Chapter 1 First Impressions

Chasing Images

Once again my stories are always rated M FOR MATURE. In this story Batman’s been known to Gotham for three years now. So he’s still relatively young. Everything else you will just have to read about to find out! There is NO BABS AKA BARBARA GORDON in this story sorry folks! This story will contain violence, language, SEX, bloodshed, horror etc… Expect drama, humor, action, romance, mystery, angst, and whatever else I desire to throw in there. If you don’t like something then don’t read it. All I have to say. (ALL HUMAN TWILIGHT CHARACTERS BTW)

Who I picture as I’m writing…

Batman- Tyler Hoechlin

Mad Hatter – Jamie Bell

Scarecrow – Matt Fewer

Poison Ivy – Melissa George

Alfred – Robert Duval

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon – Mark Harmon and Diane Keaton

Chapter 1

I do not own DC Universe or Twilight. Read then leave your review. Having to post between breaks will be working on Deadpool and Joker soon. Just been really busy and just got computer back! But a new drive was put in so having to move everything over it’s taken me two days! Ugh!

“Girl no wonder you never date anyone! You don’t have time! Don’t you ever take a break?”

Bella laughs and punches at the bag.

“Seriously, I don’t know how you do it. I knew I’d find you here when you weren’t in your dorm.”

“It’s too suffocating in there. It’s like living in a shoe box.”

“Considering whom you’re roommate is I don’t doubt that even for a minute!”

“Ugh don’t remind me Casey. I’m just glad this is our last year. So what’d you need?”

“I’m afraid you know me too well.”

Bella smiles and grabs a towel. She wipes off her face and takes a sip of water.

“I want you to go with me on a double date.”
“Double date?”

Bella sighs.

“Let me guess you’re blonde and beautiful, so you’re going to get the tall sexy brother and I end up with Dopey from the seven dwarfs?”

“Actually this guy is like really hot.”

“I don’t know Casey I still got that exam coming up and a paper to write.”


“Ugh… what’s this guy’s name?”
“George and he’s like ripped… They’re twins you know.”
Bella raises her brows.

“You’re sitting me up with your date’s twin brother?”

Casey smiles.

“You’re welcome.”

Casey starts walking off.

“I’ll pick you up at 7!”

“I didn’t agree to this!”

“Sure you didn’t.”

“Oh and Bella…?”

Bella frowns as she looks upon her friend.

“Do wear something nice.”

“What’s that supposed to mean.”
Casey sighs.

“I mean a dress!”

“Why the hell do I have to wear a dress?”

“Because this event is taking place at the Wayne Manor.”


Casey giggles and rushes out the door.

“Bitch…” Bella utters and shakes her head.

Bella rolls her eyes once the cab pulls up to the manor. Casey elbows her.

“Would you knock that off?”

“Everything alright?” Bella’s date questions.

“Yep just grand!”

“Bella… ” Casey practically pleads.

“Casey…” She retorts.

Casey sighs with disappointment.

“Ok fine I’ll play nice. I just can’t stand this guy.”

“ME?!” Her date asks.

Bella giggles.

“Um no the other guy…”
“My brother?”
Oh dear Lord Casey picked a couple of real winners. Bella found herself thinking. Yeah they were hot, but they were all broad and no brains.

“Once again no…”

“Be nice Bella.”

“I am.”

“And how can you not like someone you’ve never met?”

“I don’t have to meet him to know he’s an ass.”

“You’re the only woman I know that would say that about the well-known bachelor.”
“Oh come on he just throws his money all over the place and these constant events of his are just a cry for attention.”

“You should tell him that!” Casey says behind laughter.

Bella grins.
“Maybe I will. Maybe I’ll strut right up to him. Mr. Wayne you’re such an ass. Then I’ll slap him and stick my nose up in the air like some posh woman would and storm out of there.”

Casey dies in laughter.

“Who knows maybe he’d like it.”

“Trust me you’re more his type. He tends to follow the beautiful blondes around like a lost pup.”

“You know for someone that dislikes this guy so much you sure have him nailed.”

Bella shrugs.

“It’s what I do…”
“You’re becoming your uncle.”

Bella smiles.

“I’ll take that as a compliment. Let’s just hope I’m as good as he is one day.”

“From what I hear you’re already heading that way. Love the dress by the way.”

Bella shrugs. She didn’t think it was all that. With little preparation she just grabbed what she had in the back of her closet. Shamefully, she found herself wearing her old prom dress. Casey smiled a certain way. Bella sighs.

“You know don’t you?”

“Hey at least you still fit in yours. Still I figured you’d at least attempt to buy a new dress.”

“It’s just a little tight in the chest.” Bella utters and her date’s eyes widen.

It was a strapless sapphire blue number that was skin tight up top, yet flared out sensually at the bottom. Casey’s dress was black and far more sensible. Bella figured she’d be the only woman not dressed in black. Their dates escorted them to the front doors of the manor. An older man welcomed them inside. Bella froze at the amount of guest and at the size of this place.

“Oh no you don’t…” Casey said and gave her an urging push to continue onward.

“You owe me big time.”

“Yeah, yeah…”

The twins were both very tall with sand colored hair and had very outrageous tans. They wore bowtie suits. They also came from money, which had no appeal to Bella. Mr. Wayne was holding some sort of ball. Bella found herself curious as to which one was the schmuck of the group or if he was even actually here.

“Would you care for a glass of champagne?” George inquired.

“Um sure.” Bella answered with a shrug.

He nodded and headed that way.

“Just remember to be nice and on your best behavior.” Casey hissed as she and Tom headed to the dance floor.

“Yes mother…”

Bella took in a breath and continued to look around.

She felt entirely out of place and very uncomfortable. Forgetting momentarily that her date had gone to get them some champagne she began to walk around. Bella nosily looked at the paintings and other collectables about the mansion. She shook her head at some of them wondering just how pricey some of these trinkets truly were. Just as she assumed too she was the only woman in blue. Every other woman wore black, red, or white.

Little was she aware she had the attention of someone else from afar. He continued to mingle and dance with his dates off and on, but caught himself gawking back her direction.
“I was wondering where you ran off to.” Bella heard George behind her.

She covered her mouth suddenly feeling very rude.

“I’m so sorry. I… ugh this is why I don’t do dates.”

George smiles and hands her glass of champagne over.

“Thank you.”

“Such a gaudy way to decorate a house.” George remarks.

Bella softly laughs.

“Our mansion is much nicer, brighter even.” George declares with a smile.

She raises her brows on this and decides not to comment.

“Would you like to dance?”

“Dancing huh?”

He nods.

“Casey didn’t warn you that I’ve got two left feet?”

He smiles.

“I’m sure we can fix that.”
“Trust me you can’t. I damn near killed Jake at prom.”


“He was my date.”

“Ah… and prom wasn’t that like a few years back?”

Bella sighs realizing he was right. Sadly, Jake was the last guy she dated and that had been nearly four years ago now.

“Yeah…” She answers rather sheepishly.

George takes her hand and leads her on to the floor. Bella swallows back. He starts dancing with her. This guy however danced worse than she did. That and he wouldn’t shut up about himself. The entire time they danced he talked about his wealth, career, ex-girlfriends, the fact that he looked so good because he constantly worked out. In fact he was an instructor at her gym. She hadn’t even noticed the guy before. Then again she never really paid attention to anyone there. She just did her usual workout sessions and left. When she mentioned she worked out there that’s when the night started to really sour and she found she utterly couldn’t stand this guy and wanted to bail. She wished for an emergency of some sort. Just so she could leave without Casey being on her case about it.

Finally, he’d hit a point where she could no longer keep her promise to her friend.

“If you want I could train you. I could help you get some more T and A going for you! There’s certain workout’s women can do that help with that. Also a proper diet helps. Don’t get me wrong you’re dead sexy, but could use a bit more rump and…”

Bella came to a complete stop as they were dancing.

“Excuse me?”

He chuckles.

“No need to cause a scene. I’m just being honest. I’m trying to help you better yourself. I mean seriously look at me!” He shines his pearly whites and does this nauseating pose.

Bella nods with a certain look about her. Casey’s eyes widen and she rushes over just in time to stop Bella from punching George out. Everyone’s attention was now on the three of them.

“I swear Bella!” Casey scolds.

“Oh believe me so do I!” Bella eyes George ruefully.

“Why the hell did you set me up with him?!”

“Bella please…” Casey whispered and was blushing.

She looked as though she were about to cry. Bella caught this and guilt overwhelmed her.

“Casey I’m sorry it’s just…”

“Just forget it Bella… you were right… I’m sorry I asked you to come.”

Bella shakes her head. She looks up to see everyone’s eyes on them. Something she absolutely hated. She lets out a nervous laugh. Bella decides to do a small curtsey George’s way.

“Well it’s been lovely… But I do believe that’s my cue.” She walks off grabbing another glass of champagne.

Bella decided to hide out until Casey was done with her night. She took her glass of champagne and found a secluded hallway lined with paintings that hung on the walls. Bella sipped at her champagne and took her time scrutinizing each one.

“It seems Bruce Wayne could use some therapy as well. A bit cryptic… I wonder if Dr. Crane has another opening.” Bella whispers to herself.

“Well yes Mr. Wayne it seems you’ve got some repressed issues that need some exploring. Let’s dig into that mind of yours and see what we can do to help. Now just relax remember small breaths and close your eyes. Tell me, what do you see…?” She mocks in her Jonathon Crane’s voice.

She softly laughs and polishes off her champagne. Bella just wasn’t aware she was being watched and everything she said had been heard. She sighs and leans back against the wall.

“Mr. Wayne I do believe you are a putz.”

“I’m very sorry to hear that.”

Bella freezes and she swallows back nervously. She turns and a small yelp of a laugh escapes her mouth. She covers it immediately with her hand. Bella clears her throat.

“Mr. Wayne…”

He nods and lowers his brows as he makes his way over.

“Not enjoying my event Ms…?”

“Gordon… Bella Gordon.”

“You don’t happen to be related to Commissioner Jim Gordon do you?”

“He happens to be my uncle and godfather.”

Mr. Wayne nods and offers a hand.

“Bruce Wayne aka putz.”

Bella blushes and shakes his hand. She’d seen pictures of Bruce Wayne many times before. However, seeing him in person made her realize why women swooned to him. He was extremely attractive. He’d deep hazel bluish eyes, midnight hair, and a smile that could kill, not to mention he was built like a tank. Still, his way of life had no true appeal to Bella. That was her turn off. He gave the impression that he was very full of himself and always had more than one woman hanging over his shoulder. That also seemed to change on a weekly basis.

Bella wasn’t sure what else to say to that now. She was wishing she was slobbering drunk so she’d simply forget all this even took place. Tonight seemed to be the night for making an ass of herself.

“And what it is it you do for a living if you don’t mind me asking?”

“Actually I’m majoring in criminal justice on my last year.”

Bruce raised his brows.

“So following in your uncle’s footsteps I see.”

The man that was at the door entrance enters the room.

“Might I be of service Master Wayne?”

Bella rather wrinkles her nose at this. She couldn’t imagine having your own butler nor did she want to. That felt too odd. She resisted the urge to giggle. Bella bite down on her lower lip telling herself to shut up.

“Yes perhaps two glasses of champagne Alfred?”

“Your guests are beginning to wonder sir.”

“I’ll be down shortly.”

The man nods and goes to retrieve the glasses of champagne. Once he returns he hands them both a glass. Bella noticed the butler was even wearing white gloves. When she noticed this however that made her choke back on her champagne a little.

“You alright Ms. Gordon?”

Bella nodded and hit her chest.

“Fine…” She uttered in a rather squeaky voice.

“Thank you Alfred.”
“I will let your guests know you will be down shortly.”

Bruce sighs as if slightly agitated.

“Yes Alfred.”



“Just call me Bella. Ms. Gordon just sounds so…”

“Old I guess I don’t know it just feels weird. No one calls me that it’s my adoptive name anyhow.”

“Adopted name?” He inquires with full interest.

“Um yes my aunt and uncle took me in when I was 7. They legally adopted me. Long story…”

He nods seeing that painful look to her face.

“I suppose we all have our stories.”
“That we do Mr. Wayne I suppose we have the one thing in common.” She hinted about losing his parents at a young age as well.
They both sip from their champagne. He goes to say something else about her date. He was curious if it was serious. From the looks of things, she couldn’t stand the guy. Bruce however forgot he himself was on a date. Make that two…

“There you are darling…”

Bruce nearly flinched and spit his champagne all over the place. He cleared his throat and turned that direction. The two blonde haired women waved him over.

“Yes why’d you go off and leave us?”

“I apologize ladies…”

Bella gets this grin on her face and shakes her head.

“He’s all yours ladies…”
Bruce narrows his eyes turning his focus back on to Bella. She handed him her empty glass of champagne.

“Thank you, I believe I will be on my way now. It was… well it was interesting.”

“Perhaps we’ll converse another time?”

Bella turns back with that grin of hers.

“I don’t know Bruce you seem to be an awfully busy man.”

He pressed his lips together and shook his head as she exited the room. The blondes ran their hands along him. He took in a breath. Bruce makes his way back to his guests feeling rather bitter.

“Seriously Jer what’s with the top hats?”

Bella questioned as he was wearing another green one today.

“Don’t pretend you don’t like it. I could make you one you know.”

Bella softly laughs.

“I’m good.” She utters, but playfully taps her fingers along the rim of his hat.

Jervis Tetch was a very sweet guy. He just had very questionable fashion sense and was often made fun of for it. It was clear also that he was a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland. He collected all things that had to do with this. Bella always got him something to add to his collection on birthdays or Christmas. He loved her for it. No one, but Bella ever did that for him. He held those items even more in heart that came from her. Bella didn’t mind the way Jervis was she just loved to give him a hard time about it. They’d been friends for a few years now. He was going into theater. He was Jacob Black’s roommate. Jacob and Bella used to date. She’d even lost her virginity to him. However, the longer their relationship proceeded the more they fought. Bella couldn’t stand how controlling and bossy he’d become during their relationship. They remained friends, but not near as close as they once used to be. Jake was entirely too intense for her liking. She drew the line when he began to tell her who she could and couldn’t be friends with. Jer was one of them. Once he saw how well the two of them got along it drove Jake mad with jealousy. Bella couldn’t stand how he made fun of Jervis and picked on him. She felt he had a hard enough time without Jacob Black adding to the poor guy’s misery. Any man that acted as though a bully in any sense she saw no attraction whatsoever in.

“I actually prefer that one over the last one you wore. This one brings out your eyes more.”

“Really?” He teases back with a grin.

“Oh absolutely!”

He chuckles and kicks back on her bed.

“You’re too funny Jer.”

“I do try!”

“By the way…”

He takes something out from his green trench coat.

“What’s this? Just think of it as an early Christmas gift.”

Bella shrugs and takes the box. She opens it and sees it was a beautiful hand mirror. It was green with red roses it looked very expensive as well.

“Jer, this is beautiful, but honestly I can’t accept this.”

“You can’t return a gift it is very rude Lizzy!”

Lizzy was his nickname for Bella. She softly laughs.
“Well thank you Jer I love it, but you really shouldn’t have.”

“Think of it as a personal looking glass.”

“Looking glass?”

He hops up and peers over behind her as she looks into the mirror.

“Yes Lizzy what do you see?”

She shrugs.

“It’s just me Jer.”

“Just you? Are you kidding me? There’s so much more. You must look deeper.”

Bella sighs and shrugs again.
“Still me!”

He moves her hair away from her neckline. Bella narrows her eyes in the mirror watching him. He clears his throat and takes a few steps back.

“You really should look deeper…” He looked to be blushing as he plopped back down on her bed.

Bella takes something out from her nightstand and hands it over.

“Might as well give you yours as well.”
“Lizzy you didn’t have to do that. I just gave you mine because I tend to lose things.”

She laughs.

“As I’m well aware, just please don’t lose this one ok.”

He shrugs and opens the golden square box. It was a golden pocket watch with the time by 2’s. He put his hand to his heart and rose up in the bed.


She smiles seeing the look on his face.

“This is my absolute favorite! I will carry this on me always Lizzy!”

“I’m glad you like it Jer.”
He clasps it onto the inside of his coat. Bella sighs looking to the time.

“Something wrong?”

“No just another lists of places I have to be.”
“So I need to let you go huh?”
“Sorry Jer.”

“It’s cool.”

He walks her out the door.

“Session time again?”

He questioned as she started that way.

“Um yeah…”
“You know you shouldn’t be ashamed Lizzy. We all need help from time to time.”

She smiles.

“Later Jer.”

“See ya Lizzy.”

Bella entered Dr. Crane’s office. He smiled warmly upon her.

“Have a seat my dear and we’ll get started.”

Bella takes in a breath and sits down.

“So how has your week gone so far?”

“Fine Dr. Crane and yours?”

“Splendid can’t complain.”

“Ms. Newstead is on the phone sir.”
Bruce takes in a hesitant breath as he leans back in his chair.

“Which one was she again?”

“The blonde one sir with the teardrop earrings.”
“Tell her I just stepped out.”

Alfred raises his brows.

“Or you could just be forward with her sir.”

Bruce looks to Alfred.

“Yes sir, just simply tell her you’re not interested.”

Bruce half smiles and shakes his head.

“You could do that for me can’t you Alfred?”

“Hmmm, and Ms. Gordon is on line two.”

Bruce quickly hops up and reaches for the phone. He presses the button. Alfred smiles and starts to walk out.

“This is Bruce…”

“This isn’t Ms. Gordon…” Bruce hisses as he covers the receiver.

“My mistake… sir…” He says with his back turned to him.

Bruce shakes his head and rolls his eyes.


Bella continues to punch at the bag not hearing him. He sighs and reaches out yanking her headphones off her ears. Without thinking Bella quickly shoves the man back against the wall and had her hand around his throat. She immediately drops her hold.


“Yeah and what the hell was that?”
“You shouldn’t have snuck up on me.”
“Well in all fairness I didn’t realize you were going to go all Kung Fu on me.”

“That was hardly Kung Fu and aren’t you a trainer?”

He shrugs. Bella smiles and places her headphones back on.
“Perhaps you need more practice.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

She raises her brows and lets it go.

“So what’d you want George?”

“I was just wondering if I could take you out again sometime?”

“Huh?” She hits pause on her mp3 player.

“Yeah it seemed we really hit it off.”

Bella pinches her bridge of her nose feeling a headache coming on.

“George I don’t think that’s such a good idea.”

“And why’s that?”

“I’m just not dating material at the moment. Trust me you’re better off.”

Bella goes on to do her squats with the bar. He follows her and starts correcting her stance.

“Um what are you doing?”

“Fixing your posture. Are you trying to break your back? By the way I wouldn’t do any lifting up high with that. I don’t think you want pecks.”

Bella half laughs.

“Thanks, but I got this.”

“As your trainer I strongly advice…”
“Did I say you were my trainer?”

He laughs.
“It’s a little more than obvious you need one.”
“It’s also very obvious that if you don’t shut your trap you’re going to have my foot up your ass.”

“You’re kind of cute when you’re angry.”

“You’ve got to learn how to control that temper of yours!”

“I don’t have a temper.”
“YES YOU DO!” Both Mr. and Mrs. Gordon chorus.

Bella raises her brows.

“You’re lucky he’s not pressing charges.”

“Oh come on now I’d have filed a sexual harassment suit on him. He wouldn’t stand a chance.”

Mrs. Gordon grins.

“She has a point Jim.”

“Don’t you go doing that now Sarah. You won’t get away with that in the academy.”

Bella folds her arms about her chest.

“I can’t believe I have to find a new gym.” She huffs.

“How are the sessions going by the way?”

“Must we really talk about that?”

“Jim…” Sarah softly warns.

“I’m just curious.”
“Well you should know better Uncle Jim that’s private.”
Sarah laughs.

“Would you stop encouraging her behavior? She’s 23 years old now she really should better.”

They pull up to the area of her dorm. Bella reaches over and pecks them both on the cheek.
“I really am sorry I interrupted your date.”

Jim shakes his head with a hint of a smile.

“Just try to keep your nose clean. You don’t wish to have a record before you even join the force, now do you?”
“Is that a trick question?”

She giggles and exits the car.

“Love you!” She calls out as she fixes the strap to her backpack. She blows them a kiss before heading to her dorm.

“Love you too sweetheart! Just try to be a good girl and don’t hit any more boys!” Sarah calls out.

“Must you be so hard on her?”

“I’m just merely trying to get her to see the bigger picture. There are certain things she cannot get away with.”
“She’s not an officer yet Jim give her a break. Let her enjoy her freedom for now, besides I happen to agree with her. That George guy had it coming.”

“Now I see where she gets it from.”



She nods towards him as she waits for Jervis to get ready. Jake was eyeing Bella as he leaned back in his computer chair.

“Really bro? Leave the hat. Are you trying to embarrass her?”

Bella cuts Jake a look.

She makes her way inside and picks out a certain hat. Just to get under Jake’s skin she fixes Jervis’s hair and places the hat on.


She smiles and takes Jervis by the arm.

“Later Jake!” She calls out.

Jake rolls his eyes.
“Later…” He replies with bitterness.

Bella hails her and Jervis a cab. They were doing their usual dinner and a movie night. Something they’d made a pact on, to get away from the college life for a bit. Bella and Jervis weren’t really the partying type. As to another reason why she and Jake didn’t quite work out, he was all about the party life. Bella liked to have a few drinks every now and then. Yet she hated being hung over the next day during classes. It was hard enough to make it through the day without adding feeling like shit to the list. Though she had her moments where she had gotten so wasted she’d fallen asleep in a couple classes. That was during her first couple years of college though. She seldom had those moments now.

They had burgers and went to the movie. Jervis seemed to do that zone out thing halfway through the movie. That was something else. Others were always freaked out by Jervis’s sudden moments of zoning out. It was like he’d go to another place. Each time though he had a smile on his face when he came to. Bella figured if it makes him happy then more power to him. However, she noticed as the years progressed he seemed to have these little episodes more and more. At times he’d even giggle during his zone out periods or mumble to himself. Bella shrugged it off though figuring there was no real harm in it and she was by far perfect. It was because of her sleep walking and night terrors that she’s had since she was little that Jim had her get into counseling with Dr. Crane. He wanted her to deal with her issues before she joined the academy. It seemed to be helping somewhat. Her sleep walking had stopped and her terrors were nowhere near as bad.

Jervis and Bella decided to get some ice cream before heading back. They sat outside talking when they heard shouting. Before either could think clearly gun shots sounded. Bella quickly threw down the table they were at using it as a shield. She threw herself over Jervis. Bella sighed realizing he was having one of his zone out moments.

“Oh come on Jer now’s not the time.”

He just lay there as she hovered over him protectively.

“Shit!” She hollered as a bullet barely missed her head.

She looked over to see it was a show down between two different gangs. They were shooting at one another. Bella’s jaw dropped though as she saw Batman leap down from a nearby building.

“Jer…” She tried shaking him.

“Ugh come on Jer you’re missing it!”

Bullets continued to fly about the area. Bella found herself mesmerized as she watched Batman in person for the first time ever. Sure she’d seen him in the media all over the place, but this made a first.

“Jer! You should see this guy!”

She sighs as he randomly pops up.

“Would you stay down?!” She scolds yanking him back down by the collar of his jacket.

He chuckles.

“Um Jer is your hand on my ass?”

His eyes widen. He promptly moves it.

“Eh…” He rather utters nervously.

“Sorry…” He says with a shrug.

She cups his chin and turns him towards the battle in the street.

“Look it’s him! How cool is that!”

Jer rolls his eyes. He then sits up against the wall as if bored.

“Seriously?!” She says to his reaction.
“It’s freaking Batman!”

“Yeah, yeah you’re one and only.”
“Oh come on Jer even you have to admit he’s pretty awesome.”

“Lizzy hun he dresses like a rodent and wears a cape.”

She was gone though. She hadn’t heard a word he said. Bella merely watched as Batman handed the guys their asses.

“I wonder if he knows you wear his Pj’s to bed…” Jer scowls.

“Oh nothing.”

What she didn’t know was she was giving her friend Jervis the perfect cleavage shot. He grinned and looked right down her blouse. He starred at her breasts as she gawked at Batman. Soon sirens were heard and police began to arrive. The sounds of bullets flying soon came to stop. Bella looked back over to Jervis.


He nervously laughed.

“It’s not my fault they’re right there!”
She shakes her head and hops up. Bella offers Jervis a hand, however just as she gets him to his feet. One of the thugs had ran right past. They knocked Jervis down.

“JER!” Bella shouted out, but the thug grabbed her and took off running.

“OH COME ON!” She snapped as the guy ran into a nearby alleyway.

He slammed her back and covered her mouth. He pulled out a blade Bella swiftly jarred him back and kicked it out of his hand. She grabbed the blade and waved it about the air.
“Really?” She says as if annoyed.

Her eyes widen though as more thugs came out. She half laughs and drops the blade.

“Um just playing…?”

She takes a few steps back. They all had guns aimed right at her. Bella yelps out as someone randomly grabs her. Everything went black for a moment as she felt like she were being lifted off the ground and suddenly flying.

Once she feels solid ground beneath her feet, the darkness subsided. That’s when she realized it was Batman’s cape wrapped around her. Bella found herself star struck in a way as she just stood there. This was someone she’d idolized since Batman had first been discovered a little over three years ago. It was no secret her uncle didn’t truly approve of Batman’s ways. Though he admitted he was great for society in cleaning up the streets. He didn’t approve of Batman taking the law into his own hands. He felt that was their job. Bella often reminded him that Batman didn’t work for the police department, so he was free to make his own rules. Jim hated when she said that.

Bella foolishly poked a single finger along the bat symbol on his chest as though to make certain he was real. She cleared her throat and blushed once she realized he’d seen her.

“Are you hurt?”

She shook her head. She was at a loss for words at the moment. Bella always had a million questions she wanted to ask him. However, at the moment she couldn’t think of one. All she could focus on was that she was alone on a rooftop with freaking Batman and his arm was still around her waist. Her chest heaved with uneven breaths as she continued to feel foolish on how she was acting. Bella only prayed he didn’t take notice.

“Are you certain you’re alright? You seem to be in shock or something.” He questions in a very husky deep voice.

Still nothing, she just stands there.

“Hmm. So just playing?”

She winces and half laughs.

“Did you have something better for me to say?”
He smirked.

“Not particularly.”

She gasps back as he pulls her right up against his chest. Their lips were practically touching.

“Hold on.”

He brings them back down from the roof and back towards where her friend was.
“Stay out of trouble.” He says and fires his grabble gun taking off.

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Welcome to my asylum! Where my favorite fandoms unite. There are cookies and milk somewhere…

Harley's Thought's

Welcome to my asylum! Where my favorite fandoms unite. There are cookies and milk somewhere...


My humble stories for your viewing pleasure


the free one


Rickie Bansbach - fanfiction and stuff

Brookie Twiling's Books

Because if a creative pandaowl will find the internet, why should the hyenacorn not share the skunk?


♫ fanfiction & creative writing by meekosan

An Awkward Elf

Fanfiction by Cuinawen

Missrissa81's Blog

This site is the cat’s pajamas

Addicted to Godric...Eric...Andre...(Sevrin)

Fanfiction & Etc. by Meridian (*psst* Bring coffee...)

4Padfoot's Blog

Wordpress Whisperer!

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