Chapter 11 Selective Hearing

Chapter 11

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Bella turns on the news and paces the cave. She sighs with pure frustration. All of Gotham had been affected now. Vines spread about the entire city. The citizens of Gotham were spread about the grounds. Bella hadn’t a clue if they were dead or not. She winced as she saw some of them to be merely children.

“I should be out there dammit. Why does he have to be such a pain in the ass?!”

Bella sits in the chair and twirls around in thought. Little was she aware that Alfred happened to be in the room “dusting”. He tilted his head her direction. His dusting rag slipped against a particular button. Bella turned her head towards the mechanical sound. Alfred nodded at this and went back to dusting.

Bella shot to her feet.

“He already had it made?” Bella uttered to herself in disbelief.

She ran her hands along the armored batgirl suit.

“Now how freaking awesome is that?!”

She covers her mouth for a moment. Bella looks around as though he’d appear any moment and rip into her. Her heart raced in thought as the inner war began. The suit was solid black like his. The bat on chest was smaller. The utility belt was golden colored with the bat symbol in the middle. She wondered why he did that, his entire suit was black. He didn’t wear any gold on him. She nibbled on her bottom lip. Instead of a cowl he had her a domino mask that had bat like features to it. There were boots, gloves, and all sort of little gadgets on shelves where he kept the suit.

Bella picked up one of the batarangs. This odd thrill like sensation came over her. Yet the fear was also there. She took in a deep breath and looked back to the news.

“Oh hell, fuck it.”

She brought out the suit. Alfred nodded to himself and exited the cave, before she even took notice he was there. Bella put on the suit realizing just how truly skin tight it was. The entire thing was bullet proof. Even the cape through it’s flexibility worked like a shield if needed. To Bella’s surprise she was able to move around pretty easy. She was concerned that it’d be stiff as hell and heavy. The only issue she had now was how to get to Gotham. She turned towards the vehicles he had about the cave. Jake had taught her how to ride back in high school. So she figured her best bet was the black batchopper. The keys were already in the ignition. She hoped on and started it up.

“He’s so going to kill me after this…” She mutters and revs the engine.

A small giggle left her mouth.
“Totally worth it.”

Batman grunts out as he continues to dodge vines.

“That’s enough Ivy! Look around you! Is this really what you want?! To hurt people?”

Batman knew what this was really about though. The new mayor of Gotham wanted to do away with the botanical gardens and build another high-rise. Something ironically Bruce Wayne had been fighting against. He also didn’t agree with it. The last thing Gotham needed was another high-rise. Ivy however was taking her feelings on this a bit too personally. Batman uses a couple of batarangs to take a couple of the vines. He then uses his grapple gun to wrap around Ivy’s waist. He yanks her towards him preparing to apprehend her. During this time he doesn’t see the vine creeping up behind him it starts to wrap around his throat. Batman chokes back as he’s lifted into the air. He grits his teeth as he tries to pry free from her hold. Another vine rips off his gas mask. Batman holds his breath to keep the toxins from entering his system.

Another ruckus is heard from a distance. Ivy rolls her eyes and turns that direction.

“What is he doing?!” Ivy hisses seeing Clayface causing his own little mayhem, not too far away.

She growls under her breath. She drops Batman through her distraction. He lands on the roof. Still he fights to hold his breath. Batman feels around for his gas mask. Ivy crouches down and laughs as she’s twirling it about in her hand.

“Looking for something bats?” She says in that sultry voice.

Ivy throws the gas mask, only to have Batgirl catch it. Batman lowers his brows her direction. Ivy slightly tilts her head to the side.

“Hmm… you again?”
Batgirl nods. More citizens scream out below at whatever Clayface was up to. Ivy sighs.

“I’ll deal with you later.” Ivy utters and points to Batgirl irately.

“Can’t wait sweetheart.”

Batgirl rushes over to Batman once Ivy leaps off the roof. She places the gas mask back on. She was already wearing the one he made for her. Batman shakes his head after he catches his breath.

“How did you find that?!” He damn near shouts at her.

She offers him a hand up.

“No, no… no need to thank me now.”
“You weren’t supposed to find that yet!” He barks.

Batgirl shrugs.

“I gave you specific orders!”

“Suit looks good by the way! Doesn’t it?” She retorts with a smirk and hops off the roof flaring out her cape.

Batman takes in a deep breath.

“Alfred…” He groans already knowing he was somehow behind this.


He leaps down after her. Batgirl knocks Ivy to the asphalt as she comes down. She manages to get one hand cuffed. When she looks up to see the cop before her, she thinks nothing of it and goes back to apprehending Ivy. The cop however kicks her sending her sailing back. Batman swiftly catches her, bringing her back to her feet.

“What the hell?!” Batgirl shouts at the cop.

“He’s not who you think.” Batman warns eyeing the cop.

“KILL THEM BOTH OF THEM!” Ivy demands.

Batman sighs.

“That’s about what I thought.”
“What is?”

“WATCH OUT!” Batman shouts as the cop morphs in this massive clay looking monster.

“Holy shit!” Batgirl hollers as a massive hand comes right for her.

She grapples up onto a nearby roof. Clayface opens his grotesque mouth Batgirl curls up her lip and turns with annoyance seeing Ivy making her getaway.


Batgirl looks back to see Clayface is being electrocuted. Batman had some sort of device with wires coming from it through Clayface’s chest. It seemed he had the situation under control, so Batgirl took off after Ivy. She wasn’t about to let her get away yet again. Especially, after the amount of harm she’d done across Gotham.

Batman’s jaw clenched tightly as Clayface wrapped his hand around his waist. Still he didn’t stop with the electric flows he sent. Only now he was feeling them as well. Clayface dropped his hold not able to take anymore. He became putty and escaped through one of the storm drains. Batman looks around for Batgirl and Ivy. What Batgirl didn’t know was Batman put a tracker in her suit. He activated it and began his search. He saw that they were in the botanical gardens. On the way there he noticed the air seemed to be clearing of the toxins. The plants responsible for sending them out were dying. The citizens of Gotham were slowly, but surely coming to. Thankfully, the toxins merely put them to sleep.

“YOU WILL ALL PAY!” Ivy shouted with tears in her eyes.

“Do you not feel what they feel? The pain, the anguish!”

Batgirl gasps out as a vine sweeps her off her feet. She hits the ground. Ivy swiftly hovers over her.

“Allow me to demonstrate.”

Ivy pins Batgirls wrists and ankles down with her vines. She takes off her gas mask. Batman catches what’s taking place from a distance. He was too far away to get to Batgirl in time. His stomach churned and his heart dropped.

Ivy planted her deadly lips amongst Batgirl’s. Batgirl’s eyes come to a close.

“Hmmm… so sweet…” Ivy says caressing her cheek.

“Never had the touch of a woman before… Such a pretty thing. It’s too bad really.” Ivy sighs as if truly disappointed she’d taken Batgirl’s life. She leans into her ear.

“Such a shame you got in my way.”

Batman came down in a crouching stance. He staggered back and momentarily closed his eyes.

“Bella…” He whispered to himself as the world around him spun.

Ivy turned to Batman with a smile.

“I liked her…” She declared as she continued to hover over Batgirl’s body.

Ivy gasps out as a stun gun is brought to the back of her head. Batgirl brings up her knee and flings Ivy off her.

“Sorry I don’t feel the same!”

She reverses the pin as Ivy’s knocked out. Batman blinks a few times caught completely off-guard. He swallows back as his heart kicks back to life.


Batgirl finishes cuffing Ivy and comes to her feet. She yanks Ivy up by the hair. Batman raises his brows as Batgirl peels something off her lips.

“Wax…” She says with a shrug.

“Always be prepared right?”

She pats him on the shoulder as she walks past him with Ivy.

“Oh don’t act so shocked.”

He turns and watches as she fires her grapple gun and drops Ivy off at the gates of Arkham.

“You’re in big trouble you know that right?!” He gruffly announces once the guards take Ivy in.

Batgirl nods, but with a smirk.

“Is that so?”

“This isn’t a joke Batgirl you could have died tonight. I made it clear you were NOT to make an appearance until I gave the orders.”

She bites down on her lower lip a bit.

“Huh…” She says and hops on the chopper.

“Guess that means you’ll have to punish me!” She calls out just before she fires up the chopper.

She smiles and waves him off as she takes off. He shakes his head, but couldn’t suppress the grin on his face as he got in the batmobile and raced her back.

Batgirl hops off the bike once she gets back to the cave. Batman was directly behind her. The top of the batmobile opened as Bella was taking off her domino mask. Batman climbs out and points directly upon her.

“This is far from done!” He barks.

She nods and takes off her gloves next. She starts placing the gloves, domino mask, and gadgets on the shelves of the secret compartment in which the suit was.

“You are hearing me right?”

She nods again and starts to take off her suit. Batman stops her by grabbing her arm. He yanks her towards him.

“What were you thinking?!”

He growls as if shaking something off. Bella was chewing on her bottom lip driving him mad.

“Would you stop that!”
“Stop what?” She utters innocently.

“Bella…” He replies with exasperation.

“Bruce…” She taunts back and takes down his cowl.

She leans into his ear.

“Admit it… I held my own and looked hot while doing it!” Bella couldn’t believe her own flirtatious words. She made herself blush as she yanked out of his hold and walked away.

He shuts his eyes and hears her giggling. He fires his grapple gun around her waist and drags her back. Bruce feverishly kissed her and began to pull down the pants to her suit. He threw off his gloves and placed his bare hand along her sex. Bella moaned out at it’s warmth as he rubbed his hand back and forth. He entered a couple fingers and worked to get his belt off. It landed on the floor. Bruce freed himself, he bobbed about as he was rock hard. He continued to kiss her as he pressed himself against her. Before long Bruce had her bent over the chair at the bat console. He took a glance at the kitty shot he was given. It was already glistening with wetness begging for attention. He drove his entire length within her, making this first for Bruce. He’d never had sex while still in the suit before. He couldn’t stand it though. Seeing Bella in the Batgirl suit had him in full on lust. Seeing her in action tonight? Drove that lust to the breaking point for him, he’d wanted to fuck her the moment he saw her. No matter how mad he was that she’d gone against his wishes. That anger however still resided within him as he smacked her on the rear, taking Bella by complete surprise. He raised his brows realizing this was only turning her on even more, Bella was drenching his cock. This only had him more heated and swelling up more inside her. Bruce found himself thinking and doing things he’d never done with other women. He felt more dominating around her. That and he knew Bella enjoyed it. He slightly pulled at her hair as he felt the pressure hitting. He couldn’t hold back anymore.

“…fuck..” He grunted out as he released.

He observed the string of come that dripped down as he pulled out. Bruce swallowed hard as he witnessed even more dripping down from her pussy. The visual of her bent over with his come draining out of her had him growing hard all over again. He helped her raise back up.

“Did you seriously spank me?” She taunts with a grin and finishes taking off her suit.

“I don’t believe you were spanked enough as a child.”

“Jim and Sarah didn’t believe in spankings.”

“Hmmm… I can tell.”

He mumbles as he gets down to his boxers and puts everything away. They make their way out of the cave. Both dash off to Bruce’s room in their underwear. They step into the shower, examining each other’s bruises for the night. Bruce noticed a huge difference from the other suit she’d worn before. Her bruises were nowhere near as bad. Bella runs her fingers along the mark on Bruce’s throat.

“Thank you…” She says softly.

“The suit.”

He sighs.

“You mean the one you weren’t supposed to put on until I said?”

He places his arms around her waist.

“You’re welcome.” He said so softly she barely heard it over the shower.

His thoughts traveled back to where he thought Ivy had gotten hold of her.

“Something wrong?”

Bruce pecked her on the lips.

“Next time just try and give me a heads up before you go pulling a stunt like you did with Ivy.”

“I really didn’t have that opportunity.”

Bruce narrows his eyes in thought.

“Perhaps its time to come up with a way to communicate.”
“Couples therapy already Bruce?”

He softly chuckles.

“Not quite… I’m talking more along the lines for Batman and Batgirl.”

Bruce rests his head along her shoulder.

“You were pretty amazing out there tonight. But…”

“Always a but… You can’t just leave it at that?”

He grins.

“I’m afraid not. I was just going to say. You’re far from being done with your training.”

“Dually noted.”

Her fingers run along the scars on his chest. He lifts her chin with one finger and kisses her lips.

Megan slides Bella another drink. The three of them knock their shot glasses together taking another hit. Bella make a bitter face as the tequila goes down. Casey and Megan holler out as the band for the night comes out.

“Damn dibs on the bass player!” Casey calls out.

Bella shrugs and sips from her beer. Megan reaches over grabbing them each a Jello shot.

“That’s fine cause I want the singer anyhow.”

“Isn’t that a chick?” Bella questions seriously.

She narrows her eyes trying to get a better view.

“No!” Megan says defensively.

“Fine, he’s just a very pretty boy.”

Megan sighs.

“You’re just jealous.”

Bella laughs.

“That’s it… You got me.”

“She’s dating freaking Bruce Wayne, Megan what’s she to be jealous about. We’re the ones that should be jealous.”

“That’s right I am dating Bruce Wayne. I almost forgot.” Bella teases with a wink.

“How in the world can you forget that?” Megan questions with a giggle.

Bella shrugs.

“I can’t give him a bigger ego than he already has, heaven forbid.”

“Ugh that’s just slightly disturbing.” Casey mentions looking toward the dance floor.

Bella wrinkles her nose seeing Jacob Black with his tongue jammed down some red head’s throat. Bella sunk down in her chair hoping he didn’t see her.

“It’s nauseating.” Bella admitted and ordered another beer.

“Look at it this way we graduate in a couple weeks…”
“Speaking of which, he’s taking you to the dance right?”


“Yeah it’s next weekend.”

Bella shrugs.

“I don’t know I haven’t thought about it.”
“You mean you haven’t told him?”

“You’d be the envy of all women if you had Bruce Wayne here as your date. Could you even imagine?”

“Yes, cause that’s my concern. I want to make all those other bitches jealous.”

“Bella Gordon! Did you just say bitches?”

Bella covers her mouth with a giggle.

“I think I’ve had one too many of these.” She waves her shot glass about.

Both girls giggle as well. Bella sighs looking to the time.
“I really should head back now.”
“Already? But it’s not even midnight yet.”
“Early exam in the morning.”

“Well we’ll go back with you.”

“No… please don’t do that. You both stay and have a good time.” Bella pays their tabs before leaving.

“Ok hun we’ll see you later.”

Bella nods and heads on out. She places her jacket on once she’s outside and zips it up. She crosses the street and starts walking to the cemetery. Bella stands before Jervis’s tombstone and stuffs her hands into her pockets. Fog escaped her breath as breathed in the cemetery air. Before heading to her mother and father’s graves she places a small teacup from her pocket onto Jervis’s grave. She blows a kiss upon his grave.

“Later Jer…”

Bella sat on the bench before her parent’s grave. Something Jim and Sarah had put there just for her to visit when she wanted. After a silent visit she lay down on the bench. She gazed upon the stars and crossed her legs.

Run Lizzy…”

Bella feels someone shaking her.

Bella’s eyes shoot open.

Jer?!” She hops to her feet and looks around.

She freezes as she sees the figure standing from a distance. The moonlight cascaded against their body.

Scarecrow…” She whispered to herself and backed up a bit.

Everything in her told her to run, but she’s fucking Batgirl. Why should she run?! She swallowed back on her thoughts. This was Dr. Crane behind there. He was the one responsible for all this. Still she continued to back up.

You… You’re supposed to be dead…” He says in echo like voice.

Her skin crawled and she began to feel like that eight year old girl again. Bella pivoted her foot and took off running. She could hear him laughing and his footsteps directly behind her.

Dammit Lizzy wake up!”

I am awake.”

Bella screams out as she feels someone grabbing her.

“Shh… it’s just me Bella.”

Bruce quickly grabs her before she falls off the bench. Bella’s heart was racing so bad she could feel it in her throat. She looked around trying to catch her breath. Bruce took her hand and helped her to her feet.

“Bruce?” She questioned confused.

He nodded, but with concern as he checked her over. Bella noticed the sun was out.

“Oh no… What time is it?”

He looked to his watch.

“About 9:15 am.”

Her jaw dropped.

“I slept here all night?! SHIT!”
Bella starts to take off, but pauses and turns.

He tilts his head upon her.

“Why were you here?”

“My parents…” He hints and motions towards a few graves down another direction.

“You mean they’re buried here?”

He nods.
“You never told me that.”

He clears his throat and stuffs his hands into his pockets.

“Please allow me to take you back. I could get you there faster.”

“You don’t have to do that.”

“Bella… it’s just a ride.”

She sighs.

“I’m already an hour late. I just missed my exam.” She pinches the bridge of her nose.

“I can’t believe I fell asleep.”

She looks around though still having that feeling that they were being watched. Bruce notices this and takes a gander as well.

“I’m so fucked…” She utters softly.

“I’m sure we can figure something out.”

He takes her hand and leads her to his car.

After they get to the college, Bruce walks her to her dorm. Bella steps on inside and starts stripping and rushes to the bathroom. He cocks an eyebrow on this and picks up the articles of clothing she left behind. He places them in a hamper next to her bed, while she’s taking a quick shower. He calls to the dean and sees about getting Bella excused for being late to her exam, if there’s any possibility for a retest. It didn’t’ take too much twisting on Bruce’s part. Once they realized it was him they were more than happy to oblige.

Bella steps out in just a towel. The towel hits the floor and she rushes to her closet and starts getting dressed. Bruce enjoys the view while he can. He sits on the edge of her bed as she brushes her teeth and hair. When she’s done she puts on her shoes lastly.

“They said you can take the test at your leisure sometime today, whenever you’re free.”
“You called them?”

He shrugs.

“Bruce that wasn’t your responsibility, it was my carelessness that got me into this mess to begin with.”
“Something tells me you’re not one to skip out on tests or classes.”

“You’d be correct.”
“All the more reason Bella; we all have our moments.”

“I suppose I owe you one then Bruce.”

“No need…”

She starts towards the door.

She turns back towards him as she grabs her bag.

“Where you out drinking last night?”

Bella cuts him an odd glare.

“Um I had a few with Megan and Casey…” She admits with a shrug.

Bruce sighs.

“Just a few?”

“Where are you going with this Bruce?”

“I just don’t think you should be drinking so much.”

She half laughs.

Bruce winces realizing how that sounded. He didn’t even mean it the way it came out.

“I don’t know what you’re trying to hint at, but I don’t drink near as often as you obviously think I do.”
“That came out wrong Bella I apologize. I haven’t a problem with you going out with your friends and having a few that’s your life. I was just concerned that’s all.”

“Well I’m quite fine as you can see. I don’t need your concern Bruce.”

“Bella…” He undertones and shakes his head.

“There’s no need to get defensive I’m only trying to help.”

She nods and starts to head on to class. He follows her out and locks the door pulling it to.

He reaches out and takes her hand.

“Bella…” He sighs.

“I know…”

“You know…? Know what Bruce?”

He swallows back and looks her in the eyes.

“I saw your charts Bella. I know about the kidney disease. That’s what I meant about being concerned. I hadn’t any ill intentions behind my words or other meanings behind it. I assure you that’s not how I portray you.”

“You looked at my hospital files?”
“More like a glance when the nurse walked by.”

“Jesus Bruce!”

He sighs yet again.

“I wasn’t meaning to pry into your business.”

“Anything else I should know before I hit this exam?”

He half chuckles thinking about the journal, Bruce clears his throat and rubs the back of his neck apprehensively.

“No Bella…” He lied and it ate him alive the moment it left his lips.

He was afraid of the alternative. That she’d deservingly dump his ass. He couldn’t even be mad at her if she did. He’d never truly gotten over the guilt of reading her journal. Though he was glad to learn some of the things he did. It was just the wrong way to learn about someone. Those were her most private thoughts and he had no right digging into them.

He moved a strand of hair behind her ear.

“Good luck on your exam.” He whispered and pecked her on the lips.

Bruce gritted his teeth as Bella’s punches were even harder than usual today. Proving all too well she was still pissed with him. He let her get it out without complaint as he dodged. He’d been training her in hand to hand combat as of late. She still lacked where he wanted her in speed however. So that was about to piss her off too.
“Break…” He called out.

She nodded and grabbed a towel wiping the sweat from her face. She downed an entire bottle of water. Bruce towels off as well and throws off the black shirt he was wearing as it was soaked. Once he’s done with his water. He wipes his mouth with the towel.

“I need you to be faster.”

Sure enough she cuts him a go to hell look.

“I’m able to block nearly all your moves.”

“Of course you can. You’ve had years of training.”

He takes in a breath as she won’t even look him in the eyes.

“Just focus on being faster ok.”


Bruce sighs as they go yet again.
“You’re going harder, but not any faster.”

She growls and tries to speed it up.

“Come on Bella faster!”

He still blocks her every move.


“To be at your best! This is not your best! You’re pissed off and that’s all you can focus on!”

“You’re god damn right I’m pissed off!” She spouts off and starts taking the wraps off her hands.

“We’re not done!”
“The hell we aren’t!”

“Bella, I thought we agreed to put our relationship to the side when in training.”

“I am.”

“No you’re not! You’ve been pissed off all night. Hell you’ve hardly even looked me in the eyes.”

“Thought we were pushing our relationship out during this Bruce!”

He sighs.

“Don’t do that.”
“Do what?”

“Oh you know damn well what I’m referring to. So knock it off, I see right past it.”

Bella starts packing up her stuff.

“I haven’t dismissed you.” He sternly states as she’s by the door.

She flips him off and puts her hand to the doorknob. Her jaw drops as a batarang hits it. She turns her head to see him giving her a rueful stare down. He points to the area beside him.

“Finish, then you can go pout.”

She shakes her head and throws down her bag.
“How dare you even fucking talk to me that way!”


“Fine you asked for it!”

She doesn’t even bother rewrapping her hands. She comes right for him. Bruce swallows back already seeing the tears in her eyes. He doesn’t comment. Bella finally gets a few jabs in and good ones that stung like hell. She growls out and hits harder and faster.


She grinds her teeth together and gets a good hit to the gut in.


Bella stops at this point as Bruce doesn’t utter a word. He grabs hold of her and doesn’t let her break out of his hold.

“Let go of me!”

“Never…” He whispers and kisses the top of her head.

His hands run along her back as she gives in.

Once he gets her calmed down, he cares for her knuckles. She’d peeled the flesh back. He knew she was going to be sore for few days. He knew that feeling all too well. Bruce had her shower and he gauzed them up before taking her home. Bella had fallen asleep on the way back. He picked her up and carried her inside the dorm.

Megan peeked over the couch as he tucked her in.

“Are you taking her to the dance?” Megan whispered.


Megan sighs.

“I knew she wouldn’t tell you…”

Bruce shakes his head and looks back towards Bella.

“What dance would this be?”

“It’s the end of the year dance they always do sort of like prom for high school. Only its more like a banquet. It’s sort of a big deal for the graduates. They have food, awards, and dancing at the last couple hours.”
Bruce smiles.

“Is that so?”

“Yes sir.”


“Rumor is Bella’s already got a list of awards lined up… She worked hard to get where she is. It’d look pretty bad if she doesn’t have an escort to retrieve those awards.” Megan mischievously hints.

Bruce softly chuckles.

“Then I suppose I had better make certain I’m there. Hadn’t I?”

“Yes sir.”

Bruce nods.
“Goodnight Ms. Morse.”

“Goodnight Mr. Wayne.” She says with a giggle as he locks the door for them and pulls it shut.

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