Chapter 18 Break A Leg

Chapter 18
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Bruce gently grabs Bella’s wrist. Bella’s eyes locked with his. Still, she continued to squeeze out the contents of the wash cloth, onto his chest.

“I’m okay. You don’t have to do that.” He reaches for the soap and Bella stops him.

“Bruce please just let me…” She says with a rather quivery voice.

She quickly clears her throat and swallows back. Bella quickly turns away for a moment and wipes her eyes. A warm, wet hand caressed her cheek. She closed her eyes and leaned into it. Her hands cupped his hand as she kissed his palm.

“I’m alright Bella.”

She nods and opens her eyes again. His thumb grazed her lips. His wrists, ankles, and neck had red markings where he was cuffed. Taking the washcloth from his hand, she gently washed the areas that were rubbed raw.

“So how’d you find me?” He inquired curiously.

“You could say I paid an old friend of ours a little visit.”
“And what friend would that be?”

“Little Miss. Ivy.”
“Ah… She willingly gave you information?”

“Yes and no. It seems we share a common annoyance.”
“And that would be?”

She watched his reaction with interest as she said his name.

She nodded.

“What does he have to do with any of this?”

“They happen to be neighbors!” She mocks in a rather cheerful voice, one that has Bruce grinning and shaking his head.

“Hmmm, is that so?”

She nodded again and Bruce flinched as she ran the cloth around his neck.


He shrugs. Bella takes in a breath.

“Bruce… he’s running the Wayne name to the ground. I don’t mean just his personal life, but Wayne Enterprises. And all other business, you may be dealing with.”

Bruce nods, looking to be in thought.

“Alfred is currently doing everything in his power, to keep everything else out of reach. I’ve been staying in the cave. Alfred and I keep in contact, when possible. I’ve insisted that he not raise any suspicions.”

“And what about you?”

She half laughs.

“Um well… our engagement’s been called off. You know, since I was cheating on you and all. I was called off the premises and forced to move out. I was quickly replaced with two gorgeous blonde models.

Bruce grimaces.

“Did he harm you in any other way?”

“Nothing I couldn’t handle.”


“I’m a big girl, Bruce. Besides, dealing with psychos is my specialty! Didn’t you know this? I mean after all, I’m engaged to a man with a split personality.”
“Hmmm… I thought that was called off.”

She smiles.

“Oh no. Mr. Wayne, you’re not getting out of this, that easily.”

He takes in a breath and reaches over, pulling her into the tub with him.

“Neither are you.” He moves a strand of hair away from her face and kisses her.

“Plus, I love the suit…”

Bruce chuckles. He was starting to feel a lot better thanks to Bella. She’d got him hydrated. He also had a full tummy now. However, he denied the pain med’s, she’d insisted on. Saying how he needed to be alert. What he didn’t realize was that Bella had snuck them into his food. So he’d slept for a solid ten hours. She wasn’t about to let on what she’d done either, but she knew he needed all the TLC he could get. Bruce was as stubborn as they come and he thought she was! He was worse by far! She’d managed to sneak him into the hotel, knowing there was no way no one wouldn’t recognize him. So she had Alfred call and set up a reservation under a fake name. Bella handled the rest from there. It’s amazing what you can get away with, when throwing a couple extra hundreds someone’s way. She had Bruce wait for her by one of the fire exits she’d rigged, so it wouldn’t go off once she opened the door. One of many tricks “Batman” had taught her.

Bruce’s hands were planted on her ass as they continued to kiss. Her cell went off as it was on the bathroom counter, they both sighed. He popped her on the ass as she rolled out of the tub and grabbed a towel.

“Alfred?” She answered lifting her eyes towards Bruce as she dried off.

“There seems to be some trouble…” He hints.

“Give me 15…”
“I’ve have everything prepared.”
“Thank you, Alfred.”

“Of course, madam.”

She nods and hangs up. Bruce starts to get out of the tub.

“Oh no you don’t, I got this. I mean it. Stay put. I’ll be back.”


He comes to a stand anyway and reaches for a towel.

“I will tase you! I’m not fucking around. You’re staying here.”

“You’d tase me?” He says with a cocked brow.

“Yep and I’ve been taught just the right amount to knock your ass out!”

She utters as she strips down and quickly changes into some dry clothes. Bruce narrows his eyes as she pecks him on the lips.

“Love you!” She calls out as she opens one of the windows.

Bruce shakes his head as she zip lines on out.

Once Bella, enters the cave Alfred already had everything set up as promised. She nodded towards him as she hurriedly got into her suit. Before she got on her chopper she kisses Alfred’s cheek with a grin.

“He’s safe…” She says.

Alfred took in a breath of relief.

“I knew you could do it, Ms. Gordon.”

She winked his way and started up the chopper.

Batgirl killed the engine a ways from the batsignal. A deep breath escaped her, knowing who she was about to face. Now came the real test, faking out her uncle. He was expecting Batman. That and well he’s already shot at her once, obviously not a fan. Batgirl grappled onto the rooftop, bringing herself up.

“Commissioner…” She called out as his back was to her.

Batgirl made certain she stayed within the shadows. Commissioner Gordon turned her direction with narrowed eyes.

“You’re not the one I’m looking for.”

“He’s a bit preoccupied at the moment. So I’m all you’ve got. What seems to be the problem?”

The Commissioner sighs.

“I only trust in one.” He sternly comments.

“Don’t we all?”

He takes a step closer and she takes another step back.

“So what is this exactly? Are you a groupie of his?”

“Not exactly, no.”
“Hmmm… well you tell Batman. I’m waiting for him.”
“I don’t play games Commissioner. If you truly have an emergency, you shouldn’t care about who gets the job done. As long as it gets done.”

“That could prove to be somewhat debatable. I doubt you have half the skills Batman does.”
“I’m more than willingly to prove myself. Isn’t that the point Commissioner? Think back to your rookie days? New kid on the block, everyone around you already knew the ropes. We all start from somewhere.”

He sighs.

“A pep talk? From an obsessed Batman fan?”

Batgirl genuinely smiles.

“You gotta admit. He’s pretty awesome!” She throws out in such a way that actually has him laughing.

“Now you sound like my niece.”

“I like her already. Sounds like a smart girl!”

“When she wants to be.”

Batgirl swallows back.

“So, where is this supposed help needed?”

“It has to do with Mr. Bruce Wayne actually. He hasn’t quite been himself.”
“So you’ve noticed this as well?” She questions with curiosity.

He nods and pinches the bridge of his nose.

“I think this should be looked into. With Clayface on the loose…”

Batgirl found herself rather amazed on just how much her uncle knew. She listened as he continued on about his concerns. He even mentioned how Bruce had broken off his engagement to his niece. To her surprise, he actually seemed rather disappointed about that. She always assumed he didn’t care much for Bruce. Batgirl knew she had to play the part though. So she sucked it up.

“With all due respect, didn’t your niece have an affair? As to why he called off the engagement to begin with?”

“No… I don’t believe that. Not even for a second. You don’t know my niece. And you don’t know Bruce. Those two are undeniably in love. I’m telling you there is something fishy about this. It must be looked into at once. It’s not just about my niece’s relationship. It’s about what he’s doing to the Wayne legacy. The Wayne’s were good people. We can’t allow this to continue.”

Her uncle continued to take her by surprise. She truly always though he didn’t particularly care for the Wayne’s. What was all this? Did she not truly know her uncle as well as she assumed. What was this front he’d brought out, back when she was raised by him? It was as if she were truly seeing him for the first time. He was a different man completely. She let him finish, without interruptions. He pushed up his glasses once he was done.

“I’ll look into it and see what I can find out.”

He nodded.

He was just about to ask her another question. Only once he turned around she was gone. He sighs.

“What is it? A bat thing?” He utters, whilst shaking his head.

As she was heading back Batgirl caught a glimmer of something else. Something that had her gritting her teeth. She merely observed for a moment and watched as the familiar blonde smacked on her gum and walked up to a black sports car. The blonde was just about to open the door and get into the car. Only to have Batgirl discreetly swoop down and tap her on the shoulder. The woman jumped and quickly turned.

“Oh, it’s you.”

Batgirl nodded and eyed the potential customer.

“On your way.” She demanded.

The guy looked upon her rather wide eyed. He nodded and hit the accelerator. The blonde sighed.

“Way to go… You just scared off my rent.”

Batgirl narrowed her eyes and grabbed her wrists. Just as she figured there were track marks.

“Easy now, love the new suit by the way.”

“This is your answer to a better means of life?” Batgirl snaps.

Rosalie giggles and staggers around a bit.

“Easy now, we can’t all be cape crusaders and vigilantes. A girl’s gotta make a living. You had my old boss arrested remember? Shop’s closed down.”

Batgirl roughly dragged her into the alley.

“You’re better than this! LOOK AT YOURSELF! IS THIS TRULY WHAT YOU WANT?!”

“Whoa now sistah, hands off the merchandise.”

She felt a cold steel blade at her throat. Batgirl nodded and lowered her hands.
“That’s right, baby. Hmmm damns you all kinds of fine up in here.”

She rolled her eyes as the pimp ran his hands along her ass. Rosalie screamed out. Before she could even blink, Batgirl had her pimp up against the brick wall. She’d already disarmed him and had her elbow to his throat.

“I’m not your sister and I damn sure am not your baby. Neither is she. So stay away from her! Now piss off, before I becomeyour pimp!”

Rosalie breaks into laughter again. Batgirl shakes her head on this and tosses the pimp out of the alley. Rosalie gasps out as Batgirl randomly grabs her and fires off her grapple gun.

“Holy shit!” She hollered out, hanging on for dear life.

Batgirl kept zipping on through Gotham with Rosalie in her hold. She appeared before Black Gate. She pressed Rosalie up against the gate.

“Is this where you want your new home to be?! Or would you prefer to end up…”

Once again, she takes off and Rosalie lets out a yelping sound. She takes her to one of the morgues and pulls out one of the body bags.

“Which suits your fancy?”

“A bit cryptic, aren’t you?” Rosalie scoffs.

Batgirl sighs with frustration.

“Do you not see where your life is headed if you continue down this path? You’re smart and beautiful. There is no reason why you should feel as if this way of life, is your only answer! You said that running that shop was by far better than your old one of stripping. Then you turn right around and began whoring yourself out?! What the fuck are you thinking?!”

Batgirl forces Rosalie to look upon her own reflection.

“Look… Take a real good look. Does this look like the face of a druggy and hooker?”
Rosalie shrugs.

“You made my very first suit! Within the matter of an hour! I believe that was your calling.”
“Making suits for crazy sidekicks?”
Batgirl wrinkles her nose.

“Side kick?”

Rosalie dies in laughter.


“I get what you’re trying to do. But you’re wrong. For people like me there is no real future. No husband. No kids. No one wants someone like me.”
“You’re wrong. And you’re right with that attitude… failure is your only option.”

Rosalie grits her teeth and takes a swing at her. Batgirl blocks it and pins her back against the wall of the morgue. She swallows back as Rosalie starts crying.

“You don’t understand.”

“Try me.”

Batgirl froze and released her.

“Not all of us end up as fortunate! I was engaged once you know! He was perfect. Everything was perfect! I had the perfect wedding planned. We even had plans for children. We wanted two a boy and girl. We talked about sending them to private school once they were old enough. Everything was set in stone or so it seemed. Only two days before the wedding…” Rosalie sucks back a breath and lowers her head.

Batgirl lifted her chin.

“What is it, Rose?”

“It was all taken away from me in one night, just one! I was walking home one day from the diner, I was currently working at. It was to be my last night of working. The man I was to marry, made more than enough for me to stay at home. He gave me the option, but let me know he felt it was best for the children, if I didn’t work. I agreed. So we figured why not start now. There was no reason for me to work some crappy job, if I didn’t need to, is how he put it. At the time, I was living in this rundown apartment. I wasn’t as well off as my husband to be. In fact, I was an orphan. My mother gave me up for adoption once she had me. I never met her and never wanted to. I was rather blown away that a man such as he would even show interest in me. I was so in love. So happy… that was until I was followed home.

I could have sworn I pulled the door shut. But my purse or jacket must’ve gotten caught up in the door. I hung them up. I turned hearing this heavy breathing sound. The man didn’t even bother shutting the door. He forced me down and put a gun to my vag (vagina). He laughed and in such a way I’d never heard one laugh before. He says “Don’t scream unless you want to go out with a bang.” He died in laughter once again and drove the barrel of the gun in deeper. “Get it bang! So what have you sweetheart? Would you like a good BANG!” He laughed again and went on about how he could just kill himself sometimes. Next thing I know he takes out this knife and uses it to strip away my clothes. He forces the gun into my mouth. “How would you feel if I was to go off in your mouth? Would you like that? Do you spit or swallow?”

Batgirl swallowed back with a knot in the back of her throat as tears poured down Rosalie’s face.

“As he continues on with the jokes, he rapes me. When he was done… He pulled up his pants, and flung his gun about in laughter. The things he did during this left me without the ability to have children. At first, my fiancé was supportive, until he found out I couldn’t have children… It was then the truth came out. He blew up and blamed me. Telling me how I should have locked my door. How I should have fought harder! That I could have prevented what this man did!

Batgirl shut her eyes and instantly wrapped her arms around Rosalie. Neither said another word. Rosalie cried it out. Once she was done, Batgirl took her home and personally put her to bed. After Rosalie fell asleep, Batgirl rid of all booze and drugs within the apartment. She then wrote her number down on a memo pad, with a note.

For every bit of darkness, there is light. It’s up to you to find it.- B

Bruce came to his feet as Bella entered the hotel room.

“Everything alright?” He questioned with concern.

She nodded and began unlacing her shoes. Bella stepped out of them and headed straight for the bathroom. Bruce heard the shower start. The look on her face said it all. He’d had that same look many times. The it’s been a really long fucking night.

Once Bella steps into the shower, she lets it out. The shower hid her cries on Rosalie’s behalf. She wanted nothing more than to go blow the Joker’s brains out, but not before torturing the motherfucker. Bella came down and brought her knees to her chest. Her face was buried into her knees.

She heard the shower door slide open. Then a set of arms wrapped around her. Neither said a word. Bruce simply held her, knowing all too well, what those nights were like.

Bella woke with Bruce hovering over her. She felt soft kisses along her neck. Bruce was already thrusting about with his cock inside her. Thinking it was all a dream at first, she found herself taken back. Finding herself awakened like this, had her riled up beyond believe. Even more so as Bruce moaned and grunted about. He felt her release and that only spurred him on more. His thrusting became more eager and unyielding. She became so tight and so wet she was milking his cock, with each stroke he gave. Bruce struggled to keep from coming. He leaned into her ear and with a gruff plea…

“One more time, Bella.”

At this they came in unison, only adding to his sensitivity as he got off. This low sexy growl left his lips as he finished. They continued to feverishly kiss. They knew they had a long day ahead of them. They’d been up most of the night preparing and discussing how this was to go down. Bella groaned out with disappointment as he rolled off her. Bruce smirked at this, but headed onto the bathroom.

Bella trolled on over and answered her phone.

“It’s all set.”

She nodded.

“Not one to be fashionably late… So I say about 1400?”

“Sounds like a plan, Ms. Gordon.”
She hangs up and starts to prepare. Bruce steps out in one of his usual suits. Bella pecks him on the lips and straightens his tie.

“Show time.” She utters and heads on out the door.

Once Bella entered the cave, Alfred greeted her with a cup of coffee.

“Thank you, Alfred.”

He nodded as she took a seat at the monitors.

“How long ago did he leave?”

“About an hour and twenty minutes ago.”

Bella sipped at her coffee and skimmed through areas of the Wayne manor.

“Alfred, do me a favor and take out the trash, burn the sheets as well.” She utters as she zoomed in on the blondes in Bruce Wayne’s bed.

“Before the real Master Wayne arrives.” Alfred grins as Bella sets off the fire sprinklers, within the room. The blondes shriek out as they hop out of bed.

She nods and sips at her coffee again.

“Will do, ma…”

Bella cuts Alfred a certain look.

“I mean Bella, of course!” He says behind a smirk and heads out the door.

She softly laughs and continues to set everything up. Meanwhile, Bruce was preparing back at the hotel. Bella zoomed in on the plat form, where Bruce Wayne (aka Clayface) would be doing his speech. She nodded to herself in thought. Once she finished her coffee. Bella suited up and began to map everything out in her head.

Bruce Wayne locked lips with a gorgeous brunette, before coming up to the podium. He then cleared his throat and began his speech.

“As many of you are aware. I’ve been doing a bit of revising when it comes to Wayne Enterprises.”
“Yeah, like taking away most of our benefits and offering us a shitty insurance plan! One that didn’t even cover my Maddy’s chemo treatments this month!”

A member of the crowd called out.

Bruce Wayne cleared his throat and looked on to the crowd.

“In order for things to change, we must be willing to accept change.”

“People depend on you, Mr. Wayne. What of my daughter?”

Bruce shrugs and clears his throat.

“Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe each and every one of you has become too dependent. You’re each looking for a handout!”

“Handout?! I’ve been working for Wayne Enterprises for 30 years! I worked for your father! I don’t know what’s come over you Mr. Wayne. But your father, he cared about his employees and treated us as though family!”

“Like I was saying… There is such thing as too dependent.”

“You’re god damn right! We work for you! We depend on our insurance, other benefits and salary! Nothing will ever change about that. Some of us aren’t willing to work around the clock for peanuts, Mr. Wayne!”

She kept her head down as she made her way through the massive crowd. She brought the hood down further, making certain no one could make her out.

“Very well… Why don’t you focus on spending more time with your daughter?”

The man narrowed his eyes.

“Meaning don’t even bother coming in tomorrow. I already have someone in mind in which to replace you.”

Bruce shrugs.

“Think of it as a new beginning. I’ll even give you one hell of a reference!”

The crowd goes nuts and starts booing. Commissioner Gordon does his best to control the crowd as a strike is being discussed amongst them all. She works faster to get to the spot she needs. Bruce is just about to be escorted off stage.

“I HAVE A QUESTION!” The hooded figure amongst the crowd calls out.

Bruce stops and jerks out of securities hold. He turns to see the woman lower her hood. He grins rather egotistically.

“Well if it isn’t Gotham’s newest vigilante! An honor, I must say!”

She nods.
“I’m sure…” She says with a certain tone, which almost sounded bored.

“Hm and what is this question of yours.” He questions in a rather flirtatious tone.

“Did you really think you could get away with this?”

He cocks a brow and gazes upon her with interest.

“Get away with what exactly?”

Batgirl inconspicuously begins to charge her weapon.

“You know sometimes it helps when the actor actually studies the character, he’s to portray. I mean did you even bother to read the cliff notes? You’ve taken everything about this man and did a complete 180.”
“I haven’t a clue what you’re referring to.”

He utters and starts towards the stairs, leading down the stage. Batgirl sighs seeing how the cops were aiming their guns at her. Only this time, her uncle was motioning for them to lower them.

“Oh, I believe you do.” With her free hand Batgirl takes out a memo pad and pen.

“Might I have your autograph, Mr. Karlo?! I’m a big fan!”

His eyes widen and he starts to take off. Batgirl sends out her fully charged Taser and to its fullest degree. The crowd shrieks out in terror as he hits the ground and his body begins to morph into different images. This continues until his skin starts to melt. Batgirl quickly fires off her grabble gun as she drops her Taser gun. She looks over to one of the cops.


He nods and gets to work. Batgirl heads towards one of the electric poles and swiftly sends out a batarang splitting one of the wires in half. She let’s go of the grapple and grabs the wire swinging on it, knowing as long as she wasn’t touching ground, she’d be fine. She headed right for Basil Karlo aka Clayface. Just before she touched the ground, she flung out the wire and hit him dead on in the face. She backflips out of the way as he started to spas. Batgirl helped the cops get all the civilians out of the area as Clayface continued to fry. She quickly cued one of the officers to kill the power. Once this was done, she cautiously made her way over. Clayface was now nothing more than a hardened mess. Batgirl made her way over, kicking the wire off him. She hunkered down examining him. She raised her brows as he reached out and weakly wrapped a hand around her ankle.

“You will pay for this.”
She smiled.

“Until that day comes, your friends back home…. They miss you!” She nods towards the guards from Arkham Asylum.

They come up on the stage and she helps load him up. She rides in the back of the Arkham van, keeping an eye on Clayface. She lifts her eyes towards him once they’re almost there.

“How do you feel about clowns, Mr. Karlo?”

She smiles and leans back as the guards’ park the van. They make their way around and she personally escorts him inside. Just as she’d instructed they moved Joker to the area Clayface would be held. They fixed Clayface’s entrapment only this time had it double cased. His skin crackled and parts of it fell amongst the ground. Batgirl had the guards sweep it up and they were to dispose of it immediately and properly, by turning it into nothing more than ashes. She shoved him into his new cell.

After she was done she heard the familiar laugh. “Hahahahahaaaaaaa!”

“Leave us…” The guards nodded at this and exited the room, once they had Clayface locked away.

Batgirl made her way towards Joker’s cell. He died in laughter. Swiftly and subtly she reached into the cell, grabbed Joker by the collar of his orange scrubs and slammed him up against the bars repeatedly. That only made him choke back, but laugh even harder.

“What no dinner? If you wanted to play, sweetheart, all you had to do was ask. HAHA!”

She grits her teeth and jars his body up against the bars once more knocking out one of his front teeth. Batgirl quickly jumps back as he spit it out.

“Hmmm… I do believe love is in the air. Let’s say you and I get on out of here. Candle light dinner, dancing, a good fucking, you know the works! After all, I do love a good bang! HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA A good bang! Ooooooooooooh meeee! A good bang!” He says reaching to his gut.

“If I ever get the chance, I’m going to kill you.”

He wipes the blood from his chin.

“Then it’s a date, Toots!”

She nods at this and exits the room.

Bruce leaned back and narrowed his eyes. His arms were folded about his chest. Batgirl drove into the cave and parked. He nodded and turned off the monitors. He’d seen the entire show for himself as it was already all over the news. She took off her domino mask and climbed off the chopper.

He reached out as she went to walk past. He yanked her into his lap. His hands ran along her suit. Bruce pressed his face up against her breasts.

“I just might be your biggest fan.” He muttered into her cleavage.

She raised her brows on this.

“Oh, is that so, Mr. Wayne?”

He nodded and ran his hand up her thigh. She hopped up and quickly cuffed him to the chair.

“And how do I know you’re who you say you are? You may very well be an imposter.”
He swallows back rather hard as she walks away. He slants his head about and watches as she gets out of her suit. She passes back by and takes him by surprise. She grabs a fistful of his hair and kisses him. He feels something metal hit against his tongue.

“Get out of this one and earn it…” She utters seductively in his ear.

For once Bruce found himself speechless. He held the key to the cuff between his teeth. Rocking a hard on from hell, he watched as she exited the cave in her lacy black underwear.

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  1. LOL – Clayface is such a dick. And Rose’s background with the Joker… didn’t see that one coming – hahaha! Get it, sweets? Coming! Okay, I admit I’m punch drunk tired but this chapter still rocked and I can’t wait for more!

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