

“So… I’ll leave you to it then. Congratulations are in order I suppose. We’ve much to celebrate!” He yanks the documents back out of Elijah’s hand.

Elijah just stood there in a daze staring at the ring. Klaus was right. This was what he’d always wanted. He just wasn’t sure how to feel about it. Not being set up like this. But he knew Klaus was right. The only way to assure her and Noel their fullest protection. Was to literally take them in as Mikaelsons.

He froze once again as he heard Klaus entering the baby room.

“And how are you, love?”

“I’m just fine, Nik. And you?”

“May I?”

“You wish to hold the baby?” She asks looking upon him in disbelief.

Klaus sighed
“I’m not going to eat my own nephew.”

Elijah could only imagine the odd looks his brother was getting as he listened in.

“That was almost sweet of you…”

“You’re still a jerk.” She said with a slight grin about her.

“Hmmm…” Klaus hummed as she handed Noel over.

Klaus handed her the documents as he took the infant.

“What’s this?”

“Let’s just say as long as I’m holding the infant. I know no harm will come to me.”

Elijah damn near laughed out loud on this.

“What are you rambling on about now, Nik?”

Bella handed him a bottle of blood. Nik sat at the recliner and began to feed Noel. Bella opened the envelope and took out the documents.

“What are these?”

“Well one of them is Noel’s birth certificate, social security card, etc… The other is yours and Elijah’s marriage license. Congratulations, by the way!”

Bella looked down to the documents, seeing the Mikaelson name on her and Noel’s name caused her heart to flutter in ways she never imagined. Nonetheless, she was also seeing red. Once again, she’d been manipulated into something without having a say. Bella swallowed back and the more she thought about it the angrier she grew. Through gritted teeth she looked upon Klaus.

“Was this yours or Elijah’s doing?”

“Does it honestly matter?”

Elijah flinched on this and shook his head.

“Easy love. You’re going to scare, Noel!”

“Dammit Nik! Just answer the question? Who set this up you or Elijah?”
“What if I was to say Elijah? What would your reaction be?”

“I’d probably haul off and slap him!”

Elijah’s eyes widen as he looked to the monitor.

“Really?” Klaus inquires with a grin.

“And why would that be?”
“Because he’d just be another man in my life that’s deciding everything for me! I’ve have a damn mind of my own!”

“And admit it. In that mind of yours you wish my brother was the father of your child.”
“What’s that have to do with anything?”
“Oh love, it has to do with everything.”

Bella sighs and leans against the crib, looking ill.

“I think the world of your brother. He’s done things for me and Noel that I will never be able to repay. And if you must know you nosy jerk. Yes, I wish he was.”
Klaus points to the documents in her hand.

“According to those, he is. He even signed the birth certificate. You and Elijah Mikaelson are Noel Elijah Mikaelsons biological parents. Noel will never know the difference. To this child, my brother is his father and always will be. He will never know of the ties between him and Edward Cullen. All he will know is that he is a Mikaelson.”
“And what if Noel was to ever find out?”
“Then we will handle that if and when that day comes. For now, we just go about our lives as if this Edward lad never existed.”
“And what if Elijah’s not ready to be a father or a husband? Have you even considered his feelings on this?”

Klaus raises his brows trying to give his best innocent expression.

“Oh please, Uncle Nik, you can cut the act now. You truly thought you’d get me to believe this was Elijah’s doing?”

“Why bother even asking then?”
“I just wanted to see if you’d put your own brother under the bus.”

“And you succeeded like usual. Though I am curious… Considering what Michael did to you… wouldn’t you normally be against something like this?”
“If my brother were anything him… yes… Yes I would. I only wish I had a father like Elijah.”

Elijah’s jaw damn near dropped at his brother’s words.

“If he had been. I probably wouldn’t have turned out the way I am. Who knows and I don’t really give a bloody hell now, if I’m to be honest. Now what’s done is done sweetheart and you might as well suck it up. And the way I see it… you rather owe my brother. You and this child are what he wants! He’s just too prim and proper to go around and make his claim. So yes, I took matters into my own hands. Besides it was either me or Kol… or is my sister more of your taste? I was tempted love, I must admit. Pretty thing you are, nevertheless I’m just not ready to settle down yet.”
“Yet?” Bella snorts.

“And you truly believe I would accept you as a husband.”
“Easy love… You’ve no clue what you’re missing out on. If you had you did you wouldn’t even bat another eye my brother’s direction.”

“You’re so narcissistic.”

“Tell me you haven’t once thought about it.”

“I might’ve once…”

Elijah reared back on this eyeing the monitor.

“But it passed… I had to swallow back the bile that formed within my mouth.”

Elijah died in laughter. Only that laughter quickly came to a stop.

“Uh oh, is the honey moon over now?”
“What sort of sick game are you two trying to play?”
“Come now…”

Before Klaus could even finish that statement. Bella snatched Noel up. She ran out of the room.

“Way to go, brother!” Klaus said into the monitor.

Elijah sighed exasperatedly and shut the box to the ring. He stuffed it into his robe.

“I got it from here, Niklaus.”
“Are you certain?” He scoffs with sarcasm.


Elijah said as he hurriedly dressed and got ready.

Bella groaned to herself as it was still daylight out. Meaning she was stuck there.


Noel started to cry only adding to her frustration. She held him close and rocked him as she paced the living room. Elijah entered the room, whilst adjusting his cufflinks and tie. Bella slanted her eyes upon him accusingly.

“Now that’s the sort of thing I’d expect out of your brothers… But you Elijah?!”

He presses his lips together and merely nods.

“I meant no disrespect.”
“So you always go around eavesdropping? Or was that just merely coincidence.”
“Actually, it was coincidence…” He winces knowing that was a partial lie.

Bella took notice of this as well.


He cleared his throat.

“I heard you two over the baby monitor…”

Bella shakes her head.

“Were you in on this little sham of Nik’s as well?”

“Is that what you really think of me?”

“Not at first, no. But then again, you already heard what I think of you! Amongst other things!”

“I took no part in my brother’s random decisions. I apologize on his behalf and will gladly point out the error of his ways. On the other hand however, I also haven’t any regrets.”

Bella rolls her eyes and sits down on the couch doing her best to console Noel. Elijah vanishes for a brief moment and returns with his bottle. Bella jerks it out of Elijah’s hand bitterly.

“When I say I haven’t any regrets… I mean on having you and Noel in my life. No matter how it came about. I understand that we’ve been together but a short time, but I would gladly spend an eternity proving to you that our love is true, Isabella. It is up to you and only you on giving me that chance. Whether you accept me or not, I strongly advice you wear this.” He picks Noel up and places the red velvet box in the palm of her hand.

“That will allow you to venture out anytime of the day now.” He heads on upstairs so he can finish feeding Noel.

Her fingers run along the box. She opens the box and couldn’t believe her eyes. Inside was a white gold ring with two diamonds on each side of the daylight stone.

The one she recognized from the Mikaelson’s daylight rings. The ring was breathtaking. Bella took it out and eyed it for a few minutes. She wondered if Klaus even thought to have her previous marriage annulled before documenting this. She could just imagine how that went. Klaus compelling the entire records department…

So here she was… married again… She leaned back staring at the ring. She decidedly placed the ring on and bravely started towards the door. Bella squint her eyes as the sunlight made them sensitive. She stepped out and took in a breath of relief. She wandered out just little further. Bella thought back to when she first meet Elijah. How he ripped those guy’s hearts out and merely bowed. His words… You’re welcome, my lady. She found herself giggling at the memory. Bella then covered her face in realization. The things she found humor in now… What was wrong with her?

She headed back inside.

Bella peered into the room. Elijah was rocking Noel in the recliner. He’d finally managed to stop crying. Elijah kissed his forehead once he’d fallen asleep. He then rose and placed Noel in the crib. Bella quickly ducked back into the hallway. She leaned against the wall and shut her eyes. Her emotions were tugging away at her once again. Every time she saw Elijah with Noel it tugged at her heartstrings.

“Isabella?” His voice of concern had her eyes shooting open.

“You got him to sleep…”

He nods. At this Elijah was about to head back down the stairs.


He stopped and turned back facing her.

“So this is really happening?”

“And what would that be?”

“You’re my husband now and Noel is your son?”

“Only if that is what you wish. If it is not, I will promptly have the matter fixed at once.”

“And what is it you want, Elijah?”

“I’ve already told you.”

She takes in a breath.

“No, I want to hear you say it. Tell me everything you want.”

“Are you certain you even want to hear what I have to say?”

“Of course I am!”

“You should know once I do I cannot take it back.”

“Is that supposed to intimidate me?”

“Must you be so…”


They heard Klaus chuckling from down the stairs.

“Shut up!” They both chorused then went back to eyeing one another.

Elijah took her by the hand and led her to his room. He shut the door and leaned against it for a minute.

“Who picked out the ring, Elijah? You or Nik?”

“I did… But it’s not what you think. When I had picked the ring out my intentions were elsewhere.” He softly admits.

“Such as?”

He sighs.

“Somewhere they had no right to be.”

She looked upon him perplexed.

“Now please, just hear me out, without interruption.”

She goes to say something and he zips over and puts a single finger upon her lips.

“As I was saying… You wish to know what it is I want.”

She nods.

“Very well… I want you to move your belongings into “our” bedroom. I want you to sleep in the same bed as I, every night. I want to be Noel’s father, not just some father figure. But more than anything… I want you, Isabella! I want you to carry my name, wear my ring, and know me as your husband and father to “our” child. I want you to know me as a man of my word. And someone that happens to love you and your son unconditionally!”

Bella grabs him by the tie and feverishly kisses him. She then drags him by the tie over to the bed. She shoves him onto the bed and leaps over, straddling him. Elijah eyes turn black with full on lust as Bella rips his clothes off. He grabs a fistful of her hair and ravishes her lips. Their tongues thoroughly explored one other, heatedly. Elijah tore through her dress and shredding the remains onto the floor. They were on new territory now. Not only had they not had sex since Noel was born. But Bella was a vampire now. Everything was heightened and there would be no more holding back on Elijah’s side. He no longer had to concern himself with hurting the infant or her. That also meant Bella was about to see sides of him she never knew existed.

“I want you. All of you…” Elijah uttered.

Bella moaned out at his words. He flipped her over and instantly took his tongue along her vulva.

“Elijah…” She gasped out in surprise.

This was a literal first for her as well. She couldn’t believe how incredible it felt. Elijah spread her about and buried his tongue within her. She felt his tongue lapping along her thoroughly. He sent out vibrations each time he moaned out during. Bella tried not to squirm but he wasn’t making it easy. Elijah got a better grip forcing her to be still. Something about that had her even more astir. He knew what he wanted and was taking matters into his own hands. Bella cried out in release. He gave her one last thorough lick. Elijah left a trail of kisses along her thighs, tummy, and chest as he crawled over her.

Bella was so wet he was able to ease on in. She felt his throbbing length as he entered. He grabbed ahold of her wrists and pinned them down. He began to thrust with more oomph than usual. His lips eagerly met hers as he continued. She was saturating him below. Once his lips broke free from hers, Elijah groaned expressively. Bella had her fangs pierced into his neck, and was drinking from him.

“Keep going, my sweet Isabella.” He pleaded through gritted teeth.

He felt her releasing once again. Elijah couldn’t get over how tight she was. She felt so unbelievable he never wanted to stop. She cried out as Elijah took his moment to complete their blood bond. Bella still tasted just as she did when she was human. Only now there was this mind-altering taste of sex to it, a taste that had Elijah harder than ever. He buried his face into her neck as he got his fill. Her taste alone had him so far over the edge he grunted out in a finish.

They rolled about the bed as they kissed. Bella froze and turned towards the monitor. She smiled and pecked Elijah once again on the lips, before coming to her feet. Bella grabbed his robe and slipped it on.

“Hey there, Noel…” Elijah heard Bella softly say over the monitor.

He smiled and scooted up on the bed.

Bella changed Noel and put him back to bed. The moment he hit the mattress he was back out.

“He just needed to be changed.”

Elijah nodded and patted the area beside him. She joined him on the bed and Elijah rolled over running his hand along her shoulder.

“Just so we’re clear… Where do we stand as of now?” He inquires feeling a hint of nerves behind his own question, but he needed to know for certain.

“Well I suppose you got yourself a wife and son. Now might be a good time to get a job, Mr. Mikaelson.”

He shakes his head but rather beamed on this. Elijah reached over and caressed her cheek.

“Well, Isabella my dear. When one is independently wealthy, jobs seem to fall by the wayside.

“Oh well…” She gives him a thumbs up and he chuckles.

“Looks as if Noel and I scored big time!”

Elijah popped her on the rear and brought her against his chest.

Bella makes her way down the stairs with Noel. She’d heard the piano from upstairs and was curious. She saw it to be Klaus. He was strumming away, lost in the moment. She took in a breath, thinking of when Edward had once played for her. After he played Esme’s lullaby. Klaus must’ve heard her. He slid over as if wanting her to sit beside him. He continued to play Midnight Sonata as he began talking.

“So I take it you come into terms. That you haven’t much choice…”

“More like Elijah was my better choice.”

Klaus smiles.

“Whatever you have to tell yourself, love.”

She rolls her eyes and hits an off note just to piss him off.

“Hmmm…” He starts to bang on the notes even louder and faster.

Bella continues to hit a note here and there, getting under his skin.

“Easy now… We Mikaelsons are known to stake one another or use a particular dagger even.”

“That doesn’t surprise me.” She says and hits another off note.

He slaps at her hand and goes back to playing.

“Just so you know if you hurt my brother in anyway…”

“Oh you mean lie to his face or betray him such as you have done many of times?”

Klaus nods.

“You’re going to what? Kill me?” She mocks with fright.

She leans into Klaus’s ear.

“If I were to ever hurt your bother in such a way I’d want you to.”

He narrows his eyes on this.

“And thank you by the way.”


“Not having me hitched to you instead. I mean could you imagine?” She bangs a couple more notes on the piano.

“You in an apron, becoming my bitch?!”

She rises and starts to walk away. Klaus smirks at this.

“I might’ve surprised you, love!” He calls out.

“Oh, I really like that one.” Bella says as Elijah pointed out a ring.

Elijah liked it because it rather resembled Bella’s. Only it was titanium and had a sapphire strip going around the ring.

She was rather taken back that he’d pick that one. But it really appealed to her. She looked to her ring then to his. Bella had a genuine beam about her as the woman took it out of the case and had him try it on.

“Perfect fit.” The sales associate declared.

“Yes it seems so.” Elijah said looking to Bella.

“You’re certain you like this one?”

She nodded.

“I love it.”

“Very well. I do believe this is the one.” Elijah says taking it off and handing it back.

“We’ll get you set up right away then. You can wear it out if you wish.”

Elijah nodded as she took the ring to the back and got it prepared. He ran a hand along the slope of Bella’s back and kissed her forehead as they waited. They turned towards the baby carriage as Noel began to cry. Bella made her way over. She picked him up and rocked him. The woman returned with Elijah’s ring. She checked him out at the register. Once he paid the woman handed him the box with the ring in it. Bella took the box from his hand, before he had a chance to do anything. He looked at her in wonder. She placed Noel back into the carriage. Bella opened the box and took out the ring.

To his surprise, Bella placed the ring onto his finger and kissed him.

“Looks like you’re stuck now.” She says with a grin and starts back towards Noel.

Elijah grins but merely nods.

“Get off me!”

Kol laughs as she shoves him off her. They dust themselves off and stare one another down.

“Would you knock that off?!”

“Well how else are you going to learn, darling?”

She growls under her breath and starts to walk away. She rolls her eyes hearing Kol sailing right for her again. Bella immediately twirls about and his eyes widen as she managed to wrap her hand around his throat. With gritted teeth she slammed Kol into the earth. He was now covered in snow.

“Didn’t I tell you to stop?!”

He ankle swipes her to the ground. Bella swings at him but he dodges and she barely misses.

She comes back to her feet and he yet again knocks her down. She leaps over and pins him down.


Elijah and Klaus had just walked up on this but remained unseen and unheard as they curiously observed. Kol nods and grunts out as he quickly pushes her off him.

“I’m only trying to teach you.”

“Oh, I’m sure you are. And Elijah already said he was going to train me, after the holidays.”

Kol snorts back on this.

“Elijah? Nah, you need me to train you.”

“Thanks, but no thanks.”

“He’ll go soft on you. He won’t be able to teach you properly. He’ll let his feelings for you get in the way.”

“I hardly doubt that. He’s knows he doesn’t need to hold back with me anymore.”

“He won’t be able to help himself. It’s built into his core.”

She rolls her eyes and starts back towards the house again. Kol once again appears before her, blocking her way.

“I need to feed Noel. Out of my way.”

Kol shakes his head and Bella sends out both of her hands. Her eyes widen and jaw drops.

“KOL!” She took off as she literally sent him flying through the door.

He groaned out and came to his feet. Bella sighs once she sees he’s ok.

“I’m blaming that one on you.” She says.

Kol however grins, seeing Elijah and Klaus standing behind her now.

“Oh, really?!”

She nods.

“I’ll just tell Elijah you lost your temper again.”

“And you truly think he’ll believe you, lovey?”

“Yep.” She steps over the debris and starts towards Noel’s room.

Only she freezes hearing the familiar clearing of a throat.

“Are we redecorating the house already? It’s good to see you feel right at home.” Elijah says with raised brows.

She swallows back and slowly turns around. Klaus had this smirk about him. Meanwhile, Kol was dying in laughter.


“Bekah…” Bella called out holding up a suit that looked remarkably like something Elijah would wear.

Rebekah grinned.

“You do realize we have to get that now right?”

Bella nodded in agreement and added it to the other outfits they’d picked out for Noel. Rebekah picked out a couple more as well. However Noel had become more and more cranky. Rebekah and Bella nodded towards one another.

“He’s hungry.” Bella hints.

“I believe we’re done anyhow.” Rebekah scooped Noel up.

“Are you hungry?” Rebekah questioned in her baby voice.

“Are you little sprog?”

Both women froze in disbelief as Noel actually giggled. Bella’s jaw nearly hit the floor.

“Did he just..?”

Rebekah nodded looking baffled as well. Bella swallowed back. Rebekah started her baby talk once more.

“You want to go home and eat, love?”

He giggled again with the cutest grin about his face. Bella reached to her heart as she observed this.

“Is that normal? I mean that young?” Bella inquired.

“I haven’t the faintest.” Rebekah admits just as lost.

Noel started to get fussy though again. Rebekah continued to try and keep him entertained as they checked out. Once they were in the parking lot Rebekah strapped Noel into his car seat. Bella was loading the bags into the trunk. When someone swiftly wrapped their hand around her mouth, and jerked her back. Rebekah had just turned in time to see the other vampires, surrounding them. Bella’s eyes locked with Rebekah’s. Rebekah merely nodded and began to think of a plan. Which wasn’t easy, considering they had Noel with them.

Bella gritted her teeth and swung back her elbow. Edward went down with a look of shock about him.

“GO!” Bella shouted.

“Take Noel and go!”

Rebekah nodded and swiftly grabbed Noel.

“NOOOO!” Bella shouted as Rosalie swooped in and snatched Noel right out from Rebekah’s arms. She slammed Rebekah back against the car and took off.

Bella went to take off after them only to find herself being held back by Jasper, Edward, and Carlisle. Rebekah immediately took off after Rosalie. Bella ground her teeth together as Alice took off after Rebekah.

Bella trembled all over with vehemence.

“Every single one of you just died.” Bella says just as Carlisle drives a syringe filled with vervain through her neck.

“Not so fast. After I rip you apart I’m going to take those stilettoes as well. I’ve a dress that would match those perfectly.” Rebekah tilts her head a bit.

“What are you doing, Rose?” The fairy looking vampire inquires once she catches up.

Rebekah rolls her eyes.

“Two of you? And what’s with the hair Tinkerbell? Please tell me you fired your hairdresser. Unless it was your intention look as though a 12 year old boy. Then by all means she did exceptionally well.”

Alice and Rosalie ignore Rebekah.

“I’m taking the child with me.”

“You’re what?” Alice asks in disbelief.

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“It means I’m leaving the coven. I’ll raise the child. You all can go back to doting on that pathetic little bitch!”

“I’d watch whatever you say next…” Rebekah warns inching her way over.

“That was not the plan Rose. And why would you want to leave?”

Rosalie glances upon Noel and smiles.

“I always wanted a child of my own and the way I see it. Bella owes me! It’s because of her I lost Emmett! It’s only fair I take what’s hers in return. Not to worry, I’ll go someplace no one will ever find us.”

“No Rose!” Alice says as Rebekah was about to snatch Noel back.

Alice took notice and dived right for Rebekah. Rosalie took advantage of the situation and disappeared.

“You stupid, stupid, vile ….

The two of them roll about the ground taking jabs at one another. Rebekah got a fistful of Alice’s short hair and repeatedly slammed her head into the earth. Right in the middle of their scuffle. Jasper dived after Rebekah, snapping her neck.

“What’s with you?” Klaus inquires lifting his eyes from his book.

Elijah narrowed his eyes and shut his book, putting it away.


Her hair was a mess and parts of her clothing was ripped and covered in mud. She looked to have been crying. Elijah felt ill as he came to his feet.

“Rebekah… Where are Isabella and Noel?”

She shut her eyes.

“They took them.”

Klaus hopped to his feet at this as well. Kol was just making his way down the stairs at this point.

“They who?” Kol asked.

“Elijah… I…” Rebekah staggered back.

“I’m so sorry.”

Elijah rushed over and grabbed her by the shoulders.

“Who took them?!” He demanded forcefully.

“The bloody Cullens! The bastards had us outnumbered!”

He dropped his hold and his eyes went cold and black. Elijah’s entire body trembled as the veins spread across his face.

Bella shoots up only to find herself being yanked back. The sound of metal hitting against something had her cranking her neck that direction. Bella frantically jerked her hands about, realizing she was chained to a cast iron bed. Her wrists and ankles were chained at both ends of the twin size bed.

She heard someone sigh from the corner of the room. From the looks of things she was in some sort of cellar.

Once she took notice of him she sneered upon him. He half laughed but with a wounded expression about his face.

“Well that’s a look I never dreamed I’d see. From you of all people. Only you’re not human anymore… are you…?”

She rolled her eyes and continued to jerk about, doing her best to break free.

“You’re only hurting yourself. Like usual, Bella. You’d think you’d learn by now.”

He scoffs. He comes to his feet and casually makes his way over. Bella blinked a few times. She was seeing him in a completely different light now. He was nowhere near as attractive as he once seemed. His hair was a mess. The clothes he wore made him look as though he were a fem. And for the first time ever she realized just how truly jacked up his teeth looked. The words snaggletooth came to mind. She smirked at this Snaggletoothed Vampire. Her new name for Edward Cullen.

Edward caught this smirk and reared back a bit in wonder.

“What are you thinking about, sweetheart?” He asks as he reaches out and caresses her thigh.

“Don’t you fucking touch me!” She snaps.

Her fangs popped out and eyes went dark. The familiar veins made their appearance as well.

“Where is my son?!”

Edward ignored her and continued to run his hand along her thigh and slightly up her dress.


He curls his upper lip. And for the first time Bella makes out his true form. It was just as Elijah had suspected. He was a fake. Bella shook her head on this.

“Someone’s a dirty little liar. Now bring me my son!”

Edward bounds over straddling her. He roughly cups her chin.

“Is that the only thing you can think about?! I’m your husband! You need to show some respect!”

Bella spits in his face.

“There’s your respect asshole. Now where is Noel?!”

Bella’s jaw drops as Edward backhands the living hell out of her. In fact so hard her ears were actually ringing. Bella moved her jaw about knowing it was out of place.

“You named our son Noel?” He mocks bitterly.

“Our son? Last time I checked you played no part in his life… other than a sperm donor. His name is Noel Elijah Mikaelson. You know like after his REAL father!”

Edward grits his teeth.

“Make no mistake, Bella! I am his father! Just as I am your husband! We’re not leaving this place until you come into terms with that. You want that little brat back then you had better straighten up and realize just who it is you’re dealing with.”

“He’s no brat! You’re just a deadbeat father and a terrible vampire. I mean honestly Edward, what were you thinking?!”

His hands wrap around her throat and that’s when it all hits. Her jaw drops in revelation as she gazes back into his eyes. Flashes… Bella’s eyes rolled back as one after another hit. Edward continued to choking her, until she passed out cold.

“You really think they’re that ignorant?”

“We have no other choice. We only have Bella’s memories to go by. We need to start from there and continue on until we find her. Even if we haven’t a leg to stand on at moment, we might find someone who just might. If we must we’ll single out every person that resides within Forks and compel them into giving us whatever information they can.”

“Well you can all go on to Washington. I’ve to find the blonde baby snatcher. You know the one that’s gone all hand that rocks the cradle on us.”

“And where will you even begin to look?”

“Well I know they won’t be in Forks. She took Noel and fled. I suppose we’re all going about this rather blindly. But I can handle her, you all go on. Keep me posted.”

“You do the same.”

Kol and Klaus got into the car with Elijah. Rebekah got in her car and waved them off as she peeled on out. Elijah pulled out of the drive and headed to the airport. He knew they had a good 4 to 5 hour flight ahead of them. He only hoped there was a flight heading out soon.

The next morning…

Bella weakly opens her eyes feeling as though she were still dreaming. The room came about as a blur. She was so thirsty her throat felt dry and as though it was cracking. She choked as she swallowed back painfully. Bella’s head swayed about as she tried to focus. This odd burning like sensation was coming from her wrists. Her eyes narrowed as she tried squinted in order to see clearer. She gasped back in a panic seeing how her wrists had been slit. They had pans set out catching the blood as they bled her out. Carlisle had set up an IV bag of a lighter dosage of vervain mixed with water and sodium. Just enough to keep her weakened enough she couldn’t heal or manage to break free.

“You gave me no choice. If you’d only behave. But like usual you just have to test me. Must you always be so difficult? Don’t you see how this pains me? You truly believe I like doing these things to you?”

Bella blinks a few times. She saw three of Edward standing before her. As if one wasn’t annoying enough.

“Where’s the wedding ring I gave you?”

She felt his fingers running along the one Elijah had given her. He took the ring off her finger and pocketed it.

“Who gave you this ring, Bella?” He questions through gritted teeth.

He grabbed a handful of her hair and forced her head up.


“The same man that’s going to tear your heart out and eat it for breakfast… My husband.”


She feebly laughs.

“Um no… sorry to be the barrier of bad news but we’re actually divorced and I’ve remarried.”

“That’s impossible!”

“Um actually, it’s not Fuckward.”

She grits her teeth as he smacks her again. Only now, she had her memories. She’d remembered how Edward was constantly smacking her around. He’d feed her his blood, and then compel her to forget. Jasper had done the same at her birthday party. When he nearly drained her dry. Then Carlisle had compelled her a few times in order to get her to forget some of the things his son had done. Alice and Jasper’s so called abilities were nothing more than fabrications as well such as Edward’s mind reading ability. Bella gasped out as they continued… James… Victoria… Laurent… They were her friends. It was all Edward and the Cullens all along. The trio had come through town and seen what the Cullens were doing to Belle, how Edward had turned her into his pet. James had been trying to help her. He was trying to get her back to her mother in Phoenix in order to keep her safe. Only Edward caught up to them. James had de-compelled her so she’d remember all Edward had done to her. The bite was never from James. That was Edward. Edward was the one that had broken her leg as well. He wanted to punish her and make her watch as he ripped her friend James apart. He compelled her to forget afterword, but to complete her punishment he never healed her. Instead he fed her the story about James and how he had come after her. That he tried to kill her in order to Edward. That it was some sort of sick game to James. But it never was. James died trying to get her away from the Cullens. Bella lifted her eyes upon Edward.

“You killed him…” She uttered with a broken heart and was growing weaker by the moment.

“Oh my God… I remember now. You compelled Jake into killing Laurent as well. And you killed Victoria when she came back for me! You killed all three of my friends. They were trying to protect me. From you and your fucked up coven!”

Bella sucked back a breath.

“Everything was a lie. You sick bastard. Just like you killed Charlie. Only that one wasn’t planned, was it? And you knew you couldn’t do anything you were in public eye! You had just exposed yourself. And for some reason you couldn’t compel me. Like had been… you knew you were fucked!”

Bella’s head starts to sway about again.

“You were always hitting me. Forcing me to do things… You were always so cold, angry, and controlling. Every time something didn’t go your way, you’d heal me to cover up whatever wrong you did then compel me or my father to forget!”

Bella half laughs.

“The sad thing is… it wasn’t a vampire that made you a monster. You just don’t have a soul. Ironic isn’t it you piece of shit.”

Edward walks up behind Bella. He pulls at her hair and forces her head up higher against the cast iron bedframe. He leans into her ear.

“You’re right… After all, didn’t I warn you… I never once claimed to be the hero you made me out to be. You made everything so easy. You practically laid out the red velvet carpet for me. All I did was take the invitation. You were so mesmerized by the things I could do. The things I would say. You just never truly paid attention. The warnings were always there. I put them out there, Bella. I made it clear my company wasn’t in your best of interest.” He takes in a breath as if relieved.

“You haven’t any idea just how tiring you can be. It was always something. Everyday or so it seemed. No matter how many times I went out my way to teach you a lesson. You’d fall right back into that same pattern and routine. You never would learn that I COME FIRST! I will always come first. Not your friends, not your pathetic lovesick mutt, not even your father. The moment you confessed your undying love to me. Your devotion become mine. No matter how much I tried to get this across there was always something standing in the way. So yes, you needed to know where it is I stand in your life. You needed to know your ground. You’re just human after all. The one thing I love about you. You’re the closest thing I’ve had to feeling human again in a long time. Something I’ve longed to be once again. You gave me that. That wasn’t something I was willing to give up once I had it. Death was always around your corner. In order for me to protect you correctly. I had to take matters into my own hands. And Bella my wife and love… Did you honestly believe a century old vampire had spent all this time waiting for you?” He half laughs and shakes his head, with somewhat of a painful expression to his face.

“I am a man after all, Bella. The only way it truly seemed to get through to you was to deny you. I wanted you to feel my torment and pain for every time you chose your human friends over me, Jacob, or Charlie even. You always were one that hated to be turned down. You’d truly think there was something wrong with you. The way your heart would sink to the pit of yours stomach, that painful expression in your eyes. That’s how you made me feel every time you chose someone else over me! I wanted you to suffer just as you made me suffer! So I compelled you, making me seem even more irresistible. For every time you’d throw yourself at me. You would experience humiliation. I turned you down each and every time. Truly you were so pathetic. Such a little slut! And you truly believed I wasn’t getting gratification elsewhere? Lauren and Jessica were more than happy to oblige. Sweet little Angela took some convincing, but they each kept my appetite more than satisfied enough to make certain I went through with my punishment for you. I wanted something pure! To marry a virgin not some common whore. But you sure as hell threw yourself at me like one. I couldn’t believe some of the things you’d say or do. Honestly, at times it was repulsive! And it wasn’t just my compulsion that played a factor in that. You really are a WHORE! Aren’t you? You dare to sleep with another man whilst you’re wed to me?! A man I plan to do away with at once. Anyone that stands in my way will die. Just like your precious trio, and yes, even though it wasn’t planned I found myself rather relieved, when I took your father’s life. One last thing standing in my way. You are mine, Bella! So like the others, this vampire will also meet his demise!”

Bella half laughs.

“You can try…” She mumbles under her breath.

“And as to our honeymoon… I waited for so long…” He moans to himself as he breathes her in.

“You were so beautiful. And you felt so good. God Belle, I still remember how you felt.” Edward swallowed back in thirst.

“I knew once I got the taste and feel for your incredible body… I’d be lost. I couldn’t allow that. I couldn’t allow you to make me weak. Not in the one area, I knew got your attention the most. I couldn’t allow you to see my one weakness. To see just how much I craved you. For you to know just how much that one night brought me satisfaction… One I’d never experienced. Even now I think about that night… FUCK BELLA! But you had to learn once again! So I compelled you and I left a note on how I’d gone hunting. Truth of the matter was. I was only there the one night, Bella. The night I took your virginity. I wanted you to believe that just that alone I had hurt you. So in order for me to properly care for you. I had to turn you away once again. But I was off in another area of the island with one of the maids. I couldn’t get you out of my mind. I couldn’t let you see that side of me. So I spent our honeymoon ravishing the body of someone else, whilst thinking of you. She allowed me the fantasy pretending to be you. You see Mrs. Cullen…”

“MIKAELSON!” She corrects behind the pain.

Edward grits his teeth.


“I CAN’T BE ANYTHING TO YOU, BECAUSE YOU’RE NOTHING!” Bella shouts with what last bit of energy she can fathom.

“Well Mr. Cullen, I happen to agree with my wife. I also hate to inform you, but Noel is now a Mikaelson. He is my son. It seems I’ve managed to gain what you lost. And I’m not one that ever gives up on family. And make no mistake your attempt to claim what is not yours. Has consequences and believe me when I say they are dire!”

Elijah dashes over. Within seconds he has his hand wrapped around Edward’s heart. He looks Edward in the eyes, whilst plucking his wife’s wedding ring out from Edward’s pocket.

“Where is Noel?!”

Edward was doing his best to try and fight the compulsion.

“WHERE?!” Elijah demanded whilst squeezing his heart.

“Isle Esme.”

Elijah reared back remembering that was the destination of his and Bella’s honeymoon.

“And why is he there, Mr. Cullen?”

“I made a deal with Rosalie. That she could take the child and run as long, as we never saw the two of them again.”

“And why would you do that?”

“Because I couldn’t have Bella to myself if there was a child involved. That and I didn’t want to concern myself with the needs of a hybrid infant. He’d been better off dead.”

“Hmm and why did you return to Forks?” Elijah was curious merely because he couldn’t comprehend the sheer stupidity behind this coven. He never dreamed it’d be that easy to find them. That they’d return here of all places.

“Carlisle argued against it. But I needed the smallest bit of hope that I could bring her back. The Bella I once knew. I figured if I brought her back to where we first met, within time she’d remember why she fell for me.”

“Even though your entire relationship was based on lies and compulsion?”

Edward nodded. Elijah continues to stare him down. Hand still within his chest. With his free hand he takes out his cellphone and dials Rebekah.

“Any word?” Rebekah spilled out as she answered.

“Rebekah, I need you to get to Rio.”


“From there you’re going to take a boat to an island known as Isle Esme.”

“You mean the dreadful honeymoon spot?”

“Yes, that seems to be the case.”

“You do realize that’s over a 10 hour flight and I’d have to take a boat the rest of the way?”

“Noel is there…”

There was a moment of silence. He heard Rebekah take in a breath.

“I won’t return without him. You’ve my word, Elijah.”

“I know you won’t.” Elijah says as he hangs up the phone.

“Now what to do with you, Mr. Cullen. That is before I tear you apart.”

Elijah grins as an idea came to mind.

“I want you to go and kill every member left to your coven. And once you are done you will return to me.”

Edward nods and Elijah pulls his hand back out of his chest. Edward goes to carry out Elijah’s demands.

Elijah turns towards the bed. He swallowed back rather hard at the sight.

“Isabella…” He said with agony to his voice.

He swiftly made his way over and unhooked the IV. He could pick up the faint smell of vervain they’d been dosing her with. He freed her from the cuffs and unraveled the chains that was wrapped around her. He could already make out the commotion upstairs. Elijah had Kol and Klaus waiting outside until he gave them word otherwise.

Elijah bit down on his wrist knowing she’d heal faster if she had some sort of blood source.

Once the blood ran down her throat, both her hands wrapped around his wrist. She thirstily drank. Elijah kissed her forehead and placed her ring back on, before scooping her up.

Esme smiled warmly upon her son as he entered the room.

“How is Bella adjusting?” She inquired.

He said nothing. He merely walked right up to her. Carlisle, Alice, and Jasper gasped out in absolute shock. As Edward now held his mother’s head by the roots of her hair. He tossed her head at their feet.

Edward zipped over and plunged his fist right into Carlisle’s chest. Tears were streaming down Edward’s face as he couldn’t fight the compulsion.

“Edward…?” Carlisle uttered as he looked down upon his son’s hand.

Elijah strutted on up in the middle of the fiasco.

“You refer to them as your coven… Why is that Mr. Carlisle Cullen?”

Carlisle looks to his son and Elijah in disbelief.

“It is the proper term.”

“Hmmm… but that was your wife… and these are your children. Are they not?”

“Yes sir they are…” Carlisle answers behind the agonizing pain of his son having his heart within his clutch.

“I do not believe that they were or ever were. You see doctor. You turned your back to this young lady and her child. Your own grandchild! In fact you each played a part in this hell your son created for her. You’re nothing more than a disgrace! You are not a leader as you so wish others to perceive you. You sir, are nothing more than a coward living within the shadows of a spoiled vampire child. If anyone is to blame for your “coven’s” death it would be you. Do have a pleasant day. Mr. Edward Cullen, do proceed, times a factor. You and I aren’t done.” Elijah turns back in thought for a moment.

He looks upon Edward then Jasper and Alice.

“You will hobble them and bring them out once you are done.”

At this Elijah grabs one of their bats before exiting the house. He hears the screams of horror from Alice’s mouth as Edward takes his father’s heart. Elijah nods in satisfaction and meets Kol and Klaus as they were leaning against Carlisle’s car. Elijah hunkered down and propped Bella up against a tree. He turned back towards his brothers.

“When Mr. Cullen exits the house, we will take the other two’s daylight rings. Klaus you always had a rather deadly bite. Perhaps it is time you left your mark as well. As for you Kol…” Elijah tosses him the bat.

“Show them how we originals play ball.”

Kol smiles devilishly. “With pleasure.”

Before long, Edward exits the house, dragging Alice and Jasper along with him. Elijah walks over and takes their daylight rings. He roughly cups Alice and Jasper’s chins. She thought of you two the most. Therefore you will suffer alongside of your brother. Elijah whips around and Edward’s immediately drops to his knees hollering in torment. Elijah had taken one of his arms.

“No touches my wife, Mr. Cullen.”

Elijah grabs a fist full of Edward’s hair.

“And no one hurts my family and lives… NO ONE!” He shouts in his face.

Kol, Klaus, and Elijah were taken back as Edward vanished right from Elijah’s hold. They looked up to see Bella had driven Edward into a branch sticking out from the trunk of the tree. The branch came out the other side of his sternum. She locked eyes with his. Bella caressed Edward’s cheek. Elijah narrowed his eyes and observed curiously.

“You’re going to take that pathetic excuse for a cock and rip it off!”

Klaus and Kol grinned ear to ear on this. Elijah merely raised a brow.


Edward cried out as he did as ordered. Bella smiled in such a way that even sent the Mikaelsons chills, despite their sense of pride at this very moment.

“Now stuff it in your mouth and choke on it like the little bitch you are.”

Klaus died in laughter.

“Oh my dear brother, are you certain you can handle that one?”

Elijah smiled and gave a simple nod. Bella turned back to Elijah.

“He’s all yours, dear husband.”

She steps aside and Elijah nods. He zips over and takes Edward’s heart. Klaus swiftly sunk his teeth into Jasper and Alice. Kol took some time to practice his batting skills once he was finished. Elijah took out a kerchief and whipped the blood off his hands. And just like the perfect gentlemen he is… Elijah held out his hand for his wife and he escorted her to the limo he had waiting for them.

Bella closes her eyes for a moment as they enter the house. It still smelled just the same as she remembered. That touch of pine… She remembered coming home from school and seeing Charlie at the couch. He’d be watching a game, drinking a beer, or polishing one of his guns for work. He’d stop whatever he was doing and ask how her day was etc… but like usual, he wasn’t one to hover. He gave Bella her space after word.

She opened her eyes and nodded to herself. Bella began to walk around the house. The memories continued to play out. Kol and Klaus had already headed on back. Elijah wanted Bella to be able to grab whatever things she wanted and to properly say her goodbyes. Bella grabbed several pictures from the walls and around the rest of the house. Elijah piled them up on the couch. Bella grabbed some suitcases from her room. She didn’t bother with her old clothes. Her style had changed too much since she’d been living with the Mikaelsons anyhow. She grabbed a few more pictures and books from her room. It was when she entered her father’s room she lost composure. His scent still lingered. The aftershave and cologne he used to wear. One of his uniforms was still on a hanger and lying out on the bed. She brought the uniform to her nose and breathed it in. It too carried her father’s scent.

Elijah peered into the room as she was crying into her father’s shirt. He made his way over and placed a hand upon her shoulder.

“I miss him so much…”

Elijah nodded and sat beside her. His arm wrapped around her as he looked upon a picture on her father’s nightstand. It was one of him and Bella. She was just a child in the picture. One of her front teeth was missing and her arms were wrapped around his neck with a big grin. Elijah picked up the picture assuming she’d wish to keep it as well.

He gave her whatever time and space she needed in order to get things sorted out. He helped her pack away whatever she wished to keep. Once they were done, Bella locked everything up.

Elijah had the driver stop at one of the local flower shops. Bella picked something out for her father, before they headed onto the cemetery. After they arrived she found her father’s gravesite. That knot formed within the back of her throat as she laid the dozen of white roses upon the snow that cascaded over the entire cemetery.

She put a hand upon his tombstone.

“Thank you…” Elijah heard her whisper.

“I love you…”

Elijah froze seeing a man off to the distance. The man nodded directly upon Elijah. Bella still had her head down. Elijah swore to GOD the man looked awfully familiar. Elijah nodded in return, not sure what to make of what he was seeing. The man turned with his back to Elijah. As he began walking away he faded out and vanished right before his eyes.

“Are you alright?” He heard Bella question as she rose.

Elijah nodded but was rather baffled at the moment.

“I’m perfectly fine, Isabella my dear.”

Back in New Orleans…

“I assure you that Rebekah will bring our son back. There is no sense in us heading to Rio. By the time we arrive. Rebekah would already be on her way back.”

“Elijah…” Bella said pleadingly as they stood before the tree. She was running her fingers along the baby’s first Christmas ornament Elijah had bought.

He looked her in the eyes and had his hands about her shoulders.

“Our son will be home before Christmas. I give you my word, Isabella.”

Meanwhile on Isle Esme…

“Just how long are ya going to be lady?”

Rebekah smiles as she gets off the boat. She looks towards the house straight ahead.

“Oh I won’t be long…”

Rosalie rocked Noel as she was feeding him. Once he finished the bottle, she placed it down.

“Good boy, Emmie. Time for a nap Mommy’s gotta shower now.” Rosalie came to her feet and placed Noel into a crib she’d set up in the living area.

She headed on out of the room and went to shower. When she returned from her shower, Rosalie gasped back and froze.

“Hello there!”

Rebekah had Noel in her arms. She kissed the infant’s forehead and laid him back down.

“I’ve got to admit. Lovely place… I’m just not so sure how my nephew would feel about growing up here. With it being so secluded and all.”

“Get away from him!” Rosalie snaps, pointing upon Rebekah.

“No can do. I made a promise and one I don’t plan on breaking. First thing’s first… You’re not the mother of this child. And Emmie? Honestly? What sort of a name is that? He’s a Mikaelson sweetheart show some respect!”

Rosalie goes to say something. Rebekah dashes over and puts a single finger upon her lips.

“Whatever rubbish you’re about to feed me, save it. I highly doubt you have anything particularly entertaining to share.”

Rosalie takes both her hands and sends Rebekah flying through the glass coffee table. Rebekah casually comes to her feet and dusts herself off.

“I see you have the unfortunate tendency of pissing me the fuck off. THIS!” She shows Rosalie the tear in her blouse.

“This was new! And just how did you think all this would turn about? Look around you! This life you’ve decided to create. Just who will you share it with? How disturbed are you to think you could steal my brother’s child and raise it yourself. And you haven’t the faintest just how pissed off the mother is. She’d rip you apart in the matter of seconds. Which is all the more reason, I wish to dispose of you myself.”

Rosalie rushes back over and Rebekah shoots out a single hand. She snarls back with her hand clasped around Rosalie’s neck. She lifts her off the ground. Rebekah drives her entire body through the wall beside the fire place. Noel starts to cry.

“I’ll be right there, love!” Rebekah calls out as Rosalie reverses the hold Rebekah had on her.

“The hell you will!”

Rebekah sighs as if merely annoyed. She swiftly reaches over and grabs a fire poker. She drives it through Rosalie’s heart. She smiles as takes it and twists it driving it in deeper. Rebekah makes certain the poker is driven into the wall just right.

“Now I want you to stick around.”

Rosalie blinks and looks down, seeing Rebekah slipping off her daylight ring.

“That’s right, sweetheart… heartbreaking isn’t it?!”

Rebekah walks back over to the crib and picks Noel up. She looks back over as Rosalie shrieks out in agony. Smoke was rising off her body as the sun flowed throughout the house and beat down upon her. Rebekah patiently observes.

“Isn’t she funny?” She whispers in Noel’s ear as she cradles him in her arms. Her skin had begun to melt like that of a marsh mellow over a campfire.

“Oh isn’t that a shame?” Rebekah utters once Rosalie’s body was set aflame.

Christmas Eve morning…

The Mikaelsons each shoot up from their spots as they hear the front door open. The moment Rebekah entered the room with Noel, Bella took off. She hugged Rebekah. “Easy love. She said but smiled and immediately handed Noel over. Bella cradled him against her hugging him close. She came to her knees in literal sobs.

“Thank you. I’ll never be able to repay you. I…” Bella said as she lifted her eyes Rebekah’s way.

Rebekah gave a simple nod. She bent down and cupped Bella’s chin.

“We’re family… We might fight. But when someone messes with our own… War has been declared. We will always have each other’s backs.”

Elijah helps Bella to her feet. He caresses Noel’s cheek and kisses Bella’s forehead. Rebekah headed on up the stairs. Kol and Klaus decidedly headed out before too long, deciding to give Elijah and Bella their space.

Bella wiped few remaining tears with the back of her hand. The three of them were lying on Elijah’s bed. Noel had his tiny hands wrapped around their index fingers. He was kicking his feet about with a massive grin on his face, his tiny fangs were revealed. Bella softly giggled and kissed his toes. He did that giggling thing again and Elijah’s jaw dropped. Bella smiled at Elijah’s reaction.

“Did he just laugh?”

“Yes and you’d be surprised on who was the first one to make him laugh.”

He narrows his eyes with curiosity.

“Your sister…”


Bella nods.

“Well I’ll be…”

Bella bends down and giving Noel a raspberry along his tummy. He kicked his feet about and giggled once again. Elijah chuckled and looked on in awe. He kissed his tiny hand as Bella continued to make him laugh. Before long Noel’s eyes begin to bat. He lost the battle and had fallen asleep. Bella and Elijah smiled at one another.

“Honestly, I was afraid he’d be somewhat traumatized.” Bella admitted.

Elijah nodded.

“He seems to be adjusting just fine. It’s a Mikaelson thing.”

Bella laughs.

“Is it now?”

Elijah nods yet again confidently. He reaches over and grazes his fingers along her arm.

“You might not be a Mikaelson in blood, Isabella. But you are most certainly are spirit.” He says remembering everything he’d overheard and witnessed.

At this he took her hand and kissed it.

“You two get some rest. I’m going to move the crib in here for now.”

She nodded as he headed on out of the room.

That night…

Bella sat her wine down as Rebekah placed a gift in her lap. It was wrapped in golden paper and had a red bow around it.

“What’s this?”

“A gift, now open it.”

“Sarcasm noted. Thank you.”

“You’re quite welcome, love.”

The other Mikaelson’s laugh as Bella rolls her eyes. She opens the gift however and she looked upon Rebekah in awe.

“You made this?”

Rebekah nodded.

It was a scrapbook of Bella’s entire pregnancy. Without Bella’s knowledge she’d been taking pictures of Bella once a week. So it truly looked as though Bella went through a nine month pregnancy. It also included the picture of Bella and Elijah by the tree. The very last one was of Noel, Elijah, and Bella.

“It’s actually for Noel. But I figured you could hold on to it. For now…”

Bella smiled.

“Thank you. It’s beautiful, Bekah.”

“Of course it is. I made it.”

Rebekah rose once again and continued to hand out presents. Bella had gotten Kol a Playstation and a few games to go with it. She got Klaus a big screen TV. He gawked upon her puzzled when he first opened it.

“You do realize we do not have a TV in this house?”

“Yep as to why I figured you could use one. Welcome to the 21th century, Nik!”

He cocked a brow at this and shook his head.

“Say thank you, Niklaus…” Elijah uttered, whilst shaking his head.

“It’s ok Elijah he can thank me when he gets addicted to a certain show…”

“I read, love. TV is for the simpletons of this generation.”

“Whatever you have to tell yourself. You’re welcome, Nik.”

Kol was still looking at his gift as if lost. Rebekah squealed in delight at the charm bracelet, Bella had gotten her. It had Noel’s birthstone and other meaningful trinkets.

“Thank you!” Rebekah said as she immediately put it on.

Bella laughed.

“You’re quite welcome.”

Kol, Rebekah, and Klaus went in together on Bella’s gift. It was a very rare edition of Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. A rather expensive one at that… Bella ran her fingers along the book in amazement.

“Wow… thank you. This is awesome!”

They each nodded. Rebekah had got the boys the usual clothes, ties, etc… And they all got her gift cards seeing as how she’d much rather shop than open gifts. Naturally, Noel scored big time. Everyone pampered him with gifts. Everything from stuffed animals, to toys he couldn’t play with right away, to clothes, and knickknacks for his room. The last gift Bella opened was a diamond necklace with matching earrings. Obviously, from Elijah. She mouthed the words thank you and blew him a kiss. He smiled and winked upon her. He wasn’t quite ready to reveal his main gift just yet…

Elijah was so busy enjoying everyone else’s responses to their gifts. He hadn’t even opened the ones from Bella yet. Bella took notice and handed Noel over to Klaus. She welcomed herself into Elijah’s lap.

“Are you going to open your gifts?”

He pressed his lips together and glanced towards them.

“Careful brother, she’s a bit modern… this one…” Klaus utters as if complaining.

“Oh shut it, Nik!” Bella replied.

Bella grabbed one of the boxes. She had hers wrapped in blue wrapping paper and silver bows. Elijah unwrapped the gift to see a black box. As he opened the box he saw cufflinks that were made to have his initials.

“I love them. Thank you.” He pecked her on the cheek.

But Bella handed him one more gift.

“Isabella, these were enough… I…”

“Just open the gift.”

He takes in a breath and opens it. It was the pocket watch she’d had engraved. Only now it also had her and Noel’s picture on the inside. Elijah ran his fingers along it. He read the engraving as well and he was taken back.

Time has a funny

way of showing

us what truly matters

With deepest affections, Isabella

“This is perfect…” He said wholeheartedly.

Elijah kissed her lips and gawked upon the watch once more. She sighed as if relieved.

“Thank God. I hadn’t a clue what to get you.”

“Yes, she was all fretting. She’s annoying, that one. Don’t ever take her shopping.”

“No one asked you, Kol.”

“I know but I’m doing everyone a favor, darling!”

Elijah laughs and places the pocket watch into his pocket.

“I’ll carry it with me always. Thank you.”

“Is that everything?” Rebekah questioned.

Everyone shrugged and looked around the room. Klaus sighed and came to his feet. He handed Noel over to Kol.

“What do I do with this?” Kol inquired holding Noel as if he were diseased.

“He’s a baby you twit! Try loving on him!”

Kol narrows his eyes. He raised his brows however as Noel looked at him and started to giggle.

“What’s with you, fella? You think I’m funny looking or something?”

Noel giggles again and Kol sighs as if annoyed. But he was bringing him into his lap.

“There you go. Perhaps there is hope for you after all.” Rebekah taunts.

“Yeah, yeah piss off.”

Klaus returns with the item he’d almost forgotten about. He hands it over to Elijah.

“Just in case the wife and child wasn’t enough. Something I take fully credit for by the way. You’re welcome.”

Elijah sighs with slight annoyance. But he nods and reaches over shredding the paper off the item. He wasn’t the only one raising his brows with a look of shock about them either. Bella was just as taken back.

“Is that…”

“Yes, yes, it’s you love. However I take full credit and making you seem so alluring. I can work magic with these two hands you know.”

It was a painting of Bella. A simple profile of her face and it stopped at her shoulders. That was what he’d been working on that night he brought his supplies in. He already had it framed and ready to go. Elijah was still staring in wonderment. He cleared his throat once Bella nudged him.

“Thank you, Niklaus.”

“You’re very welcome!” He replied in a rather sarcastic tone.

Christmas morning…

Bella rolls over and pats down the empty side of the bed. She frowns as she opens her eyes. Bella rose and stretched her arms about. She then glanced over towards the crib. When she came to her feet she realized that Noel wasn’t in there as well. Remembering now that it was Christmas morning, Bella started to hurriedly get ready. She guessed everyone was already downstairs waiting on her. She put on her best dress, the earrings and necklace Elijah had gotten her, she pinned her hair back, and put on a touch of makeup, before heading down. Once she got downstairs she looked around wondering where everyone was. The tree was lit, but no one was in the room. She sighed with slight frustration. She looked throughout the house in wonder. When she realized no one was in the house she started towards the door. Just as she reached for it, Rebekah quickly stepped inside. She had on a gorgeous red dress, had her hair curled, and was wearing red lipstick. Bella suddenly felt underdressed.

“Ummm… so I need to change…” Bella utters with a scowl looking to her dress.

Rebekah took her by the hand and practically dragged her back up the stairs. She led her up to her room. Rebekah hurriedly shut the door behind her. She then forcibly sat Bella down on her bed.

“So…” Bella says observing Rebekah’s odd behavior.

Rebekah opened her closet and brought out a bagged item. She unzipped the black bag revealing the most gorgeous dress; Bella had ever laid eyes on. It was white with red trimming and it had a red sash that tied into a bow in the back. Rebekah smiled and handed her the dress.

“Let’s not keep him waiting. He’s all nerves as it is, love.”


“Yes now hurry it up, will you?!”

“I don’t understand. What is going on Bekah?”

Rebekah simply dashes back out of the room. Bella sighs and looks to the dress. She shrugs and takes off the current one she was wearing. She slips on the dress. Then looks into the lengthwise mirror, Rebekah had on her closet door.

“They want me to wear this? For Christmas?” She whispered to herself in wonder.

It was the fanciest thing she’d ever worn in her life. Bella stepped into the white snow boots Rebekah had laid out beside the dress. She was thankful to see they weren’t heels. She thought back to her human days. That mere thought alone had her giggling.

“Human days.” She uttered to herself.

Bella carefully made her way down the stairs. Once she opened the front door, Kol was already there waiting for her. He was fully decked out in a tux. He even had on fancy white gloves, the works. He cut her a wink and took her hand. He wrapped it along his arm and began escorting her to the Mikaelson courtyard. Bella’s jaw dropped as she saw golden lights stringed about the trees and bushes. There were poinsettias tossed about the white blanket of snow. She turned to Kol.

“What’s going on?”

He smiled and patted her hand.

“I do believe someone’s getting married, darling.”

Her jaw dropped as he eventually came to a stop.


“Why are you staring at me for? I’m not the one wearing a dress.”

She turned hearing the sound of a piano playing.

“Nik?” She expressed in disbelief.

They had brought the piano outside and Klaus was strumming away. She recognized the piece to be Dvorak’s Romantic piece number 1. He too was in a black tux, white gloves, etc… Bella suddenly felt as though she were dreaming. The scene before her was literally like something she’d seen in a movie.

“Are you ready?” Kol inquired.

She looked upon him as if a deer caught in headlights. Kol chuckled.

“I’m going to take that as a yes. Seeing as how I can’t compel you, lovey.”

He starts down the aisle. Rebekah had Noel in her arms. He was in the tux Bella had picked out for him.

“Oh my God…” Bella whispered thinking he looked even more like Elijah.

She started that direction and Kol gently tugged her back.

“Not so fast.”

Bella cut him an odd look. That’s when she heard the familiar clearing of a throat and looked up. Before her was Elijah. He too in a tux… only he wore a red bowtie, white dress shirt, black vest, blazer with a red kerchief. Bella swallowed back and became immobile for a moment. She couldn’t get over the amount of sex appeal that man had.

“Holy hell…” Kol heard her whisper.

He finished leading her up and handed her off to Elijah.

“Shall we begin?” The pastor before them inquired.

“Yes please.” Elijah answered his eyes however were fixated on Bella.

Bella stood there in a stupor as the pastor went over the usual rituals and vows. She went through the motions still feeling as though she were in a dreamlike state. She wasn’t the only one… Elijah felt as though he were dreaming himself. Even if he was the one that had sat all of this up. Seeing Bella in that dress only topped it all off for him. Once again he felt as though he were gazing upon an angel. Even as they said their I do’s that cloudy feeling remained. It wasn’t until the pastor declared them husband and wife it truly dawned on them that it was indeed real.

“I now present Mr. and Mrs. Mikaelson. You may now kiss the bride.”

Elijah swiftly dipped her back and eagerly kissed her.

“So that all just really happened?”

He nodded, whilst caressing her cheek.

“Merry Christmas, Mrs. Mikaelson.”

She smiled. Klaus began to play All I Want For Christmas Is You. “Bella laughed and shook her head his direction. Klaus nodded her way. Your brother such a dork.” She whispers knowing Klaus could hear her. Elijah surprised her as he twirled her about and they began dancing.

“How’d you manage all this?”

“Haven’t you learned by now? We’re Mikaelson’s.”





33 thoughts on “Chapter 4: Mikaelson Wonderland”

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