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Notice two for Galway readers:

ANNND the link has been fixed to the actual chapter 51 update. Good grief. I’ve never had that happen before. Not sure why it came up missing. I know I put it there. How strange.

Once again sorry for any inconvenience,


Dear readers:

First of all Galway readers, I apologize for the long wait on “the chapter”. I know you’ve been looking forward to it and wondering what all’s going to happen and how the boys are going to wrap everything up. Just note, I’ve spent hours and hours on this particular chapter, considering the story is coming to an end. This is NOT the last chapter, but we are getting close. It’s because of that I am taking my time and being very picky. I have a lot written, but I keep editing and rewriting certain scenes and going over and over it. I want to do this story justice.

Another reason for the long wait (other than my pickiness), is due to my car being vandalized and has left it undrivable for the time being. My deductible is too high for the insurance to cover, and the car has way too many problems to even consider fixing now. I’m looking for a used truck with LOW payments for the time being, and that’s consumed a lot of my time.

It’s disappointing to know that someone else can damage YOUR property and you end up paying for it. No, we don’t know who did it. I wish we did! This has caused a lot of stress in our family as we’re paying on a loan as it is. That loan went to a new water heater (after ours went kaput), fixing our washer (that stopped spinning), and a list of other things that just piled up. We’ve depleted our funds, and I’m sure many of you know what that’s like. It is very stressful, and the whole family suffers from it. I can’t take my girls swimming, to their friends’ houses, and my older daughter was looking for a part-time job and can no longer do that until we find another dependable vehicle. This has sucked the fun right out of summer for my girls. I’m hoping things turn up and get better soon. But for now, just understand if things take me a bit longer than usual. I will get this story finished! Just RL is kicking us pretty hard right now, and I must see to that first.  

Thank you for your time and understanding,







Please note I will not allow and will never allow political comments to any review of any story. That is NOT what my stories are about and I do not appreciate the attempt. Politics has no place whatsoever on anything Harley’s Thoughts. Your comment will be deleted automatically. Continue, and you will find yourself blocked. The are other places for that. NOT ON MY WALL, NOT ON MY SITE!

About my announcement:

I was blown away by the amount of support not only on here but on Facebook, with the announcement I made. I was nervous as hell when I wrote that. I know I lost a few readers, and one even sent me an ugly email calling me a sellout and went on about how I betrayed my fans. Um, okay. I don’t understand how moving on to new things makes me a sellout but whatever. I don’t even have a book on sale! And even if I did… Expecting me to write about one thing only for years to come and not wanting something more is a bit ridiculous, in my opinion.

I’ve put damn near five years into Bella and had many adventures with her. I think people get in a little over their heads with their demands, and using guilt and manipulation doesn’t sit right with me. I’m sorry this particular person feels this way. But I am not sorry for my decision, nor did this email change my mind. I know you hoped it would but nice try. It’s rather sad, really. I’ve had people say they were upset that I wouldn’t be doing any new crossovers, or anymore Twilight stories, but they weren’t rude about it and even wished me well. This particular person said they were done with Galway Girls and wouldn’t finish it because of my announcement. Well, bless your wee little heart! No one’s holding a gun to your head.

I knew there would be some bitterness, but I was surprised by the level of love and support I received. You guys are amazing, and it’s because of that this email didn’t bother me as much as it normally would. I snorted at it and simply responded this way just in case anyone else felt the same way. I will never be sorry for moving on and trying new things. This is my life to live, and I wish to do it MY WAY. A simple email isn’t going to convince me otherwise. I appreciate anyone that’s that into my work. Truly I do. But I do not appreciate being criticized or called names because of my desire to grow. Adults attacking other adults and all because they didn’t get their way – that’s just sad in general. Like I said, I’m sorry you feel that way. But I’m not sorry for my decision, and it stands firm. I hate that you won’t know how Galway Girls ended, but once again that’s your decision to make.

Thanks once again,



Being Obvious (by Cuinawen)

via Being Obvious

Many of you are fans of my Twilight/Avenger crossovers. So, I felt the need to share this story written by a friend of mine. Many of you are aware of her work already. But for those of you who aren’t, well here you go. This is a Hawkeye/Bella one shot. And a little bird told me there will be more stories coming 😉