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Important message:

Dear readers, 

First off, I wish to apologize to my Galway Girl readers as it looks like I will be a week later or so in getting those chapters posted. An unexpected financial situation hit, and my family and I weren’t in the greatest financial shape, to begin with. I’ve been having some (multiple) health issues (which gets costly), and we had two loans to pay off to top all that off. For the first time ever, I had to turn to my friends, family, and readers that follow me on FB page for help. I gave them my PayPal and Zelle in order to do that.

My family had never done anything like that before, so it was very nerve-wracking for me. I was blown away by the response of those wanting to help. It’s thanks to them we are now down to one loan. I was able to get groceries to feed my kids and fill my car up with gas.

This naturally couldn’t hit at a worse time with Christmas just around the corner. Thankfully, (so far), it seems like my kids are very understanding to our situation and understand that Christmas may be super tight this year. We shall see when that day comes. I just wanted to explain to everyone why things are so off schedule and all over the place.  

Thank you for your time and understanding, 


P.S – I’m working on said chapter now. But give me a few days. I’m pretty rundown lately and haven’t as much energy as I used to have. It will be like that until my health improves.

Update: Galway Girls

I’ve kept y’all waiting long enough. So, here’s the deal. I’m going to go ahead and post the chapter. But please note I have NOT done the final read-through, meaning there could be a few mistakes. I plan on doing that after I’ve had some sleep. This chapter is right around 50 pages long. So, you have been warned. Give yourself time to read, lol.
The Halloween edition within was meant to be a side story, honestly. But my health and my furbaby’s got in the way, and I never got around to writing that before Halloween. Therefore, my surprise didn’t quite pan out right. I got it written though, just not when I’d hoped. Hope y’all enjoy!

Dear Harley Thought’s readers,

Dear Harley’s Thoughts readers, (ALL OF YOU! Not just my Galway Girl readers!)

Alright, I’m starting chapter 60 of Galway Girls now. I’m anxious to get to it. I thought I would be down for the rest of the night as I had a severe migraine and went all day and night without sleep. But a four-hour power nap got me going again, thankfully. I was disappointed when I thought I wouldn’t be able to write tonight. My muses are strong and ready to complete these last two chapters. I should be done in a couple of weeks, if not less (with both chapters). I’m also sad to see the story coming to an end. I’ve grown very attached, as I’ve stated before. This is easily one of my favorites. I felt like I had more freedom with this story, and it was closer to original work. That is a good way of doing it since that’s where I’m going next.

I will be starting that in January. It’s a good way to start off the New Year! Please note this WILL NOT be posted to my WordPress as I’ve done with my fanfiction. No, this one will be put on Amazon. Unless something changes, I will let you know for sure. That doesn’t mean I’m done with fanfiction, but I won’t be writing it as much. I will do updates or new stories here and there. But we all have to grow at some point, and I would like to spread my wings and see where it lands me. I may fail, but I never know unless I try. I truly hope you will support me in my new adventure and give me a chance. I know you’ve grown used to me writing crossovers and things of that nature. But I have to live out my dream. I’m hitting forty, and I’ve yet to publish anything. The way I write will not change. I will, of course, have to get an editor and all that jazz. But I will face that when the time comes. I assume it will take me about a year or two to get something out there. Your support would absolutely mean the world to me.

I was mocked by a few of my closest “friends” *coughs* back in the day when I told them my dreams. I’m here to prove them wrong! I get that I’m not as fancy with words. I’m also not the best when it comes to punctuation and grammar. I’m still learning everyday. I write with all my heart and soul, and I literally pour everything I have into each word, every chapter, and all my stories. Nothing about that will change. I have so many ideas that are MINE. I want to get them out there and show the world. I can’t do that if I stick to fanfiction only. Please understand that.

As I’ve stated before, I know I will lose some readers and followers. But I truly hope you will give me a chance and see what I have in this head of mine. Don’t give up on me just yet! I will be writing under a different name as I cannot use Harley Quinn for original work. I have a few picked out. I will reveal that name when the time comes. I will make the announcement right here on my WordPress and on my FB author page.

I already know the handful that will follow me no matter, and that’s what keeps me going. I pay attention to every like, review, and comment. Some of you have already made it clear you’re not going anywhere. For that, I cannot thank you enough. I won’t lie. It’s a scary journey. But everyone has to step out of their comfort zone at some point and say, “Hey, I fucking got this!”

Thank you for an amazing five years, and I hope to get many more!

Love to all,

Harley’s Thoughts

(Please note I’m not longer friends with those people. I didn’t want to give the impression that it was anyone close to me now. No, the friends I have now support me and truly believe in me.)




Galway Readers:

Due to lack of interest, I will not be holding any votes for Galway Girls. I will continue the story like usual. I truly hope I didn’t upset anyone by having the vote for the necklace Chibs gives Abel. I only did that to get my readers more involved as I’m a firm believer in keeping some sort of communication. But I would much rather you all be surprised if that’s what you all prefer.

Once again my apologies,


(I won’t make anymore posts until the actual update)